Where to Stay in Tulum Town

Where to Stay in Tulum Town

Key Takeaway:

  • Pros and cons of staying on the beach or in town: Consider the advantages and disadvantages of staying on the beach or in town, such as proximity to attractions, access to amenities, and level of seclusion.
  • Best beach areas in Tulum: Explore the different beach areas in Tulum, including Tankah Bay, North Beach, Middle Beach Zone, and South Beach, to find the one that suits your preferences.
  • Best neighborhoods in Tulum town: Discover the top neighborhoods in Tulum town, such as Downtown and Aldea Zama, which offer diverse experiences and convenient access to local attractions.
  • FAQ about where to stay in Tulum: Get answers to common questions about choosing between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, as well as insights into which destination offers better beaches.
  • Best places to stay in Tulum: Consider staying at La Valise, Mezzanine, Una Vida, or Casa Don Diego for a memorable Tulum experience with comfortable accommodations and unique ambiance.


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In Tulum Town, the perfect place to stay can make your experience amazing! With many options, it’s important to consider location, amenities, and atmosphere. Tulum Town has a special mix of charm and convenience, which makes it the ideal spot for those seeking a relaxed vibe with lots of life.

No matter if you’re looking for budget-friendly or luxury, Tulum Town has something for every traveler. With beautiful beaches and exciting culture, Tulum Town is a destination that you won’t forget!

Pros and cons of staying on the beach or in town

Pros and cons of staying on the beach or in town

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Staying in Tulum has pros and cons, depending if you stay on the beach or in the town. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Beach:
    • Pro – Amazing views and direct access to the ocean.
    • Pro – Many beachfront accommodations, from boutique hotels to eco-lodges.
    • Pro – Peaceful atmosphere perfect for relaxation.
    • Con – Beachfront properties tend to be pricey.
    • Con – Can get busy, especially during peak seasons.
  • Town:
    • Pro – Close to amenities like restaurants, shops, and markets.
    • Pro – Budget-friendly accommodation options.
    • Pro – Vibrant atmosphere with a nightlife and cultural events.
    • Con – Farther away from the beach, requiring transportation.
    • Con – Not as tranquil as beachfront properties.

Choose the option that suits you best. Consider things like budget, atmosphere, and amenities.

Pro Tip: Explore Tulum and enjoy its natural beauty and culture, no matter where you stay.

Best beach areas in Tulum

Best beach areas in Tulum

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Tulum is renowned for its stunning beaches, each with its own unique charm. From the tranquil Tankah Bay to the vibrant South Beach, this section explores the best beach areas in Tulum. Discover the hidden gems, the lively atmospheres, and the breathtaking views that each sub-section—Tankah Bay, North Beach, Middle Beach Zone, and South Beach—has to offer. Whether you seek seclusion or entertainment, Tulum’s diverse beach areas cater to every traveler’s preferences.

Tankah Bay

Marvel at the dazzling beauty of Tankah Bay! Its soft sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters make for a breathtaking sight. Enjoy a variety of water sports activities and refuel at the beach clubs and restaurants with delicious cuisine. All this amidst the picturesque views and pristine waters of Tankah Bay!

North Beach

Far from the crowded tourist spots, North Beach in Tulum offers a peaceful sanctuary. An idyllic setting surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees.

A unique feature is the variety of marine life. Snorkelers will be amazed to discover vibrant tropical fish and captivating sea creatures, in the coral reefs near the shore. Calm waters make it easy to observe the underwater world.

North Beach also has many amenities. Restaurants and bars serve delicious seafood and refreshing cocktails with stunning views of the sea. There are also various accommodations- from boutique hotels to luxurious resorts- for visitors.

All in all, North Beach is a dreamy and tranquil place. It’s a paradise with pristine white sand, clear waters, and the natural beauty of Tulum. A must-see during your stay in Tulum town.

Middle Beach Zone

The Middle Beach Zone in Tulum is one of the best beach areas to stay. It has a stunning coastal landscape and vibrant atmosphere. Let’s look at the features and attractions that make it a great choice for travelers.

Beach Area Activities Nearby Dining Options Accommodation Choices
Middle Beach Zone – Relaxing on beaches
– Water sports
– Exploring nearby cenotes & ruins
Local & international cuisine in beachfront restaurants & bars. Resorts, boutique hotels, & vacation rentals with views of Caribbean Sea.

In the Middle Beach Zone, there’s plenty to do. Enjoy the beauty of the area with sunbathing or swimming. Thrill seekers can try snorkeling and paddleboarding. Plus, explore nearby cenotes & ancient Mayan ruins.

Foodies will love the diverse culinary scene. Sample local specialties & international cuisine served in beachfront restaurants & bars.

Accommodation choices include resorts, boutique hotels, & vacation rentals. They offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

The Middle Beach Zone is a great balance of coastal beauty & amenities. Whether it’s relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, this beach area has something for everyone.

South Beach: Where tequila shots leave you feeling as soft as the sand!

South Beach

The Caribbean coast of South Beach in Tulum is an exquisite paradise for beach-lovers, with its powdery white sand and turquoise waters.

Unwind under the shade of palm trees, or take part in water activities like snorkeling and swimming.

Experience the vibrant beach clubs, with their delectable cocktails and live music.

For a more luxurious stay, choose from a variety of resorts and boutique hotels; they offer stunning ocean views and a truly unforgettable experience.

Best neighborhoods in Tulum town

Best neighborhoods in Tulum town

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Discover the best neighborhoods in Tulum Town! From the vibrant atmosphere of Downtown to the tranquility of Aldea Zama, each district offers a unique experience for travelers. Uncover the local charm and hidden gems as you explore the breathtaking beauty and cultural richness that Tulum Town has to offer.


Downtown, situated in the center of Tulum, offers a lively urban atmosphere. Boutique shops, local vendors, and a range of eateries serve up unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, and Mexican and international cuisine. Bars, clubs, and live music create a fun nightlife. Plus, Downtown is the gateway to popular attractions and landmarks. Transport options make it easy to reach Tankah Bay or North Beach. And, according to “Where to Stay in Tulum Town,” it’s one of the best neighborhoods due to its vibrancy and amenities.

Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama, located in Tulum, is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a combination of modern amenities and a tranquil setting. It’s well-known for its well-planned infrastructure and lush green spaces. Plus, it’s just a short drive or bike ride away from some of the best beaches in Tulum.

You can rest assured that your stay in Aldea Zama will be secure and comfortable. It offers top-notch security measures, making it a great choice for visitors and long-term stays alike.

If you’re seeking a more sophisticated experience in Tulum, Aldea Zama is where you need to be. It offers easy access to the town center and beaches, plus a peaceful atmosphere and modern amenities. So, why not make Aldea Zama your next destination and enjoy all that it has to offer?

FAQ about where to stay in Tulum

FAQ about where to stay in Tulum

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Looking to make the best choice for your stay in Tulum? In this FAQ section, we’ll compare Tulum and Playa del Carmen, diving into which destination offers superior beaches. Find out which coastal paradise will perfectly complement your travel preferences and provide an unforgettable beach experience. Stay tuned for insights that will help you make an informed decision for your Tulum adventure.

Tulum vs Playa del Carmen

Tulum or Playa del Carmen? It’s a tough decision! One provides a laid-back, bohemian vibe with pristine beaches and eco-luxury resorts. The other offers a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and a wide range of accommodations. Tulum has ancient Mayan ruins right on the coastline, while Playa del Carmen has a bustling club scene with plenty of bars and nightclubs.

For adventure activities, both destinations offer something for every adrenaline junkie. Zip-line through the jungle or snorkel in cenotes. When it comes to dining, both offer international and local Mexican flavors. Yet, Tulum is known for its trendy restaurants featuring organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Choose wisely and book your trip today. Experience the beauty and adventure of either of these tropical paradises!

Which destination offers better beaches

Wondering which destination offers better beaches? It depends on personal tastes and preferences, like location, amenities, and vibe. Tulum’s beaches have something for every type of traveler!

Tankah Bay has pristine turquoise waters and soft white sand. Perfect for a peaceful getaway, away from crowds.

North Beach in Tulum is popular for its palm trees and beach clubs. Visitors can enjoy the lively atmosphere, with lots of activities like snorkeling and swimming.

The Middle Beach Zone has a long stretch of sandy shorelines. Relax on the beach while still having access to restaurants and bars.

South Beach is famous for its raw natural beauty. Rocky terrain, unique rock formations, and stunning sunsets make for an unforgettable experience.

Tulum or Playa del Carmen? It’s up to you! Both offer incredible beach experiences, but cater to different tastes. Pick the destination that suits you best.

Best places to stay in Tulum

Best places to stay in Tulum

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Tulum Town offers a range of incredible accommodations for your stay. From the luxurious La Valise to the charming Una Vida, each place has its own unique charm. Mezzanine and Casa Don Diego are also noteworthy options worth exploring. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront oasis or a cozy hideaway, Tulum has something for everyone. Get ready to discover the best places to stay in this vibrant town.

La Valise

La Valise is a boutique hotel that has style and sustainability. Guests can take in views from the rooftop terrace. Locally sourced materials and artisans create an authentic experience. They provide attention to detail and an unforgettable stay. Plus, concierge services are available to plan activities and make reservations. If you’re visiting Tulum, La Valise will make your vacation one-of-a-kind!


Mezzanine offers a unique blend of Caribbean & Thai influences, with luxurious & comfortable stays. Stunning ocean views, direct beach access & serenely designed rooms make it special.

It offers key features & amenities like:

  • Ocean Views: Enjoy breathtaking views from the room or rooftop terrace!
  • Beach Access: Direct access to the beach & crystal clear waters.
  • Thai Restaurant: Delicious, authentic dishes.
  • Yoga Classes: Rejuvenate mind & body.
  • Cocktail Bar: Expertly crafted drinks in a laid-back atmosphere.

Mezzanine’s natural surroundings, luxury accommodations & top-notch amenities cater to discerning travelers. Its unique design & attention to detail sets it apart. It has been serving guests since its establishment in Tulum. Many visitors have had memorable experiences here, making it a highly recommended choice for an unforgettable stay in Tulum.

Una Vida

Una Vida is a boutique hotel, renowned for its uniquely designed rooms. Comfort and relaxation await, with modern amenities and tasteful décor reflecting Tulum’s culture. Plus, the hotel is committed to sustainability – using renewable energy sources and waste management systems.

You can explore the local area too, with easy access to vibrant boutiques, markets, and restaurants. The perfect combination of luxury, eco-friendly practices, and convenience make Una Vida an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories there!

And, if you’re looking to stay in Tulum, Casa Don Diego has got you covered. They offer WiFi and AC, and more.

Casa Don Diego

Set in the heart of Tulum, Casa Don Diego captures the area’s culture and allure. The hotel’s architecture is stylish and its rooms are inviting. Plus, it has luxurious amenities, like a rooftop pool and restaurant.

What makes Casa Don Diego extraordinary is its service. The staff go out of their way to make guests feel welcome and valued. They arrange transportation and suggest fun activities.

In conclusion, Casa Don Diego is one of the best places to stay in Tulum. Its location is perfect for exploring the town. With its luxurious rooms, amenities, and service, Casa Don Diego offers an unparalleled experience for travelers.



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Don’t delay! Pack your bags and book your stay in Tulum Town now. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, savor the local cuisine, and create memories that will last forever. From budget-friendly hotels to luxurious beachfront resorts, you’ll find something that suits your needs. Explore the lively streets, interact with the friendly locals, and soak in the town’s unique charm. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience all that Tulum Town has to offer.

Some Facts About Where to Stay in Tulum Town:

  • ✅ Tulum Town, also known as Tulum Pueblo, offers a more budget-friendly option compared to Tulum Beach. (Source: Getting Stamped)
  • ✅ Staying in Tulum Town provides easy access to local culture, affordable accommodation, and a variety of restaurants and bars. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Tulum Town is located about three miles from the beach, so transportation is necessary to reach the beach area. (Source: Insider’s Tulum)
  • ✅ Tulum Town is recommended for budget travelers or those looking for a more authentic and local experience. (Source: Girl Around the World)
  • ✅ Aldea Zama, a luxury area located between Tulum Town and Tulum Beach, offers high-end hotels and easy access to both areas. (Source: Mexico Dave)

FAQs about Where To Stay In Tulum Town

Where are the suggested Tulum hotels located?

The suggested Tulum hotels are located in various areas such as Tulum Town, Tulum Beach, Aldea Zama, and La Veleta.

What are some popular Tulum landmarks near Tulum Town?

Some popular Tulum landmarks near Tulum Town include Tulum National Park, Mayan ruins, and Sian Ka’an Reserve/Biosphere.

What are some daytime activities to enjoy in Tulum Town?

In Tulum Town, you can enjoy activities such as exploring colorful streets, visiting cenotes, and shopping for local crafts.

Are there high-end resorts in Tulum Town?

Tulum Town is known for its more budget-friendly accommodations, but there are also some high-end resorts located in areas like Aldea Zama.

What is the difference between staying in Tulum Town and Tulum Beach?

Staying in Tulum Town offers a more affordable and local experience, while Tulum Beach caters more towards tourists and offers luxury resorts and private beach access.

Is it necessary to rent a car to get around Tulum Town?

Renting a car is not necessary to get around Tulum Town as it is easily walkable, but it may be more convenient to have a car to explore the surrounding areas.