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Top Resorts Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Luxury resorts in Puerto Rico offer world-class amenities and elegant accommodations for a premium experience. With exceptional facilities and top-notch service, these resorts are perfect for travelers who want to indulge in the ultimate vacation luxury.
  • For travelers on a budget, there are many affordable resorts in Puerto Rico that offer comfortable accommodations and a range of amenities without breaking the bank. These resorts offer great value for money and are ideal for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Families traveling with kids can choose from a variety of family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico that offer activities and amenities designed to keep everyone entertained and happy. From kids’ clubs to water parks, these resorts cater to the needs of families and ensure a fun-filled vacation for all.
  • Travelers looking to reconnect with nature can opt for nature-based resorts in Puerto Rico that offer a unique and immersive experience in the beautiful natural surroundings. With activities like hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing, these resorts are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Beachfront resorts in Puerto Rico offer unbeatable views of the ocean and easy access to the beach. With a range of water sports and activities, these resorts are ideal for travelers looking for a beach vacation experience.

Are you planning a tropical getaway to Puerto Rico? Look no further – here are the top resorts to make sure you have the best vacation experience! With a range of activities and amenities, you’ll find the perfect destination for your special trip.

Top Resorts in Puerto Rico

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Explore the top resorts in Puerto Rico! Luxury, affordable, family-friendly, nature-based, and beachfront resorts are all available. Pick one that fits your ideal vacation. Find a distinct holiday experience in each sub-section. Choose your perfect holiday!

Luxury Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, offering world-class accommodations, dining, and hospitality. These resorts provide exceptional service that ensures an unforgettable vacation experience. The island offers a diverse range of activities including rainforest hikes, golfing, water sports, horseback riding and kayaking. Among the top-rated luxury resorts are:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Reserve with its Botánico Spa for plant-inspired treatments and glorious sunsets
  • Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Golf and Beach Resort with TPC Dorado Beach – a championship golf course that caters to avid golfers.

One of the unique experiences one can encounter is exploring El Yunque Rainforest or taking a dip in one of its picturesque tide pools. The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort located on the Caribbean Sea provides nature trails – perfect for exploring this tropical destination’s beauty. Meanwhile, golf enthusiasts can enjoy playing croquet or tennis at Royal Isabela while taking in stunning ocean views or relaxing by one of the resort’s casitas.

For those looking for a fun night out can head to La Concha Resort located in San Juan’s trendy Condado district which boasts an adult-only atmosphere, modern interior design, and a buzzy nighttime scene. Travel + Leisure readers have even ranked this AAA Four Diamond property as one of the “World’s Best Awards” survey’s best hotels for facilities, location, service, food value.

Pro Tip: During these unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers seeking relaxation should check out Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico where they can visit El Yunque National Rainforest known for its beautiful foliage that symbolizes Puerto Rican tropical forests. Alternatively, one enjoys warm service at Condado Vanderbilt which has swimming pools with stunning views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or relax at Condado Ocean Club featuring on-site dining at Coa and Posi+ivo Sand Bar offering great culinary experiences.

Who says luxury has to break the bank? These affordable resorts in Puerto Rico prove that paradise can be affordable…or at least slightly less expensive.

Affordable Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts of several budget-friendly resorts that offer comfortable accommodations, friendly service, and a relaxing atmosphere. From outdoor activities to luxury properties, adventure seekers and families can find their perfect vacation spot on the island. Here are some of the affordable resorts in Puerto Rico worth considering:

  • Fairmont El San Juan Hotel: Located in Isla Verde Beach, this property offers beachfront access, outdoor activities such as parasailing and jet skiing.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa: Nestled between Guanica’s dry forest and the Caribbean Sea, it features a tropical garden setting.
  • St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort: Surrounded by lush greenery, guests can take part in snorkeling, sailing or poolside lounging at its private beach.
  • Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino: Situated in Old San Juan’s capital city, guests have access to city sightseeing tours and immerse themselves in Puerto Rican history.

If you’re looking for a unique experience beyond these affordable resorts in Puerto Rico, consider visiting Serralls Castle or Mameyes River. Serralls Castle is located on the northwestern coast of Ponce Municipality and features vast gardens with sculptures created by artist Francisco Donatien. Meanwhile, Mameyes River is a great place for those who love adventure as they can go river tubing while appreciating scenic views.

Interestingly enough, Travel + Leisure readers ranked Puerto Rico’s St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort 23rd among the Top Resorts in the Caribbean; with Remede Spa earning high accolades from patrons due to its Posi+ivo Sand Bar cocktail experience. Even your toddler won’t complain about the lack of poolside cocktails at these family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico.

Family-friendly Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great destination for families who are looking for an escape. With plenty of tropical beaches and attractions, the island has a lot to offer. Here are some of the top family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico:

  • Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa – Located on the southwestern coast, this resort offers plenty of activities for both adults and children.
  • St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort – This luxury property is located on the northeast coast, near El Yunque National Forest.
  • El Conquistador Resort – This resort is perfect for families who enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities. It features its private island, Palomino Island.
  • Bahia Beach Resort – Situated on two miles of secluded beachfront along Puerto Rico’s northeastern coast, this resort features a broad range of amenities.
  • Melao by Mario Pagan – The resort’s culinary center boasts kid-friendly cooking classes and showcases organic farming at the onsite farm-to-table restaurant Posi+ivo Sand Bar.
  • Rio Grande – A great place to stay while visiting El Yunque National Forest, Rio Grande has several family-friendly options and attractions nearby such as Hacienda Carabali Adventure Park and Luquillo Beach.

It’s worth noting that Puerto Rico has much to offer outside of these resorts. For example, visitors can explore landmarks from the Spanish Colonial era or immerse themselves in local culture by trying some delicious seafood. Additionally, there are pristine beaches on both Vieques and Culebra islands where you can spot sea turtles.

If you’re traveling with young travelers or surfers, Rincón might be the best beach town to stay in as it often hosts whale watching tours during season time. In any case, visitors should take their time when exploring Puerto Rico so as not to miss out on any of its attractions, restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

Get in touch with Mother Nature at these Puerto Rican resorts; just don’t forget your bug spray (and a sense of adventure).

Nature-based Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts some stunning nature-based resorts, perfect for travelers seeking a serene getaway. These luxurious resorts are nestled in the heart of lush tropical gardens and offer easy access to picturesque beaches like El Pastillo Beach and Cabo Rojo. Some of the top names in this category include the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa, and Melao by Mario Pagan. Guests looking for an adults-only atmosphere can head over to the Guajataca River area, while those looking to indulge in some pampering can check out Spa Botánico.

One of Puerto Rico’s top-rated nature-based resorts is Casino Del Mar at La Concha Resort. This resort has won numerous awards in Travel + Leisure Readers Worlds Best Awards Survey for being one of the best places to stay in Puerto Rico’s all-encompassing guide for tourists and business people alike. The resort also features Posi+ivo Sand Bar, which offers exquisite cocktails and stunning views of the Northwest Coast’s clear blue turquoise beaches.

Who needs a therapist when you can just listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing at these top beachfront resorts in Puerto Rico?

Beachfront Resorts in Puerto Rico

When it comes to experiencing the beauty of Puerto Rico, nothing beats staying at a resort by the beach. There are several options for Beachfront Resorts in Puerto Rico that cater to various needs and interests.

  • St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort – This luxurious resort boasts over 500 acres of lush greenery and stunning ocean views. The Botánico Spa is a highlight for guests looking to unwind.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa – Located in the sunny municipality of Guánica, this resort offers private beaches, pools and snorkeling activities. Travel + Leisure readers have rated it highly for its service and amenities.
  • Melao by Mario Pagan – For those who want a more intimate and boutique experience, Melao by Mario Pagan in Old San Juan is an excellent choice. It has only seven rooms but still provides modern amenities and beautiful views of the city’s historic architecture.

If you’re planning where to stay in Puerto Rico, consider checking out Fajardo or Rincón. Both municipalities offer clear beaches perfect for swimming and surfing.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your days, visit Posi+ivo Sand Bar. Here you can enjoy drinks, food, and live music while your feet are in the sand.

For ultimate relaxation during your vacation, consider visiting another excellent spa option: Spa Botánico. It uses indigenous ingredients to provide holistic treatments rooted in Puerto Rican culture.

Make sure you book early as these resorts fill up quickly due to their prime location by the ocean. Happy travels!

Five Facts About Top Resorts in Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Puerto Rico is home to some of the best resorts in the Caribbean, including the iconic El Conquistador Resort and the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort. (Source: U.S. News Travel)
  • ✅ The island offers a wide variety of accommodation options, from luxurious beachfront villas to budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses. (Source: Discover Puerto Rico)
  • ✅ Many of the top resorts in Puerto Rico feature championship golf courses, world-class spas, and multiple dining options. (Source: Travel + Leisure)
  • ✅ The island’s warm tropical climate and stunning natural scenery make it the perfect destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. (Source: Lonely Planet)
  • ✅ Puerto Rico has a rich history and culture, with many top resorts offering tours and activities that showcase the island’s unique heritage, such as the Bacardi Rum Factory Tour and the El Yunque Rainforest tour. (Source: Tripadvisor)

FAQs about Top Resorts Puerto Rico

What is Spa Botánico and where is it located?

Spa Botánico is a renowned spa located within the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. It offers a range of wellness treatments and premium spa services utilizing natural and indigenous ingredients.

What is Melao by Mario Pagn and does St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort have this amenity?

Melao by Mario Pagn is a famous brand that produces natural skincare and beauty products in Puerto Rico. Yes, St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort offers this amenity to their guests.

What is the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa and what amenities does it offer?

Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa is a beachfront property located in Rincón, Puerto Rico. It offers guests a range of amenities, such as a private beach, two outdoor pools, a tennis court, and spa services.

What is the Posi+Ivo Sand Bar and where is it located?

The Posi+Ivo Sand Bar is a unique beachfront bar located at the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa in Rincón, Puerto Rico. It offers guests a variety of cocktails and snacks as they soak up the sun and relax on the beach.

What have Travel + Leisure readers rated as the top resorts in Puerto Rico?

Travel + Leisure readers have ranked the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort and the Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa as the top resorts in Puerto Rico for their excellent service, prime location, and amazing amenities.

What is the town of Rincón known for?

The town of Rincón is known for its beautiful beaches, excellent surfing spots, and stunning sunsets. It is a popular destination for surfers and beach enthusiasts from around the world.