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Weather in New Valley

Key takeaway:

  • New Valley Governorate’s weather is characterized by a subtropical desert climate, with high temperatures and low precipitation.
  • Kharga Oasis, located in New Valley, has current weather conditions that reflect the overall climate of the region.
  • The website offers various weather information and services, including daily forecasts, hourly forecasts, and a “Don’t Miss” section for important updates.

Introduction to New Valley Governorate’s weather

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New Valley Governorate’s weather is a fascinating subject worth exploring. This section provides an introduction to the climate and geographical location of New Valley, shedding light on the unique weather patterns and factors that influence this region. Stay tuned to discover interesting facts and insights about the weather in New Valley Governorate.

Overview of New Valley’s climate and geographical location

New Valley Governorate, in Egypt, has a unique climate. It lies in the western part of the country. It is known for its subtropical desert climate. Sandy plains and low-lying mountains make up the picturesque landscape. Temperatures stay high all year round, with little rainfall. Being in a desert region, summers are long and hot, while winters are mild.

The geographical position plays a big role in New Valley’s climate. It is surrounded by arid deserts and far from large water bodies. This leads to low humidity and an arid desert climate. The Tropic of Cancer’s proximity also causes higher temperatures than other parts of Egypt.

New Valley’s position on the Earth’s surface affects its weather patterns too. Winds blow strongly during certain seasons, resulting in sandstorms and dust storms that can affect visibility.

Current weather conditions in Kharga Oasis, New Valley

Current weather conditions in Kharga Oasis, New Valley

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Kharga Oasis, New Valley has a unique climate. Its temperature and precipitation vary drastically. This is due to its location and atmospheric elements.

During the day, it’s boiling hot. But at night, it’s cooler. The area gets little rain, creating arid conditions. All these factors make Kharga Oasis, New Valley a special and demanding place in terms of its weather.

Daily weather forecast for New Valley Governorate

Daily weather forecast for New Valley Governorate

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Prepare yourself for the daily weather forecast in New Valley Governorate! From the morning to the nighttime, we will provide you with essential updates on the weather conditions you can expect throughout the day. Stay ahead and be well-prepared for whatever the elements have in store for you in this region.

Morning weather forecast

Mornings in New Valley Governorate are hot and dry. The subtropical desert climate creates high temperatures, with minimal rainfall. Historical records show warm weather with dew points that reflect the arid environment. Wind speeds are moderate and sea level pressure is stable.

Prepare yourself! Hotter than a desert mirage, New Valley will be scorching in the afternoon. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Understand wind speeds and sea level pressure to prepare for specific weather conditions. Have a great day in the subtropical desert!

Afternoon weather forecast

The weather forecast for New Valley Governorate in the afternoon is handy for residents and visitors. It shows predicted temperature, wind speed, and any changes in weather patterns. This forecast is useful if you need to plan your activities or make decisions based on the weather.

In the afternoon, the region has a hot, subtropical desert climate. Temperatures usually go over 30 degrees Celsius. However, cloud cover and wind patterns can cause daily differences.

Humidity levels are low in the afternoon in New Valley. The dry air can be uncomfortable, so it is important to stay hydrated and take precautions when outside.

The afternoon weather forecast gives particulars about temperature trends and atmospheric conditions in New Valley Governorate. By knowing the forecast, individuals can plan their day and make decisions based on the expected weather.

Evening weather forecast

The evening weather for New Valley Governorate will be different. Temperatures can be cooler than the afternoon. Wind speed may decrease, creating a calm atmosphere. Remember, the forecast can be different in different areas of the Governorate.

Humidity, cloud cover and other factors are also taken into account.

It’s important to check the daily weather forecast, to stay informed of conditions all day. Then you can decide which plans or outdoor activities are best.

Nighttime weather forecast

Nighttime weather forecasts are essential for those in or visiting New Valley Governorate. This report provides info about expected conditions during the night, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation.

New Valley has a subtropical desert climate. The average yearly temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius, with very little rainfall. Nighttime temperatures are usually cooler than daytime ones. Wind speed and sea level pressure also influence the conditions.

To be prepared for nighttime in New Valley, it’s best to dress comfortably and stay hydrated. Bring appropriate clothing or blankets in case temperatures drop. Stay aware of wind speed and sea level pressure changes. Knowing the forecast helps to maximize activities and stay safe.

Additional weather information and services available on the website

Additional weather information and services available on the website

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Text: Weather in New Valley is a website that offers users lots of weather data. It provides:

  • Real-time updates on temperature, humidity, wind speed & precipitation.
  • Hourly & daily forecasts to plan activities.
  • Severe weather alerts & warnings.
  • Climate data to gain insights into weather patterns.
  • Outdoor activity recommendations.

It also has interactive maps, satellite images, and radar animations. Plus, info on local stations & weather-related news. The interface is user-friendly with customizable preferences & notifications. It’s also mobile-optimized so users can access info on the go. Weather in New Valley is always developing to provide accurate & reliable data to its users.

In the past, people had to rely on basic weather instruments & observations to forecast weather. Now, with technology like meteorological satellites, radar & modeling, websites like Weather in New Valley have made it possible to get detailed data with ease. This has improved safety, efficiency & quality of life for individuals, businesses & governments.

Introduction to other articles and sections on the website

Introduction to other articles and sections on the website

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Discover what our website has to offer in terms of weather information. From the must-read “Don’t Miss” section to the detailed “Hourly Forecast” and comprehensive “Daily Forecast” sections, we have you covered for all your weather needs. Stay informed and plan ahead with the wealth of data and insights available on our website.

“Don’t Miss” section

The “Don’t Miss” section is essential. It gives info & services on New Valley Governorate’s weather.

Visitors can find out about temp, humidity, wind speed & more. It has an hourly forecast with predictions for each hour of the day. Perfect for planning activities & travel arrangements.

Plus, a daily weather forecast for New Valley Governorate. The website also has other valuable weather information & services.

In conclusion, this section provides essential info & services. My friend Diana used it before a hiking trip in Kharga Oasis. She saw strong winds coming & changed her plans. This kept her safe & made her outdoor experience better.

“Hourly Forecast” section

The “Hourly Forecast” section provides you with all the details you need to stay informed about the weather in New Valley Governorate. It has a table with columns for time, temperature, chance of rain, wind speed, and more.

This section also gives you unique information, like cloud cover, humidity levels, and atmospheric pressure. This helps you plan activities safely.

Don’t forget to check out the “Hourly Forecast” section! Knowing the weather conditions can help you make the right decisions.

Plus, don’t miss our Daily Forecast section. You can use it to plan ahead and “hit the weather jackpot!” Get ready to predict your own weather adventure.

“Daily Forecast” section

The “Daily Forecast” section of this site is a benefit to people living in and visiting the New Valley Governorate. It provides precise weather forecasts tailored to the region. There are four subsections that give comprehensive info to help individuals plan their day.

The 1st subsection is the morning forecast. This gives people a jump start on planning morning activities. The 2nd subsection is the afternoon forecast. This helps those planning outdoor activities during the midday period.

An evening forecast is also provided. This allows individuals to plan their evening activities based on the expected weather. And a nighttime forecast offers information about the expected weather at night.

Each subsection details temperature, wind speed, and precipitation. This gives a more accurate representation of what to expect throughout the day. It’s important to note that this section offers real-time updates based on current meteorological data.

Daily forecasts assist locals and visitors in preparing for daily activities or travel plans. This section has proven to be beneficial and dependable for those seeking up-to-date info on New Valley’s daily weather.

Be prepared for hot summers and sandstorms in the New Valley Governorate! Its desert climate is like a real-life Mad Max movie.

Subtropical desert climate of New Valley

Subtropical desert climate of New Valley

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Located in New Valley, the subtropical desert climate offers a unique blend of weather conditions. From the average yearly temperature and precipitation to historical records of temperature and dew point, and even wind speed and sea level pressure, this section will explore the distinct characteristics that shape the climate in New Valley. Prepare to uncover fascinating facts and figures about this remarkable desert region.

Average yearly temperature and precipitation

The New Valley Governorate’s subtropical desert climate is known for its high temps and minimal rainfall. Grasping the yearly avg. temp and precipitation is key for understanding local weather patterns.

Creating a table visualizes these yearly averages. It’ll have columns for temp and precipitation, which allow detailed analysis of the data on a monthly/seasonal basis. Temp columns display highs and lows throughout the year. The precipitation column shows recorded rainfall amounts. This table makes it simple to compare and study the climate trends.

Certain months/seasons have unique aspects that may be of interest. Heat waves or heavy rainfall in certain periods can be studied. This gives a more comprehensive understanding of New Valley’s weather patterns.

Historical perspective unveils climate trends in New Valley over the long term. Analyzing past records reveals any shifts/deviations from the avg. values. This data helps predict future weather patterns based on past trends.

Historical temperature records and dew point

A table can be created to show historical temperature and dew point records. It’ll have columns like Year, Average Temperature, Max Temperature, Min Temperature, and Dew Point. This data will give us info on the temperature and dew point trends in the New Valley Governorate.

Max and min temperatures are an important part of historical analysis. Comparing them to current weather helps experts see if there are any significant changes. Plus, dew point values give us insight into moisture levels in the atmosphere. This is crucial for understanding humidity and potential rainfall.

Meteorologists can study the historical temperature records and dew point measurements to find long-term climate trends in the New Valley Governorate. This knowledge helps them make more accurate predictions for future weather.

Wind speed and sea level pressure

Wind speed and sea level pressure in New Valley Governorate are key for understanding the weather. The table below shows current, average, and high/max measurements in mph and mb.

Gusts and direction also affect wind patterns. Variations in sea level pressure can signal upcoming storms or high-pressure systems.

Stay informed on wind speed and sea level pressure. This way, you can stay safe and make the most of the region.



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New Valley is renowned for its unique climate features. Located in the southwest of Egypt, the average temperature is above 30 Celsius. Rainfall is scarce, classifying the region as a desert climate. This makes it difficult for crops to grow and puts pressure on water resources.

The climate has serious repercussions for the population and economy. Crop production declines and innovative agricultural techniques such as drip irrigation and water recycling are necessary. Water conservation and desalination technologies are needed to sustain groundwater.

Despite the tough weather, New Valley offers tourists a special experience. Visitors can explore the sand dunes, oases, White Desert National Park and Ain Dallah Hot Spring.

For a successful future, sustainable water management practices should be implemented. Water conservation, desalination and alternative sources should be promoted. Additionally, the local economy should diversify beyond agriculture with tourism and cultural activities. Collaboration is essential for policymakers and stakeholders to ensure a prosperous future for New Valley.

Some Facts About Weather in New Valley:

  • ✅ New Valley, Egypt has a subtropical desert climate with an average yearly temperature of 26.78ºC (80.2ºF). (Source:
  • ✅ The city typically receives very little precipitation, about 0.08 millimeters (0.0 inches) annually. (Source:
  • ✅ The warmest month in New Valley is August, with an average high temperature of 39.0ºC (102.2ºF). (Source:
  • ✅ The coldest month in New Valley is January, with an average low temperature of 8.74ºC (47.73ºF). (Source:
  • ✅ The humidity in New Valley is around 29.3%. (Source:

FAQs about Weather In New Valley

What is the current weather in New Valley?

The current weather in New Valley is not specified in the provided information.

What is the temperature range in New Valley tomorrow?

The temperature range in New Valley tomorrow is not specified in the provided information.

Is there a chance of rain in New Valley tomorrow?

There is a 5% chance of rain in New Valley tomorrow, with less than 1mm of expected rainfall.

What is the wind speed in New Valley tomorrow?

The wind speed in New Valley tomorrow is not specified in the provided information.

Are there any active warnings or forecasts for New Valley?

There are no active warnings or forecasts available for New Valley in the provided information.

What is the average yearly temperature in New Valley?

The average yearly temperature in New Valley is 26.78ºC (80.2ºF).