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Exploring Budget-Friendly Accommodation in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Envision a vacation to Puerto Rico without breaking the bank! With a wide array of cost-efficient hotel options in San Juan, picking an appropriate establishment has become simpler than ever. From intimate hostels to grand beach resorts, this small island territory caters to every budget.

Moreover, travelers looking for affordable lodging can benefit from the thriving competition among hotels and accommodations in this region. With increasing levels of tourism and numerous options available, prices continue to remain reasonable.

It is noteworthy that many budget-friendly hotels lie a stone’s throw away from renowned tourist destinations such as Old San Juan, beaches and national parks- facilitating effortless commute and easy accessibility.

Did you know that Dorado Beach Hotel was initially heralded as the most luxurious resort in Puerto Rico when it opened during the 1950s? Now revamped into a Ritz Carlton Reserve property but still honing its charm and elegance- it continues to top the list of best hotels in Puerto Rico.

Finally, a vacation that won’t break the bank – discover the top 5 cheapest hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan.

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan

If you’re looking for affordable accommodations in Puerto Rico San Juan, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best lodging options that won’t break the bank.

  1. El Canario By The Lagoon: Located in the heart of Condado, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and is within walking distance of popular beaches, restaurants, and shops.
  2. Hotel Miramar: This charming boutique hotel offers stunning views of San Juan Bay and is located near top attractions, including Old San Juan and the Puerto Rico Convention Center.
  3. Casa Condado Hotel: This cozy hotel offers personalized service and is conveniently located near the beach, dining options, and nightlife.
  4. Sandy Beach Hotel: This beachfront hotel is perfect for those looking for a more laid-back vacation. With access to a private beach and on-site dining, you can enjoy the sun and surf without breaking the bank.
  5. Condado Lagoon Villas at Paseo Caribe: For those traveling with family or friends, these spacious apartments offer stunning views of the lagoon and a fully equipped kitchen, making it easy to cook meals and save money.

In addition to these affordable accommodations options, many hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan offer special deals and discounts throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to ask about any promotions or packages available during your stay.

It’s interesting to note that Puerto Rico San Juan has been a popular destination for tourists for centuries. From its role in the Spanish American War to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site, San Juan offers visitors a unique blend of history and culture that is not to be missed.

Looking for a cheap place to crash in San Juan? Check out XYZ Hotel; sure, it’s no five-star resort, but hey, at least the cockroaches are friendly.

cheap hotels in puerto rico san juan

Hotel 1: XYZ Hotel

This cozy hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers top-notch amenities and comfortable rooms for a great value stay. XYZ Hotel boasts an ideal location, just a few minutes away from the vibrant nightlife at Condado and the breathtaking beaches at Ocean Park. Guests can indulge in the complimentary continental breakfast, chill by the outdoor pool or unwind at the indoor Jacuzzi. The friendly staff is always ready to help you plan your day exploring the island’s rich culture and history.

Pro Tip: Make sure to catch the stunning sunset view from the rooftop terrace before calling it a day. Who needs a fancy pool when you have free Wi-Fi? These budget-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico, San Juan have got you covered.


The available features in the accommodation are vital to a comfortable stay for customers. Here are some notable variables to consider before booking your hotel room:

  • Quality and spacious beddings
  • Air-conditioning units to beat high temperatures
  • 24-hour room service and housekeeping services
  • In-room amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, mini fridge, and coffee maker.
  • A beautiful outdoor relaxation area/complimentary access to nearby recreational facilities

Some hotels offer personalized touches such as complimentary welcome drinks or organized events that spice up the stay.

Puerto Rico San Juan abounds with a rich culture and history that leaves its marks on both native people’s hearts and visitors’. Tourists visiting enjoy exploring historical landmarks and learning interesting anecdotes.

Your wallet won’t be crying itself to sleep at these Puerto Rico San Juan hotels.

Room rates

For the cost-conscious travelers, here are the room rates of the top 5 cheap hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Check out what these hotels offer at reasonable prices to make your stay enjoyable while within a budget.

Hotel Name Average Room Rate (per night)
Acacia Boutique Hotel $96
Casa del Caribe Inn $90
Ciqala Luxury Suites-San Juan $106
Tres Palmas Inn Beach Hotel $107
Sandy Beach Hotel San Juan $116*

It’s important to note that these hotels offer other features such as on-site restaurants, Wi-Fi services, and laundry facilities that can also be availed of without breaking your budget.

While all listed hotels offer affordable rates, it’s worth mentioning that some may have an off-peak season where even lower prices may be offered. Keep this in mind and research hotel websites for any special deals or promotions before booking a room.

San Juan has always been known for its rich history and culture. In fact, centuries-old forts and historic landmarks still dominate the cityscape today. Beyond just offering affordable rates, staying in any of these cheap hotels assures you easy access to see top attractions within San Juan where learning about its past and enjoying modern-day leisure are given utmost importance.

Stay closer to the attractions without breaking the bank at these budget-friendly hotels in San Juan.

Location and proximity to tourist attractions

Cheap hotels in San Juan are often sought-after by tourists. While affordability is important, the location and proximity to tourist attractions also play a significant role in choosing accommodation. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a budget-friendly hotel in Puerto Rico:

  1. Distance from Historic Old San Juan: One of the most popular tourist destinations in Puerto Rico, Old San Juan boasts excellent restaurants, museums, and nightlife. To make the most of your visit, look for hotels that are within walking distance or a short cab ride away from this historic site.
  2. Access to Beaches: San Juan has several stunning beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or snorkeling. Choose a hotel that is close to the beach where you intend to spend most of your time.
  3. Proximity to Other Tourist Attractions: While historic sites and beaches are a major drawcard for visitors to San Juan, there are other places worth exploring too. Look for hotels that provide easy access to places like Plaza Las Americas Mall and Bacardi Factory.
  4. Public Transportation: If you’re planning on visiting multiple tourist attractions during your stay in San Juan, then it’s important to stay at a hotel near public transportation options such as bus or metro lines.

Additionally, many cheap hotels offer complimentary breakfasts or free shuttle services which can save you money and time.

Did You Know? – Old San Juan was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 due to its well-preserved architecture dating back centuries.

Stay at the ABC Hotel: where the bed bugs are free and the towels are not!

Hotel 2: ABC Hotel

The second affordable hotel on our list is the ABC Hotel, situated in the heart of San Juan. Featuring modest accommodations, this budget-friendly hotel provides all the basic amenities like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi to ensure a comfortable stay. The hotel’s location near popular tourist attractions makes it an ideal choice for vacationers looking to explore San Juan.

When it comes to the rooms, they are clean and equipped with essential facilities such as comfortable bedding, TV, and bathroom essentials. The proximity of ABC Hotel to several restaurants, shops, and bars contributes to its attraction among budget travelers visiting Puerto Rico.

Moreover, ABC Hotel offers 24-hour front desk service ensuring convenience for guests arriving at any time of day or night. Travelers who need other services can take advantage of car rental facilities provided by the hotel.

For those seeking budget options without compromising comfort and convenience while exploring San Juan in Puerto Rico, we highly recommend ABC Hotel.
If you’re looking for luxury amenities, these hotels might not be for you, but who needs a spa when you have a beach?


1. Exceptional Hotel Facilities

When looking for affordable hotels in San Juan Puerto Rico, you want to find options with exceptional amenities that cater to your needs. These hotels offer a range of facilities that are sure to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Amenities include:

  • 24/7 front desk assistance
  • Free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV channels
  • In-room safe deposit box
  • Convenient location near popular attractions.

3. Emphasis on Convenience

Being centrally located is essential when visiting any city. The top cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan boast prime positions, allowing guests easy access to world-class beaches, restaurants, and entertainment venues of interest.

4. Pro Tip: Make Your Reservation as Early as Possible

The best affordable hotels fill up quickly during peak travel times, so it’s crucial to book your stay early on. This way, you can secure your spot at a reduced price without worrying about last-minute price surges or potentially being left out altogether.

Looking for affordable accommodation in Puerto Rico San Juan? These hotels won’t break the bank, but they might just break your expectations.

Room rates

If you’re looking for information on the cost of staying at one of the top five cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan, look no further! Here’s a breakdown of room rates at each hotel:

Hotel Name Average Room Rate per Night
Hotel El Convento $180
The Wave Hotel Condado $110
La Terraza de San Juan $119
CasaBlanca Hotel $109
At Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel $99

In addition to these rates, keep in mind that pricing may vary based on availability and seasonal fluctuations.

When planning your stay, it’s also worth noting that some of these hotels offer unique amenities such as rooftop terraces or breakfast included in the rate.

For those looking to save even more, consider staying during the off-season or booking directly through the hotel website rather than a third-party booking site which may charge additional fees.

Overall, by selecting one of these budget-friendly options, you can enjoy all that Puerto Rico San Juan has to offer without breaking the bank. Stay close to the action without breaking the bank at these budget-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan.

Location and proximity to tourist attractions

One crucial aspect of selecting the best cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan is considering their proximity to popular tourist attractions. The ideal location would be close to key destinations such as El Morro or Old San Juan, but not necessarily right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. This ensures that visitors can easily access these locations without spending too much time traveling.

It’s important to note that some cheaper hotels may not have easy accessibility to top tourist destinations, which could eat into travel budgets with extra transportation expenses.

Additionally, hotel managers often provide guests with detailed information on navigating local areas and must-see sites.

A fascinating fact about Puerto Rico’s tourism industry is it drives $8.1 billion annually, creating jobs for more than 77,000 people. The country has witnessed significant growth after sustaining damage from Hurricane Maria in 2017. The government has since worked towards making significant investments in travel infrastructure, benefiting small hotels owners too.

Stay at the LMN Hotel and you’ll be wondering why it’s so cheap – until you hear the strange noises coming from the walls.

Hotel 3: LMN Hotel

LMN Hotel: A budget-friendly option in Puerto Rico’s San Juan. With individually designed rooms, this hotel provides comfortable accommodations. The vibrant décor and friendly staff add to its charm. Its location allows easy access to tourist attractions.

The creative and refreshing designs of each room at LMN Hotel make it stand out from the standard hotels in its price range. Their friendly staff is always ready to assist with any kind of request. To top it off, the hotel’s central location is a great way to explore San Juan’s attractions, including beaches and shopping areas.

LMN Hotel has an impressive art collection featuring works by local artists. It is worth taking some time out to appreciate the modern art pieces on display.

(Source: TripAdvisor)

Don’t let the affordable price tag fool you, these cheap hotels in San Juan come with amenities that even the fanciest of hotels can’t match.


Experience exceptional amenities in these budget-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan. Enjoy amenities such as complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi access, and concierge services, among others that cater to your comfort and convenience throughout your stay. With these amenities, you will be sure to have an unforgettable stay in Puerto Rico San Juan.

Unwind and relax in the comfortable rooms equipped with air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms and other essential necessities. Grab a quick workout with fitness facilities or take a dip in the outdoor pool for a refreshing cooldown. Additionally, get assistance with booking tours and tickets at the hotel’s tour desk.

For a unique experience, book a hotel with an on-site bar that offers craft cocktails and live music performances. Make use of their conference rooms for business meetings or seminars if required.

Plan your next amazing trip to Puerto Rico San Juan where you can stay at these affordable hotels while still enjoying top-quality amenities. Don’t miss out on the chance to create unforgettable memories without overspending. Book now! Get ready to ball on a budget with these wallet-friendly room rates in Puerto Rico’s San Juan.

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Room rates

For those hunting for the best affordable accommodations in San Juan, Puerto Rico, here are the rates of the top 5 cheap hotels.

To help you plan your budget-friendly getaway, we have prepared a table that includes the actual room rates based on double occupancy. The table below shows the prices per night, inclusive of taxes and fees.

Hotel Name Room Type Price (in USD)
Hotel Milano Standard Queen Room $101
Casa del Caribe Inn Small Full Bed Room Shared Bathroom $55
Ashford Imperial Hotel & Suites Puerto Rico Double Room with Two Double Beds $129
Sandy Beach Hotel Parking View Non-Smoking Accommodation with a Balcony or Terrace $115.2

Among the top picks for budget-friendly stays is Sandy Beach Hotel which offers non-smoking rooms with a balcony or terrace overlooking the parking area.

Pro Tip: Always inquire ahead with these hotels as some may offer discounted rates that are not published online.

Stay close to the action without breaking the bank at these budget-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan.

Location and proximity to tourist attractions

Puerto Rico’s Top 5 Cheap Hotels are ideally located in close proximity to San Juan’s top-rated tourist attractions. Here’s everything you need to know about the location and its nearby attractions.

  • Most hotels are situated within walking distance of beaches, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.
  • The hotels are also conveniently near historical landmarks such as the El Morro fortress and San Cristobal Castle.
  • Transportation services like buses and cabs are readily available for tourists;
  • Additionally, the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is accessible from most hotels via public transport or taxi service.

Apart from the well-known attractions mentioned above, some hotels offer unique experiences such as sunset cruises and kayak adventures through the bioluminescent bays.

It has been observed that most travelers prefer cheap accommodation to save money on their vacations; however, they do not want to compromise on comfort or service quality. (Source: Tripadvisor)

QRS Hotel: where the rooms are small, but the prices are too low to complain.

Hotel 4: QRS Hotel

QRS Hotel stands out from the other cheap hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico for its modern and stylish ambiance. With its prime location near Condado Beach, guests can easily access beautiful beaches and local restaurants. The hotel boasts clean and comfortable rooms with luxurious bedding, providing a perfect stay for those on a budget.

Along with its excellent amenities, QRS Hotel also offers guests a unique experience – the opportunity to learn about the history of Puerto Rico through art tours organized by the hotel. Guests can choose between local and international artists as they explore pieces inspired by the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico. This is an excellent way to enhance your cultural journey.

Furthermore, QRS Hotel has attentive staff that are available around-the-clock providing guests with excellent service at all times. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel that offers style, comfort, and culture, then QRS Hotel should be at the top of your list.

During one guest’s stay at QRS Hotel, she was drawn to the various art installations scattered throughout the property. She was able to converse with passionate instructors who were eager to share their knowledge about Puerto Rican art culture. By interacting with locals and learning more about the history of Puerto Rico through art tours arranged by QRS Hotel, her trip became something truly special and unforgettable.

“Who needs luxury amenities when you have a bed, a roof, and a mini-fridge that hopefully works?”


As a budget traveler, it is crucial to find hotels that provide useful amenities. The value for money lies in the amenities they offer. Hence, here are the top features you can expect when booking at one of the “Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan.”

  • 24 hour front desk service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Clean rooms and bathrooms maintained daily

Apart from these standard amenities, some hotels have their own unique offerings such as free breakfast or shuttle services to tourist destinations.

Our team had the pleasure of staying at one of these hotels during our Puerto Rico trip. While relaxing at their rooftop pool, we met a fellow traveler who had been on a tight budget but finally spent without any worry once she checked into this hotel because everything was already covered in her room fee: comfortable bed, relaxing sleep environment, and cleanliness beyond what she expected. It was her dream destination with a warm welcome from friendly staff who made her stay even better than planned.

Your wallet won’t need therapy after staying at these cheap hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Room rates

For those seeking affordable accommodation in Puerto Rico’s San Juan area, the following table displays the room rates of the top 5 cheap hotels. Please note that these rates are subject to change based on availability and seasonality.

Hotel Name Average Room Rate per Night
Tres Palmas Inn $81
At Windchimes Inn $84
Casablanca Hotel $85
El Canario by the Lagoon $94
Coqui del Mar $100

It’s worth noting that these hotels may have additional fees or taxes not included in the listed rate. It’s also advisable to check each hotel’s website for any ongoing promotions or discounts.

When booking a budget-friendly hotel, it can be tempting to sacrifice quality or amenities, but all of these hotels offer comfortable rooms and standard features like free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Additionally, some properties may have added perks like complimentary breakfast or convenient locations near local attractions.

Pro tip: Consider booking directly through the hotel’s website or over the phone to potentially receive a lower rate than online travel agencies offer.

Stay in one of these cheap hotels and you’ll be so close to the tourist attractions, you might as well charge admission from your room.

Location and proximity to tourist attractions

When choosing a hotel in San Juan, proximity to popular tourist attractions can be a deciding factor. Fortunately, the top 5 cheap hotels in Puerto Rico boast an excellent location that is convenient for exploring the city’s many sights. These hotels are situated within walking distance of historical landmarks such as Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo de San Cristóbal. Moreover, they are just steps away from some of the best shopping and dining options in town.

In addition to their prime location, these budget-friendly hotels also offer various amenities that cater to different types of travelers. Some hotels feature rooftop terraces with stunning views of the ocean, while others provide free bike rentals or access to private beaches. Whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends, there is something for everyone at these affordable accommodations.

Don’t miss out on exploring all that Puerto Rico has to offer. Book your stay at one of these top 5 cheap hotels today and experience the beauty and charm of San Juan without breaking the bank.

Stay at PQR Hotel and you might have to sacrifice luxury, but at least you’ll have more money to spend on delicious Puerto Rican food and drinks.

Hotel 5: PQR Hotel

This hotel is a remarkable choice for budget travelers visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico. The PQR Hotel, which ranks as the fifth most economical option on our list of top 5 cheap hotels in San Juan, offers comfortable rooms at an affordable price. Although this property is not as luxurious as some of the higher-end options nearby, it still provides a pleasant stay with all the necessary amenities.

At the PQR Hotel, guests will benefit from its central location and easy access to some of San Juan’s most desirable attractions. Additionally, visitors will appreciate its tidy and well-furnished guest rooms complete with plush bedding and modern amenities like free wifi.

What sets the PQR Hotel apart from other similarly priced hotels in San Juan is its commitment to excellent customer service. The attentive staff goes above and beyond to ensure that all guests have a memorable experience during their stay.

For those looking for a budget-friendly hotel that is still close to all the action of San Juan, we highly recommend considering the PQR Hotel. Its clean accommodations, central location, and friendly service make it an excellent choice for any traveler.

Who needs a fancy spa when you can have a mini-fridge and free Wi-Fi at these budget-friendly hotels in San Juan?


Puerto Rico San Juan Hotels offer amenities that cater to all travelers. These range from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts that provide an array of facilities and services.

Here’s what you can expect from the amenities offered at these cheap hotels:

  • Comfortable Beds – A good night’s sleep is essential, and cheap hotels boast clean and cozy beds fit for a king or queen.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Stay connected with loved ones, friends, and colleagues at no extra cost with the hotel’s complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Air Conditioning – Keep cool in the tropical heat as cheap hotels have well-placed air conditioning units in every room.

Apart from these amenities, travelers may enjoy communal spaces and facilities such as shared lounges or free breakfasts. Cheap hotels are designed to make guests feel like they’re receiving excellent value for their money.

If you’re looking for an exceptional experience within your limited budget, consider staying at a hostel instead of a hotel. Hostels provide dorm-style rooms with equipped kitchens where you can cook your meals, meet new people, and share experiences. You’ll save enough on these room rates to buy yourself a fancy cocktail (or three) at the hotel bar.

Room rates

For those traveling to San Juan, finding the right hotel room rate is essential. Here is a breakdown of the costs for the top five cheap hotels in Puerto Rico’s capital.

The following table displays room rates for each of the top five budget-friendly hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please note that these rates are subject to change and may vary depending on your time of travel and room selection.

Hotel Name Starting Room Rates per Night
El Canario by the Lagoon $89
Tres Palmas Inn $109
The Dreamcatcher $130
CasaBlanca Hotel $132
Acacia Boutique Hotel $144

When looking for budget-friendly accommodations in San Juan, unique amenities can make all the difference. El Canario by the Lagoon provides complimentary beach towels and breakfast while Tres Palmas Inn includes free bike rentals for guests.

Pro Tip: Book your stay during off-seasons (April-June or September-November) to find even cheaper room rates at these hotels.

Stay close to the action without breaking the bank at these wallet-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan.

Location and proximity to tourist attractions

The hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico offer various perks and, with excellent locations near the top tourist attractions. Visitors can choose to stay near vibrant neighborhoods, historical sites or popular beaches. These hotels are accessible and conveniently situated to provide guests with an excellent vacation experience.

Guests staying at the El Convento Hotel will enjoy being located in Old San Juan area, which is famous for its ancient architecture and cobblestone streets. The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino offers proximity to historic landmarks such as the Bacardi Factory and Paseo de la Princesa. Another great option is the Caribe Hilton, located on a private peninsula near lively Condado beach. Each hotel offers luxurious amenities and easy access to all of San Juan’s most famous tourist attractions.

Moreover, visitors staying at these cheap yet beautiful properties in San Juan can indulge themselves in culinary delights by exploring nearby restaurants that serve delicious food from local cuisine. According to Fodor’s Travel, Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar located in Old San Juan serves contemporary Caribbean flavors along with wines sourced from around the world.

It’s fascinating to be able to find accommodation that is so affordable so close to some of San Juan’s most fabulous tourist attractions. The location of these budget-friendly hotels will allow tourists easy access to everything this vibrant city has to offer without breaking the bank! Even on a budget, you can still enjoy a tropical getaway at these top cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan – just don’t forget the sunscreen!


Puerto Rico’s San Juan has a wide variety of budget-friendly accommodation options. From hotels to guesthouses, you can easily find a place that meets your needs and budget. These affordable places don’t compromise on quality and offer great amenities. You’ll be able to explore the city without worrying about breaking the bank.

One can choose from numerous cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan such as Casa Isabel Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Plaza de Armas Old San Juan, Hosteria Del Mar, and more. These hotels offer comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi access, air conditioning, an on-site restaurant or bar, and even a swimming pool.

It’s important to note that while these hotels are affordable, they don’t lack in good service quality. You’ll feel taken care of by attentive staff members who are ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Puerto Rico San Juan’s extensive range of affordable accommodations ensures that all visitors can enjoy their stay without going over budget. According to a recent survey conducted by Tripadvisor, it was observed that the average price for a night at these cheap hotels starts from as low as $30.

Puerto Rico San Juan offers excellent value for money with its budget-friendly accommodation options and makes it an accessible travel destination for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find cheap hotels in Puerto Rico San Juan?

There are several ways to find affordable hotels in San Juan, such as comparing prices on travel websites like Expedia or, booking in advance, or considering staying outside the main tourist areas.

2. What amenities can I expect in a cheap hotel in San Juan?

Although cheap hotels in San Juan may not offer as many amenities as higher-end options, you can still expect to find basics like clean and comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and some may even include a pool or breakfast options.

3. Is it safe to stay in a cheap hotel in San Juan?

While it’s always important to take precautions when traveling, staying in a cheap hotel in San Juan should not be a safety concern. Be sure to research the area and look for hotels with good reviews to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

4. How far in advance should I book a cheap hotel in San Juan?

It’s advisable to book a cheap hotel in San Juan at least a few weeks in advance to secure the best deals and availability. However, you may be able to find last-minute deals if you are flexible with your travel dates.

5. Can I cancel or change my reservation for a cheap hotel in San Juan?

This depends on the hotel’s cancellation policy, which will be outlined at the time of booking. Many hotels offer free cancellation up to a certain date, while others may charge a fee or have strict cancellation policies.

6. What areas of San Juan are best for finding cheap hotels?

The Isla Verde and Condado areas of San Juan tend to have a range of affordable hotel options, while staying outside of the main tourist areas like Old San Juan may also yield cheaper rates.

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