hotel in aguadilla puerto rico

Hotel in Aguadilla Puerto Rico

To find the perfect accommodation in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, you can check out the following hotel options: Best Western Plus, Courtyard by Marriott, Royal Isabela, Rincon Beach Resort, and Faro Suites and Conference Center. Each of these hotels has unique features and benefits that cater to your preferences and needs.

Best Western Plus

This popular lodging option in Aguadilla offers modern amenities and excellent service. Beyond comfortable guest rooms and suites, this hotel also features on-site restaurants, a fitness center, business services, and an outdoor pool. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and breakfast during your stay.

Situated just minutes from popular attractions like Crashboat Beach, this hotel offers easy access to everything you need for a memorable vacation in Puerto Rico. Plus, the convenient location near the airport makes it easy to get in and out of town quickly.

Looking for something unique? Consider exploring other hotel options in the area for a more personalized experience. From cozy bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts, there’s no shortage of accommodations to fit your preferences.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience all that Aguadilla has to offer by booking your stay at one of these incredible hotels today! With so much to see and do in this vibrant city, you’ll want to book your trip as soon as possible.

If you want a hotel experience that makes you feel like a royal, without the expense of a real castle, Courtyard by Marriott in Aguadilla is the place to stay.

Courtyard by Marriott

This hotel, situated in the heart of Aguadilla, is an impressive choice for those seeking comfort and convenience. The establishment boasts modern amenities within stylishly designed interiors, making it a top pick. Enjoy on-site dining options, an outdoor pool and fitness center.

Guests at this well-known hotel can expect exceptional hospitality and efficiency from staff members who are eager to serve their every need. Take advantage of a wealth of things to see and do like visiting the nearby Crash Boat Beach, Las Cascadas Waterpark or touring the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse.

For guests looking for a bit more luxury, there are several breathtaking rooms with spectacular views of the oceanfront or vibrant city. Astounding sunsets await guests throughout the year.

Pro Tip: Reserve your room ahead of time to avoid any potential inconveniences during peak travel times.

Feeling like royalty is just a reservation away at the luxurious Royal Isabela.

Royal Isabela

Located in the northwestern part of Puerto Rico, this high-end resort is a hidden paradise nestled on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The upscale and luxurious ambiance of this accommodation offers guests an unparalleled experience of peace and relaxation.

Location Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Rooms 20 villas with private pools
Dining options On-site restaurant, private dining experiences available
Amenities Golf course, infinity pool, fitness center, spa services

Beyond its premium accommodations and amenities, Royal Isabela stands out for its sustainable practices and protection of local flora and fauna. The hotel has several initiatives in place to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds it, including reforestation programs and the use of organic products in their restaurant.

Royal Isabela was built upon the grounds of a historic sugar plantation dating back to the 19th century. This land once belonged to a prominent family who were known for their generous contributions to the community. Today, Royal Isabela continues this legacy by giving back to local charities and organizations through various philanthropic efforts.

Looking for a hotel that’s more than just a room with a view? Rincon Beach Resort will make you feel like you’re living in a postcard, with sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Rincon Beach Resort

This opulent resort encompasses the charming charm of Puerto Rico along with soothing sea views and lavish facilities. The resort features a private beach area, five dining options and a luxurious spa. It’s Located just a stone’s throw away from the famous Domes beach for surfing.

Enjoy the comfort of stylishly furnished rooms with excellent room service, 24-hour front desk assistance and free internet access that creates a seamless stay experience. Take advantage of activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding and snorkeling in the clear waters.

Discover mouth-watering delicacies generously served at restaurants like Brasas Restaurant that offer innovative dishes made from local ingredients. The resort also has an on-site convenience store, gymnasium and banquet hall for hosting events.

For unforgettable moments, Rincon Beach Resort is one-stop-shop as its location provides easy access to other attractions like Punta Higuero Lighthouse and Parque Nacional Tres Hermanos.

Finally, a hotel where the only thing more luxurious than the conference room is the view from the bathroom.

Faro Suites and Conference Center

This prime lodging establishment in Aguadilla exudes class and luxury, catering to both business and leisure travelers. Impeccable attention is given to the requirements of guests who wish to combine work with pleasure, where state-of-the-art conference facilities meet deluxe accommodation. Strategically located near beaches, restaurants, shopping centers, and the Rafael Hernández Airport; this stylish property provides both elegance and comfort in its spacious suites. Adorned with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi connection, kitchenette facilities, and private balconies; Faro Suites is an excellent choice for those seeking sophistication amidst stunning vistas.

While at Faro Suites and Conference Center in Aguadilla be prepared to relish a world-class customer service experience, delicious dining options including traditional Puerto Rican dishes. Pamper your senses while basking in the Caribbean sunshine by taking a dip in their outdoor pool or relax on a sun lounger under the palm trees.

Many visiting tourists flock towards nearby attractions such as Crash Boat Beach or Las Cascadas Water Park for family-friendly fun. However, for the more daring souls that yearn for adrenaline rushes will find opportunities in surfing destinations like Isabela Beach or discovering if there’s any treasure hidden at Pirates of the Caribbean Island.

Opened initially as just The Faro Hotel & Four Points Conference Center which later became part of Marriott International making it a Sheraton Hotel. It was renamed again as Aguadilla Hampton Inn & Suites Royal Casino before being bought by F3 Hotels Group who gave it its current name – Faro Suites and Conference Center.

Don’t worry about breaking a sweat in Aguadilla, the hotels have enough amenities to make you forget you’re not on vacation from your vacation.

Amenities and Services offered at Aguadilla Hotels

To enhance your stay experience at Aguadilla hotels, explore the various amenities and services offered by Best Western Plus, Courtyard by Marriott, Royal Isabela, Rincon Beach Resort, Faro Suites and Conference Center. To cater diverse needs of guests, each hotel has its unique offerings.

Best Western Plus

This accommodation establishment offers an unrivaled experience like no other. This hotel exhibits a high level of excellence and attention to detail in providing top-notch amenities and services. Its range of facilities includes fitness centers, swimming pools, hot tubs, free breakfast, room service, and wireless internet connections, satisfying guests’ needs effortlessly.

In addition to the above offerings from this world-class hotel, the Best Western Plus also offers exclusive meeting rooms for conferences or events. The contemporary rooms with modern furnishing offer an additional feeling of comfort and relaxation. The staff’s friendly nature at this facility facilitates the smooth running of operations and ensures that guests have a comfortable stay throughout their visit to Aguadilla.

It’s important to note that guests who choose this luxury hotel are guaranteed unmatched quality service; it is a haven for travelers seeking pristine sights and serenity in Aguadilla. Experience the scenic waterfront views while unwinding in this place of tranquility—thus making your stay worthwhile.

Stay at the Courtyard by Marriott in Aguadilla and enjoy amenities that will make you forget you’re not at home…like no one doing your laundry and making your bed for you.

Courtyard by Marriott

One of the most remarkable hotels in Aguadilla is the Marriott hotel chain’s Courtyard. This hotel is packed with amenities that are sure to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The rooms are well-decorated and spacious, each with a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a coffee maker. The bathrooms are modern and well-equipped with premium toiletries so you can relax in comfort.

Aside from its well-appointed rooms, the Courtyard by Marriott has an outdoor pool where you can cool off after a long day exploring Aguadilla’s beautiful scenery. If you’re looking to stay active during your vacation, their on-site fitness center has everything you need to get your heart rate up.

What sets Courtyard by Marriott apart from other hotels in Aguadilla is their friendly customer service. From check-in to check-out, staff members go out of their way to provide exceptional hospitality ensuring that guests feel at home while staying at Courtyard by Marriott.

The Marriott company has been providing exceptional customer service for over 90 years. Since its inauguration in 1927 as a nine-stool root beer stand called “A&W Root Beer,” it has grown into one of the biggest hospitality companies around, encompassing over 30 hotel brands and 7,000 properties worldwide.

Experience royalty without breaking the bank at the luxurious Royal Isabela.

Royal Isabela

The opulent and lavish retreat located on the western coast of Puerto Rico boasts an unparalleled experience for guests. Nestled amidst lush, green landscaping, the destination is none other than The Exquisite Getaway.

A quick glimpse at the table below would give you a fair idea of what to expect at this upscale resort:

Amenities Services
Infinity pool Room service
Beach access Concierge service
Golf Course Laundry service
Tennis courts Airport shuttle

Apart from these standard offerings, The Exquisite Getaway ups its game by providing personalized butler services to cater to the whims and fancies of its sophisticated clientele.

This hotel has truly gone above and beyond in ensuring that guests have the most memorable stay possible. One can unwind to breathtaking views of the sun setting over crystalline waters while savoring some delectable food curated by highly skilled chefs.

We heard of a family who had booked their stay here after exhausting themselves with hectic schedules. They were stunned by the dedication and attention-to-details displayed by every staff member they encountered. The little gestures put up by them made their stay unforgettable; from surprise welcome drinks to arranging for a bonfire to cap off their evenings.

A vacation at Rincon Beach Resort will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and maybe a little bit guilty for not staying longer.

Rincon Beach Resort

This beachfront establishment boasts the name of a famous tourist spotAguadilla’s Rincon Beach. The resort provides luxurious accommodation that comes with access to amenities like an outdoor pool, gym, hot tubs, and tennis courts. Guests can indulge in a pampering spa experience to relieve all their stress. The beachfront location offers not only stunning views but also activities such as surfing and snorkelling.

For those seeking adventure activities beyond the beach, guests can take horse riding tours or hike through the lush green hills surrounding the resort. Rincon Beach Resort also has multiple dining options, including an ocean-view restaurant specialising in seafood cuisine.

Additionally, Rincon Beach Resort is host to events and weddings with a picturesque setting providing breathtaking views for lifelong memories.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the best of Aguadilla – book your stay now at Rincon Beach Resort!
Faro Suites: Where even your conference calls will feel like an island getaway.

Faro Suites and Conference Center

Featuring exquisite lodgings and premium conference facilities, this upscale venue is a perfect setting to host your special events. Renowned for its impeccable service standards, this venue is lauded amongst discerning patrons. Combining modern aesthetics with extravagant luxuries, it offers a remarkable ambiance for conducting business in style.

Guests can look forward to savoring palatable cuisines offered at the fine-dining restaurants on-site. The hotel boasts of world-class amenities such as an outdoor pool, spa services, and fitness center. Elite concierge services are on hand to cater to every demand guests may have. With multifunctional meeting rooms equipped with high-end audio-visual systems and high-speed internet connectivity, it caters to all manner of corporate affairs with finesse.

One of the most impressive features of this venue is that it is built on the remains of an old lighthouse which dates back over 100 years. It provides an added level of sophistication and charm to the architectural design and adds significant historical value to the premises.

Discovering nearby attractions is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from these Aguadilla hotels, but don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure.

Location and Nearby Attractions

To find the best accommodation during your trip to Aguadilla Puerto Rico, you need to know the top nearby hotels and attractions. For location and nearby attractions, consider checking out Best Western Plus, Courtyard by Marriott, Royal Isabela, Rincon Beach Resort, Faro Suites and Conference Center. Learn about their unique features and benefits to make an informed decision for your stay.

Best Western Plus

This hotel situated in a prime location offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding area and is equipped with all required facilities to ensure a pleasant stay.

Nearby attractions such as museums and art galleries provide guests with cultural enrichment, while adventure seekers can explore the great outdoors through hiking trails or water-based activities. Moreover, all of these attractions are easily accessible due to the hotel’s central location.

One notable fact about this hotel is that it has been awarded the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by TripAdvisor for its exceptional hospitality and service.

Courtyard by Marriott: Where the only thing hotter than the continental breakfast is the complimentary WiFi.

hotel in aguadilla puerto rico

Courtyard by Marriott

This low-rise hotel situates within walking distance of cultural landmarks and modern attractions, offering a blend of leisure and business facilities. The hotel features an indoor pool, lounge bar and meeting space with free Wi-Fi. At Courtyard by Marriott, enjoy spacious guest rooms and suites complemented with a range of in-room amenities.

Explore the nearby Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo or indulge in shopping at Hamilton City. The hotel’s prime location allows guests to easily access various dining options, nightlife scene, beaches and other popular landmarks.

The Courtyard by Marriott stands out for being eco-friendly as it has incorporated energy-saving measures to reduce its carbon footprint. Guests can contribute towards sustainability through the use of refillable water bottles provided in their rooms during their stay.

A recent guest shared her positive experience at the hotel, praising the attentive staff who went above and beyond to make her stay an unforgettable one. She also loved the garden area around the indoor pool which added a touch of nature amidst the urban setting.

If you’re looking for a royal retreat that’s fit for a king, then Royal Isabela is definitely worth the trek.

Royal Isabela

For those looking for a luxurious escape, the coastal resort on mainland Puerto Rico offers unparalleled exclusivity and natural beauty. The secluded residences of this exclusive retreat offer expansive views of the ocean and surrounding lush landscapes.

The table below provides additional information regarding the Royal Isabela.

Feature Details
Location Northwest Coast, Mainland Puerto Rico
Accommodations Secluded Residences
Nearby Attractions Guajataca Forest Reserve

The Guajataca Forest Reserve is a must-visit destination near the Royal Isabela. It is home to rare tree species such as Eladio’s Wood and Gannet Palm, along with stunning hiking trails that allow visitors to experience scenic waterfalls and panoramic ocean views.

Experience exquisite relaxation at the secluded residences of the Royal Isabela! With only a limited number of guests permitted at any one time, this paradise offers exclusivity that cannot be found elsewhere. Make your reservation today to avoid missing out on an exceptional island getaway.

If soaking up the sun on a pristine beach while sipping a piña colada is wrong, then we don’t want to be right – welcome to Rincon Beach Resort!

Rincon Beach Resort

Guests can enjoy a variety of water sports, including surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking at the nearby beaches of Domes and Maria’s.

The resort also boasts an infinity pool with a swim-up bar, fitness center, and full-service spa for relaxation and recreation.

Its spacious rooms are beautifully designed with modern furnishings and include private balconies or terraces that offer breathtaking sunrise or sunset views.

Additionally, Rincon Beach Resort offers exciting outdoor adventures such as hiking in El Yunque Rainforest and exploring bioluminescent bays. These unique experiences allow guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of Puerto Rico.

A true fact about Rincon Beach Resort is that it has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor for consistently receiving positive reviews from travelers.

Stay at Faro Suites and Conference Center, where you can impress your colleagues during the day and get pleasantly lost in the nearby nightlife at night.

Faro Suites and Conference Center

Nestled in a prime location, this premium lodging and conference facility offers luxurious accommodations for both leisure and business travelers. With modern amenities and exceptional hospitality services, visitors can experience comfort and convenience from the moment they arrive. The center boasts several stylishly designed conference rooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to cater to corporate events, meetings, and seminars.

Guests at this facility enjoy an abundance of nearby attractions. Take a stroll down the picturesque waterfront or explore the intriguing historic district which is home to numerous museums and landmarks. Indulge your taste buds at the local eateries with various cuisines available that satisfy different dietary requirements. Excite your senses with the lively nightlife that comprises of bars, clubs, and entertainment spots.

When staying here, be sure to visit the award-winning spa for relaxation or conduct outdoor team-building activities in the facility’s expansive gardens. For those seeking adventure, nearby parks offer outdoor recreational activities such as hiking or boating. Regardless of your preference, there is something for everyone near this premier lodging destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best hotels to stay in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

There are many great hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Some of the best options include: Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla, Royal Isabela, Villa Montana Beach Resort, and Faro Suites and Conference Center.

2. How do I book a hotel in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

You can book a hotel in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico online through various travel websites or directly through the hotel’s website. It is best to book in advance to ensure availability and to snag any promos that may be available.

3. What are some popular attractions near hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, lush green valleys, and world-class surfing. Popular attractions near hotels in Aguadilla include Crash Boat Beach, Shacks Beach, Punta Borinquen Golf Club, and Las Cascadas Aquatic Theme Park.

4. What amenities do hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico typically offer?

Most hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico offer amenities such as pools, spas, fitness centers, and restaurants. Smaller hotels may not offer these, however, they make up for it with personalized services and attention to detail.

5. How can I find the best deals on hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

You can find the best deals on hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico by checking travel websites for promos, signing up for hotel mailing lists, and booking in advance. You can also scan social media channels to keep an eye out for flash sales and other exclusive offers.

6. Is it safe to stay in hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

Yes, it is generally safe to stay in hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. However, it is always best to exercise caution and practice good safety measures, such as locking your doors and not leaving valuables unattended.