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Villas in Barahona

Key Takeaway:

  • Barahona offers a peaceful and charming village setting in the Dominican Republic.
  • Villas in Barahona provide options for ecotourism, mountain tourism, spacious accommodations, and seaside locations.
  • Hotels in Barahona range from 2 to 4 stars and offer impressive views, unique atmospheres, and amenities for special events.
  • Guests at villas can enjoy private beach access, free WiFi, extended parking, and laundry services.
  • Positive guest experiences at hotels include personalized service, high-quality facilities, an impressive restaurant menu, and a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Negative guest experiences at a hotel may involve scams, unprofessional staff, unrecognized reservations, and a nightmare experience.
  • Airbnb vacation rentals in Barahona provide highly rated options in close proximity to beaches and tourist spots.
  • The best Barahona villas can be found and compared using multiple travel sites for the best price and filter options.
  • Barahona also offers residential properties for sale, with various sizes and amenities available.
  • Exploring Barahona through villas, hotels, and residential properties allows visitors to experience the beauty of the area.

Introduction to Barahona: A Peaceful and Charming Village in the Dominican Republic

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Donald Nguyen

Discover the tranquil and captivating village of Barahona in the heart of the Dominican Republic. From charming villas to stunning hotels and ranches, the tourist accommodations in Barahona offer a delightful range of options. Picture yourself at Casa Bonita, a luxurious 4-star hotel with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Or perhaps you’d prefer a cozy and unique atmosphere at Playa de la Saladilla. For budget travelers, there’s an affordable hotel on Calle Luis E. Del Monte, providing an authentic Caribbean experience. Delve into ecotourism at the hotel along Calle Juan Bosh, or enjoy the eco-friendly amenities and special event offerings of the 3-star Avenida Enriquillo hotel. Get ready to experience the irresistible charm of Barahona!

Overview of Tourist Accommodations in Barahona: Villas, Hotels, and Ranches

Barahona offers a wide range of tourist accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Enjoy a luxurious villa stay, with access to private beaches, free WiFi, extended parking facilities, and laundry services. Or, opt for a hotel experience with personalized service, high-quality facilities, and an impressive restaurant menu.

Airbnb vacation rentals are also highly rated options for every type of traveler. Be close to the beach and tourist spots, while enjoying the flexibility and convenience these rentals provide.

For those interested in purchasing residential properties, Point2Homes is the perfect place to explore the listings. Discover homes of various sizes and amenities, to meet your needs and preferences.

So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach experience or exploring the natural beauty of the mountains, Barahona has something for everyone!

Villa Barahona: Experience Ecotourism and Mountain Tourism in a Small, Economical, and Charming Villa

Villa Barahona offers an unforgettable experience. Ecotourism plus mountain tourism in this small, economical, and gorgeous villa.

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. All while staying in a villa that blends with its surroundings.

Hiking, bird watching, and exploring local culture are some activities to enjoy.

The villas provide guests with amenities such as a private beach, free WiFi, extended parking, and laundry services.

The restaurant offers high-quality meals made from fresh, local ingredients. Plus, the staff provides personalized service. This creates a relaxing atmosphere for guests.

Though issues may occur, hotels should address these professionally and efficiently. This ensures a positive experience for everyone.

Villa Barahona has been highly rated by multiple travel sites. They praise the villas and their commitment to providing a memorable stay.

Villa in Barahona Carretera Enriquillo: A Spacious Villa with a Swimming Pool and 5 Bedrooms in La Cienaga

Situated in La Cienaga, the Villa in Barahona Carretera Enriquillo provides an ideal escape. Five bedrooms and a swimming pool make this villa an ideal choice for guests looking for relaxation and adventure in the Dominican Republic. Its nearness to natural attractions and its modern amenities make it an unforgettable stay.

Spacious and modern, this villa is perfect for families or groups of friends. The swimming pool allows visitors to cool down after a day of sightseeing and beach visits. Plus, free WiFi and extended parking make it easy to explore the area. Laundry services are also available for convenience.

Make the most of the villa’s layout and atmosphere. Take a dip in the pool or enjoy a meal in the outdoor patio area. The Villa in Barahona Carretera Enriquillo is an excellent choice for comfort and adventure on your holiday. Or, for an equally charming stay, check out Villa Rancho Lembert in Polo, with its four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and plenty of character.

Villa Rancho Lembert: A Cozy Holiday Home with 4 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms in Polo


Villa Rancho Lembert is a special holiday home located in Polo. It’s cozy, comfortable and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, perfect for families or groups of friends. The Reference Data shows the great selection of accommodations in Barahona, and Villa Rancho Lembert stands out. Its Polo location adds to its appeal.

Guests staying here can expect a pleasant stay with many amenities and features. Private beach access, free WiFi, parking facilities and laundry services. It’s an alternative to traditional hotel stays, with a cozy atmosphere and space to relax.

What’s special about Villa Rancho Lembert is its Polo location. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the area, as well as explore Polo village’s stunning landscapes, charm and unique history. A great chance to experience the authentic charm of a small village and enjoy the comforts of a holiday home! Escape to Villa by the Sea in Paraiso and soak up Barahona’s coastal charm.

Villa by the Sea in Paraiso: Enjoy a Beautiful Seaside Location in the Province of Barahona

Villa by the Sea in Paraiso provides visitors with a stunning, seaside location in the province of Barahona, Dominican Republic. An idyllic setting for relaxation, its proximity to the coast gives guests easy access to pristine beaches. Here, they can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of a coastal paradise.

This villa offers comfortable lodging and amenities to meet the needs of guests. In addition, the friendly staff are always willing to provide personalized assistance with arranging transportation, offering dining recommendations, and organizing recreational activities.

Villa by the Sea is perfect for those seeking a serene, seaside retreat. From natural wonders like national parks and waterfalls, to outdoor activities such as hiking and snorkeling, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. With its beautiful setting, cozy accommodations, and attentive service, it promises a memorable experience.

Hotel 4 Stars in Barahona Carretera de la Costa Km. 17: Casa Bonita – A 4-Star Hotel with Impressive Views of the Caribbean Sea

Casa Bonita, a 4-star hotel in Barahona Carretera de la Costa Km. 17, offers magnificent views of the Caribbean Sea. Top-notch amenities and services are offered for a pleasant stay in this picturesque region of the Dominican Republic.

Situated on the stunning coast of Barahona, Casa Bonita is perfect for travelers seeking luxury and relaxation. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea while indulging in the comfort and class of the hotel.

This hotel is equipped with high-quality facilities and personalized service for a remarkable stay. The sophisticated restaurant menu provides a delightful culinary experience. The atmosphere at Casa Bonita is serene and tranquil, allowing visitors to relax amidst the beautiful nature.

It also provides easy access to nearby beaches and tourist spots, so guests can explore Barahona with ease. Whether you are a couple seeking romance or a family seeking adventure, this 4-star hotel is the ideal choice for a remarkable vacation.

At Casa Bonita, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We strive to provide excellent service and make your stay unforgettable. Come and explore the beauty of Barahona with the luxury and hospitality offered by Casa Bonita.

Hotel 4 Stars in Barahona Playa de la Saladilla: A Small Hotel Ideal for Couples and Families, Offering a Unique Atmosphere

This 4-star hotel in Barahona’s Playa de la Saladilla provides a perfect stay for couples and families. It offers luxurious amenities and attentive service. Plus, it is close to incredible beaches and tourist attractions. So, visitors can easily discover the stunning beauty of Barahona. An unforgettable experience awaits!

Hotel 2 Stars in Barahona Calle Luis E. Del Monte 33: A Cheap Hotel for Experiencing the Real Caribbean in the Southwest of the Dominican Republic

The Hotel 2 Stars on Calle Luis E. Del Monte 33 in Barahona offers a unique Caribbean experience for budget-minded travelers. This cheap hotel provides a cost-effective stay without compromising comfort. It’s centrally located, with easy access to local attractions, beaches, and cultural sites.

Guests staying here can enjoy basic amenities and services. Even though it’s a 2-star property, the hotel is clean and comfortable with essential facilities and friendly staff. It may not offer luxury, but it’s perfect for budget travelers who want to explore the real Caribbean without breaking the bank.

Overall, this hotel is a great choice for those who want an economical stay in Barahona that captures the authentic charm of the region. With its convenient location and affordability, guests can enjoy all that Barahona has to offer without sacrificing quality.

Hotel in Barahona Calle Juan Bosh: A Hotel and Hostel Dedicated to Ecotourism and Nature Discovery in Polo

Discover a unique stay at the Hotel & Hostel in Polo. Located on Calle Juan Bosh, this establishment offers a special experience centered around ecotourism and nature discovery. Guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the environment while enjoying comfortable amenities and sustainable practices.

This hotel caters to travelers looking for an eco-friendly adventure in the heart of Polo. From guided hikes to educational experiences about the local flora and fauna, visitors can explore and connect with nature.

The hotel’s convenient location provides easy access to various attractions and points of interest in the area. Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and explore popular tourist spots just moments away from the hotel.

Be sure to inquire about their guided eco-tours and nature discovery packages. These offerings provide an immersive connection with the natural wonders of Polo.

For an even more luxurious experience, book a stay at the Hotel 3 Stars in Barahona Avenida Enriquillo No.6. Here, ecologically attractive accommodations meet a perfect setting for special events.

Hotel 3 Stars in Barahona Avenida Enriquillo No.6: An Ecologically Attractive Hotel with Amenities for Special Events

At Avenida Enriquillo No.6, this 3-star hotel in Barahona awaits. A unique eco-friendly setting that offers a range of amenities suitable for special events. Its prime location and attractive features make it a memorable stay in the city.

The hotel has thoughtfully designed eco-friendly facilities, as well as services for special occasions. Weddings, business conferences, or simply exploring the area, it provides the perfect setting.

The hotel stands out from the competition with its extra touches; comfy rooms, top quality facilities, and a restaurant menu that caters to all. Plus personalized service to make sure each guest feels taken care of.

Stay with us for a beachy, connected, convenient, and clean vacation experience that brings the ultimate package deal!

Guest Experience at Villas: Access to Private Beach, Free WiFi, Extended Parking, and Laundry Services

Guest Experience at Villas: Access to Private Beach, Free WiFi, Extended Parking, and Laundry Services

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Eric Scott

The villas in Barahona provide a unique guest experience. A private beach, free WiFi, extended parking, and laundry services are all available for guests. They can relax and enjoy a range of amenities!

Firstly, the private beach allows guests to unwind in a peaceful and picturesque setting. Additionally, free WiFi provides access to online entertainment. Also, extended parking makes it easy for guests traveling with vehicles. Finally, Villas in Barahona offer the perfect accommodation for those looking for a luxurious and unforgettable vacation.

Beyond these amenities, the villas offer other details too! Stunning ocean views make for a serene backdrop. Plus, spacious accommodations come with modern furnishings and amenities. The combination of these features creates an unforgettable and hassle-free stay. The villas in Barahona offer a premier choice for a remarkable guest experience!

Positive Guest Experiences at Hotels: Personalized Service, High-Quality Facilities, Impressive Restaurant Menu, and Relaxing Atmosphere

Positive Guest Experiences at Hotels: Personalized Service, High-Quality Facilities, Impressive Restaurant Menu, and Relaxing Atmosphere

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Christian Miller

Hotels in Barahona provide an amazing guest experience with personalized service, top-notch facilities, an impressive restaurant menu and a peaceful atmosphere. The staff strives to meet guests’ individual needs and preferences. They create a sense of exclusivity, making them feel valued. Great amenities, such as well-maintained rooms, modern equipment and luxurious facilities, are provided. Delectable dishes made from local ingredients can be found on the menu. Guests can relax in the tranquil environment, making their stay truly enjoyable. Extra efforts are taken to make the stay even more special. For instance, special activities or excursions may be arranged for guests to explore the local attractions. Additional amenities like spa services, fitness centers, or outdoor recreational areas may also be available. All this makes hotels in Barahona an ideal place to stay.

Negative Guest Experience at a Hotel: Scam, Laughing Staff, Unrecognized Reservations, and a Nightmare Experience

Negative Guest Experience at a Hotel: Scam, Laughing Staff, Unrecognized Reservations, and a Nightmare Experience

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Adam Flores

Guests at Villas in Barahona have reported a negative experience. Scams, laughing staff, unrecognized reservations, and a nightmare experience have all been encountered.

The hotel staff have made promises that were never delivered. The unprofessional behaviour of the staff, including laughter at guests’ complaints, worsen the experience.

Sometimes, reservations are not recognized when guests arrive at the hotel, causing upset.

Overall, a stay at Villas in Barahona can become a nightmare.

Despite these issues, the location of Villas in Barahona is beautiful. The stunning vistas and serene atmosphere are still appreciated. Visitors must consider these details before making a decision.

One guest fell victim to a scam by the hotel staff. Luxurious amenities and services were promised, but the reality was very different. The lack of integrity left the guest feeling frustrated and disappointed. This is a warning for others considering a stay at Villas in Barahona.

Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Barahona: Highly Rated Options for Every Style and Close Proximity to Beaches and Tourist Spots

Airbnb Vacation Rentals in Barahona: Highly Rated Options for Every Style and Close Proximity to Beaches and Tourist Spots

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Jason Williams

In Barahona, there are amazing Airbnb vacation rentals. They suit all styles and are near beaches and tourist spots. These rentals are a great choice for visiting travelers.

These rentals are located in the stunning Barahona region. Choose a cozy beachfront villa, or a spacious apartment with modern amenities.

The highlight of these rentals is their close proximity to the beautiful beaches and popular tourist spots. Easily access the beaches to relax, swim and sunbathe. And explore the charm of Barahona without hassle.

Plus, these rentals offer unique features and amenities. Private pools, outdoor lounges, and stunning views of the landscape. An exceptional stay for travelers seeking a getaway in Villas in Barahona.

The information about the highly rated Airbnb rentals in Barahona is based on reference data.

Best Barahona Villas: Ranked Accommodation Option Searching Multiple Travel Sites for the Best Price and Filter Options

Best Barahona Villas: Ranked Accommodation Option Searching Multiple Travel Sites for the Best Price and Filter Options

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Sean Wilson

In Barahona, there are plenty of villas offering ranked accommodation options. These villas can be booked on different travel sites, providing the ease of searching for the best value and filter selections. With these sites, travelers can quickly locate the ideal villa that suits their needs and price range.

  • Convenience: Travelers can explore and compare different villas in Barahona without having to visit multiple websites. This is possible with the search features across various travel sites.
  • Best Price: Comparing prices from different platforms allows travelers to discover the best deals and discounts for Barahona villas, ensuring cost-friendly accommodation options.
  • Filter Options: These travel sites offer filter options, enabling travelers to detail their demands for amenities, location, and other preferences, making sure they get the perfect villa experience in Barahona.
  • Ranked Accommodation: The villas in Barahona are graded, allowing travelers to get an idea of the quality and reputation of each villa, making it easier to choose the perfect one.

Moreover, these travel sites provide a wide selection of villa options and also give detailed information and reviews from past customers, giving travelers the ability to make wise decisions. Additionally, travelers can access other details such as villa features, nearby attractions, and availability.

When arranging a trip to Barahona, it is important to consider these accommodation options, as they offer a hassle-free and efficient way to find the right villa. By taking advantage of the search features and filter options from multiple travel sites, travelers can save time and energy in locating the best price and accommodation for their stay in Barahona.

Let me tell you a story about a traveler who used multiple travel sites to get the best villa in Barahona. Jane is an enthusiastic traveler who wanted to witness the beauty of Barahona and decided to book a villa for her accommodation. She used these travel sites, comparing prices, amenities, and customer reviews. After careful thought, she found a villa that matched her needs and budget. During her stay, she was pleased with the comfortable and well-maintained accommodation, as well as the convenient location. Jane’s experience proves the efficacy of using these travel sites to find the best villa in Barahona.

Point2Homes Listing of Barahona Homes for Sale: Various Residential Properties with Different Sizes and Amenities

Point2Homes Listing of Barahona Homes for Sale: Various Residential Properties with Different Sizes and Amenities

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Lawrence Gonzalez

The Point2Homes Listing of Barahona Homes for Sale is a great resource for potential buyers. It provides a comprehensive range of residential properties with sizes and amenities to suit various needs.

The listing includes different sizes of homes, so individuals or families can find the perfect one. There are also amenities like swimming pools, gardens, and parking spaces. Buyers can choose between villas, townhouses, or apartments.

Plus, the properties are located in prime areas with scenic views and proximity to essential facilities. Whether buyers want a cozy retreat or a spacious family home, the listing has something for everyone.

The detailed descriptions, quality images, and virtual tours make it easier to evaluate the properties. So, Point2Homes brings buyers closer to their ideal home in Barahona.

Conclusion: Explore the Beauty of Barahona through Villas, Hotels, and Residential Properties

Conclusion: Explore the Beauty of Barahona through Villas, Hotels, and Residential Properties

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Sean Thomas

Barahona is a beautiful destination that is well-known for its natural wonders. Visitors have a range of options to experience its charm, from luxurious villas, comfortable hotels, and residential properties. Here is what you can explore:

  • Villas: Enjoy ultimate luxury and privacy in one of Barahona’s exquisite villas. These lavish properties provide stunning views and all the modern amenities for a comfortable and indulgent vacation.
  • Hotels: For a more traditional option, Barahona offers a variety of hotels to choose from. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel or a beachfront resort, you will find something to suit your needs.
  • Residential Properties: If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, rent or buy a residential property. This way, you can experience the daily life of the locals and connect with Barahona’s beauty.
  • Natural Wonders: Beyond the accommodations, Barahona has plenty of natural wonders to explore. There are beaches, forests, and waterfalls – a paradise for nature lovers.
  • Cultural Experiences: Not only is the region rich in landscapes, it also has a vibrant culture. Visit museums, historic sites, and taste traditional cuisine to get a true feel for Barahona.

Moreover, Barahona has unique details, like coffee plantations and the biggest lake in the Caribbean. Samantha, a traveler from Canada, stayed at a villa with ocean views and experienced the region’s beauty and tranquility. You too can make memories that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags and embark on an adventure to discover Barahona – the hidden gem.

Some Facts About Villas in Barahona:

  • ✅ Barahona is a great destination for ecotourism and mountain tourism. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Villas in Barahona offer small, relatively economical, and charming accommodations. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The properties in Barahona offer amenities such as swimming pools, gardens, and multiple bedrooms. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Barahona has various options for hotels and villas, ranging from 2 stars to 4 stars. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Airbnb offers vacation rentals in Barahona, with highly rated options for different budgets and preferences. (Source: Airbnb)

FAQs about Villas In Barahona

1. Can you provide information about the Hotel Class and amenities of the villas in Barahona?

The Hotel Class and amenities of the villas in Barahona vary depending on the property. Some villas offer 4-star accommodations with features like outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, meeting rooms, and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Others may have more basic amenities suitable for travelers on a budget.

2. What are some of the highly rated and top beachfront villas in Barahona?

Barahona offers several top beachfront villas that receive high ratings from travelers. Casa Del Mar Lodge is a popular option, providing a beautiful hotel experience with a pool and a private beach. The Balneario Villa Miriam is another beach villa known for its stunning location and easy public access to the beach.

3. Are there pet-friendly vacation villas available in Barahona?

Yes, there are pet-friendly vacation villas available in Barahona. Casa Del Mar Lodge, among others, is recommended for travelers with pets. It offers a comfortable stay, including pet-friendly accommodations, at a price of $80 per night.

4. How can I find vacation rentals in Barahona’s central area with easy access to tourist spots?

If you’re looking for vacation rentals in Barahona’s central area with easy access to tourist spots, consider using Airbnb. They offer cozy apartments in the city center, within walking distance to various beaches like Playa El Quemaito, Hotel El Quemaito, Oasi beach resort, and Beach and Rio San Rafael.

5. Can you provide information about real estate opportunities in Barahona, such as homes for sale?

Yes, in Barahona there are real estate opportunities available, including homes for sale. Currently, there are various properties on the market, ranging from residential houses to condominiums with different numbers of beds and baths. The sizes of these properties range from small apartments to spacious houses, and they offer a diverse range of options for potential buyers.

6. How can I find the best value villas in Barahona based on traveler rankings and popularity?

If you’re looking for the best value villas in Barahona based on traveler rankings and popularity, you can visit websites like or Tripadvisor. These platforms allow you to filter and sort the villas based on traveler ratings, availability, popularity, and other preferences. You can also view exclusive data from Tripadvisor to make informed decisions about the villas that suit your needs and budget.