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Introduction to all inclusive resorts in puerto rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean paradise with stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant cultural heritage. All-inclusive resorts are the best way to enjoy a relaxing and enriching vacation. They offer top-notch service, magnificent accommodations, and plenty of fun activities for all ages.

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When planning a trip to Puerto Rico, it pays to pick an all-inclusive resort that fits your needs. Many luxurious resorts provide exclusive experiences with world-class dining and exciting outdoor activities. Plus, they are often located near amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean or El Yunque National Forest.

All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico come with lots of extras that traditional hotels don’t include. Guests get unlimited access to food, drinks, sports equipment rentals, entertainment, and daily planned activities.

Some of these popular resorts had humble beginnings. For example, Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa used to be a small hotel owned by a local school teacher. Now it’s one of the most luxurious resorts on the island!

With all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, you can leave all your worries behind. The only thing you’ll need to think about is what sunscreen to pack!

Top all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico

To explore the best all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, we have curated a list of top resorts with exceptional services and luxurious amenities. Each resort boasts an assortment of fascinating features that will leave you impressed and give you an unforgettable stay. Check out the sub-sections that describe each resort’s unique offerings, including their descriptions, locations, and amenities.

Resort 1: Description, Location, and Amenities

Discover one of the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico. This resort is a prime example of what a vacation should be like. It’s located in a paradise offering stunning ocean views, delicious dining options and entertainment.

Resort Name Location Amenities
ABC Resort Oceanfront, PR Sandy beach access, spa services, luxurious accommodations, beachfront dining options.

This resort stands out from others with its oceanfront location and sandy beach accessible from the property. Plus, they offer top-notch spa services to help guests relax.

What’s more, this resort has been updated to meet the needs of all travellers, while still keeping its original charm. So, why wait? Enjoy the ultimate all-inclusive experience at ABC Resort!

Resort 2: Description, Location, and Amenities

Resort 3 – in Puerto Rico – is ready to make your stay extra comfy! Enjoy luxurious amenities, excellent customer service and forget your worries. Unwind in the spa, or choose from multiple restaurants! Margaritas by the beach? Margaritas by the pool? Your only decision here is all about pleasure.

Resort 3: Description, Location, and Amenities

This top, all-inclusive resort offers a tropical paradise. Rejuvenate your mind and body with lush greenery, sparkling pools, and stunning beaches. The luxury accommodations feature lavish interiors and world-class amenities. Plus, enjoy thrilling activities such as snorkeling and beach volleyball!

The resort’s on-site spa ensures relaxation with rejuvenating treatments. The Water Park is a unique feature – perfect for adventure-seekers of all ages. It includes water slides, a lazy river ride, splash pads, and hot tubs.

Experience the ultimate level of luxury at this one-of-a-kind resort. With unbeatable offerings and excellent customer service, it’ll leave you longing for more. Don’t miss out!

Factors to consider when choosing an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico

To choose the perfect all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico, you need to weigh several factors. When planning your stay, consider the resort’s location, price, amenities and activities, and dining options. In this section, we’ll give you a brief introduction to each sub-section, so you can make the most informed decision and enjoy a perfect, stress-free holiday in Puerto Rico!


Want to have a unique Puerto Rican retreat? Consider these six factors when selecting the perfect all-inclusive resort location:

  1. Proximity to attractions
  2. Beach access
  3. Local culture
  4. Tranquility vs liveliness
  5. Safety and security
  6. Natural surroundings

Evaluate each resort’s benefits and disadvantages to choose the one that fits your preferences. For a truly unforgettable experience, head to Guánica town on the southwest coast. Or, for an amazing natural setting, check out El Yunque Rainforest. But, don’t expect to find an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico on a budget; unicorns are much easier to find!


Are you financially conscious? Price is key when selecting an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico. Check out this comparison of three resorts: The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, El Conquistador Resort, and Casa Bacardi. All-Inclusive packages include meals, alcohol, and amenities like fitness centers and mini-golf courses.

The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is luxurious, but El Conquistador Resort is more affordable. However, some amenities like spa treatments may not be included. Who needs to leave the resort? There’s enough to keep you busy for a week.

Amenities and Activities

At all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, guests can enjoy lots of activities and amenities. Indulge in sports like tennis, basketball, or volleyball. Enjoy dance performances, movies, and game nights! Relax at world-class wellness centers with massages, body treatments, and beauty treatments. Enjoy local delicacies and international cuisine. Direct beach access and on-site adventure activities like zip-lining or kayaking may be offered.

Plus, some of these resorts are famous for their history. Caribe Hilton was one of the first mass tourism hotels in the Caribbean, thanks to Lawrence Rockefeller’s vision for boosting the island’s tourism. Delicious dining options are sure to make your stay unforgettable!

Dining Options

To guarantee a remarkable all-inclusive resort experience in Puerto Rico, it’s essential to consider the various alternatives for your dining needs. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when evaluating the Dining Experience:

  • Food quality and nutrition
  • Menu choices accommodating all diets
  • 24 hour access to food and drinks
  • Various cuisines at different restaurants on site
  • Ambiance and atmosphere of dining areas
  • Service staff professionalism and friendliness

It’s also wise to check if there are any exclusive package deals with extra premium dining options. This could include special events such as wine tastings, cooking classes or tours of local markets.

Pro Tip: To make the most out of your Dining Experience, pre-book or ask about peak hours to dodge long wait times during popular meal periods.

Make sure to pace yourself at the resort’s open bar, or you might end up having an ‘un-sober’ vacation instead of a trip to Puerto Rico.

all inclusive resorts in puerto rico

Tips for a great all-inclusive resort experience in Puerto Rico

To have a fantastic all-inclusive resort experience in Puerto Rico, you need to know how to navigate it. With “Tips for a great all-inclusive resort experience in Puerto Rico,” you can be sure of getting the best from your stay. Research the resort for a thorough understanding, plan activities ahead of time, take advantage of included amenities, and never forget to tip for excellent service.

Research the Resort

When searching for a Puerto Rican all-inclusive resort, thorough research is important. Look online for reviews and ratings. Analyze the amenities and services. Consider the location and surroundings.

Think about the activities at the resort. Fitness centres? Spa treatments? Water sports? Outdoor adventures? Knowing what you want helps choose the right resort.

Ask if the resort can accommodate dietary restrictions. Some may have specific diets while others may not. Make sure the restaurant fits your needs.

A guest at a Puerto Rican resort was amazed at the personalized attention from staff. They were greeted by name and preferences were known, without asking. This made the vacation incredible.

Plan ahead to avoid disappointment! Poolside sunburning may be the only activity available.

Plan Activities ahead of time

To get the best out of your Puerto Rico all-inclusive resort adventure, plan ahead! Tips for creating an ideal travel agenda:

  1. Do research to pick activities that fit your taste and pace. Tailor them to the resort’s services and facilities.
  2. Book popular attractions, dining, or spa appointments with hotel staff in advance or on arrival.
  3. Build in time for rest and personal leisure between excursions.
  4. Track the weather forecast and adjust plans for outdoor activities.
  5. Estimate any extra costs like transport, entry fees, or rentals.

Mix preparation with flexibility to get the most out of your trip. Dorado Beach, ranked #3 among the best resorts in Puerto Rico by Travel + Leisure Magazine 2021, offers an intimate combination of luxury rooms, Caribbean views, and manicured gardens in perfect harmony with nature. Enjoy the amenities guilt-free – they’ve already factored your indulgence into the price!

Take Advantage of Included Amenities

Take full advantage of the many facilities and services included in your all-inclusive resort package in Puerto Rico. Get the most value for your money! Enjoy meals, snacks and drinks, including alcohol. Have fun with kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and more – all for free! Go to the gym or try out fitness classes like yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Relax by the pool with complimentary lounge chairs and pool towels. Participate in day trips and excursions included in your package. Pamper yourself with spa services like massages, facials and manicures. To fully immerse yourself in a hassle-free vacation experience, make sure to take advantage of these amenities. Some resorts may even offer perks like child-friendly facilities or couples’ massages. Pro Tip: Double-check what is included in your package before booking outside activities to avoid extra fees. Remember to tip too, or you may end up with an empty room!

Don’t forget to Tip!

Tipping at All-Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico – A Unique Experience!

It’s essential to recognize the staff’s excellent service and remember tips when visiting an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico. Here are 3 tips for a memorable experience:

  1. Leave an appropriate amount at the end of your stay or for services provided.
  2. Hand the tip directly to the employee, not leave it lying around.
  3. Don’t forget gratuities are usually not included in the all-inclusive package – so plan ahead!

Tipping is customary, but not obligatory. The Puerto Rican culture values good manners and appreciation, so the amount of tip can vary based on individual experiences, budgets and perceptions.

A fun historical fact about tipping shows it originated in ancient Rome. Customers gave a small monetary sum before being served by the tavern keeper, which was known as “vino gratis” or “free wine”. This later turned into voluntary payments called “pourboires” in France during the 17th century. It then became popular worldwide with varying degrees of importance depending on where you go!

All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico: where your vacation and your wallet can finally come together!

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Conclusion: Why all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico are a great option for your next vacation

Vacationers longing for an easy and comprehensive getaway in Puerto Rico should explore the island’s many resort options. These resorts give guests comfortable lodging, thrilling activities, and delicious dining—all at one price. With its stunning beaches, captivating history, and friendly locals, Puerto Rico has something for everyone.

Plus, these all-inclusive resorts offer a chance to make treasured moments with your family without fretting about extra costs. You can relish world-class amenities and services, from spa sessions to pool access to a range of entertainment. There’s something for everyone—beach sports buffs will adore water-based activities, and those seeking rest can enjoy yoga classes.

If you want to see other parts of Puerto Rico outside the resort, these resorts provide tour guides and shuttle services. You can learn about the island’s history by visiting historical sites such as Castillo San Cristobal.

Puerto Rico has been struck hard by natural disasters lately, but these all-inclusive resorts have endured in tourists’ minds because of their remarkable hospitality and invigorating experiences that create unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an all-inclusive resort?

A: An all-inclusive resort is a type of hotel that includes all meals, drinks, and most activities in the price of the room.

Q: What are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico?

A: Some of the best all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico include the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa, the Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort, and the El Conquistador Resort.

Q: Are all-inclusive resorts more expensive than regular hotels?

A: All-inclusive resorts can be more expensive than regular hotels, but they also offer more value since the cost includes meals, drinks, and activities.

Q: Are there any adult-only all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico?

A: Yes, there are several adult-only all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, such as the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa and the Villa Montaña Beach Resort.

Q: Can I book an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico online?

A: Yes, you can book all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico online through travel websites, such as Expedia and, or directly through the resort’s website.

Q: Are all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico kid-friendly?

A: Many all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico are kid-friendly, with activities and amenities designed specifically for families traveling with children.

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