Where to Stay in Puebla

Key Takeaways:

  • Best neighborhoods in Puebla include Centro Historico, Angelopolis, San Andres Cholula, and La Paz. These neighborhoods offer unique experiences and have a range of attractions for visitors.
  • When it comes to accommodation, consider staying in Centro Historico for a historic experience, Angelopolis for a modern and upscale vibe, San Andres Cholula for its proximity to the archaeological site, and La Paz for a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Must-see attractions in Puebla include Puebla’s Historic City Center with its colonial architecture, the Zona Arqueológica de Cholula for its ancient pyramid, a variety of family-friendly attractions, and opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration of natural wonders.

Introduction to Puebla

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Puebla, a cultural gem of Mexico, offers a range of vibrant neighborhoods waiting to be explored. Discover the best neighborhoods in Puebla, each with its own unique charm and attractions. From the historical center with its UNESCO World Heritage sites to the bohemian quarter filled with art galleries and fusion cuisine, there is something for every traveler in Puebla. Get ready to dive into the heart of this captivating city and uncover its hidden treasures.

Best Neighborhoods in Puebla

In Puebla, Mexico, there are several standout neighborhoods that offer visitors unforgettable experiences. Discover Centro Historico, famous for its colonial architecture and charming streets, home to many attractions. Or, explore Angelopolis, a commercial and residential area with upscale shopping malls and luxury hotels.

San Andres Cholula is just outside of the city, renowned for its archaeological site and stunning views of the Popocatepetl volcano. La Paz is also a great neighborhood for those seeking relaxation, with parks and quaint cafes.

Visiting these neighborhoods lets you immerse yourself in the culture of Puebla. Don’t miss out on the UNESCO World Heritage sites or traditional festivals in San Andres Cholula. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly, so you can enjoy all that these vibrant neighborhoods have to offer!

Centro Historico

Angelopolis: Where angels fear to tread and travelers dare to stay in style.

Centro Historico, the historic center of Puebla, is a vibrant, culturally rich neighborhood. Its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture offer a window into Mexico’s past. It’s home to iconic landmarks like the Puebla Cathedral and the Rosary Chapel.

Foodies will be delighted by the range of eateries offering traditional specialties like mole poblano and chiles en nogada. There are also shops, art galleries, and museums to explore.

Throughout the year, Centro Historico comes alive with festivals like Dia de los Muertos and Semana Santa. These events provide an opportunity to witness Mexican customs and traditions. Visiting Centro Historico offers an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the essence of Puebla.


Angelopolis is renowned for its Centro Comercial Angelopolis – one of the largest shopping malls in Latin America. It features a range of shops, luxury brands, cinemas, and eateries. Plus, Parque del Arte and Parque Lineal offer green spaces for relaxation, outdoor activities, and cultural events.

The area stands out for its modern architecture and urban planning, with tall buildings and contemporary designs that form a unique skyline. A highlight is the Museo Internacional del Barroco, an architectural masterpiece that displays Baroque artworks from around the world.

In addition, Angelopolis is regarded as one of the safest neighborhoods in Puebla. According to XYZ Institute, the crime rate here is lower than in other parts of the city. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a secure and enjoyable stay.

San Andres Cholula is where ancient ruins and modern charm merge, demonstrating that even history has a sense of humor.

San Andres Cholula

San Andres Cholula, or ‘Cholula’, is a unique place. It is home to the incredible Zona Arqueológica de Cholula. The archaeological site has the largest pyramid in the world by base area – an amazing sight for history lovers.

The neighborhood has shops, restaurants and cafes for visitors to explore. They can indulge in local cuisine and take in the lively atmosphere.

What makes San Andres Cholula stand out is the breathtaking views of the surrounding volcanoes. Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl can be seen from the area. Visitors can stroll through the vibrant marketplaces or wander through the peaceful residential areas.

San Andres Cholula showcases the beauty and culture of Puebla, with diverse experiences available.

La Paz

Let’s explore La Paz, the vibrant neighborhood in Puebla that translates to “peace” in English. Step back in time and take in its stunning colonial architecture. Enjoy the local arts scene at museums and art galleries, with contemporary exhibitions and traditional folk art displays. Food lovers will be delighted by the culinary offerings in La Paz. There are numerous restaurants serving authentic Mexican dishes and international options. Enjoy strolling along its picturesque streets or indulging in its flavorful cuisine. La Paz promises an unforgettable experience!

Now, let’s find out which neighborhoods offer the best options for your stay in Puebla!

Best Hotels in Puebla

Best Hotels in Puebla

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Discover the finest accommodations in Puebla, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury. We’ll uncover the top hotels in Centro Historico, Angelopolis, San Andres Cholula, and La Paz, each showcasing their unique charm and amenities. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Centro Historico, indulge in the modern sophistication of Angelopolis, explore the enchanting beauty of San Andres Cholula, or find tranquility in the peaceful retreats of La Paz. Prepare for an unforgettable stay in Puebla’s best hotels.

Centro Historico

The center of it all is Zocalo, the main square. This is surrounded by buildings like the marvelous Puebla Cathedral and the Palacio Municipal. Its architecture is Spanish colonial with intricate details and beautiful artwork. Another iconic landmark is the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, one of the oldest libraries in Mexico, with rare books from centuries ago.

Centro Historico has plenty to offer visitors. Charming cafes and restaurants serve traditional Mexican food as well as international flavors. There are also many museums with art, history, and culture to learn about the past.

Centro Historico is a must-see in Puebla if you’re into history. It has an old-world charm with modern amenities, making it a great place for a cultural experience.


Angelopolis, in the heart of Puebla, is known for its top-notch hotels and amenities. Choose from a range of options and enjoy luxury comforts and great service. Plus, you can take in the stunning city skyline and access nearby museums and historical sites.

Beyond its modernity, Angelopolis has a deep cultural heritage. Visit San Andres Cholula; it’s full of ancient ruins and archaeological sites. Plus, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities like hiking and parks.

All in all, Angelopolis is a must-see destination for anyone craving a mix of modern amenities and cultural experiences. Its lively atmosphere and convenient location make it a great place to stay while exploring Puebla. San Andres Cholula: Where you can get tacos and see a pyramid!

San Andres Cholula

San Andres Cholula is a mix of old and new. Its beautiful streets are full of colorful buildings, a reminder of its rich culture. The famous Great Pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl, is a must-see.

The area not only has plenty of historical sites, but also offers great dining and shopping. You can find traditional crafts in local markets and taste Mexico’s authentic dishes in the many restaurants.

San Andres Cholula is especially known for its religious festivals and celebrations. Throughout the year, the neighborhood comes alive with parades, processions, and ceremonies that honour Puebla’s culture and traditions.

La Paz

La Paz is a stunning area in Puebla. It provides a great blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. It’s perfect for both living and visiting. Streets in La Paz are full of colorful homes, small stores, and cozy cafes. Plus, there are lots of parks and gardens for outdoor activities.

Moreover, La Paz has restaurants with both local and international food. There are also bustling markets with delicious Mexican street food. Furthermore, there are boutiques and artisanal shops with unique items.

Plus, La Paz has good public transport links, so you can explore other parts of Puebla. La Paz has been a significant part of the city’s history, since it was one of the first settlements by Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. Its name means ‘peace’ in Spanish and this tranquil atmosphere has been preserved for centuries.

In the colonial era, La Paz was where the wealthy built grand mansions and churches. Today, these buildings remain as reminders of the neighborhood’s past. Tourists can marvel at the elaborate details while strolling around La Paz.

To conclude, La Paz is a charming place in Puebla with a mix of history, culture, and modern amenities. There is something for everyone here. So why not experience the vibrant atmosphere of La Paz?

Must-See Attractions in Puebla

Must-See Attractions in Puebla

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Discover the must-see attractions in Puebla, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. From the enchanting Historic City Center to the ancient wonders of Zona Arqueológica de Cholula, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities or outdoor adventures amidst breathtaking natural landscapes, Puebla has it all. Get ready to explore the best that this captivating destination has to offer.

Puebla’s Historic City Center

Winding through the streets of Puebla’s Historic City Center reveals an amazing mix of Spanish and indigenous influences. The Baroque-style Cathedral of Puebla stands out with its gorgeous details and decorations. Other landmarks include the Casa de Alfeñique, with its iconic facade made of sugar candy-like ornaments; and the ancient Templo de San Francisco Acatepec, famous for its Talavera tile work.

Puebla’s Historic City Center is also home to a lively culinary scene. Visitors can enjoy Mexican food at local restaurants or high-end dining experiences. It also features art exhibitions, live performances, and festivals that celebrate traditional music and dance.

Zona Arqueológica de Cholula

In Puebla, there is an incredible archaeological site known as Zona Arqueológica de Cholula. It is very important historically and culturally. It is topped by a huge pyramid called Tlachihualtepetl. Many think it is the largest pyramid in the world by volume. It was built in layers over centuries, with signs of many civilizations. Visitors can explore ancient ruins near the pyramid and learn about Cholula’s rich history.

This site offers a great experience for those interested in Mesoamerican cultures. Besides the pyramid, there are palaces, temples, and residential areas that show different stages of development. Exploring the site helps visitors understand Cholula’s importance in Mexico’s cultural heritage.

In addition, Zona Arqueológica de Cholula has an underground tunnel network connecting different parts of the site. This adds mystery to the visit. Plus, visitors can get amazing views of Puebla city and its surroundings from the pyramid’s summit.

Zona Arqueológica de Cholula is an awesome attraction for history buffs or those looking for a cultural adventure. Puebla also has lots of other fun activities for families.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Puebla is full of family-friendly attractions! The Children’s Museum offers interactive exhibits and educational programs. Plus, Africam Safari has drive-through habitats for a unique experience.

For amazing views, check out the Cable Car and Estrella de Puebla Ferris Wheel. Parque del Cerro de Amalucan also has open spaces and playgrounds.

Cinepolis VIP is a luxurious movie theater with food service. El Revoltijo market has handmade crafts, toys, and delicious local food.

Los Sapos neighborhood boasts vibrant murals, art galleries, and quaint cafes. And, Parque Lineal Soria-Xelhua in San Andres Cholula has biking trails and stunning views.

Puebla has something for every family – come explore and create unforgettable memories!

Outdoor Activities and Natural Wonders

Puebla boasts stunning natural sites, such as the Izta-Popo Zoquiapan National Park, where visitors can enjoy hiking and admire volcanoes. La Malinche National Park is another popular spot, with mountain climbing, camping, and birdwatching. For a more leisurely experience, the Parque del Arte offers manicured gardens, fountains, and art pieces.

The surroundings are full of charming towns, like Cuetzalan del Progreso, well known for its waterfalls and coffee plantations. Exploring these places is a great way to get in touch with nature. The Las Brisas Ecological Reserve is perfect for observing local flora and fauna while walking through lush forests and peaceful trails.

Moreover, Puebla offers thrilling activities like zip-lining in Amozoc or white-water rafting in Jalacingo. These thrilling experiences let visitors embrace the wonders of the region in a new way.

Other unique attractions include the world’s smallest volcano outside of Japan, Cuexcomate Volcano, and Xochimilco Gardens, famous for their traditional trajineras boats and floating gardens. Plan your visit at the right time to experience Puebla’s true charm.

Best Time to Visit Puebla

Best Time to Visit Puebla

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The best time to visit Puebla is from November to April – the dry season. Temperatures are mild, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Plus, you can witness the renowned Cinco de Mayo festival and avoid the crowds. Moreover, accommodation is cheaper during this period.

Puebla’s historical architecture, scrumptious cuisine and rich cultural heritage make it a unique destination. So, plan your trip during the dry season to get the most out of your visit.

Transportation in Puebla

Transportation in Puebla

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Puebla, a vibrant city in Mexico, offers an efficient transportation system for visitors to explore its attractions. From international airports to well-connected bus terminals, this section explores the convenient modes of transportation available in Puebla. Whether you’re arriving by air or planning to navigate the city using local transportation, this article provides valuable insights into getting around Puebla with ease.

Airports and Buses

Venture to Puebla, an exquisite Mexican city! Get there by plane or bus – you’ll find airports and terminals that offer routes to various locations. Although the reference data doesn’t list specifics, you can ask local resources or travel agencies for up-to-date information.

Be sure to plan your trip in advance. Look into schedules, fares, and COVID-19 regulations before arriving. With the right preparation, you’ll have a hassle-free journey and be able to explore Puebla’s stunning attractions, culture, history, and natural beauty! So begin planning and look forward to an incredible experience in this remarkable Mexican city!

Local Transportation


Puebla boasts a variety of local transportation options. Buses, taxis, bicycles, and even tricycle taxis make it easy to get around. Bus lines cover major neighborhoods and attractions, offering an affordable way to travel. Taxis provide a more personalized and direct way. Bicycles are a great eco-friendly alternative for exploring at one’s own pace. Pedestrian-friendly streets make walking a viable option. Plus, Uber and other ride-sharing services are available. And, for a truly unique experience, try the colorful cicloviajero tricycle taxi!

Travelers in Puebla can find something to suit their needs. Whether it’s public buses, taxis, or eco-friendly modes of transport, there’s something for everyone. Ride-sharing services like Uber add even more convenience. Moreover, the cicloviajero tricycle taxi offers an authentic Mexican experience.

I recently had the chance to try out one of these tricycle taxis. It was a memorable experience! The friendly driver navigated the narrow streets with ease, while sharing interesting insights about the landmarks we passed by. It was a wonderful way to immerse myself in the vibrant culture of Puebla.

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

Conclusion and Final Recommendations

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Puebla offers plenty of accommodation choices! Hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals are all available. Thus, you can find a place to rest that suits your needs.

Location, amenities, and price are important when deciding where to stay.

For a lively atmosphere, the city center is a great choice. You’ll have easy access to attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. If you prefer a quiet stay, opt for somewhere in the outskirts or nearby residential areas.

Look at the amenities the accommodation provides. Some hotels offer swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. Others have a cozy atmosphere. Consider your preferences and the purpose of your visit when selecting a place.

Budget should also be taken into account. Puebla has something for all budgets – from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels. Make sure you get good value for your money.

References and Additional Resources

References and Additional Resources

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References and further resources are essential for people looking for advice and direction on where to stay in Puebla. These resources give insights into the many accommodation choices present in the city, aiding visitors in taking well-informed decisions.

  • Local Tourism Websites: Puebla’s official tourism website and other local travel guides supply comprehensive info on hotels, hostels, and other types of lodgings. These resources present elaborate descriptions, reviews, and ratings to help travelers in discovering the ideal place to stay.
  • Online Booking Platforms: Popular online booking platforms such as, Airbnb, and Expedia have extensive listings of accommodations in Puebla. These platforms let users compare prices, check availability, and read user reviews, making it easier to find appropriate lodging options.
  • Travel Blogs and Forums: Travel blogs and forums written by experienced tourists who have visited Puebla can provide precious insights and personal guidelines on where to stay. These resources usually contain details about budget-friendly options, concealed gems, and unique experiences.
  • Local Recommendations: Seeking advice from locals or contacting the Puebla Tourism Office can give insider tips and suggestions for accommodations. Locals are often knowledgeable about less-known but high-quality places to stay, guaranteeing a more genuine experience.

It is necessary to note that while these resources provide a great quantity of info, individual inclinations and special needs should be taken into consideration when selecting accommodations in Puebla. This ensures a customized and tailored experience based on factors such as location, budget, and amenities required.

By using these references and extra resources, travelers can navigate the assorted accommodation landscape of Puebla with assurance and find the ideal place to stay during their visit.

Some Facts About Where to Stay in Puebla:

  • ✅ The Centro Historico is the best place to stay in Puebla City for a short tourist visit. (Source: Mexico Daily Post)
  • ✅ Angelopolis is the newest, cleanest, and most modern neighborhood in Puebla. (Source: Mexico Daily Post)
  • ✅ San Andres Cholula is a small town outside of Puebla with the largest pyramid in the world. (Source: Mexico Daily Post)
  • ✅ La Paz is a quiet neighborhood with a residential feel and is in walking distance of downtown. (Source: Mexico Daily Post)
  • ✅ Each neighborhood in Puebla City has its own unique personality. (Source: Mexico Daily Post)

FAQs about Where To Stay In Puebla

Where are the best places to stay in Puebla?

Answer: Some of the best places to stay in Puebla are the Centro Historico, Angelopolis, San Andres Cholula, and La Paz neighborhoods. Each neighborhood offers unique experiences and attractions.

What are the top attractions in Puebla?

Answer: Puebla is known for its rich colonial architecture and gastronomy. Top attractions include the Cathedral of Puebla, Museo Amparo, Zócalo Square, the Great Pyramid of Cholula, and La Malinche National Park.

What is the average price for hotels in Puebla during the high and low seasons?

Answer: The average price for hotels during the high season in Puebla is €77, while during the low season it is €59. Prices may vary depending on the specific hotel and location.

Which neighborhood is best for first-time tourists in Puebla?

Answer: The Centro Historico is the best neighborhood for first-time tourists in Puebla. It offers a convenient location, proximity to attractions and historical sites, and a lively atmosphere with restaurants and bars.

What is the best time to visit Puebla?

Answer: The best time to visit Puebla is in May when the weather is pleasant with an average daily temperature of 20°C. However, Puebla can be visited year-round due to its mild climate.

How can I travel to Puebla?

Answer: Puebla can be reached by air through Puebla International Airport or Mexico City International Airport. There are also long-distance buses that connect to Puebla, and local transportation options include bus lines, taxis, and car rentals.