Where to Stay in Puebla Mexico

Key Takeaways:

  • Centro Historico, Angelopolis, San Andres Cholula, and La Paz are the best areas to stay in Puebla, Mexico.
  • Consider Airbnb and options for accommodations in Puebla.
  • Additional experiences and convenient travel planning can enhance your stay in Puebla.


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Puebla, Mexico is a captivating destination. It caters to all travelers, offering luxury hotels, charming boutique guesthouses, and budget-friendly options. The city’s rich history and vibrant culture make it an ideal place to stay and explore. Stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, colorful markets, and lively festivals make for an unforgettable experience.

When searching for accommodations in Puebla, location is key. Different neighborhoods offer distinct atmospheres. From the historic center with its colonial buildings, to the trendy Angelopolis with its modern shops and restaurants. Consider amenities and services carefully, to ensure your hotel suits your needs. Whether you desire spa facilities, rooftop pools, or a charming patio, Puebla has something for everyone.

In addition to accommodation, Puebla offers unique attractions and activities. Mole poblano and chiles en nogada are famous local dishes. Exploring the markets to find fresh produce and traditional crafts is a must. Not to mention the many historical sites like the Puebla Cathedral and the stunning Amparo Museum. Get a taste of the city’s culture by attending one of its festivals or events, such as the Cinco de Mayo celebration or the Festival Internacional de Puebla.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on Cholula, a nearby archaeological site. Here, you’ll find ancient pyramids and breathtaking views that give a fascinating insight into Mexico’s history.

Best Areas to Stay in Puebla

Best Areas to Stay in Puebla

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Discover the best areas to stay in Puebla, Mexico! From the rich historical charm of Centro Historico to the vibrant modernity of Angelopolis, and the cultural allure of San Andres Cholula and La Paz, each sub-section offers a unique experience for travelers. Uncover the hidden gems and local attractions that await you in these top areas of Puebla, ensuring that you find the perfect place to stay during your visit.

Centro Historico

Travellers looking for accommodations in Centro Historico can find options on Airbnb and These provide cosy apartments plus boutique hotels. This spot gives visitors quick access to the city’s main attractions and culture.

Besides finding a place to stay, visitors can get more out of their Centro Historico experience. Take guided tours or excursions to understand the area’s history and heritage. It’s wise to plan transportation ahead and explore neighbourhoods like Angelopolis or San Andres Cholula.

When in Puebla, stay in Centro Historico! Immerse yourself in its history and atmosphere with comfortable accommodations. Book today to make the most of your trip!

Don’t forget, Angelopolis is still awesome for a stay in Puebla!


Accommodations in Angelopolis? They’ve got it! From luxury hotels to budget-friendly options like boutique hotels and vacation rentals. Plus, Airbnb listings for a unique experience. Easy access to attractions like the Estrella de Puebla Ferris wheel and Metropolitan Auditorium. Plus, great transportation connecting Angelopolis to other parts of Puebla.

Heading to San Andres Cholula? Get ready to be surrounded by ancient pyramids! Making your coworkers seem unbearably boring in comparison.

San Andres Cholula

In San Andres Cholula, explore the Centro Historico. It’s filled with colonial architecture and historical sites. Stroll through the town square, which is buzzing with markets, street food, and artisans selling handmade crafts. Marvel at the churches, e.g. Iglesia de San Andres Apostol and Iglesia de la Concepcion.

For nature lovers, San Andres Cholula is ideal. Hike trails and take in the views from Cerro Zapotecas. Check out the Magic Town of Atlixco for its flowers and streets.

Pro Tip: Take a hot air balloon ride over San Andres Cholula’s landscapes. It’ll be a memorable experience!

La Paz: Find peace away from the city. Enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of Puebla in La Paz.

La Paz

In La Paz, visitors can explore the rich history and culture. It’s renowned for its grand colonial architecture, like Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health. Strolling through the streets of La Paz, one can appreciate the beauty of these ancient buildings and feel like they’re back in time.

La Paz also has modern amenities. There’s plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops for indulging in local cuisine or buying unique souvenirs. Plus, there are several parks and green spaces where visitors can rest and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

What sets La Paz apart is its peaceful environment. Despite being close to the city center, it still maintains a serene ambiance. Making it an ideal location for those looking for a tranquil retreat while in Puebla.

Finding the perfect place to stay in Puebla can be tricky. But, La Paz offers comfy beds and delicious breakfast options.

Tips for Choosing Accommodations

Tips for Choosing Accommodations

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When it comes to choosing accommodations in Puebla, Mexico, you have a plethora of options. In this section, we’ll provide you with valuable tips to help you make the best choice. From exploring Airbnb and options to discovering additional experiences and convenient travel planning, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and find the perfect place to stay that suits your preferences and enhances your overall Puebla experience.

Airbnb and options


Airbnb and provide an array of options for visitors to Puebla. Houses, apartments and hotels, all available with a few clicks. Plus, they offer travel planning services like curated recommendations and local tips.

Interactive maps, photos and descriptions make it easier to choose the perfect accommodation. This provides travelers the chance to have a unique experience in Puebla. Connecting with locals, discovering hidden gems and enjoying its culture and history are all made possible with Airbnb and

The convenience of a hassle-free booking process is a great bonus! Travelers can easily book their preferred option with confidence.

Additional experiences and convenient travel planning

Discover your stay! Investigate Airbnb and options. You can find accommodations that fit your tastes and budget. There are apartments, houses, and boutique hotels to choose from!

Unique experiences await. Puebla has lots of exciting activities, beyond sightseeing. You can try culinary tours or art workshops for a true cultural immersion. Create unforgettable memories!

Plan your travel easily. There are services in Puebla to help you plan your trip. Get assistance with transportation and book guided tours. Plus, explore more experiences and travel planning options to make your trip stress-free.

Ask locals for advice. Locals have the best advice on hidden gems, local events, and attractions not in tourist guides. To make the most of your visit, ask them for their suggestions!

Remember, when choosing accommodations, check out the location, amenities, and other factors.

Puebla Planner Series

Puebla Planner Series

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The Puebla Planner Series offers info to help plan a trip to Puebla, Mexico. This series gives essential details and tips on visiting Puebla. In this article, we’ll focus on the accommodation section.

We created a table to show key aspects of where to stay in Puebla. It includes hotel names, ratings, locations, and amenities. This helps travelers compare and choose the best option.

We also provide unique insights on Puebla accommodations not covered before. These could include hotel recommendations, features, services, and other useful details to make the stay in Puebla great.

Use the Puebla Planner Series and this article to plan your stay in Puebla, Mexico. Enjoy a comfortable and memorable trip!



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Some hotels even offer cooking classes and food tours to experience the local cuisine. And with its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors can explore cobblestone streets, visit museums, and admire the impressive architecture. Puebla promises an unforgettable experience!

Some Facts About Where to Stay in Puebla, Mexico:

  • ✅ Puebla offers a range of neighborhoods to suit different preferences and budgets, including Centro Historico, Angelopolis, San Andres Cholula, and La Paz. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Centro Historico is recommended as the best place to stay for a short tourist visit, with its walkable location and lively atmosphere. (Source: Team Research, Mexicodailypost)
  • ✅ Angelopolis is a modern neighborhood popular among business travelers, offering high-end amenities but located outside the city center. (Source: Team Research, Mexicodailypost)
  • ✅ San Andres Cholula is a small town near Puebla with a vibrant atmosphere, affordable prices, and a good food scene, but it is a 20-minute Uber ride from the city center. (Source: Team Research, Mexicodailypost)
  • ✅ La Paz is a quiet residential neighborhood within walking distance of downtown Puebla, suitable for long-term stays or those seeking a quieter environment. (Source: Team Research, Mexicodailypost)

FAQs about Where To Stay In Puebla Mexico

Where can I stay in Puebla to experience its colonial heritage?

Answer: One of the best places to stay in Puebla to immerse yourself in its colonial heritage is the Historic City Center. This area is home to attractions like the Rosary Chapel, Biblioteca Palafoxiana, and Museo Casa de Alfeñique, showcasing stunning baroque interiors and historical artifacts from pre-Columbian times.

Which hotel in Puebla offers amazing rooms and stunning views?

Answer: Hotel Purificadora is known for its amazing rooms and stunning views. This boutique hotel features sleek design, a rooftop bar with views of the San Francisco church and volcano, and a highly recommended restaurant.

What is the best area to stay in Puebla for a laid-back and different experience?

Answer: San Andres Cholula is a small town located just outside of Puebla, offering a laid-back and different experience. It is known for its vibrant and artsy atmosphere, the largest pyramid in the world, and a good food scene. However, it is a 20-minute Uber ride away from the city center.

Which neighborhood in Puebla is considered the safest and best for digital nomads?

Answer: Angelopolis is the safest neighborhood in Puebla and a good option for digital nomads. It is a modern neighborhood with high-rise apartments, designer shopping malls, and cultural spaces. However, it is located outside the city center and not very walkable.

Where can I find the best luxury hotel in Puebla?

Answer: Banyan Tree Puebla, formerly known as Rosewood Puebla, is a highly recommended luxury hotel. It offers spacious rooms, a special cooking class, and various dining options like Pasquinel Bistro, Bar Los Lavaderos, and the Rooftop Bar.

What is the best budget hotel option in Puebla?

Answer: Collection O Hotel Del Portal is a budget-friendly hotel located in the center of Puebla. It offers cozy rooms, comfortable beds, and is conveniently situated near the Zocalo, cafes, restaurants, and tourist attractions.