Where to Stay in Zipolite

Key Takeaways:

  • Zipolite, Mexico offers a unique atmosphere and attractions that make it a popular destination.
  • There are various accommodation options in Zipolite, including Café Maya on the beach and The Nude Hotel, a clothing-optional option.
  • Visitors can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes and sushi at Café Maya, as well as explore other popular dining options in Zipolite.
  • Zipolite provides opportunities for relaxation and beach activities, such as beautiful sunsets, night markets during high season, and the chance to engage in rafting and explore nearby Puerto Escondido.
  • Zipolite promotes acceptance of nudity and emphasizes the acceptance of others, regardless of their clothing choices.
  • Personal experiences in Zipolite have led some individuals to desire becoming expats in the area.
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Introduction to Zipolite, Mexico

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Zipolite, Mexico beckons with its unique atmosphere and an array of attractions worth exploring. Discover the allure of this coastal gem, known for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the laid-back vibe as we uncover the notable features that make Zipolite a must-visit destination. Brace yourself for an enchanting journey through this coastal paradise, where relaxation and adventure seamlessly intertwine.

Unique atmosphere and attractions of Zipolite

Zipolite, Mexico is famous for its exceptional atmosphere and many attractions, that draw people from all around the world. This peaceful coastal town provides a tranquil and laid-back ambiance that distinguishes it from other holiday destinations. It has pristine beaches, a vibrant culture, and friendly locals – creating an experience like no other.

Accommodation in Zipolite comes in various forms. A popular choice is Café Maya, a beachside hotel renowned for its picturesque setting and comfy rooms. Guests can enjoy magnificent ocean views and indulge in the genuine Mexican hospitality Café Maya is known for.

For a more unusual experience, The Nude Hotel offers a clothing-optional option. This special establishment embraces nudity as a sign of freedom and body acceptance. Here, guests can relax without worry of judgment.

In addition, there are various other hotels around Zipolite to meet different preferences and budgets. From personalised boutique hotels to budget-friendly ones – there is something for everyone in this charming beach town.

When it comes to food, Café Maya stands out for its good looks and delicious meals. Visitors can savour traditional Mexican dishes, with flavours from all over the world. Plus, Café Maya also serves sushi for those wanting a taste of Japan.

Aside from Café Maya, there are many other places to eat in Zipolite, catering to different tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or international cuisine – you’ll find a range of options to tantalise your taste buds.

Zipolite offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and beach activities. During high season, visitors can witness the stunning sunsets that colour the sky with orange and pink hues. Night markets add to the charm, providing local crafts and scrumptious street food.

For the daring, Zipolite is the gateway to nearby attractions like Puerto Escondido. Here, adrenaline-pumping activities such as rafting await. Nature lovers can explore Puerto Escondido’s diverse landscape, from pristine beaches to lush forests.

One of Zipolite’s wonderful aspects is its focus on acceptance – especially regarding nudity. Here, people are encouraged to be comfortable in their own skin and show respect to others, regardless of their choice to be nude. Many visitors have shared great experiences and wish to become expatriates, attracted by the open and embracing community.

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Accommodation options in Zipolite

Accommodation options in Zipolite

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Looking to find the perfect place to stay in Zipolite? This section highlights various accommodation options that cater to different preferences. Discover the bohemian charm of Café Maya on the beach, experience the unique option of The Nude Hotel, a clothing-optional retreat, and explore other hotels in Zipolite. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a mix of both, Zipolite offers a range of choices to suit your needs.

Café Maya on the beach


Café Maya on the beach in Zipolite is special. Alongside traditional Mexican dishes it serves tantalizing sushi. Enjoy enchiladas, tacos, and ceviche, made with locally-sourced ingredients. The talented chefs expertly blend flavors to create delicious masterpieces. Plus, the beach’s serene ambience adds to the experience.

Café Maya on the beach is committed to sustainability. It sources ingredients from nearby farms and fishermen. It minimizes waste and supports initiatives to preserve Zipolite’s beaches.

It’s easy to understand why this restaurant is featured in travel magazines and blogs. Its stunning beach location and diverse menu offer a memorable dining experience.

The Nude Hotel, a clothing-optional option

The Nude Hotel in Zipolite is a one-of-a-kind experience for guests who prefer a clothing-optional environment. This hotel encourages self-expression and acceptance of others in a comfortable atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the freedom of being au naturel while taking advantage of all The Nude Hotel has to offer.

Situated on a stunning beachfront, The Nude Hotel stands out as a distinctive accommodation option. Here, guests can relax and revel in the sun with no restrictions on nudity. The hotel offers a safe and welcoming space where individuals can feel free to be themselves.

The Nude Hotel provides various amenities and services to ensure a pleasant stay. From cozy rooms with ocean views, to poolside lounges, this hotel caters to every guest’s needs. Whether soaking up the sun, indulging in spa treatments, or sipping cocktails by the pool, The Nude Hotel emphasizes body positivity and self-acceptance.

The Nude Hotel fits into the vast selection of accommodations in Zipolite. From rustic bungalows to modern hotels, there is something for everyone. Whether you stay at The Nude Hotel or choose another, Zipolite offers a wide range of options to meet any traveler’s needs.

So if you’re looking for a unique experience in beautiful scenery, The Nude Hotel is your spot in Zipolite. Discover the beauty of Zipolite and embrace a clothing-optional lifestyle. Leave your inhibitions at the door!

Other hotels in Zipolite

Zipolite offers plenty of hotel options for visitors. There’s something for everyone – from budget-friendly ones to luxurious ones.

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These hotels present distinct features such as beachfront spots, swimming pools, and restaurants. Plus, they supply amenities like Wi-Fi, hot showers, and comfy bedding. Some even throw in extra services like laundry and airport transfers.

They also occupy great spots close to Zipolite’s attractions and eateries, allowing visitors to explore the area without hassles.

Fun fact: Zipolite is famed for its laid-back vibes and acceptance of nudity on its beaches (per ‘1. Introduction to Zipolite, Mexico’).

Dining options in Zipolite

Dining options in Zipolite

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Looking to satisfy your taste buds in Zipolite? Look no further! Discover the mouthwatering delights of Café Maya’s traditional Mexican dishes and sushi, as well as other popular eateries in the area. From authentic flavors to unique fusion creations, this section highlights the diverse dining options that await you in Zipolite. Get ready for a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget!

Café Maya’s traditional Mexican dishes and sushi


Café Maya, in Zipolite, Mexico, presents an extraordinary dining experience! The restaurant is proud to serve up traditional Mexican eats and sushi.

Their menu flaunts Mexican flavors, with classic faves like enchiladas and tacos. It also features innovative fusion dishes that mix Mexican and Japanese influences. Café Maya makes sure guests have a scrumptious and satisfying experience by using top-notch ingredients and expert preparation.

Zipolite: where you can indulge in classic Mexican food and sushi! Fusion cuisine has no limits in paradise.

Other popular places to eat in Zipolite

Zipolite is not simply limited to Café Maya. There are loads of other places to eat with plenty of different cuisines and dining experiences.

For instance, El Alquimista serves scrumptious seafood and has a wonderful beachfront setting. La Providencia is ideal for traditional Mexican food, with a varied menu and pleasant atmosphere. Casa Mixtli offers a unique mix of Mexican and international flavors. Los Candles is a hit with pizza lovers, with a selection of homemade pizzas made from local ingredients.

These are only a few of the many popular places to eat in Zipolite! You’re sure to find something you love, whether it’s seafood, Mexican dishes, international flavors, or homemade pizzas.

The vast range of dining options in Zipolite guarantees that you’ll get to enjoy different culinary experiences during your stay. From casual beachfront eateries to romantic restaurants, there’s a place to suit every occasion and preference. So don’t miss out on Zipolite’s diverse food scene – you won’t regret it!

Apart from amazing sunsets and thrilling rafting escapades, Zipolite’s gorgeous beaches provide the ideal combination of relaxation and excitement.

Relaxation and beach activities in Zipolite

Relaxation and beach activities in Zipolite

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Experience ultimate relaxation and a plethora of beach activities in Zipolite. From beautiful sunsets and night markets during the high season to thrilling opportunities for rafting and exploring nearby Puerto Escondido, this section highlights the vibrant atmosphere and adventure-filled experiences that await you in Zipolite. Discover the perfect balance between serenity and excitement in this stunning beach destination.

Beautiful sunsets and night markets during high season

Zipolite’s high season is vibrant and beautiful. As night falls, gorgeous hues paint the horizon. It’s a sight you won’t forget!

The night markets come alive. Locals and tourists browse stalls of unique crafts, local goods, art, and clothing. Plus, live music and street performances fill the air. And, the smells from the local food vendors tantalize your taste buds.

The beach town has a laid-back vibe during this time. Visitors can relax with yoga classes on the beach or spa treatments.

You can also explore nearby Puerto Escondido by rafting. This is the perfect way to make the most of your time in Zipolite!

Opportunities for rafting and exploring nearby Puerto Escondido

Zipolite offers great chances to go rafting and explore near Puerto Escondido! Adventure-lovers can get their adrenaline fix in the rivers. Puerto Escondido is perfect for those who like discovery – there’s plenty to uncover.

The mesmerizing beaches are ideal to sit back, soak up the sun, and take in views of the Pacific. Swimming, snorkeling, and surfing are all water activities that can be done here.

Markets are abundant, filled with local crafts, artwork, and gastronomy. The town itself boasts attractive architecture and a bustling atmosphere.

Puerto Escondido has more unique attractions than mentioned before. For instance, the sunsets during high season are spectacular and there are places like Huatulco National Park to explore. There’s a balance of adventure and rest that make Puerto Escondido a must-visit destination.

Nudity and open-mindedness reign in Zipolite – no clothes are required and judgment is not welcome.

Nudity and acceptance in Zipolite

Nudity and acceptance in Zipolite

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Embrace the liberating spirit of Zipolite, where nudity is not just a choice, but a symbol of acceptance. Discover the essence of this unique destination through two alluring sub-sections: Emphasizing acceptance of others, regardless of nudity, and Personal experiences and the desire to become an expat in Zipolite. Uncover the captivating stories and anecdotes that showcase the vibrant, open-minded atmosphere of this coastal paradise.

Emphasizing acceptance of others, regardless of nudity

Mexico’s Zipolite is a unique destination. It offers stunning beaches, relaxation and acceptance of all, regardless of nudity. Visitors feel comfortable to express themselves freely in this non-judgmental environment. This acceptance creates a strong sense of community and unity.

Individuals can choose to go clothing-optional on the beach. Hotels and establishments also embrace this philosophy. It goes beyond physical appearances. People are encouraged to connect on a deeper level. This promotes empathy and understanding among visitors.

Zipolite stands out due to its commitment to acceptance. The atmosphere encourages inclusivity and openness. Here, people can truly be themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Personal experiences and desire to become an expat in Zipolite

Zipolite, Mexico has provided me with amazing experiences and the urge to become an expat. I’m captivated by the unique atmosphere and attractions of Zipolite. From the beautiful sunsets and night markets during high season, to rafting and exploring nearby Puerto Escondido.

This place is known for acceptance of others, regardless of nudity. Zipolite promotes a sense of unity and inclusiveness among residents and visitors. This environment encourages personal growth and exploration.

Accommodation options are varied in Zipolite. From the cozy Café Maya on the beach, serving Mexican and sushi dishes, to The Nude Hotel, a clothing-optional option. There are other hotels providing comfortable and convenient stays.

Zipolite has stunning natural beauty and a laid-back beach vibe, with opportunities for adventure. This creates an attractive lifestyle for many. Aspiring expats are drawn to the charm and potential of this coastal paradise.

I met an expat who made this their permanent home. They talked about becoming part of the local community and finding fulfillment in Zipolite. This inspired my own desire to become an expat in this place.

Exploring the wonders of Zipolite drives my urge to establish myself as an expat in Where to Stay in Zipolite, this thriving coastal town. The warm and accepting community, along with the abundance of attractions and opportunities for personal growth, make Zipolite an ideal place.

Conclusion and call to action to follow the author on social media for updates and information about Zipolite

Conclusion and call to action to follow the author on social media for updates and information about Zipolite

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Heading to Zipolite? Don’t forget to follow the author on social media! This way, you can stay informed about the latest info and updates. You can also gain valuable insights on the best places to stay – from accommodations to attractions, restaurants, and activities. Plus, you’ll join a vibrant community of fellow travelers who can provide helpful tips and recommendations. So don’t miss out – keep up-to-date with the author’s social media posts for an unforgettable experience in Zipolite!

Some Facts About Where to Stay in Zipolite:

  • ✅ Zipolite, Mexico offers a range of accommodations including cheap hostels, cozy guesthouses, private condos, luxury apartments, adults-only hotels, and family bed and breakfasts. (Source:
  • ✅ Hotel Nude is the first clothing-optional hotel in Zipolite, offering wooden cabanas with ocean or pool views, beach loungers, a restaurant, a beach bar, free wifi, and shuttle service. (Source:
  • ✅ Casablanca Guesthouse provides high-quality accommodations with private bathrooms, kitchenettes, terraces with ocean views, an infinity pool, and a large sundeck. (Source:
  • ✅ El Alquimista is a fancy hotel with suites, bungalows, a spa, a swimming pool, and daily yoga classes. (Source:
  • ✅ Hotel Descalzo, located just steps away from the beach, offers an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a restaurant. (Source:

FAQs about Where To Stay In Zipolite

Where can I find cheaper hotels in Zipolite?

There are many affordable options for accommodation in Zipolite. Playa Zipolite offers a range of accommodations, including cheap hostels, cozy guesthouses, and family bed and breakfasts. Prices for hotels in Zipolite can range from less than $30 USD per night to more than $120 USD per night.

Is Zipolite the only legal nude beach in Mexico?

Yes, Zipolite is known as the only legal nude beach in Mexico. It attracts people from all walks of life and has a clothing-optional and laid-back vibe.

What are some recommended hotels with a bohemian vibe in Zipolite?

Some recommended hotels with a bohemian vibe in Zipolite include Hotel Buda Mar, Casa Escondida, and Casa Kalmar. These hotels offer unique features such as cozy beach beds, a beach bar, a restaurant, and an infinity pool.

Can I currently book hotels in Zipolite online?

Online booking for hotels in Zipolite may not be available at the moment. It is recommended to check with the specific hotel or use alternative booking methods such as contacting the hotel directly or using a travel agency.

Are there any clothing-optional hotels in Zipolite?

Yes, there are several clothing-optional hotels in Zipolite. Some popular options include Hotel Nude, Hotel Naked, and Casa Nudista. These hotels allow guests to be clothes-free on their property and facilities.

What is the average nightly price for a 3-star hotel in Zipolite?

The average nightly price for a 3-star hotel in Zipolite can vary. It is recommended to check with different hotels and websites for the most up-to-date prices. Factors such as the season, day of the week, and advance booking can also affect the price.

What are some recommended hotels with an adult-only swimming pool in Zipolite?

Some recommended hotels with an adult-only swimming pool in Zipolite include El Alquimista Yoga Spa, Aamori Boutique Hotel, and Villa Aikia. These hotels offer various amenities such as spa treatments, daily yoga classes, and great views of Zipolite Beach.