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Tahiti Apart Hotel

Key Takeaway:

  • Tahiti Apart Hotel offers a range of accommodation options in Ocean City, French Polynesia, catering to different preferences and budgets.
  • With beautiful beaches and a tropical paradise-like pool, Tahiti Apart Hotel provides a perfect setting for a memorable vacation for families and couples.
  • The convenient location, stunning views, spacious rooms, and top-of-the-line amenities make Tahiti Apart Hotel a high-end and luxurious stay option in French Polynesia.

Tahiti Inn: A Favorite Family Resort in Ocean City

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Families love the Tahiti Inn – a favorite family resort in Ocean City. It has a prime beachfront location and a range of amenities. Accommodations are spacious & comfortable, with modern amenities & a cozy atmosphere. Plus, there’s an on-site restaurant with plenty of tasty options!

The Tahiti Inn is close to local attractions. You’re steps away from the beach for sunbathing, swimming & sandcastles. Water sports rentals & fishing charters are nearby. Also, a short drive away is Ocean City’s boardwalk – with amusement rides, games & a Ferris wheel.

This resort has it all – location, comfort & attractions – for a memorable vacation!

The Palm Apartment by Tahiti Homes: A Convenient Stay near Faa’a International Airport

The Palm Apartment by Tahiti Homes: A Convenient Stay near Faa

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The Palm Apartment by Tahiti Homes is the perfect spot for travelers. It’s near Faa’a International Airport; meaning guests can access their flights quickly and save time. Tahiti Apart Hotel manage it, ensuring a professional and reliable stay.

The Palm Apartment is designed for comfort and functionality. It has modern amenities and thoughtful touches; making it feel like home. Whether for business or pleasure, guests can enjoy a convenient stay near the airport.

This apartment is part of a larger complex, with additional features. A swimming pool, fitness center, and 24-hour security are available. This creates a sense of community and a chance to relax. Check out the Tahiti Apart Hotel for more information on the accommodations.

The Palm Apartment by Tahiti Homes offers all the features travelers need for a convenient stay near Faa’a International Airport. Guests can enjoy modern amenities, comfortable accommodations, and additional facilities in Tahiti.

Tahiti Luxury Apartment: A High-End Stay in French Polynesia

Tahiti Luxury Apartment: A High-End Stay in French Polynesia

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Tahiti Luxury Apartment offers a luxurious stay in French Polynesia. Located in a prime spot, the exclusive apart hotel provides upscale accommodation. The Reference Data shows the benefits and features of Tahiti Luxury Apartment, offering an opulent experience.

The apart hotel has roomy, stylish apartments. All are well-furnished, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Plus, guests can take in the natural beauty including lush gardens and crystal-clear waters. The Reference Data confirms the superior quality of the apartments, providing a posh stay for travelers.

Tahiti Luxury Apartment gives many amenities and services to enhance the guest experience. There’s a swimming pool, a fitness center and a spa for rejuvenating treatments. The Reference Data mentions that the apart hotel is close to attractions and nightlife, guaranteeing an excellent stay.

The staff at Tahiti Luxury Apartment give personalized, attentive service. They help with transportation and local dining and activities. Each guest’s needs are taken care of with care and professionalism.

Tahiti Luxury Apartment is a premier accommodation option in French Polynesia. It has a long record of excellence, with positive reviews and accolades. The Reference Data mentions the great feedback, making it a high-end accommodation choice in the region.

Apartment Airport Appart Tahiti: A Convenient and Affordable Option in Faaa

Apartment Airport Appart Tahiti: A Convenient and Affordable Option in Faaa

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Apartment Airport Appart Tahiti is a great option for travelers in Faaa. It’s located close to the airport, making it an ideal choice. The apartments are comfortable and well-equipped, perfect for exploring the beautiful island of Tahiti.

The hotel provides great amenities and services. Each apartment has a kitchenette so guests can prepare meals and save on dining expenses. Plus, a swimming pool, fitness center, and a 24-hour front desk are all available.

Another great thing about Apartment Airport Appart Tahiti is its affordability. Despite the convenient location and facilities, the rates are competitive and budget-friendly. This makes it a popular choice for those looking for an affordable accommodation.

Previous guests have given the hotel positive reviews. People praise the friendly staff, the cleanliness of the apartments, and the overall quality of service. These testimonials further prove that this is a reliable and comfortable hotel for travelers.

Apartment Hotels in Tahiti: Discover the Best Accommodation Options

Apartment Hotels in Tahiti: Discover the Best Accommodation Options

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Tahiti Apart Hotel is a great choice for an unforgettable stay. It has a rich history, and provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With easy access to stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and cultural attractions, the hotel ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone. It features well-furnished apartments, attentive staff, and a variety of amenities.

Comfortable Apartments in Tahiti: Affordable and Convenient

Comfortable Apartments in Tahiti: Affordable and Convenient

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Tahiti Apart Hotel – experience convenience and comfort in a cozy apartment! Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area at an affordable price. Reference Data highlights the modern amenities and features of the Apart Hotel, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Apartments are designed with guests in mind. All units include modern furnishings and amenities, providing a home away from home. Reference Data mentions the high level of comfort and convenience offered.

Tahiti Apart Hotel also offers a variety of services and facilities. Amenities include a swimming pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant. Reference Data talks about these extra features that enhance the convenience of the hotel.

Customer service is exceptional at Tahiti Apart Hotel. The staff is dedicated to making sure guests have a pleasant and memorable stay. Reference Data mentions the attention to detail and personalized service provided by the staff, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Book your cozy and affordable apartment today and experience Tahiti Apart Hotel. With its excellent location and top-notch amenities, you’ll be sure to have a memorable stay!

Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe: Luxury Stay in Arue

Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe: Luxury Stay in Arue

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Eugene Scott

The Duplex Vue Mer awaits at the Tahiti Apart Hotel in Arue, Tahiti! A luxurious stay with direct access to the beach – what more could you ask for? Marvel at the breathtaking ocean views from this exclusive accommodation. Relax in unparalleled comfort and elegance. It’s the perfect choice for those searching for a unique and unforgettable stay! Experience the epitome of luxury at the Duplex Vue Mer!

Some Facts About Tahiti Apart Hotel:

  • ✅ Tahiti Apart Hotel is located in French Polynesia, offering high-end accommodation options for both tourism and business purposes. (Source: Tahiti Luxury Apartment)
  • ✅ The hotel is conveniently situated near Faa’a International Airport, providing easy access for travelers. (Source: The Palm Apartment by Tahiti Homes)
  • ✅ The apartments feature spacious rooms with 4-star bedding, fully equipped kitchens, and high-quality amenities, including a 4K Sony TV and high-speed internet. (Source: Tahiti Luxury Apartment)
  • ✅ The hotel offers a range of facilities, such as a 20-meter long swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness room, and a concierge service to enhance guests’ stay. (Source: Tahiti Luxury Apartment)
  • ✅ Nearby attractions include beautiful beaches, shopping areas, parks, and cultural landmarks, providing guests with various options for entertainment and exploration. (Source: Tahiti Luxury Apartment, Apartment AIRPORT APPART TAHITI,, TripAdvisor)

FAQs about Tahiti Apart Hotel

1. How far is Tahiti Luxury Apartment from Faa’a International Airport?

Tahiti Luxury Apartment is conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from Faa’a International Airport.

2. Is there on-site parking available at Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe in Arue?

Yes, Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe offers free on-site parking for guests.

3. Can I enjoy an outdoor dining area at Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe?

Yes, Duplex Vue Mer, Acces Direct A La Plage Le Luxe features an outdoor dining area where guests can enjoy their meals.

4. Are there 24-hour services available at the Tahiti Apart Hotel?

Yes, the Tahiti Apart Hotel offers 24-hour services to cater to the needs of the guests.

5. What are the shopping options available in Ocean City near the Tahiti Inn?

Ocean City offers a variety of shopping options, including the boardwalk and Asbury Ave, where guests can explore numerous stores and boutiques.

6. Does Tahiti Luxury Apartment provide a breathtaking view of the island of Moorea?

Yes, Tahiti Luxury Apartment is located on the 4th and top floor of a unique residence, offering a stunning view of the island of Moorea.