Where to Stay in La Condesa Mexico City

Key Takeaways:

  • La Condesa in Mexico City is known for its vibrant culinary and cultural scene.
  • For upscale accommodations, Casa Cleo Luxury Plus by Viadora, Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel, and Andaz Mexico City Condesa offer luxury, convenience, and amenities like rooftop pools and bars.
  • Boutique hotels like La Valise and Condesa DF offer unique architecture, personalized service, and a fusion of design and comfort.
  • Airbnb and budget options like Casa Mannach – Adults Only, Hotel Casa Comtesse, and Don Jacinto Stay&Sip provide trendy, charming, and affordable stays.
  • Popular attractions in La Condesa include Parque Mexico, Roma Norte, Coyoacán, Polanco, and Centro Historico.
  • Transportation options include getting to La Condesa from the airport, exploring the neighborhood by metro, and considering other transportation methods.
  • When choosing where to stay in Mexico City, consider your preferences, budget, and the diverse experiences and attractions that La Condesa has to offer.

Introduction: Discovering the Vibrant Neighborhood of La Condesa

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La Condesa, a vibrant neighborhood in Mexico City, showcases a perfect blend of culinary delights and cultural experiences. From its renowned food scene to captivating attractions, La Condesa has become a hotspot for locals and travelers alike. Dive into this introduction to uncover the neighborhood’s reputation for gastronomic excellence and its array of captivating highlights. Fortunate are those who get to explore the diverse and dynamic streets of La Condesa.

La Condesa’s reputation as a culinary and cultural hotspot

Experience the unique offerings of La Condesa – its vibrant culture, eclectic food scene, and endless attractions. From traditional Mexican dishes to international fusion creations, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the creative atmosphere and partake in cultural events throughout the year.

Take a break in the tranquil Parque Mexico, or explore Roma Norte’s trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. In Coyoacán, marvel at the colorful streets and colonial-era buildings, visit iconic museums, and browse through local artisans’ crafts.

Reach La Condesa from the airport by taxi or private transfer, then get around the neighborhood with the metro, buses, walking, or biking. La Condesa: where culinary delights and vibrant culture come together!

Overview of the neighborhood’s attractions and highlights

La Condesa is a lively district in Mexico City, with something for everyone.

Parque Mexico is a tranquil park, with green spaces, fountains and statues. Nearby is Roma Norte, known for its trendy restaurants, cafes and boutiques. Coyoacán features Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul and colonial architecture. Polanco is great for luxury shopping and gourmet restaurants. Lastly, Centro Historico has colonial buildings and iconic landmarks like the Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace. La Condesa has it all – from culinary experiences to historical exploration – for an amazing stay in Mexico City!

Exploring the Best Accommodation Options

Exploring the Best Accommodation Options

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Discover the finest accommodation options in La Condesa, Mexico City – from luxurious upscale hotels to charming boutique hotels, Airbnb rentals, and budget-friendly options. Experience the height of comfort and elegance, or immerse yourself in the local charm and personalized service of boutique hotels. If you prefer a more unique and homely experience, consider the wide range of Airbnb rentals available. And for those on a budget, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

Upscale Hotels

La Condesa is a vibrant neighborhood known for its culinary and cultural delights. Accommodation options include upscale hotels offering luxury and convenience. Here are 5 to consider:

  1. Casa Cleo Luxury Plus by Viadora: Enjoy a comfortable stay with well-appointed rooms and impeccable service.
  2. Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel: Enjoy easy access to historical attractions with spacious rooms and elegant design.
  3. Andaz Mexico City Condesa: Indulge in 5-star elegance with a rooftop pool and bar with stunning views.
  4. La Valise: Enjoy stylish accommodations and a warm atmosphere with unique architecture and personalized service.
  5. Condesa DF: Relax in this boutique hotel that offers a fusion of modern aesthetics and cozy accommodations.

These hotels also offer spa services, fitness centers, and fine dining experiences. Elevate your stay with luxury, comfort, and convenience while exploring La Condesa. Book now and make the most of your Mexico City visit!

Casa Cleo Luxury Plus by Viadora: A blend of luxury and convenience

Casa Cleo Luxury Plus by Viadora is a mix of luxury and convenience. This high-class hotel is situated in La Condesa, a vibrant district. It provides a luxurious and cozy stay. Its prime location makes it easy for visitors to find many culinary and cultural attractions. Get ready to feel like royalty!

Casa Malí is a boutique hotel, fit for a king or queen. It’s just a hop away from the captivating Chapultepec Castle.

Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel: A comfortable stay near Chapultepec Castle

Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel is a perfect spot for travelers visiting Chapultepec Castle in La Condesa. This boutique hotel offers a comfortable stay to explore the area.

Its close proximity to the castle gives easy access to the cultural significance of the landmark. The rooms and amenities of the hotel make it a relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

La Condesa also has many exciting places to explore. Within walking distance, there are trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Parque Mexico is also nearby, providing a tranquil setting in the city and fun activities.

In conclusion, Casa Malí is great for those wanting to experience the historical and vibrant attractions of La Condesa.

Andaz Mexico City Condesa: 5-star elegance with a rooftop pool/bar

Andaz Mexico City Condesa is an indulgent 5-star hotel. It offers a lavish and exquisite experience to its guests. Its rooftop pool and bar provide a one-of-a-kind space for relaxation and fun. Its sophisticated atmosphere and top-notch amenities make it a great choice for those seeking a deluxe accommodation in the lively neighborhood of La Condesa.

Situated in the core of La Condesa, Andaz Mexico City offers a mix of magnificence, convenience and comfort. Guests can enjoy mesmerizing city views while taking a dip in the rooftop pool or sipping on delicious cocktails. The 5-star service makes sure that the needs of each guest are met with extraordinary attention to detail, making for a remarkable stay.

In addition to its rooftop pool and bar, Andaz Mexico City has roomy and superbly equipped rooms, all fitted with modern amenities and luxurious furnishings. The hotel also has various eating options, including an on-site restaurant that serves scrumptious food prepared from fresh local ingredients.

For visitors looking to explore the neighborhood, Andaz Mexico City’s central location provides quick access to the numerous attractions of La Condesa. From stylish restaurants and bars to art galleries and boutique shops, there is something for everyone.

Whether you are in Mexico City for business or pleasure, Andaz Mexico City Condesa guarantees an amazing 5-star experience with its classy atmosphere, flawless service and remarkable rooftop pool/bar.

Boutique Hotels

Head to La Condesa for a more exclusive and curated experience in a boutique hotel. These cozy accommodations prioritize comfort and style, each with its own unique architecture. La Valise stands out with individualized designs that capture the spirit of La Condesa. For a modern, luxurious option, there’s Condesa DF. Pug Seal offers affordability and convenience near the Coyoacán neighborhood.

Boutique hotels in La Condesa provide personalized attention, stylish designs, and unbeatable beauty. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this beloved area. Explore Parque Mexico, dine in Roma Norte, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Mexico City.

La Valise: Unique architecture and personalized service

La Valise is a hotel in La Condesa with unique architecture and personalized service. It stands out with its mix of modern and traditional Mexican design elements, creating a stylish atmosphere. Guests receive special attention with service tailored to their needs. The staff ensures every guest feels welcomed during their stay.

La Valise offers an unforgettable stay. Each room has exquisite artwork and furnishings for luxury and comfort. Alongside its amazing architecture, the hotel provides personalized service to maximize the experience. From local attractions to special requests, the staff goes beyond to make the stay memorable.

The hotel has extra amenities to add to its charm. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast with local ingredients. Plus, exclusive experiences like guided tours or custom itineraries based on interests are available.

La Valise is the perfect boutique hotel in La Condesa. It has exceptional architecture, personalized service, and unique offerings. Whether travelers want to explore or just relax, La Valise creates memorable moments for every guest.

Condesa DF: A fusion of design and comfort

Condesa DF is a unique accommodation option that blends together design and comfort. This boutique hotel showcases an eclectic mix of architectural styles, creating an atmosphere that’s chic and cozy. Guests can enjoy modern amenities and plush furnishings for a comfortable stay in the heart of La Condesa.

This hotel stands out for its detail-oriented approach and commitment to guest comfort. Condesa DF reflects the cultural richness of the area, with stylish furniture, luxurious bedding, and modern amenities.

The rooftop terrace offers picturesque views of the neighborhood. Unwind by the pool or sip drinks at the rooftop bar and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of La Condesa. This tranquil oasis provides respite from the bustling streets below.

For those looking for a luxurious yet comfortable stay in Mexico City, Condesa DF is the perfect choice. The hotel’s fusion of design and comfort, as well as its commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere, make for a truly memorable experience.

Pug Seal: Affordable luxury in the heart of Coyoacán

Discover Pug Seal! Located in the heart of Coyoacán, it offers luxurious accommodation at budget prices. With its prime location and attractive amenities, Pug Seal provides a unique experience.

Guests can explore Coyoacán’s artistic and historic charm with its museums, galleries, and gardens. Rooms are thoughtfully designed and equipped with modern amenities. Enjoy the charming courtyard, rooftop terrace, and complimentary breakfast.

Pug Seal stands out for its attention to detail. From the unique architecture to the warm hospitality of the staff, every aspect creates a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

Discover affordable luxury with Airbnb and budget options in La Condesa. Style meets savings in Mexico City’s vibrant neighborhood.

Airbnb and Budget Options

For those seeking Airbnb or budget accommodation in La Condesa, there are many options to choose from!

  • Casa Mannach – Adults Only: Offering a trendy and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Hotel Casa Comtesse: A cozy and comfortable bed and breakfast right in the city center.
  • Don Jacinto Stay&Sip: Combining value and aesthetics with its Art Deco style.

These options give travelers an opportunity to experience a more local and immersive stay. Plus, they provide distinct features not found in upscale or boutique hotels.

One fun historical fact about Airbnb is that it was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk as AirBed & Breakfast. It started as a platform to rent air mattresses during high-demand events – and now it has become a global marketplace connecting travelers with unique stays around the world. In La Condesa, Airbnb is a great way to discover distinctive accommodations within the vibrant neighborhood.

Casa Mannach – Adults Only: A trendy adults-only accommodation

Casa Mannach – Adults Only is a trend-setting abode for grown-ups in La Condesa, Mexico City. This chic and stylish pad is perfect for adults searching for a posh and luxurious stay. It is situated in the center of one of Mexico City’s liveliest neighborhoods, providing a modern design and sophisticated ambiance.

Visitors at Casa Mannach can take pleasure in the bustling atmosphere and picturesque views of La Condesa. This classy, adults-only hotel provides guests with proximity to the popular Parque Mexico.

Casa Mannach supplies modern amenities and exclusive service to guarantee a pleasant and memorable stay. This fashionable adults-only hotel oozes attention to detail and offers a unique ambiance, ideal for those seeking an upmarket and fashionable getaway in La Condesa.

Not only does Casa Mannach offer neat accommodations, but it is also convenient to the attractions of the neighborhood. Guests can explore the nearby Roma Norte neighborhood, renowned for its hip restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Plus, Coyoacán, the cultural and historic side of Mexico City, is but a short distance away, presenting travelers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.

In conclusion, Casa Mannach – Adults Only is an excellent pick for travelers looking for a trendy and upscale place to stay in La Condesa. Its lavish lodgings, personalized service, and advantageous location make it the perfect choice for those hoping to experience all the vibrancy this neighborhood has to offer.

Similar to Casa Mannach, Hotel Casa Comtesse is another great option for those looking for an enchanting yet comfortable stay in Mexico City’s bustling city center.

Hotel Casa Comtesse: A charming B&B in the city center

Nestled in the heart of Mexico City, Hotel Casa Comtesse offers a cozy bed and breakfast experience. It’s renowned for its intimate atmosphere and personalized service.

This boutique hotel stands out for its unique charm and attention to detail. The stylish decor and comfortable amenities provide a truly unforgettable stay. Plus, the central location allows guests to explore the city center with ease.

What sets Hotel Casa Comtesse apart? It’s devoted to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Rooms are beautifully decorated, and staff are attentive. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the cozy dining area or relax in the tranquil courtyard. It’s sure to be a charming experience!

Don Jacinto Stay&Sip: Art Deco style and affordability

Don Jacinto Stay&Sip is a special boutique hotel located in La Condesa. It has Art Deco style and is easy on the pocket. The building is old but it gives a comfy ambience and the rooms are decorated nicely.

What makes Don Jacinto Stay&Sip unique is that it’s not only stylish but also reasonably priced. Plus, amenities like free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast are available.

The ‘Stay&Sip’ concept is something you won’t find elsewhere. It allows guests to enjoy affordable accommodation and try different drinks during their stay.

Don Jacinto Stay&Sip offers great value for budget-conscious travelers who want to have an unforgettable experience in La Condesa. Here, you can explore attractions, absorb the area’s atmosphere, and get comfortable accommodation.

La Condesa is full of choices; from parks and eateries to art galleries and luxury stores. It is a place that never stops giving.

Neighborhood Highlights and Attractions

Neighborhood Highlights and Attractions

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Steven Campbell

Discover the vibrant neighborhoods of La Condesa, Mexico City, bursting with unique highlights and attractions. From the relaxed ambiance of Parque Mexico to the trendy restaurants and boutiques of Roma Norte, each sub-section offers a distinct experience. Immerse yourself in the artistic and historic charm of Coyoacán, indulge in luxury shopping and culinary delights in Polanco, or wander through the captivating streets of Centro Historico, Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood. Brace yourself for an unforgettable exploration of La Condesa’s diverse and enchanting neighborhoods.

Parque Mexico: Relaxing and enjoying the lively atmosphere

Parque Mexico, situated in La Condesa, is a renowned lively spot known for its tranquil atmosphere and vibrant environment. This park has the perfect balance of both, making it an excellent location for locals and travelers to relax and revel in the joyous ambiance.

The park has abundant green areas, gorgeous fountains, and scenic trails, providing a soothing setting where people can retreat from hectic city life. Often, folks are seen having picnics, playing sports, or leisurely walking around the pathways.

What makes Parque Mexico unique is its welcoming attitude towards pets. People often bring their furry friends to have a great day outdoors. Additionally, the park hosts cultural performances annually, adding a lively touch to the already engaging surroundings.

The park is located in La Condesa, a cosmopolitan area with chic cafes, upscale eateries, boutique stores, and art galleries. After a peaceful time in the park, visitors can explore the nearby streets with charming architecture and savor the lively culinary scene of La Condesa.

Moreover, Parque Mexico also serves as a popular gathering spot for the community. People meet up for morning jogs, attend yoga classes or tai chi sessions held in the park – giving visitors ample chances to connect with locals and indulge in the vibrant energy of this neighborhood.

In conclusion, Parque Mexico provides a warm atmosphere for relaxation and socializing within the vibrant neighborhood of La Condesa. Its combination of tranquil green spaces, cultural events, and close proximity to attractions make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to de-stress and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this area.

Exploring Roma Norte: Trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques

Roma Norte, located in Mexico City, is a popular spot for those wanting to experience trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It’s got a vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary scene, making it a go-to spot for tourists and locals alike. Here you can find eateries with a range of cuisines to satisfy any palate – from upscale dining to cozy cafes. Plus, there are boutiques with fashion-forward items, accessories, and home decor.

This neighborhood has a unique blend of historical charm and modern innovation. Stroll down streets with colonial-era buildings, and you’ll come across contemporary art galleries and concept stores. It’s the perfect mix of vintage and modern – something that appeals to both history-lovers and trend-seekers!

If you’re looking for places to explore in Roma Norte, check out Mercado Roma – a food market with fantastic culinary offerings. There’s also Parque Luis Cabrera, a tranquil park to relax in amongst lush greenery. Lastly, Museo del Objeto del Objeto offers a chance to explore design and everyday objects from different periods.

Roma Norte offers visitors a taste of Mexico City’s modern charm. Indulge in delicious cuisine, sip coffee at a cafe, or browse stylish shops – there’s something for everyone in this lively neighborhood. Or, explore the creative and cultural hub of Coyoacán, where art and history collide.

Coyoacán: The artistic and historic side of Mexico City

Coyoacán is known for its historic and artistic side in Mexico City. It’s a neighborhood with an impressive artistic heritage, from its architecture to its museums and art scenes. Its streets have been marked by artists, writers, and intellectuals.

The attractions of Coyoacán include the Casa Azul Museum – the former home of Frida Kahlo. It now holds her life and artwork, drawing visitors from all over. There’s also the Centro Cultural Bella Época, which hosts art exhibitions, film screenings, and theatre performances. It’s a platform for local talent.

Plaza Hidalgo is located in the middle of Coyoacán. Cafés, restaurants, and vendors fill the square, selling local crafts. It’s a great spot for people-watching or enjoying music. The Mercado de Coyoacán is a traditional market full of flavors and smells. Find fresh produce, delicacies, handmade crafts, and Mexican ingredients here. And the Trotsky Museum shows photographs and artifacts from Leon Trotsky’s life, along with documents related to his work.

Coyoacán’s cobblestone streets are decorated with colorful buildings with murals of Mexico’s cultural heritage. Modern trends come alive through hip cafes, boutiques, and galleries. Art exhibitions, plazas, and restaurants offer travelers a full experience. I even met an aspiring artist sketching the exterior of Casa Azul Museum. She was inspired by Frida Kahlo’s legacy and shared stories of Coyoacán’s art community and the support they give to emerging artists. It was amazing to witness the artistic spirit that defines the area.

Polanco: Luxury shopping and culinary delights

Polanco, an upscale area in Mexico City, is famed for its luxurious shopping and amazing cuisine. It’s the haven of fashion lovers and those seeking top-end designer brands and exclusive labels. Polanco has prestigious shops, boutiques and iconic places like Presidente Masaryk Avenue, where you can find the latest trends and designs in luxury fashion.

Besides shopping, Polanco is also celebrated for its culinary delights. Here you can find world-class restaurants serving exquisite dishes from many different backgrounds. Traditional Mexican cuisine, international flavors with a modern twist – Polanco’s dining scene has something for everyone! Explore the mix of eateries, from fancy dining places to hidden gems in charming small streets.

What makes Polanco stand out is not only its luxury shopping and great food, but its vibrant atmosphere and elegant ambiance. The streets are full of beautiful architecture, lush greenery and stylish sidewalk cafes. It’s a unique blend of sophistication and culture, promising an unforgettable experience for those seeking luxury and charm. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City, check out Where to Stay in La Condesa Mexico City for some great accommodation options in one of the city’s most trendy neighborhoods.

If you’re a big shopper or a foodie, Polanco is the place to go. It has upscale shops, gourmet restaurants and a lovely atmosphere. It’s a must-visit for anyone wanting a taste of Mexico City’s finest. Don’t forget to check out Centro Historico too – the oldest neighborhood in Mexico City with lots of history and enchantment.

Centro Historico: The charm of Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood

Centro Historico, Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood, is full of charm and allure. Its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture take visitors back in time. Its vibrant atmosphere plus the many iconic landmarks make it a must-visit for those looking for an authentic Mexican experience.

Explore its picturesque streets and quaint plazas. Gaze at the grandeur of the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the Americas. Delve into Mexico’s history at the National Palace, where you can see Diego Rivera’s stunning murals. The Zocalo – one of the world’s largest city squares – provides a buzzing hub of activity, surrounded by historic buildings and street vendors selling Mexican delicacies.

Art lovers too are catered for. Visit the Palacio de Bellas Artes or Museo Nacional de Arte to appreciate incredible works from various periods. Sample Mexican cuisine at renowned restaurants, or explore local markets like Mercado San Juan.

The nightlife scene in Centro Historico also thrives – with bars and clubs providing entertainment late into the night. It’s the perfect place for cultural enrichment, gastronomic delights, and glimpses into Mexico City’s past.

Getting around Centro Historico is easy – hop on the metro, take the streets, or let Mexico City’s vibrant energy guide you.

Transportation and Accessibility

Transportation and Accessibility

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Transportation and accessibility in La Condesa, Mexico City, play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience. From the various ways of getting to La Condesa from the airport to exploring the neighborhood via the efficient metro system, this section provides valuable insights and tips for navigating the city. Additionally, we’ll discuss other transportation options and essential considerations to make your stay in La Condesa as hassle-free as possible.

Getting to La Condesa from the airport

La Condesa, a vibrant spot in Mexico City, is close to the airport. Here is a guide to help you go to La Condesa from the airport:

  1. Step 1: When you arrive at the airport, go to the taxi stand. Taxis are available and offer an easy way to get to La Condesa. Make sure to take an authorized taxi for your safety.
  2. Step 2: If you like public transport, you can take the Metrobus Line 4 from either Terminal 1 or 2 of the airport. The Metrobus is cheap and fast and will take you to La Condesa.
  3. Step 3: If you want something more comfortable and direct, you can book private transport in advance. Many companies provide airport transfers that will take you straight to your accommodation in La Condesa.
  4. Step 4: If you want to drive, car rentals are available at both terminals of the airport. You can have the freedom to explore La Condesa and other parts of Mexico City at your own pace.

Also, La Condesa is connected to other neighborhoods with different transport services like metro and bus. Exploring this neighborhood and its surrounding areas is simple and offers many experiences for people looking for food, culture, and life.

Exploring La Condesa by metro


Mexico City’s vibrant neighborhood La Condesa can be explored with ease through the metro system. Tourists and locals alike take advantage of this convenient transportation option which provides access to the area’s highlights.

Parque Mexico grants a calming atmosphere with vibrant surroundings and outdoor activities. Roma Norte offers trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Coyoacán displays the city’s artistic and historic side with museums and cultural sites. Polanco is known for luxury shopping and culinary delights. Centro Historico allows you to experience the charm of Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood.

Exploring La Condesa by metro is unique due to its convenience in reaching various neighborhoods without traffic or parking hassles. Enjoy the city with style and efficiency, whether by metro, taxi, or even on foot.

Other transportation options and considerations

Transportation options in La Condesa are plentiful! The neighborhood is well-connected and accessible. Metro La Condesa is a convenient and cost-effective way to get around. Taxis are also available. Ride-hailing services like Uber and Didi make it easy to travel. Cycling is a great option too, with bike-friendly streets and dedicated lanes. Visitors have options – from public transport to private vehicles. Exploring the neighborhood is easy, thanks to its accessible transportation network. La Condesa is like the perfect taco – a spicy blend of culinary delights, culture, and attractions!

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Neighborhood for Your Stay

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Neighborhood for Your Stay

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Scott Campbell

Finding the perfect neighborhood for your stay in Mexico City boils down to matching your preferences and budgets with the diverse experiences and attractions that await in La Condesa. With its vibrant atmosphere, historical significance, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options, La Condesa offers a unique blend of charm and convenience. So whether you’re seeking cultural immersion or simply a trendy and lively neighborhood, La Condesa has something for every traveler.

Matching preferences and budgets with Mexico City’s neighborhoods

Do your research and match your preferences and budget with one of Mexico City’s amazing neighborhoods!

La Condesa offers upscale hotels like Casa Cleo Luxury Plus, Casa Malí, and Andaz Mexico City Condesa – all with 5-star amenities like rooftop pools and bars. Boutique Hotels, such as La Valise and Condesa DF, offer unique designs and comforts. For travelers on a tight budget, Airbnb and budget options like Casa Mannach – Adults Only, Hotel Casa Comtesse, and Don Jacinto Stay&Sip are great choices.

Parque Mexico is ideal for relaxation, Roma Norte offers trendy restaurants and cafes, Coyoacán showcases history and art, Polanco has luxury shopping, and Centro Historico is Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood.

Make sure to do your research and find the perfect fit for you!

The diverse experiences and attractions that await in La Condesa

La Condesa captivates visitors with its diverse experiences and attractions. This bustling neighborhood is renowned as a culinary and cultural hotspot, attracting tourists and locals alike. It boasts a variety of activities to cater to all interests.

Parque Mexico is a perfect spot for relaxation. Visitors can take in the lively atmosphere and natural surroundings. Roma Norte is the place to be for trendy restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. It’s the ideal destination for those who want to indulge in fashion and cuisine. Coyoacán is the place to explore La Condesa’s artistic and historic side, with its vibrant arts scene and charming streets.

Polanco is the area to go for luxury shopping and culinary delights. Centro Historico showcases Mexico City’s oldest neighborhood, with its architectural wonders and rich history. La Condesa has something for everyone, from Parque Mexico to Roma Norte.

One traveller shared their experience. They were mesmerised by the vibrant energy of the neighborhood. The local cuisine was a highlight, with delicious dishes at every corner. The combination of cultural attractions, tasty food, and welcoming atmosphere made for an unforgettable trip.

Some Facts About Where to Stay in La Condesa, Mexico City:

  • ✅ La Condesa is a vibrant neighborhood in Mexico City known for its great restaurants and cafes. (Source:
  • ✅ There are 482 accommodations available in La Condesa, ranging from upscale hotels to bed and breakfasts. (Source:
  • ✅ Some popular lodging options in La Condesa include Casa Cleo Luxury Plus by Viadora, Casa Condesa Michoacan 113, and Andaz Mexico City Condesa. (Source:
  • ✅ La Condesa is easily accessible from the airport via metro, with two metro stations located in the neighborhood. (Source:
  • ✅ Attractions near La Condesa include Paseo de la Reforma, Zócalo, Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Chapultepec Park, and World Trade Center Mexico City. (Source:

FAQs about Where To Stay In La Condesa Mexico City

Where are the best boutique hotels located in La Condesa, Mexico City?

La Condesa, Mexico City offers a variety of boutique hotels with unique styles and exceptional service. Some of the best boutique hotels in La Condesa include Casa Luciana Condesa, Casa Condesa Michoacan 113, and Hotel Casa Comtesse.

Are there any luxury hotels available in La Condesa, Mexico City?

Yes, visitors looking for a touch of luxury can consider staying at Andaz Mexico City Condesa or Hippodrome Hotel Condesa. These 5-star hotels offer upscale amenities, beautiful architecture, and a high level of service.

What are some affordable accommodation options in the La Condesa neighborhood?

If you’re on a budget, there are several affordable options in La Condesa, Mexico City. Some recommended choices include Don Jacinto Stay&Sip, Izta 54, and Casa Nou. These accommodations offer comfortable rooms and convenient locations at affordable prices.

Are there any hotels in La Condesa suitable for families?

Yes, families visiting La Condesa can consider staying at Hotel Parque México Suites at Condesa or Condesa 185. These hotels provide personalized hospitality, spacious accommodations, and convenient access to parks and attractions.

What are some popular walking areas near La Condesa, Mexico City?

La Condesa is surrounded by vibrant neighborhoods that are perfect for exploring on foot. Some popular walking areas near La Condesa include La Roma and Centro Historico. These neighborhoods offer trendy restaurants, shops, and historic landmarks.

How can I reach La Condesa from Benito Juarez International Airport?

To reach La Condesa from Benito Juarez International Airport, you can take a taxi or use public transportation. The neighborhood has two metro stations, Patriotism Station and Chilpancingo Station, that provide easy access to La Condesa.