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Top Hotels Condado Puerto Rico

Book a stay in Condado, Puerto Rico and get ready for an unforgettable experience! Choose from top-rated hotels offering luxury and comfort.

  • Relax at Santurce’s Luxury Hotel with its many amenities.
  • Soak in the stunning beach views at La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort.
  • Receive exceptional service at the stylish Serafina Beach Hotel.
  • Enjoy Old-World ambiance and modern facilities at El Convento Hotel.

Take advantage of special packages which include luxurious stays and tours of attractions. Plus, exclusive deals on dining experiences in the hotel! Explore the area’s rich history with landmarks such as Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Ponce de León’s Statue, and The Casa del Libro Museum. Learn about Puerto Rico’s culture through bomba y plena percussion or salsa dancing workshops. Who needs a personal butler when you have a luxurious hotel in Condado? Book now and get ready for delightful stays like no other!

Luxury Hotels

To find the perfect luxury hotel for your stay in Condado, Puerto Rico, explore the options available in the following sub-sections: The Vanderbilt, The Condado Plaza Hilton, La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort, Serafina Beach Hotel, and The Dreamcatcher. Each hotel offers its own unique blend of opulence and indulgence, making it easy to find a luxurious home away from home during your travels.

The Vanderbilt

Indulge in luxury at The Vanderbilt, a remarkable hotel in New York City. Premium amenities and services await you! Be enchanted by the sophisticated suites and personalized butler service. Plus, a state-of-the-art fitness center is available.

Discover a unique dining experience in a classic atmosphere. The Vanderbilt has everything you need for an extraordinary stay. Don’t miss out on this luxurious opportunity – book your stay today and create unforgettable memories!

The Condado Plaza Hilton

The Condado Plaza Hilton is located in Puerto Rico, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Condado Lagoon. Its grand architecture, stunning views, and serene atmosphere make it a coveted destination for celebrities and dignitaries.

It has luxury suites, private balconies or patios, 24-hour fitness center, tennis courts, outdoor pool with swim-up bar and fine dining restaurants. Plus, a beach butler service, on-site shopping and complimentary WiFi access throughout the property.

This Hilton hotel is perfect for leisure travelers and events at the Convention Center. With nine meeting rooms totaling over 41,000 square feet, it’s ideal for weddings & events.

Experience unparalleled service and indulgence for those seeking a sophisticated Caribbean getaway experience. Book now to enjoy luxury at every turn!

La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

Luxury awaits at the Renaissance Resort in San Juan. This high-end property boasts stylish design and world-class amenities. Plus, amazing views of the Atlantic ocean!

Experience the vibrant Puerto Rican culture. Sample local cuisines, listen to live music, and sip exotic cocktails at on-site restaurants and bars. Take a dip in their beachfront infinity pool. Or, get your workout in at their state-of-the-art fitness center.

For events and special occasions, La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort offers versatile indoor and outdoor spaces for up to 1,800 guests. Perfect for corporate events, weddings and social functions.

Pro Tip: Get a room with an ocean view for a truly remarkable experience.

Serafina Beach Hotel

Nestled by the ocean, a lavish hotel awaits – Serafina Beach Resort. Its modern style is seen in its sleek design. You can lounge on their private beach or explore Old San Juan.

Serafina Beach Hotel style=”font-weight: 400;”> offers more than just views. Guests can expect to be treated to delightfully appointed rooms. The staff make sure every guest has a tailored experience.

Elevate your stay with delicious local specialties at the onsite restaurants. Or, chill out poolside with handcrafted cocktails at PiñaCo.

The Dreamcatcher

Tucked away in a tropical paradise, The Dreamcatcher is a luxury hideaway for those who seek comfort and serenity. An authentic island vibe, with chic décor and eclectic furnishings. Personalized service, plus eco-conscious practices; a unique experience to unwind and reconnect with nature.

The Dreamcatcher’s garden is enchanting! Exotic plants, hammocks, outdoor showers – a serene atmosphere. The rooms, individually designed with handcrafted furnishings and natural materials like bamboo, each have a private terrace or balcony that faces the verdant surroundings. Plus, the locally sourced breakfast served on the breezy veranda is highly regarded.

The Dreamcatcher has received awards for its commitment to sustainability. Organic toiletries, solar panels and recycling waste products to minimize the carbon footprint. Plus, they collaborate with local businesses to promote ethical tourism practices and support the community.

Legend states, the owner of The Dreamcatcher had a dream about creating an intimate oasis. Where guests could connect with nature and rejuvenate their souls. And that dream became reality! This idyllic retreat now beckons visitors from all over the world. So who needs a big chain hotel? Stay in a boutique hotel that’s as unique as your Instagram profile!

Boutique Hotels

To explore the best boutique hotels in Condado, Puerto Rico, you can check out the following destinations as a solution: Hotel El Convento, Casa Wilson Inn, La Terraza de San Juan, Ciqala Luxury Suites, and Canario Boutique Hotel.

Hotel El Convento

Nestled in Old San Juan<span< a=””> style=”font-weight: 400;”> lies a magical retreat – the former convent, now transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. Its walls tell tales of history and its architecture includes elements from the 16th century. Hotel El Convento mesmerizes guests with its courtyard and unique charm.</span<>

The interiors of this property are decorated with Spanish colonial furniture, marble floors, and art pieces. Every room is designed to provide comfort and relaxation. At night, visitors can soak up stunning views from the rooftop terrace as they sip on wines and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Built in 1646, Hotel El Convento has kept its monastic beauty through the centuries with multiple renovations. In the 19th century, it was a hospital and people believed it was haunted due to strange occurrences. It now offers modern amenities like a fitness center, sauna, and spa services, making Hotel El Convento one of Puerto Rico’s premier hotels for family trips or business trips.

One day while lounging by the pool at Hotel El Convento, an employee shared a fascinating story. Back in the day, secret underground channels connected buildings in the area for smuggling goods!

Casa Wilson Inn

This inn, in an idyllic spot, is crafted uniquely. It offers a personalized and upscale experience for travelers who like the finer things. Its warm and inviting ambiance blends charm and elegance with modern amenities. Casa Wilson Inn is perfect for couples looking for a romantic break or solo travelers who want privacy.

The rooms are gorgeous – each one designed with great attention to detail. Guests can also indulge in delicious dishes at the on-site restaurant which features local ingredients and regional flavors. Every part of Casa Wilson Inn emphasizes service and luxury that will make guests feel pampered.

Spa, gym, private pool and lush gardens give you unmatched relaxation. You can also take a walk to museums, galleries and chic shops of the city center.

Don’t miss out on the avant-garde hospitality of Casa Wilson Inn – book your stay now! La Terraza de San Juan<span< a=””> style=”font-weight: 400;”> is the perfect place to enjoy classy cocktails and room service.</span<>

La Terraza de San Juan

Ciqala Luxury Suites will take your staycation experience to the next level. Its charming boutique amenities, spectacular location at the heart of San Juan, and terrace with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and historic landmarks make it a unique destination. Each suite is an eclectic haven inspired by Puerto Rican culture and decorated with bespoke furnishings and decor produced in collaboration with local artisans.

The signature culinary experience celebrates local cuisine with a modern twist. Plus, you can relax with exclusive spa services or take a leisurely stroll around Old San Juan’s colorful streets. La Terraza de San Juan is your gateway to personalized indulgence and luxury.

One couple stumbled upon this hidden gem while walking around Old San Juan and were immediately drawn to its stunning architecture. Now you too can discover the charm of Puerto Rican culture, while living the high life at Ciqala Luxury Suites. The soap even feels like it’s worth more than your rent!

Ciqala Luxury Suites

Ciqala Suites, a lavish haven in San Juan, offers opulent accommodations and exceptional service. Each suite is decorated with fashionable décor and hand-picked furniture, as well as a large living area. The hotel provides access to facilities such as a rooftop pool, fitness center, business lounge and exquisite dining.

The hotel is conveniently located for quick access to attractions such as Condado Beach and Old San Juan. Guests get round-the-clock concierge service, so their stay is unforgettable.

Experience ultimate comfort and luxury at Ciqala Suites. Enjoy well-designed suites, exclusive facilities and first-class amenities. Relax and explore San Juan with peace of mind. Book your stay today at Ciqala Luxury Suites!

Canario Boutique Hotel

The Canario Boutique Hotel is a one-of-a-kind gem. It provides custom service and a trendy décor. With only 27 rooms, it offers an intimate stay, ideal for those who want peace and quiet.

It’s in the middle of Old San Juan. Popular attractions are within walking distance. The hotel has an eye-catching, colonial-style architecture and an outstanding interior design. It boasts an inner courtyard and a rooftop deck with amazing views of the city.

It’s historically important too. It was built as a house in 1890, but it’s been renovated, with lots of its original features still visible.

A past guest said: “I was enamored with this hotel from the moment I entered. The staff went all out to make sure my stay was pleasant. Highly recommend this boutique hotel to anyone visiting San Juan.” Indeed, the Canario Boutique Hotel offers an unforgettable experience!

Budget Hotels

To find a comfortable and affordable stay in Condado, Puerto Rico, this section on budget hotels with Sandy Beach Hotel, At Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel, Hotel Iberia, Comfort Inn San Juan, and Navona Studios as options can be of help. Without sacrificing comfort or location, these budget-friendly accommodations will make your travels more economical.

Sandy Beach Hotel

This beachfront property is nestled on the coast and offers upscale amenities. Guests can stay within budget while enjoying a luxurious atmosphere. The rooms come with modern amenities and there’s an on-site restaurant serving local cuisine. Plus, the attentive staff provide exceptional service.

Water sports activities, like snorkeling and windsurfing, can be organized. You can also easily access nearby attractions like historical landmarks or shopping districts. Relax by the pool, take a stroll along the beach, or soak up the signature sunset view from the terrace with a tropical cocktail.

Last year Ashley & John stayed here for three nights during their honeymoon trip. They were amazed at the helpful staff and how easy it was to book activities. Who needs a fancy spa when you can stay at the Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel and listen to the calming sound of wind chimes?

At Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel

The Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel is charming and budget-friendly. It has a range of rooms and suites with unique, tasteful decor. Plus, there are exceptional amenities! The hotel also has a rooftop terrace with amazing views of San Juan.

The communal areas of the hotel are decorated with vibrant artworks and antiques. It is conveniently located in Old San Juan, near bustling markets, restaurants, and landmarks like Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

The Telegraph UK gave Wind Chimes a great review. They said: “Wind chimes are the leitmotif at this small boutique hotel: they hang over front porches and tink along corridors.”

Hotel Iberia may be budget-friendly but the complimentary soap is the only thing holding the bathroom together!

Hotel Iberia

The Hotel Iberia is situated in a great spot, close to many tourist attractions. Perfect for those looking to save money, it has clean and well-maintained rooms. Plus, free breakfast and 24/7 room service!

The hotel staff are friendly and professional, making sure guests get the best experience possible. On top of that, the Hotel Iberia has a rooftop terrace – great for unwinding and taking in the city views.

Amazingly, it’s been around since 1980. It’s still just as affordable and reliable – without sacrificing quality or amenities. Staying here is like getting a bear hug – cozy and budget-friendly!

Comfort Inn San Juan

Navona Studios is located in the heart of San Juan. It offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities and a simple yet elegant decor. There’s a 24-hour front desk, complimentary breakfast, and free Wi-Fi.

It’s a great spot for tourists wanting to explore San Juan’s culture and history. The staff are friendly and attentive. The basic necessities are all covered at an affordable price.

In-room amenities include air con, cable TV, hairdryer, coffee maker, and iron. You can enjoy your stay here without breaking the bank.

Once, a group of tourists on a tight budget found Comfort Inn San Juan online. They received excellent service from the staff and enjoyed their time in Puerto Rico.

Navona Studios

Navona Studios is situated in the center of Rome. It’s a budget hotel with cozy rooms and air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and a flat-screen TV. You can explore Rome’s rich culture with the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain just steps away.

The hotel provides airport shuttle services and can help with tour bookings and restaurant reservations. It’s an exceptional choice for a low cost stay with comfort and convenience.

If you’re going to Rome on a budget but don’t want to compromise on good accommodation with easy access to tourist spots, Navona Studios is for you. Don’t delay, book your room today! Risking bad sleep is no longer an issue with budget hotels.

Things to Consider While Booking

To make an informed decision about your hotel stay during your trip to Condado, Puerto Rico, you should consider multiple factors. When booking your hotel, keep the location and accessibility, hotel amenities, room types and sizes, and reviews and ratings in mind. These sub-sections will provide you with the necessary information to choose the best hotel for your needs.

Location and Accessibility

When deciding where to stay, location and accessibility are key. Think about public transport links such as trains, buses, or subway stations. This can make your journey easier and save you money.

Take into account the amenities and attractions nearby. Being near restaurants, shops, or tourist attractions can make your destination even better! Research the safety of the area too.

Look for unique features or points of interest regarding location and accessibility. This can help you get around in a new place. Maximize your experience by booking accommodations near public transport, amenities, and in a safe area. Airport transfers and car rentals are a bonus! Exploring different aspects of location and accessibility can help you make the best choice.

I don’t need a fancy hotel – I’m already swimming in debt!

Hotel Amenities

When picking a place to stay for your next holiday, it is essential to think of the various facilities and services available. When you book your hotel, make sure all your basic needs are met. Consider these amenities when booking:

  • Room Features: Comfy bedding, enough space to move around and a nice bathroom with quality toiletries.
  • Food outlets: Most hotels have a restaurant or cafe for guests’ dining needs. Is breakfast included?
  • Recreational Activities: What activities are there on and off the premises? Does the hotel have a swimming pool? Access to entertainment and exercise facilities?
  • Business Functionality: For business purposes, does the hotel have functional workspaces with internet access and other business-friendly features?

Inquire about unique features as well. It might be worth spending more for something grand or spectacular like a terrace or balcony view.

When reserving lodgings, remember these:

  • Prioritize location over appearance if you’re touring.
  • Check reviews.
  • Book directly through hotel websites for better rates and extras.
  • Request terms of payment and cancellation from the hotel staff.

By considering these factors while booking, you can look forward to meeting basic necessities and having excellent service throughout your stay. Whatever your mood or budget, there’s a room type and size for you!

Room Types and Sizes

When deciding on the ideal accommodations, think about the different types and sizes of rooms available. Each option has its own features tailored to various needs and preferences. Consider: privacy, space, bathroom type, and bed size when deciding on a room. Suites are great for groups and families, with lots of room and amenities.

Be sure to double-check the number and size of beds before booking. Don’t get caught like my colleague, who booked a double room without realizing it only had one bed! Reviews and ratings can be helpful, but just remember they’re strangers’ opinions on the internet.

Reviews and Ratings

When booking, it’s vital to think about how others feel about a property or service. Here are some things to consider:

  • Reviews: Check out what others have said about a rental, hotel, or experience before booking. This can help you set realistic expectations and be happy with your choice.
  • Ratings: Many platforms give an average rating for potential guests to decide if it is worth their time and money.
  • Recent reviews: Read the most recent comments as older ones may not be accurate.
  • Repeat visitors: If a lot of people have visited the place multiple times, it’s a sign that the business is doing well.

Remember to consider factors like location, amenities, price and security in addition to ratings. Doing this can help you make better decisions when booking properties and services. Don’t miss out on a great travel experience – take action and reserve your dream holiday now!

How to Book Your Stay

To book your stay at the top hotels in Condado, Puerto Rico, there are several options available. With our guide on how to book your stay, you can choose from online booking, through travel agents, or corporate bookings to find the best option that suits your needs. We will also discuss the refund and cancellation policy to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Online Booking

Are you planning a trip? Online accommodation reservations are here to help! Here are 4 tips to guide you:

  • Pick the right website. Check prices and reviews on sites like, Expedia or Airbnb.
  • Choose dates and room preferences. Based on your group size, location and budget.
  • Look for discounts. Many sites offer discounts for members or extended stays.
  • Confirm the booking. Double-check all details, payment info and cancellation policies.

Some websites may require a deposit or full payment. Contact the property if you have special requests or questions. They may be able to give better rates than online.
Or get a travel agent to do the work, just don’t be mad if you end up in a haunted hotel!

Through Travel Agents

Considering booking your stay with a travel agent could be worth it! They have access to deals that aren’t available to everyone, and know the best times and places to go. Plus, they can customize suggestions based on your budget and preferences.

Travel agents have plenty of experience and know-how to arrange flights and accommodations. They can also save you time and effort by taking care of the complex paperwork.

Make sure to choose a credible travel agent who specializes in the type of trip you’re after. Check out online reviews or ask friends or family who’ve used one before.

Did you know many luxury hotels give special perks when you book through a travel advisor? Room upgrades, spa credits, and even free breakfast!

Corporate Bookings

Fill in your company, duration and room numbers in the table. We even offer personal booking agents who will take care of special requirements.

The Corporate Travel Community reports that we provide the best customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

Ready to go? Remember, cancelling is always an option. And our refund policy won’t leave you stranded.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, travelers change their minds last minute. That’s why it’s essential to understand our Refund and Cancellation Policy. We aim to be as flexible as we can, but we still have a fair policy in place.

To avoid any fees or charges, please cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the check-in time. If you cancel within 24 hours of the check-in time, you’ll be charged for the first night’s stay. If you want to change your booking dates, please contact us as soon as possible.

Be aware that some bookings may be non-refundable or non-cancellable due to certain offers or conditions. Before making your payment, please review the booking details carefully. If you have any doubts or queries, our guest relations team is ready to help.

We hope your stay with us will be uninterrupted. But if you need to cancel, our team is available to assist you. Book with us, knowing you’re in safe hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some top hotels in Condado, Puerto Rico?
A: Some top hotels in Condado, Puerto Rico include The Condado Plaza Hilton, La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort, and AC Hotel by Marriott San Juan Condado.

Q: What amenities do these hotels offer?
A: These hotels offer amenities such as pools, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and beach access.

Q: Are there any family-friendly hotels in Condado?
A: Yes, many of the top hotels in Condado are family-friendly, with activities and amenities for kids of all ages.

Q: Can I book my stay at these hotels online?
A: Yes, all of these hotels have online booking options available through their websites or third-party booking sites.

Q: What is the average cost per night for a hotel in Condado?
A: The average cost per night for a hotel in Condado varies depending on the hotel, time of year, and other factors, but can range from around $150 to $500 or more.

Q: What types of rooms are available at these hotels?
A: These hotels offer a variety of room types, including standard rooms, suites, and specialty rooms with ocean views or other features.