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Key Takeaways:

  • War Memorial Park Pool offers a variety of activities and amenities for visitors, including free senior swim sessions and water aerobics.
  • Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool, located in Nuriootpa, provides a range of facilities and activities, emphasizing safety requirements and regulations for the enjoyment of visitors.
  • Camden War Memorial Pool is a collaborative effort between Camden Council and the YMCA NSW, supporting youth and community programs while ensuring safety regulations are upheld.
  • Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool offers a comprehensive pool complex with various facilities, including a kiosk, cafe, gym, and swim shop, as well as swim school and aqua fitness classes.
  • Pricing and entry fees for the Coffs Harbour pool complex depend on different age groups and offer options for multi-visit passes and memberships, with separate fees for gym access and classes, subject to terms and conditions.
  • The Pool War conflict in Congo is a separate topic discussed in the article, providing background on the causes, duration, casualties, and the impact of the ceasefire agreement.


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A war pool is a concept in reference data. It’s a centralized collection of resources, like troops, equipment, and funds. This pool is used during wars to efficiently use resources and maximize success.

War pools are important for military strategy and planning. They let forces coordinate and deploy assets together, increasing their operational capability. War pools also promote cooperation between different units, creating unity and a common purpose.

Overview of War Memorial Park Pool and its activities

Overview of War Memorial Park Pool and its activities

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War Memorial Park Pool is a renowned aquatic facility offering activities for all ages. It sits in a beautiful park and provides a refreshing escape for locals and tourists. Boasting state-of-the-art amenities and well-maintained facilities, the pool ensures a delightful experience for its guests.

The pool offers a variety of activities and programs tailored to different interests and abilities. It has swimming lessons for beginners to advanced training for competitive swimmers. Plus, water aerobics classes and aqua therapy sessions promote fitness and wellness.

To further enhance the experience, the pool features spacious changing rooms, well-equipped locker facilities, and plenty of seating. Lifeguards are always on duty to ensure swimmers are safe.

War Memorial Park Pool is a hub of recreational and fitness pursuits. Whether it’s a leisurely swim, an energizing workout, or socializing with friends and family, this pool is an ideal spot for a break from everyday life.

Temporary schedule changes due to closure of Lambert pool

Temporary schedule changes due to closure of Lambert pool

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With the temporary closure of Lambert pool, there have been some schedule changes worth noting. Among them are the free senior and adaptive swim sessions, providing a unique opportunity for seniors to engage in invigorating water activities. Additionally, free senior water aerobics classes cater to the specific needs and fitness goals of older adults. These schedule changes aim to accommodate the pool closure while still offering valuable aquatic experiences for seniors.

Free Senior & Adaptive Swim

The War Memorial Park Pool has temporary schedule changes due to Lambert pool closure. These changes involve free senior and adaptive swim sessions, as well as free senior water aerobics.

These sessions are specially designed for seniors and those with disabilities, and include lifeguards and staff who guarantee everyone’s safety. The pool is also equipped with ramps for easy access.

Not to mention, Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool offers similar programs for seniors and people with disabilities, including facilities for different age groups. They also follow Camden War Memorial Pool’s safety regulations.

We invite you to update your web browsers for viewing information related to these programs at Camden War Memorial Pool.

And lastly – join us for free senior water aerobics – float your way to fitness!

Free Senior Water Aerobics

The War Memorial Park Pool offers Free Senior Water Aerobics! It’s designed for older adults. These sessions help target different muscle groups without putting strain on joints. Water-based exercises aid seniors with endurance, balance, and reduce falling risk. Qualified instructors are in the pool to guide and adjust for different fitness levels or physical limitations.

Besides health advantages, there are social opportunities for seniors. Group environments foster interaction and camaraderie. Seniors can gain physical and social benefits. Before starting, it’s wise for seniors to check with their healthcare provider for medical clearance. This way, exercises can be tailored to individual needs or modified for existing health conditions. Also, don’t forget a water bottle and swimwear.

Free Senior Water Aerobics at War Memorial Park Pool is an opportunity for seniors to stay active. Enjoy improved fitness, increased social engagement, and a refreshing way to stay active!

Description of Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool

Description of Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool

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Situated in Nuriootpa, the War Pool captures the essence of commemoration and relaxation. Discover the pool’s location, top-notch facilities, unique features, and engaging activities. Learn about the safety requirements and regulations that ensure a secure environment. Find out the specific conditions for opening and closure, ensuring an optimal experience for all.

Location and facilities

The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool is located conveniently. It offers many facilities to suit everyone’s needs – individuals and families alike.

A table outlines the location and facilities of the pool. It includes columns that show the area, as well as amenities present, such as changing rooms, showers, seating areas and a kiosk.

It also highlights safety measures, like lifeguards on duty and clear signs for pool regulations.

The pool has well-maintained surroundings, including shaded areas. Visitors can relax and unwind here during breaks from swimming activities.

The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool provides something for everyone. From leisurely laps to thrilling waterslides, it is the ultimate aquatic playground.

Pool features and activities

The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool is situated in the town center. It offers an array of features and activities for visitors to enjoy. From recreational swimming to structured programs, there’s something for every age group.

The pool boasts a range of facilities, including changing rooms, showers, and shaded seating areas. Furthermore, it has stringent safety regulations such as supervision for children, proper use of lifesaving equipment, and water safety guidelines.

Opening and closure conditions change based on maintenance periods or extreme weather. To get the most updated info, check the pool’s website or contact them directly.

So, swim safely and enjoy the fantastic features and activities offered at the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool!

*This information is based on the War Memorial Park Pool article from an undisclosed source.

Safety requirements and regulations

At Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool, safety is of utmost importance. Lifeguards are always present, monitoring activities and enforcing rules. Respect and follow these rules to keep everyone safe.

  • No running on the deck and no diving in shallow areas.
  • Also, no rough play.
  • Children under a certain age must be accompanied by an adult while in the water.
  • And proper swim attire is essential: swimsuits or swim diapers for infants and toddlers.
  • Follow posted signage regarding deep-end access and lane usage.

The pool may close temporarily if necessary for safety reasons. Updates on closures or schedule changes can be found on the pool’s website and social media platforms.

Remember, these safety regulations are enforced to ensure the well-being and enjoyment of all visitors.

Pool opening and closure conditions

At Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool, the pool opening and closure requirements are outlined. These include:

  • Opening times which may change due to weather.
  • Closures if there is thunder, heavy rain, or high temperatures.
  • Notices of closures shared on the pool’s website, social media and local news.
  • Safety regulations must always be followed.

It is wise to check the pool’s website or contact them for any updates regarding opening hours and closures. So that visitors can plan their visits safely and enjoyably!

Information on Camden War Memorial Pool

Information on Camden War Memorial Pool

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With a strong partnership between Camden Council and YMCA NSW, Camden War Memorial Pool offers much more than just a swim. Discover how this community gem supports local youth programs, fosters community engagement, and ensures safety regulations for children. Don’t forget to update your web browser for a seamless browsing experience on their website.

Partnership with Camden Council and YMCA NSW

Camden War Memorial Pool has formed a beneficial bond with Camden Council and YMCA NSW. This collaboration helps the pool to assist youth and community programs in the area.

This relationship helps Camden War Memorial Pool to improve the local community’s well-being. The Camden Council provides aid and resources, while YMCA NSW adds their knowledge of managing facilities and delivering services.

A key part of this partnership is safety regulations for children. The pool takes great care in making sure that security measures are applied and followed. This includes having certified lifeguards all the time, supplying enough supervision during programs, and using safety rules for different age groups.

Apart from its loyalty to safety, Camden War Memorial Pool also understands the significance of having a modern web presence. They emphasize the need for visitors to update their browsers to get correct and updated info about pool activities, services, and events.

Overall, the partnership between Camden War Memorial Pool, Camden Council, and YMCA NSW shows their combined commitment to advancing community welfare through swimming and aquatic programs.

Support for youth and community programs

Camden War Memorial Pool provides support for youth in various ways. Free swimming lessons for kids are available to teach water safety and improve physical well-being. After-school activities such as basketball, volleyball, and swimming promote an active lifestyle.

The pool also organizes community events like fundraisers and awareness campaigns to bring people together. Camden War Memorial Pool collaborates with local stakeholders to take a comprehensive approach towards youth development.

Educational workshops cover topics like leadership skills, teamwork, and personal growth. These equip young people with essential life skills. Through its dedication, the pool has become an important part of the local community – contributing to healthier individuals and stronger communities.

Safety regulations for children

War Memorial Pool, Camden Council, and YMCA NSW prioritize the safety of children. Here are some regulations for them to stay safe:

  • Younger children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Kids participating in swimming programs must wear appropriate swimwear and obey instructors.
  • Children must not use certain pool features or equipment without adult supervision.
  • Strict guidelines exist for diving and jumping into the pool – especially for children – to avoid head and neck injuries.
  • Lifeguards are present to monitor kids’ activities and behavior.

Parents and guardians must keep an eye on their children and ensure they follow the safety regulations. By doing this, we can provide a safe space for kids to enjoy swimming. Check the official website of Camden War Memorial Pool for updates and notices about safety regulations for children.

Parents should also play an active role in supervising their children’s swimming activities. Teach them basic water safety skills, such as staying within specified areas, avoiding running near wet surfaces, and understanding their own swimming abilities.

To reduce water-related accidents among children, authorities have implemented stricter regulations and increased vigilance by lifeguards. Educational campaigns on water safety also aim to raise awareness among parents and promote child-safe practices around water bodies.

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Brief overview of “Pool Wars” book by Jay

Brief overview of "Pool Wars" book by Jay

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Zachary Clark

Jay’s “Pool Wars” book is making waves in the pool community, drawing praise from world champions and earning recognition for the author’s expertise and contribution to the sport. The book, backed by years of experience and an impeccable reputation, has even caught the attention of ACCU-Stats Video Productions. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of pool action as Jay takes us on a thrilling journey in “Pool Wars”.

Author’s expertise and knowledge in pool action

The author of “Pool Wars” is an expert in pool action. They have a deep understanding of its complexities, techniques, strategies and tactics. Their knowledge gives readers a unique perspective on the sport and helps them improve their own skills.

World champions highly value the author’s expertise and appreciate the insights they offer in the book. Endorsements from renowned figures in the pool community give readers confidence in the accuracy and relevance of the author’s knowledge.

Jay is a renowned figure in pool. Their dedication and high level of skill have earned them recognition from players and organizations in the industry. Readers can trust their insights are based on real-world experience.

Jay has also been acknowledged by ACCU-Stats Video Productions – an organization that produces high-quality billiards video content and showcases major events. The acknowledgement from ACCU-Stats Video Productions further demonstrates the author’s expertise.

Praise from world champions in the pool community

World champions in the pooling world have lauded Jay’s book, “Pool Wars,” for its remarkable insights and comprehension of pool action.

These champs have given “Pool Wars” high praise for its comprehensive comprehension of the game. Their accolades are a testimony to Jay’s immense knowledge and specialization in the realm of pool.

Pool Wars” is a must-read for aspiring poolers seeking to upgrade their skills and gain profitable insights from the pros. The recognition and endorsement from world champions in the pool community further strengthen the book’s reputation as a valuable asset for all pool-lovers.

Jay’s contribution to the sport and his reputation

Jay’s work in the pool world has been widely recognized. His expertise and knowledge are highly-regarded by pool champs. His dedication has built his reputation over the years. Professionals and fans alike appreciate his insights.

ACCU-Stats Video Productions have praised Jay’s contributions to the sport. His experience makes him a great resource for those wanting to get better at pool.

He has shared his skills and techniques, helping many players up their game. Jay’s commitment to excellence has made him a legend in the pool community.

Recognition from the pool community and ACCU-Stats Video Productions

Jump in the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool and forget your worries! Except the one about the suspiciously fast guy in the lane next to you.

Jay is renowned in the pool world. World champions are raving about his book, “Pool Wars“. He is celebrated for his knowledge and understanding of pool action, making him a respected figure amongst players and enthusiasts. ACCU-Stats Video Productions also recognises his insights and expertise, further strengthening his standing in the community.

His book has gained a lot of attention from the pool world. It has been praised for its thorough coverage, strategic tactics, and entertaining storytelling. Top-ranked players consider it a great resource for improving their game.

It is clear that Jay is an authority in the industry. Recognition from both the pool community and ACCU-Stats Video Productions speaks volumes about his expertise. This further cements his trustworthiness as a source of information.

Pro Tip: To gain recognition, show you are credible with your knowledge, experience, and contributions. Creating content and products that your target audience will appreciate will help you build a good reputation.

Description of Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool

Description of Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by James Torres

Nestled in Coffs Harbour, the War Memorial Olympic Pool stands as a testament to history and recreation. Offering an array of facilities, from a kiosk and gym to aqua fitness classes, this pool complex caters to all. With unique features, diverse opening hours, and a swim school for all ages, this aquatic haven has something for everyone. So, dive into the enriching experience and make a splash at Coffs Harbour’s iconic War Memorial Olympic Pool.

Location and pool complex features

The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool is a great spot! It has top-notch features and facilities to offer all visitors. The complex is equipped with multiple pools for all ages and skill levels. There are dedicated areas for lap swimming, leisure swimming, and children’s play. Plus, the pools are spacious and well-maintained.

To make sure everyone is safe and comfortable, the complex provides changing rooms, showers, and lockers. Also, there are various seating areas to relax, sunbathe, or observe others. And shaded areas are available for those who don’t want to be in the sun.

Moreover, the facility has lifeguards on duty at all times to monitor the pool area and respond to emergencies. Additionally, there are sections within the complex for special needs such as training or rehabilitation. Plus, accessibility features make sure people with disabilities can participate in water activities.

In conclusion, Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool is a great place for individuals of all ages to have fun and enjoy swimming.

Facilities available, including kiosk, cafe, gym, and swim shop

Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool offers many facilities to make your swimming experience even better. There’s a kiosk, a cafe, a gym, and a swim shop.

  • The kiosk is great for grabbing snacks without leaving the pool.
  • The cafe serves up meals and refreshments after swimming.
  • The gym is equipped with the latest cardio and strength machines.
  • The swim shop provides swimwear, accessories and gear.

The pool complex also offers a swim school, aqua fitness classes and different opening hours in summer and winter. Multi-visit passes or memberships are available for those who want to come back often. Fees may apply for gym access and classes.

Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool has something for everyone, whether it’s grabbing a bite at the kiosk, or shopping at the swim shop.

Swim school and aqua fitness classes offered

At the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool, swim school and aqua fitness classes are available! Professional swim instructors offer a comprehensive swim school program to learners of all ages and skill levels. Plus, experienced instructors lead aqua fitness classes for a fun, effective way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone in the water.

Safety and health are top priorities. These programs provide chances for individuals to learn to swim or enhance their swimming skills, and also enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise.

Need to cool off in summer or warm up in winter? We open at different hours for you to enjoy!

Different opening hours for summer and winter seasons

The Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool adapts its opening and closing times to seasonal variations. From Nov-Mar, the pool opens earlier and stays open later to take advantage of the long daylight hours. But, from Apr-Oct, the pool adjusts its opening/closing times to match the shorter daylight hours. This ensures safety protocols are met and swimmers can still enjoy the pool.

The pool’s opening/closing hours may change due to weather, maintenance or public demand. So, visitors should check the official website or contact the pool for accurate, up-to-date info. Coffs Harbour strives to provide a comfortable & enjoyable swimming environment in both summer & winter seasons. By offering flexible opening hours, the pool caters to different swimmers’ needs while maintaining safety standards & optimal utilization of facilities.

Ready to dive into the pricing & entry fees? Get ready to make a splash in your budget!

Pricing and entry fees for Coffs Harbour pool complex

Pricing and entry fees for Coffs Harbour pool complex

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Wayne Nelson

Discover the pricing and entry fees for the Coffs Harbour pool complex, where everyone can make a splash. From entry fees for different age groups to options for multi-visit passes and memberships, we’ll uncover the details you need to dive in. Learn about separate fees for gym access and classes, and be informed of the terms and conditions of entry and passes. Dive into the facts and figures that will help you plan your visit to this exciting aquatic destination.

Entry fees for different age groups

The table below gives a clear overview of the entry fees by age group:

Age Group Entry Fee
Children (0-12) $5.00
Youths (13-17) $7.00
Adults (18-64) $10.00
Seniors (65+) $8.00

The table makes it easy to see the entry fees for each age group. Plus, the Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool has multi-visit passes and memberships to make it convenient and affordable to come back regularly.

You may need to pay extra for services like the gym or aqua fitness. To find out the pricing for these, you can look at the pool complex website or contact customer service.

Remember to read the terms and conditions for entry and passes. These will tell you any rules, regulations, or restrictions that may apply.

The Coffs Harbour pool complex has entry fees for all age groups and passes and memberships to save money. So dive into savings and make use of this popular community facility!

Options for multi-visit passes and memberships

The Coffs Harbour pool complex offers options for multiple visits and extra benefits! Multi-visit passes and memberships are available for visitors. Passes provide convenience and savings for frequent visitors. Memberships are available for individuals and families, in monthly or yearly options.

Passes and memberships come with terms and conditions that must be followed. Plus, visitors can enjoy exclusive perks such as discounted entry fees, priority booking for aqua fitness classes, access to member-only events and discounts on the swim shop.

Don’t let your wallet take a plunge – look into separate fees for gym access and classes! Enjoy flexibility, value and tailored privileges to enhance your pool experience.

Separate fees for gym access and classes

The Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool has separate fees for gym access and classes. Everyone must pay more than just the general entry fee.

  • Gym Access Fee: For gym facilities, patrons need to pay a separate fee. This gives access to top-notch equipment & amenities to meet fitness needs.
  • Class Fee: Plus the general fee, more is charged for aqua fitness classes. These classes give specialized instruction and group workouts for specific fitness goals.
  • Multi-Visit Passes: For regular visitors, multi-visit passes provide convenience & cost savings. It covers entry & class/gym fees.
  • Membership Options: The pool complex also offers memberships with gym access &/or classes. These give unlimited usage of gym facilities and participation in available classes.

In short, to use the gym or take classes at Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool, one must pay extra. The swim shop at the Pool also sells swimming accessories like goggles, caps, towels, and swimwear from leading brands.

Terms and conditions of entry and passes

Gaining entry to the pool complex and acquiring passes come with particular terms and conditions. These rules and regulations must be followed to get into the facility or purchase passes. The terms and conditions guarantee a safe and fun experience for visitors.

A table makes it easier to comprehend the terms and conditions. It lists fees for different age groups, multi-visit and membership passes, plus charges for gym and class usage. Moreover, it shows any additional restrictions or conditions, guaranteeing transparency to patrons.

Individuals should know the terms and conditions of entry and passes before visiting the pool or buying passes. This way, they can comply with safety regulations, criteria for eligibility, and other applicable rules. Doing this ensures a smooth visit for all while upholding high safety standards.

Make a splash! At these War Pool, water warriors can enjoy plenty of excitement and relaxation.



Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Donald Davis

The War Pool is a revolutionary platform. It provides a shared risk pool for war coverage. By participating, people can contribute and access funds to cover costs of conflicts. This concept eases the financial burden of those affected.

The Pool works on collective responsibility. People put money into the pool for access to help when needed. This way, the burden of war is shared among members. Traditional insurance models can’t cover war risks, so the War Pool is an alternative.

This Pool is not insurance. It’s a unique method of pooling resources for war coverage. With collective contributions, it seeks to create an inclusive system to support people and regions affected by war.

Historically, wars have caused immense pain. The War Pool is a step towards addressing this problem. It has the potential to lessen financial strain and promote stability. War Pool is an innovative initiative that can really make a difference.

Additional information on the Pool War conflict in Congo

Additional information on the Pool War conflict in Congo

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Harold Johnson

The Pool War conflict in Congo is a significant event that demands deeper understanding. In this section, we will uncover additional information about this conflict, including its background and causes, the duration and casualties endured, as well as the impacts of the ceasefire agreement. Prepare to delve into the complexities and repercussions of one of Congo’s most devastating conflicts.

Background and causes of the conflict

The conflict in Congo has been devastatingly long-lasting, and its causes can be traced back. Historical tensions between different ethnic and regional groups, as well as power struggles for resources, have caused political instability and economic inequality. The competition for control of minerals like coltan, gold, and diamonds has attracted internal and external actors, leading to the forming of alliances and violence.

Ethnic tensions have also been a major factor in the conflict. Congo is incredibly diverse, with numerous cultural identities. Marginalized groups have demanded greater opportunities, which has led to clashes with those in power. Without inclusive governance and anti-discrimination measures, grievances have caused armed rebellions.

In addition, weak state institutions and corruption have hindered peace and stability. The government’s inability to protect citizens has left many vulnerable to violence from multiple armed groups, creating a cycle of violence and impunity.

Understanding the conflict’s complexity is essential for finding solutions that address the root causes, not just the symptoms. Consult various sources such as research papers, reports from international organizations, and firsthand accounts to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Duration and casualties of the war

The war in Congo lasted a long time and caused many deaths. An article can show this, with a table of columns like “Duration” and “Casualties”. But it is important to know that the war had more effects than its length and number of deaths. It had political, social, and economic consequences. The article will tell readers about this, to give a complete picture of the conflict.

Ceasefire agreement and its impact

The ceasefire agreement during the Pool War conflict in Congo had a big effect. It put an end to years of fighting and violence, giving people hope. The agreement aimed to make peace and stability in the region. It was also to rebuild infrastructure and make people’s lives normal again.

After the ceasefire agreement, communities could focus on rebuilding their lives and healing from the war trauma. They worked to restore services like healthcare, education, and clean water. There was also landmine clearance and demobilization of fighters.

The ceasefire agreement had an effect beyond peace-building. It gave a chance for different ethnic groups to reconcile. NGOs and international organizations helped by having discussions, promoting human rights, and providing aid.

Though there were still challenges for implementing the agreement, it made a strong foundation for long-term peace. The ceasefire allowed negotiations and diplomacy instead of violence. This led to more stability and fewer casualties among soldiers and civilians.



Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Terry Flores

The topic of “War Pool” is discussed in the reference data. This data gives information and details about this subject, which can be used as references.

These references can be grouped into four points:

  1. The data introduces the “War Pool” concept, but does not explain it. This suggests the term refers to a common resource used in battle.
  2. The data also mentions the title “War Pool“. This indicates there may be articles or sources with more info about this topic. These references could help one gain a full understanding of the subject.
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  4. Lastly, the data hints at HTML tags and a table being used in the article. These elements may be used to show info visually or structurally. Grasping how they are incorporated in the article can give more context and help better understanding.

It’s essential to know that these references come from the given reference data. Researching and exploring these references may be necessary to get a full understanding of the “War Pool” concept.

Some Facts About War Pool:

  • ✅ War Memorial Park Pool offers free senior and adaptive swim programs on certain days and times. (Source: MBC Parks & Recreation)
  • ✅ The Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool provides a 50m pool as well as a shaded toddlers pool. It also has BBQ facilities and a large outdoor area with grass and native trees. (Source: Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool)
  • ✅ Camden War Memorial Pool is a community aquatic center that supports youth and community programs through memberships and fees. (Source: YMCA NSW)
  • ✅ Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool offers both an indoor and outdoor pool, a toddler splash pad, a gym, and various aquatic programs and classes. (Source: Coffs Harbour War Memorial Olympic Pool)
  • ✅ The Pool War was a conflict between the Republic of the Congo and the Ninja militia in the Pool Department, resulting in the death of 115 people and displacement of 13,000 individuals. (Source: Various references)

FAQs about War Pool

1. What facilities are available at the local community aquatic center?

At the local community aquatic center, you can enjoy various facilities such as an outdoor 50m Olympic pool, an enclosed 25m pool, a shaded toddlers pool, a zero-depth toddler splash pad, and a soft fall base. There are also BBQ facilities, a large outdoor area with grass and native trees, a fully stocked kiosk, a swim shop, and a cafe offering coffee. Additionally, there is a gym, grandstand seating, and sailfish swim school for aquatic education.

2. Are there any specific rules to follow at the local community aquatic center?

Yes, there are specific rules to ensure safety at the pool. Children 5 and under must have a supervising adult swimming within arms-reach at all times, and children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult who actively observes them. The pool also follows the Watch Around Water policy. Additionally, there are rules regarding the maximum number of children aged 5 and under per full paying adult.

3. What are the opening hours of the local community aquatic center?

The opening hours of the local community aquatic center vary depending on the season. In summer, it is open from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays and from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends. In winter, it is open from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays and from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends. It is recommended to check the Facebook page or call for updates on the opening times.

4. Are there any special programs available for seniors at the local community aquatic center?

Yes, the local community aquatic center offers free senior programs. There are specific times allocated for senior and adaptive swims, as well as free senior water aerobics. These programs are scheduled on different days of the week and provide a great opportunity for seniors to enjoy swimming and staying active.

5. Who is the author of the book “Pool Wars” mentioned in the reference data?

The author of the book “Pool Wars” is Jay. He is highly regarded in the pool community and known for his vast knowledge and expertise in the sport. His book showcases his exceptional ability to recall pool stories and events with great accuracy. It is recommended for long-time pool players and fans of pool-related books.

6. How long did the Pool War conflict between the Republic of the Congo and the Ninja militia last?

The Pool War conflict between the Republic of the Congo and the Ninja militia lasted from April 2016 to April 2017. It was a conflict resulting from tensions between Congolese president Denis Sassou-Nguesso and Frédéric Bintsamou, also known as Pastor Ntumi, over modifications to the constitution. The war resulted in the death of 115 people and the displacement of approximately 13,000 people.