Where is Safe to Travel in Mexico

Key takeaways:

  • Mexico has a reputation for violent crime, so it is important to conduct research and use common sense when traveling there.
  • Safety considerations for public transportation include using licensed taxis and avoiding independent drivers.
  • To ensure personal safety and avoid criminal activity, it is recommended to avoid looking like a tourist, keep valuables secure, and be aware of common scams.
  • There are safe tourist destinations in Mexico, such as Playa Del Carmen, Oaxaca State, and Isla Mujeres.
  • Travel safety tips for solo travelers include taking extra precautions, finding good hostels for safe accommodation, and trusting instincts.
  • When traveling with family, it is important to research family-friendly destinations and be aware of Mexico’s family-oriented culture and safety tips.
  • To get around Mexico safely, it is recommended to drive during the day, use licensed taxis, and exercise caution with public transport.
  • While Mexico faces some natural disaster risks, such as earthquakes and hurricanes, the overall risk of natural disasters is low.
  • It is important to be aware of the U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory, which highlights the risks of violent crime and provides specific state advisories for travel in Mexico.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is advised to exercise a high degree of caution when traveling to Mexico, adhere to regional advisories for COVID-19, and be aware of the levels of crime and violence during this time.

Introduction to travel safety in Mexico

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Mexico, a country known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, has unfortunately gained a reputation for violent crime. In this section, we will delve into the importance of travel safety in Mexico. We will discuss the country’s reputation for violent crime and emphasize the need for thorough research and common sense when planning your trip. Stay informed and make informed decisions to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Mexico’s reputation for violent crime

When visiting Mexico, exercise caution! Use licensed taxis and avoid independent drivers. Dress modestly and keep valuables secure. Research common scams. Find family-friendly places and stay informed about emergency protocols. Drive during the day and follow health guidelines for COVID-19. Lastly, be aware of the U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory. Research and common sense: the two things you need for a safe trip to Mexico.

Need for research and common sense

Exploring Mexico’s travel safety requires thorough research and common sense. Gather reliable info on violent crime before embarking. Diligent research helps understand risks and take precautions. Common sense when using public transport is essential. Use licensed taxis, not independent drivers. Avoid unmarked or unofficial vehicles. Dress modestly to blend in and reduce the appearance of being a tourist. Secure valuables – use hotel safes or hidden pouches. Be aware of common scams like fake police officers and counterfeit products. Stay safe when hailing a taxi – opt for licensed drivers. Don’t gamble with your life!

Safety considerations for public transportation in Mexico

Safety considerations for public transportation in Mexico

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When it comes to public transportation in Mexico, safety is paramount. In this section, we will explore important considerations for ensuring one’s safety while using public transportation. From licensed taxis to avoiding independent drivers, we will provide valuable insights and tips for making informed decisions and staying secure while traveling within Mexico. Remember, being aware and prepared is the key to a worry-free transport experience.

Using licensed taxis

It’s essential to use authorized taxi services for safe transportation in Mexico. They’re regulated by local authorities, and have stringent safety standards. Drivers have proper training and valid ID.

Why use licensed taxis in Mexico?

  • Safety: Adhere to regulations and safety standards set by local authorities.
  • Reliability: Follow routes & charge reasonable fares.
  • Security: Reduce risk of falling victim to scams or criminal activity.

Selecting authorized taxi services gives travelers peace of mind. Independents may be good, but for Mexico, stick with licensed ones.

Avoiding independent drivers

In Mexico, it is wise to dodge independent drivers for safety. Licensed taxis are a better option as they go through background checks. This makes them more accountable and trustworthy. Independent drivers, however, cannot offer the same security, raising the chances of danger or trickery.

By avoiding independent drivers, travelers can protect themselves from scams. These drivers often work out of the law’s sight and might try to take advantage of tourists with increased charges or other unlawful activities.

Licensed taxis may not always be secure either. Before getting into one, travelers should confirm its legitimacy and the driver’s. It is advisable to stick to reliable transport like licensed taxis, which reduce the risks involved with independent drivers, making travel safer.

Precautions for personal safety and avoiding criminal activity

Precautions for personal safety and avoiding criminal activity

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To ensure personal safety and avoid criminal activity while traveling in Mexico, it’s crucial to take necessary precautions. By avoiding looking like a tourist, keeping valuables secure, and being aware of common scams, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to crimes. Stay informed and take proactive steps to safeguard yourself during your Mexican adventures.

Avoiding looking like a tourist

Blending in with the locals can help keep you safe while traveling in Mexico. Here are some tips:

  • Dress modestly and avoid flashy jewelry or accessories.
  • Opt for casual clothing that won’t draw attention.
  • Keep expensive gadgets concealed or out of sight.
  • Rely on GPS or offline maps instead of asking strangers for directions.
  • Research common tourist scams, and don’t trust unsolicited offers or requests for money.

These tips can help ensure your safety while traveling in Mexico.

Keeping valuables secure

Securing your valuables is a must when traveling in Mexico – a country with a troubling crime rate. Here are some points to help you protect your possessions:

  1. Wear a money belt or hidden pouch for your cash, cards and vital docs.
  2. Don’t show off pricey jewellery or other pricey items.
  3. Keep bags and backpacks on you at all times, fastened securely.
  4. Use the safe provided in hotels for passports and electronics.

These tips will help minimize the risk of theft and keep your valuable possessions safe. Be sure to follow them for a worry-free trip!

Common scams to be aware of

When in Mexico, be aware of scams! Tourists are often targeted because they may not know the area or customs. To protect yourself, remember these tips:

  • Be careful of people pretending to be officials and asking for bribes or money.
  • Avoid street vendors who charge too much for items or services.
  • Cover the keypad when entering PINs at ATMs and look out for card skimming devices.
  • Beware of strangers offering help with tourist attractions, as they may have another motive.
  • Refrain from accepting food or drinks from strangers, especially in crowded places where drugging has been reported.

These precautions can help to keep you safe from scams when travelling in Mexico. However, be aware that scammers are constantly innovating, so stay informed of the latest trends and stay vigilant.

By being informed and cautious, travelers will have a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring all that Mexico has to offer!

Safe tourist destinations in Mexico

Safe tourist destinations in Mexico

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When it comes to safe tourist destinations in Mexico, there are a few gems worth exploring. From the vibrant Playa Del Carmen to the culturally rich Oaxaca State and the idyllic Isla Mujeres, these spots in Mexico offer a blend of safety and adventure for travelers. So, let’s dive into these destinations and uncover the reasons why they are considered safe havens for tourists.

Playa Del Carmen

In Playa Del Carmen (Reference 7.1), tourists can explore a range of accommodations. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels, the city has it all. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Visitors can saunter along Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida), which is bustling with restaurants, bars, and stores selling local crafts.

Playa Del Carmen also offers convenient transport options (Reference 7.1). Travelers can take licensed taxis or simply walk due to the city’s small size. It’s the perfect base for exploring attractions like Tulum and Cozumel.

Another thing that makes Playa Del Carmen special are cenotes (natural sinkholes). These amazing places provide a chance to swim and dive in crystal-clear water. They make for a sensational experience.

Pro Tip: Enjoying the beaches of Playa Del Carmen? Make sure to stay hydrated and use sunscreen!

Oaxaca State

Safe and welcoming, Mexico’s Oaxaca State is a prime tourist destination. It offers a wealth of attractions, like archaeological sites, colonial architecture, traditional markets, and delicious cuisine. Here are the details:

  • Safety Level: Low crime rate.
  • Tourist Attractions: Monte Albán, Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca City historic center.
  • Popular Activities: Exploring markets, trying traditional cuisine.
  • Recommended Precautions: Avoid isolated areas at night. Keep valuables secure.

Oaxaca State is renowned for its unique mix of indigenous cultures, plus its vibrant traditions. The Zapotec and Mixtec civilizations are still alive and well here – explore their history through archaeological sites like Monte Albán. Hierve el Agua is a must-see, with its cascading mineral formations and stunning landscapes. And don’t miss the historic center of Oaxaca City, with its well-preserved colonial architecture and lively atmosphere.

Pro Tip: Sample the region’s diverse and flavorful cuisine! Try mole negro, tlayudas, or mezcal – a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave plants, which is deeply rooted in local culture.

Isla Mujeres

In Isla Mujeres, tourists can wander the streets, filled with local shops and restaurants. Colorful buildings and friendly locals showcase the island’s vibrant culture. Delight in delicious seafood and traditional Mexican cuisine while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. With its picturesque landscapes and warm hospitality, Isla Mujeres provides a unique escape from the city.

Accommodation options abound, from luxury resorts to cozy guesthouses. Plus, the island follows strict safety protocols to guarantee visitors’ wellbeing. Perfect for travelers seeking a safe and comfortable stay!

Travel safety tips for solo travelers

Travel safety tips for solo travelers

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Traveling solo can be an exhilarating adventure, but it’s essential to prioritize your safety. In this section, we will provide you with valuable travel safety tips specifically tailored for solo travelers. Whether it’s taking extra precautions, finding trustworthy hostels for safe accommodation, or relying on your instincts, these tips will ensure you have a secure and worry-free journey. Remember, being informed and prepared is key to enjoying a safe and fulfilling solo travel experience.

Taking extra precautions as a solo traveler

For solo travelers, extra safety steps are important. From bustling cities to remote places, being prepared & aware can reduce risks & improve your journey. To stay safe:

  • Keep track of safety info for the areas you’ll be visiting. Consult trusted sources for up-to-date news about security matters.
  • Do research & select accommodations with good safety reviews, like secure entrances, 24-hr reception & well-lit common areas.
  • Don’t show off valuable items. Secure your stuff in lockable bags or lockers.
  • Stay alert & trust your instincts when exploring unfamiliar places. Be wary of people exhibiting suspicious behavior.
  • Don’t share personal info with strangers, including travel plans. Be careful when talking to others & don’t accept help from people you don’t know.
  • Plan & share your itinerary with family or friends. Check in with them often so they know where you are.

Prioritize safety while still enjoying Mexico’s incredible experiences. Find a good hostel, so the only thing scarier than Mexico is a bad Mexican hostel!

Finding good hostels for safe accommodation

Searching for good hostels with safe accommodation is key when you travel to Mexico. Have a look at reviews and ratings from former guests – this will give you an idea of the safety levels. Plus, check if the hostel has security measures such as CCTV, secure entrance and lockers. Additionally, it’s a bonus to stay in hostels that are located in busy spots or tourist hotspots where security is always present. Ask the hostel management about any additional safety precautions like staff training, emergency protocols and access control systems. Make sure you factor in safety when deciding on a hostel – trust the reviews and choose hostels with visible security measures for a peaceful stay in Mexico.

Trusting instincts

When exploring Mexico, rely on your instincts. Listen to your intuition and gut feelings; they can warn you of potential risks that may not be obvious. This helps you navigate the new environment and make decisions that prioritize your safety.

Trust your instincts to steer clear of potential danger and scams. If something feels off or uncomfortable, get away or find help from authorities. This will help you minimize risks and make the most of your trip.

Apart from general safety rules, such as hiding your possessions and not appearing too touristy, trusting your gut is an extra layer of protection. Your intuition can tell you if a person or situation is trustworthy. Respect your own judgement and use it to decide who to interact with and where to go.

Remember, everyone’s instincts are different. What’s safe for one person may not feel the same for the other. When traveling in Mexico, trust your instincts and stay safe!

Safety considerations for families traveling to Mexico

Safety considerations for families traveling to Mexico

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When it comes to traveling to Mexico with your family, safety is of utmost importance. In this section, we will explore safety considerations specifically tailored for families. From researching family-friendly destinations in Mexico to understanding Mexico’s family-oriented culture and safety tips, we’ll equip you with the essential knowledge to ensure a safe and memorable trip for your loved ones.

Researching family-friendly destinations in Mexico

Mexico has amazing family-friendly destinations to explore. With its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, it offers plenty of options for kids. It is important to make sure the destination is safe and suits your children’s needs.

Some of the best places to visit are:

  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Oaxaca State
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Merida
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Cancun

When planning a trip with your family, consider the different age groups and activities that everyone will enjoy. Look for accommodations that provide amenities for kids, like pools, playgrounds, and kids’ clubs. Research transportation and food hygiene safety measures for the destination.

A Nebraska family recently visited Tulum with their three young kids. They researched the safety aspects of the destination before their trip and found it to be a great family-friendly place with plenty of activities for children. They had a wonderful time exploring Mayan ruins, swimming in cenotes, and eating local cuisine.

Mexico is great for travelling with loved ones. Research family-friendly destinations and follow safety tips for an enjoyable and safe experience.

Mexico’s family-oriented culture and safety tips

Mexico’s culture is rooted in strong family values. Spending quality time together and respecting elders are highly valued. So, when traveling to this vibrant country with your family, it’s important to consider a few safety tips.

  1. Firstly, pick family-friendly destinations. Research places that offer secure accommodation, kid-friendly attractions, and reliable public transport.
  2. Also, be aware of Mexico’s own safety customs and practices. Show respect to locals and their customs, dress modestly in religious or conservative areas, and adhere to cultural norms.
  3. Additionally, stay informed about the current situation. Know about any travel advisories or warnings issued by authorities before you go. Be aware of potential risks and areas where extra caution is advised.
  4. Finally, remember that individual responsibility is important too. Remain vigilant and trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable or perceive any risks.

So, research family-friendly destinations, familiarize yourself with local customs and practices, and stay informed about any travel advisories. That way, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your entire family in Mexico. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and family-oriented society of this beautiful country.

Getting around Mexico safely

Getting around Mexico safely

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Navigating through Mexico safely is essential for any traveler. In this section, we will explore different ways to ensure your safety while getting around. From driving during the day to using licensed taxis and being cautious with public transport, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you make the most of your journey without compromising your well-being.

Driving during the day

When driving in Mexico during the day, safety is key. Here are some important measures to keep in mind:

  • Plan your route ahead and be familiar with local laws.
  • Avoid distractions and stay alert.
  • Lock car doors and keep windows closed when traveling through urban areas or crowded places.
  • And, opt for licensed taxis instead of hitchhiking with a mariachi band!

These measures will help ensure a secure journey, so you can enjoy exploring this fascinating country while minimizing any risks that may arise on the road.

Using licensed taxis

Licensed taxis are recommended for safe travel in Mexico. They’re registered and regulated, meaning they’re reliable and secure. Avoid independent drivers who don’t have licenses or background checks. They may engage in criminal activities like robbery or assault! So, be cautious and prioritize safety when choosing transport.

Alternative options, like ride-sharing services, can also be a safe means of transportation. Request rides through apps. Check the driver and vehicle info before getting in. Make sure the service is legal and follows safety regulations.

When using taxis or other transport services in Mexico, remain vigilant. Don’t share too much personal info with drivers. Hide valuable belongings. Keep doors locked once inside! Taking these measures can help reduce risks associated with Mexican taxi travel.

Overall, licensed taxis are key to staying safe in Mexico. Whether you choose traditional taxis or modern ride-sharing services, prioritize safety and make informed choices. That way, you can enjoy your journey without worrying about unregulated or fraudulent taxi operations.

Caution with public transport

Public transport in Mexico can be risky. It’s important to be aware of the potential danger and take precautions to stay safe.

  • Go for licensed taxis: Use official taxis rather than unlicensed ones. They are regulated and provide a safer journey.
  • Avoid independent drivers: Don’t accept rides from unknown drivers. This could lead to scams or unsafe situations.
  • Stay alert: When travelling, pay attention to your surroundings. Be on the lookout for suspicious people and watch your belongings.
  • Travel in day time: Whenever possible, travel during the day. This offers better visibility and lowers the risk of criminal activity.
  • Get informed: Before using public transport, get to know the route and the system. It will help you not get lost or end up in unfamiliar places.
  • Follow local advice: Follow the safety instructions provided by the authorities. It’s important for your own security.

It’s important to be familiar with the safety details of public transportation in Mexico. With knowledge and precaution, travelers can enjoy a safe journey.

Natural disaster risks and precautions in Mexico

Natural disaster risks and precautions in Mexico

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Mexico is a diverse country that offers stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences. However, it is crucial to be aware of the natural disaster risks and necessary precautions. In this section, we will delve into the specific risks associated with earthquakes and hurricanes, and the precautions to consider when traveling. Despite these risks, it’s important to note that Mexico has an overall low risk of natural disasters, ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Earthquakes and precautions

Mexico, known for its seismic activity, is located in an area prone to earthquakes. So, travelers need to be aware of the precautions that should be taken in case of seismic activity.

Stay informed about safety procedures and follow instructions given by local authorities. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by Mexico’s government and international organizations. Identify safe areas in buildings, stay away from windows and heavy objects, and have an emergency plan in place.

Also, have an emergency kit with essential supplies ready. Research seismic activity level for your destination and adjust precautionary measures accordingly.

Pro Tip: Keep updated with earthquake info through official channels such as local news outlets or government websites. This can help you respond appropriately in case of an earthquake and ensure your safety while traveling in Mexico. Brace yourself – hurricanes in Mexico are no joke!

Hurricanes and precautions


In Mexico, hurricanes are a potential risk for travelers. Be sure to take precautions to stay safe and limit damage.

Stay informed: Check weather updates regularly to know about any nearby hurricanes.

Follow guidance: Obey orders from local authorities and evacuate if needed.

Secure belongings: Protect your documents like passports and ID in case of evacuation or hurricane damage.

Have an emergency plan: Know how to reach help and locate shelters.

Prepare for power outages: Have flashlights, batteries, food, and water for blackouts.

Remember to prioritize safety and follow official instructions.

Overall low risk of natural disasters in Mexico

Ready to explore Mexico? Despite having a low risk of natural disasters, you should stay informed and take necessary precautions. Earthquakes and hurricanes are most common in the Central American region, but Mexico has implemented safety standards that help mitigate their impact. Additionally, hurricanes on the eastern coast tend to be milder than those in other parts of the Caribbean.

Before heading out, make sure to keep up with weather conditions and any potential risks. In case of increased risk, such as during hurricane season, follow any instructions or warnings issued by local authorities. To ensure your safety, use licensed taxis, avoid looking like a tourist, secure your valuables, and be aware of common scams.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Mexico! With proper preparation and safety considerations, you can experience all this diverse country has to offer. Stay updated on travel advisories and consult with local authorities or trusted sources for the latest information before traveling. Safe travels!

U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory

U.S. Government

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The U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory provides crucial insights on the risks of violent crime, specific state advisories for travel, and precautions for U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico. Stay informed and learn about the precautions you need to take before embarking on your trip.

Risks of violent crime in Mexico

Mexico has a bad rap for violent crime. It’s essential to understand the associated risks when traveling in the country. Being cautious and relying on research are key.

Risks include:

  • Drug-related violence
  • Gang activity
  • Robbery and carjacking
  • High crime zones
  • Kidnapping/extortion

Travelers should keep up with government safety advisories. This includes state warnings, precautions for U.S. citizens, and COVID-19 notices. Knowing guidelines is essential.

Safe tourist destinations exist in Mexico too – Playa Del Carmen, Oaxaca State, and Isla Mujeres have lower crime rates. Research these destinations before planning trips.

Solo travelers should take extra precautions. Find reputable hostels, trust instincts, and stay alert. Families should research family-friendly destinations and consider Mexico’s family culture.

For travel in Mexico, drive during the day and use licensed taxis. Public transport should be used carefully. Natural disaster risks exist too – earthquakes and hurricanes. But the risk is low compared to other countries.

Specific state advisories for travel in Mexico

Are you travelling to Mexico? It’s important to keep in mind that the safety conditions of different states can vary.

The state advisories provide important information to help travellers make informed decisions. This includes assessing crime trends, drug-related violence, and other security concerns.

The U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory also offers additional guidance regarding the risks of violent crime in Mexico.

In the past, certain areas or states have been identified as high-risk or unsafe for travel due to criminal activity. So, travellers must stay updated and heed the advice of the state advisories for a safe journey.

One traveller shared her experience of visiting a coastal town that was marked as safe. However, she became a victim of pickpocketing. This serves as a reminder to remain vigilant even when travelling to areas deemed safe.

So, before heading to Mexico, make sure to take precautions and pack some common sense!

Precautions for U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico

As a responsible traveler, it is key for U.S. citizens to take steps when traveling to Mexico. By taking the necessary steps, travelers can make sure they are safe and reduce any potential risk.

  1. Licensed taxis: Pick licensed taxis, not independent drivers. Licensed taxis have the right documentation.
  2. Avoid looking like a tourist: Blend in with the locals. Don’t wear clothes or accessories that scream “tourist”.
  3. Secure valuables: Keep valuable items locked up or use hotel safes. Don’t carry lots of cash or show off expensive items.
  4. Know common scams: Be aware of common scams, like fake police officers or people pretending to be tour guides.
  5. Research family-friendly destinations: If you are traveling with family, research and pick destinations that are known to be family-friendly.

Plus, you should consider other details. During the COVID-19 pandemic, stay cautious. The situation can change in different regions of Mexico. Also, follow the guidance of the U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory. This provides info on risks and precautions for U.S. citizens going to Mexico.

Back in 2019, the U.S. State Department issued a Level 2 travel advisory for Mexico. This was because of violent crime in certain areas. The advisory emphasized the need for caution and the importance of taking the necessary precautions when visiting Mexico. Although many regions of Mexico are safe, it is essential for U.S. citizens to stay informed and follow the guidelines of both the U.S. Government and local authorities.

COVID-19 travel health notice for Mexico

COVID-19 travel health notice for Mexico

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Exercise caution as we explore the current COVID-19 travel health notice for Mexico. Discover the regional advisories, levels of crime and violence during the pandemic, and important factors to consider before planning your trip. Stay informed and stay safe while traveling in Mexico.

Exercise a high degree of caution

When visiting Mexico, it is essential to be aware of the nation’s high rate of violent crime. The U.S. Govt’s Mexico Travel Advisory outlines potential dangers and advises travelers to take precautionary steps. Dressing inconspicuously and keeping valuables secure can help reduce the risk of being targeted by criminals. Be vigilant against common scams and research them beforehand. It is recommended to travel during daylight hours and use licensed taxis or ride-hailing services from reputable companies. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes are rare, but it’s wise to be aware of emergency procedures in case of an unforeseen event.

Finally, check the U.S. Government’s Mexico Travel Advisory website for up-to-date advisories and measures for U.S. citizens when traveling to Mexico. Oh, and don’t forget: COVID-19 in Mexico brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘travel bug’!

Regional advisory for COVID-19 in Mexico

The regional advisory for COVID-19 in Mexico offers guidance for travelers. It outlines what precautions to take when venturing to certain areas.

It is essential to stay informed about the advisory. It serves as a guide, highlighting areas with high virus activity. Following the advice provided lets people make informed decisions and protect their health.

In addition to general guidelines, the advisory may have region-specific recommendations. These could include local regulations, testing requirements, and quarantine protocols.

Travelers should always check the regional advisory before making any travel plans. The pandemic is ever-changing. Knowing the latest updates helps people make decisions based on current conditions.

Travelers are urged to follow all safety measures outlined in the advisory. This includes social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and keeping up with local authorities.

By knowing the regional advisory for COVID-19 in Mexico and following its guidelines, travelers can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 while having a safe trip.

Levels of crime and violence during COVID-19

The levels of crime and violence in Mexico are important to understand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown Mexico’s reputation for violent crime. It is key to use common sense and licensed taxis when travelling. Also, it is vital to not appear like a tourist, keep valuables secure, and be aware of scams.

These points give valuable insight into crime and violence levels during COVID-19 in Mexico. There are other key details to consider too. For example, taking extra precautions as a solo traveller, finding safe hostels, and trusting instincts. By doing so, travellers can keep safer while exploring Mexico in this difficult period.

Pro Tip: Make sure to follow government travel advisories from your home country for the latest information and guidance while travelling to Mexico during COVID-19.

Some Facts About Safe Travel in Mexico:

  • ✅ The US State Department has “do not travel” advisories in place for six states in Mexico, including Tamaulipas where recent violence occurred. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Playa del Carmen and Cancún, popular spring break destinations, are located in Quintana Roo, where travelers are advised to exercise increased caution. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Despite risks, international flight arrivals in Mexico were up by 13% in January compared to before the pandemic. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Travelers are advised to maintain situational awareness, avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and promptly leave potentially dangerous situations. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Researching security and medical risks, as well as having confidence in accommodations, transport, communication, and security arrangements, is crucial for a safe trip to Mexico. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Where Is Safe To Travel In Mexico

Is Mexico a safe country to travel to?

Answer: Mexico is generally considered a safe country to visit, but there are certain dangerous areas that tourists should avoid. The US Department of State has issued travel advisories for several states due to factors such as rising crime rates and kidnappings. However, major tourist destinations are generally safe, and the overall crime rate in Mexico is actually higher in the United States. It is important to exercise caution and follow safety precautions while traveling in Mexico.

Which areas in Mexico should be avoided due to safety concerns?

Answer: The US State Department advises against traveling to states such as Baja California, Tijuana, Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas due to increasing criminal activity. There have been reports of attacks and killings of Americans and other foreign visitors in these areas. It is important to stay updated with the latest travel advisories and avoid these high-risk areas.

What are some top travel tips for ensuring safety in Mexico?

Answer: Some important travel tips for ensuring safety in Mexico include conducting thorough research on your destination, blending in with the local culture and avoiding the appearance of wealth, using licensed taxis or ride-sharing services, avoiding walking alone at night, keeping valuables secure, and being cautious when using ATMs or exchanging money. It is also recommended to keep your loved ones informed about your travel plans and to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Are there any specific safety concerns for American citizens traveling to Mexico?

Answer: American citizens should be aware of the travel restrictions and safety precautions advised by the US government. These include avoiding traveling between cities after dark, not hailing taxis on the street, and relying on regulated taxi stands or dispatched vehicles. It is also recommended to avoid traveling alone, especially in remote areas. Additionally, driving from the US-Mexico border to the interior parts of Mexico is prohibited for US government employees, except for specific routes during daylight hours.

What are the main risks associated with traveling to Mexico during spring break?

Answer: The main risks associated with traveling to Mexico during spring break include increased crowds and potential for pickpocketing or other petty crimes, as well as the temptation to engage in excessive drinking or risky behavior. It is important to maintain situational awareness, avoid confrontation, and stay informed about any local safety issues or restrictions. Taking precautions and following the guidance of trusted sources can help ensure a safe and enjoyable spring break experience.

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Escondido in Mexico?

Answer: Puerto Escondido, located in the state of Oaxaca, has experienced recent incidents of violence, including a murder involving a foreign tourist. While Puerto Escondido is generally considered safe, it is important to be cautious and aware of any safety concerns in the area. Stay updated on travel advisories and take necessary precautions, such as avoiding walking alone at night and securing your belongings. It is advisable to research the current situation and exercise increased caution when traveling to Puerto Escondido or other areas in Oaxaca.