Top 10 Things to See in Mexico

Key Takeaway:

  • Mexico offers a diverse range of attractions, including vibrant cities, rich cultural heritage, and beautiful beaches.
  • Mexico City is a must-visit destination with its vibrant capital, world-class museums, ancient ruins, and thriving culinary scene.
  • Guadalajara, the birthplace of tequila, offers cultural sights and the lively traditions of mariachi music.
  • Monterrey is known for its stunning mountains, eco-tourism opportunities, and delicious local cuisine.
  • Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach destination with opportunities for adventure activities.
  • Huatulco is a pristine beach destination with ecological preserves for nature lovers.
  • Tulum boasts white sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities.
  • Teotihuacan is home to ancient pyramids and unique dining experiences in caves.
  • Palenque offers jungle-surrounded ruins, waterfalls, and caves for exploration.
  • Chichén Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, featuring impressive Mayan ruins.
  • San Miguel de Allende is a charming city known for its vibrant arts scene and beautiful churches.
  • Alternative activities in Mexico include visiting museums, cenote diving, and trekking in the Sierra Norte region.


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Mexico is a treasure trove of incredible sights and experiences. From its diverse attractions to its rich cultural heritage, this section will take you on a virtual tour of the top 10 things to see in Mexico. Discover the wonders that await you, ranging from stunning natural landscapes to ancient archaeological sites. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions and fascinating history that make Mexico a destination like no other. Get ready to be enthralled by the beauty and depth of this extraordinary country.

Mexico’s diverse attractions

In Mexico, there’s something for everyone! Enjoy its cultural heritage and experience the vibrancy of its capital. Visit museums to learn about Mexican culture, explore ancient ruins such as Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá, savor the flavors of its culinary scene, discover tequila’s birthplace (Guadalajara) and more! Plus, go zip-lining, snorkeling and beach-lounging in Puerto Vallarta, and explore nature reserves like caves and waterfalls in Palenque. During my visit to Guadalajara, I got to witness a mariachi performance – an unforgettable cultural experience!

Rich cultural heritage

Mexico’s cultural abundance is a reminder of its various sights and bustling cities. From the old Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá ruins to the gorgeous San Miguel de Allende, Mexico provides a deep dive into its past and customs. With galleries exhibiting relics from centuries ago, mariachi music playing in the streets of Guadalajara, and handsome churches decorating towns and cities, Mexico is a trove of cultural adventures.

When exploring Mexico’s cultural heritage, it’s clear there are many components that make it diverse. One can uncover Mexico’s history by touring museums such as those in Mexico City and Monterrey, displaying ancient objects and artworks. Along with these museums are awe-inspiring ruins like those in Tulum and Palenque, where people can appreciate the architectural masterpieces of the Mayan civilization.

In addition to its culture, Mexico also has a noteworthy culinary scene. From regular dishes like mole poblano to street food beloveds like tacos al pastor, Mexican cuisine reflects a mix of indigenous tastes and Spanish influences. Mexico is also known as the birthplace of tequila, furthering its cultural identity.

Furthermore, Mexico offers one-of-a-kind activities that demonstrate its lesser-known cultural heritage. For instance, one can explore caves used for dining in Teotihuacan or explore hidden caves in Palenque. These off-the-beaten-track activities let visitors go deeper into the country’s history and natural beauty.

Mexico City

Mexico City

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Mexico City, a vibrant capital with an unmatched cultural scene, beckons travelers with its rich history and awe-inspiring museums. From exploring ancient ruins to indulging in the city’s renowned culinary delights, this subsection highlights the essence of Mexico City. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this thriving metropolis, where every corner holds a story to be discovered.

Vibrant capital

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is buzzing! It offers travelers an array of attractions. Its rich cultural history and range of activities make it a popular destination.

There are many museums displaying the country’s art and history. The National Museum of Anthropology, Frida Kahlo Museum, and more let you explore Mexican culture.

You can also visit ruins of ancient civilizations like the Aztecs. Templo Mayor and Teotihuacan are a few sites to visit.

Mexico City is also a foodie’s paradise. Street food stalls serve tacos and tamales while high-end restaurants offer contemporary Mexican cuisine. There’s something for everyone!

Don’t miss out on this vibrant city and its endless possibilities. Experience the culture and explore Mexico City!


Mexico holds a plethora of museums, making it the perfect destination for visitors to explore its rich cultural heritage. From ancient artifacts to tequila tastings, there is something for everyone!

The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is renowned for its impressive collection of ancient artifacts. Meanwhile, in Guadalajara, the Jose Cuervo Tequila Museum offers visitors a chance to learn about the tequila production process.

Monterrey’s MARCO Museum and Museum of Mexican History are must-sees for those interested in modern art and Mexico’s past respectively. Puerto Vallarta also boasts the Galleria Dante, showcasing Mexican artwork.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure full of secrets, ruins, and margaritas, then make sure to prioritize visits to Mexico’s museums based on your interests and create an itinerary that allows enough time to explore everything!


Mexico is a home to many ancient ruins that show its historical and cultural heritage. These ruins are significant archaeological sites and popular attractions. They demonstrate the skill and inventiveness of the old civilizations in Mexico.

  • Mexico City, the capital, has some amazing ruins, such as the Templo Mayor. It was the center of the Aztec civilization. People can explore the remains of this holy place and learn about the Aztec rituals and customs.
  • In Guadalajara, visitors can visit the ruins of Teuchitlán. It is an old Mesoamerican city. It has circular pyramids that give an insight into the ancient culture.
  • Tulum on the Caribbean coast of Mexico has beautiful Mayan ruins. The ruins are perched on cliffs above the turquoise waters. Tourists can explore structures such as the Castle and Temple of the Frescoes while enjoying the views.
  • Palenque is located in the jungle in southern Mexico. It has impressive ruined structures with carvings. Exploring this spot allows people to imagine what life was like for the Mayans who lived there centuries ago.

Every ruin has its own characteristics and history which adds to Mexico’s cultural variety. Whether it is the grandness of Teotihuacan’s pyramids or the greenery of Palenque’s jungle ruins, exploring these ancient remains offers a chance to connect with Mexico’s past in a truly unforgettable way.

Mexico’s cuisine is full of flavors, from scrumptious tacos to hot mole. It is a paradise for food lovers.

Culinary scene

Mexico’s culinary scene is bursting with flavor! From sizzling street food to regional specialties, gourmet dining, and traditional cooking methods, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can’t forget the iconic beverages like tequila, mezcal, horchata, and aguas frescas. With every meal, you’re experiencing a unique insight into Mexico’s history and culture. Explore the vibrant, diverse culinary scene – it’s sure to leave a lasting impression!



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Known as the birthplace of tequila and Mariachi, Guadalajara offers a rich cultural experience with its captivating sights. Get ready to explore the vibrant streets, immerse yourself in the local traditions, and witness the enchanting fusion of history and music in this Mexican city.

Birthplace of tequila

The region of Guadalajara in Mexico is known for tequila production. Here, visitors can explore the fascinating distilleries and learn about the history of tequila. Plus, sample different varieties of this beloved Mexican spirit!

Guadalajara also offers a wealth of attractions. From vibrant mariachi music to cathedrals and historic buildings, there’s something for everyone. Colorful art displays line the bustling streets, immersing visitors in the local culture. Its warm climate and welcoming atmosphere make it a popular destination.

Guadalajara’s stunning natural landscapes are worth exploring. Rolling hills, lush valleys, and picturesque scenes offer perfect spots for outdoor activities. From tequila production to natural beauty, the city captivates visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and beauty.

Pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime – including the rhythm of Mexico’s iconic Mariachi music!


Mariachi is an integral part of Mexican culture. Its energetic beats and captivating melodies bring joy to any occasion. Professional groups showcase their talent and passion for this art form, delighting audiences with their performances.

This music has gained international recognition, becoming a symbol of Mexican identity. Its timeless beauty appeals to people from all walks of life, making it an essential part of the Mexican experience. Mariachi is a reminder of Mexico’s diverse heritage and artistic expression.

Cultural sights

Mexico offers a range of cultural sights to explore. From historic buildings in Mexico City, to museums like the National Museum of Anthropology, to ancient cities like Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá. Not to mention, the diverse and yummy culinary scene.

Venture beyond popular tourist destinations to find hidden gems such as colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende and beautiful churches like those found in San Cristobal de las Casas. These lesser-known cultural treasures provide an authentic glimpse of Mexican culture, outside of well-trodden paths.

Experience Mexico’s cultural sights firsthand and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Mexican culture.

And don’t forget Monterrey – where mountains meet delicious cuisine! Street tacos that will make your taste buds shout ‘¡Olé!



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Monterrey in Mexico offers a captivating blend of picturesque mountains, thrilling eco-tourism activities, and a tantalizing local cuisine, making it a must-visit destination. Dive into the breathtaking beauty of its mountains, immerse yourself in the wonders of eco-tourism, and indulge in the flavors of the local cuisine. Whether you seek adventure, natural splendor, or culinary delights, Monterrey has it all. Get ready to be enchanted by this remarkable city in Mexico.


Mexico’s mountains are renowned for their beauty. The Sierra Madre Oriental in the northeast is known for its towering peaks and lush forests. The Sierra Madre Occidental in the west has jagged peaks and spectacular views. The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in central Mexico offers a diverse landscape with snow-peaked mountains, alpine lakes, and dense pine forests. It’s a popular spot for mountaineering and hiking.

The mountains also have great cultural significance. Ancient civilizations liked to build on high ground for protection. For example, Teotihuacan had its temples and pyramids on a mountain range, showcasing their architectural skills.

Mexico’s mountains have something for everyone. You can hike through stunning landscapes or explore ancient ruins on the mountaintops. It’s a unique mix of natural beauty, adventure, and history.


Mexico’s got plenty to offer when it comes to eco-tourism. Its many ecosystems and natural wonders let visitors experience its rich biodiversity. From coastal regions with amazing marine life to jungles and mountainside reserves, there’s eco-friendly travel options galore!

Monterrey is a great destination for eco-tourism. Located in the mountains, it has stunning natural landscapes that outdoor lovers will dig. Hiking, birdwatching, wildlife spotting – they can do it all here! Plus, it’s super committed to preserving its natural beauty.

Huatulco is also excellent for sustainable tourism. It has gorgeous beaches and crystal-clear waters, and many ecological preserves. Visitors can responsibly snorkel and dive to check out the lively underwater ecosystems without spoiling them. Plus, Huatulco makes sure future generations can enjoy it too.

Palenque is another great spot for an eco-tourism experience. Surrounded by dense jungle, this archaeological site lets visitors explore ancient ruins while being surrounded by nature. It also has gorgeous waterfalls and caves to explore – an unforgettable adventure for nature-lovers.

Remember: when visiting Mexico, practice responsible tourism – pick up after yourself, use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent, respect wildlife habitats, and support local conservation efforts. Enjoy unforgettable experiences while helping preserve Mexico’s incredible natural resources! Oh, and don’t forget to try the local cuisine – it’s amazing!

Local cuisine

Mexico’s local cuisine is renowned for its vibrancy and diversity, showcasing the country’s gastronomic heritage. From Tacos al pastor in Mexico City, to birria and pozole in Guadalajara, cabrito in Monterrey, ceviche and fish tacos in Puerto Vallarta, and seafood with mole and chapulines (grasshoppers) in Huatulco.

Plus, staples like tamales, enchiladas, and mole sauce have become beloved classics that are enjoyed across the country. The unique flavors and ingredients of Mexico showcase a harmonious blend of spices like chili peppers, cumin, oregano, and cilantro.

This is why Culture Trip’s “10 Best Traditional Mexican Dishes” article shows that Mexican cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors and traditions that continue to captivate food enthusiasts all over the world.

Representing the country’s cultural heritage and culinary expertise, Mexican cuisine is truly a delight to savor.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

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Nestled on the beautiful coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta beckons adventure seekers and beach lovers alike. Discover the allure of this vibrant destination as we delve into its beach paradise and thrilling adventure activities. With stunning stretches of sandy shores and a slew of adrenaline-pumping options, Puerto Vallarta is a vacationer’s dream. Dive into crystal-clear waters or embark on thrilling escapades that will leave you breathless. Get ready to experience the best of Puerto Vallarta’s beach destinations and pulse-pounding adventures.

Beach destination

Mexico offers a plethora of beachy havens for those seeking sun, sand, and relaxation. Boasting a stunning coastline along both the Pacific and Caribbean Seas, Mexico is renowned for its picturesque beaches and inviting, crystal-clear waters.

  • From Puerto Vallarta to Huatulco to Tulum, Mexico has many beautiful beach destinations.
  • Not only are there white sand beaches, but also a range of activities, like snorkeling, diving, and water sports.
  • Swim with dolphins, explore underwater caves, or just lie on the beach and take in the sun!
  • In addition to natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy festivals, live music, and delicious cuisine.

For those searching for something different, there are plenty of alternate activities. Try diving or snorkeling into cenotes – natural sinkholes filled with clear blue water. Plus, trekking through the Sierra Norte mountains opens up the chance to discover remote villages and be in awe of Mexico’s landscapes.

Pro Tip: When visiting Mexican beach destinations, don’t forget the sunscreen and stay hydrated! The sun is strong and the heat can be intense.

Adventure activities

Mexico is an adventurer’s paradise! From exploring ancient ruins to diving into cenotes, there’s plenty of thrilling activities to get your adrenaline pumping. Journey to iconic sites such as Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Teotihuacan, and Palenque. Start an underwater adventure in the Yucatan Peninsula’s cenotes. Trek through the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca for breathtaking landscapes. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect spot for parasailing, ATV tours, and surfing. Plus, explore hidden gems like Copper Canyon or go hot air ballooning for stunning views. No matter what you choose, Mexico has something for every adventurous soul!



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Huatulco, a breathtaking destination in Mexico, beckons with pristine beaches and awe-inspiring ecological preserves. Discover the serene beauty of this coastal paradise as we explore its stunning natural wonders and conservation efforts. With its picture-perfect beaches and commitment to preserving its ecological treasures, Huatulco offers an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

Pristine beach destination

Huatulco in Mexico is a pristine beach destination. It’s known for its untouched beauty and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect getaway spot for tranquility and relaxation.

Nature lovers can explore Huatulco’s stunning landscapes with a leisurely stroll on its white sandy beaches. Water activities, such as snorkeling and diving, offer the chance to immerse oneself in the area’s beauty.

Huatulco’s marine life includes colorful coral reefs and tropical fish, a vibrant ecosystem beneath the surface that can be explored by snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Plus, Huatulco’s ecological preserves are ideal for those looking to appreciate nature’s beauty, while desperately trying to avoid the local insects’ affection!

Ecological preserves

Mexico is home to a range of ecological treasures known as preserves. These areas are kept safe to protect and conserve their natural ecosystems. They are important homes for countless species, some of which are rare or endangered. Ecological preserves demonstrate Mexico’s commitment to environmental conservation and give visitors the chance to witness its natural beauty.

These preserves provide habitats for a variety of flora and fauna. They comprise diverse ecosystems, like rainforests, mangroves, wetlands, deserts, and marine areas. Each one has special features and offers visitors different landscapes and environments. Some are homes to rare or endangered species, like sea turtles, jaguars, or various birds, making them ideal spots for wildlife lovers.

Aside from their biodiversity, preserves also help protect resources. They regulate water flow and maintain water quality, plus absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Visiting these areas supports conservation in Mexico, and tourists get to explore nature’s finest.

Exploring Mexico’s preserves is both educational and amazing. Guided tours are available, and activities such as hiking, bird-watching, kayaking, or snorkeling let travelers see the interplay between species and habitats.

Don’t miss out on Mexico’s incredible preserves! Enjoy lush rainforests or vibrant coral reefs, and create lifetime memories. Especially in Tulum, where ancient ruins meet stunning beaches – perfect for exploration, relaxation, and contemplation.



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Tulum, a breathtaking destination in Mexico, offers endless wonders to explore. From its pristine white sand beaches to ancient Mayan ruins and vibrant opportunities for snorkeling and diving, this coastal paradise has something for everyone. Get ready to dive into the crystal-clear turquoise waters, uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations, and soak up the sun on the idyllic shores of Tulum.

White sand beaches

The white sand beaches of Mexico are a sight to behold! Soak up the sun, go swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving – there’s something for everyone. Couples and families alike can find a serene escape in these paradises. Plus, beachside resorts offer luxurious amenities and views, making them the perfect place to relax and recharge. An unforgettable experience awaits!

Mayan ruins

In Mexico, there is an old, majestic display of architecture known as Mayan ruins. These structures show the skill and knowledge of the Mayan civilization.

The ruins are spread throughout Mexico. Noteworthy sites include Chichén Itzá and Tulum. Chichén Itzá is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It has the well-known Kukulkan Pyramid. Tulum has beautiful ruins near the turquoise sea.

Visiting Mayan ruins gives travelers a chance to learn about the culture of Mexico. Many carvings, hieroglyphics, and ceremonial platforms teach visitors about Mayan beliefs.

It is best to hire a guide to understand the ruins and avoid the crowds. Plus, visit at sunrise or sunset for an even better experience.

Nearby attractions add to the experience. For instance, Chichén Itzá has cenotes for swimming or snorkeling. At Tulum, visitors can relax at the white sand beaches after exploring.

Snorkeling and diving

Mexico’s coasts provide snorkelers and divers with a wealth of choices. The Riviera Maya, which includes popular spots like Tulum and Cozumel, is known for dazzling coral reefs. Here, visitors can find an array of tropical fish and endangered sea turtles and nurse sharks. Mexico also has many manmade reefs built from sunken ships and statues, giving divers special experiences.

For a more daring experience, divers can explore cenotes, natural sinkholes filled with fresh water. The Mayans considered these underground caverns sacred. Cenotes boast clear blue waters and intricate rock formations, making them ideal for cave diving.

Feast in an ancient cave at Teotihuacan. This is as old as the pyramids!



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Teotihuacan, known for its ancient pyramids and unique dining experience in caves, is a must-visit location when exploring Mexico’s rich history and vibrant culture. Delve into the magnificence of this archaeological site, where you can witness the awe-inspiring pyramids and immerse yourself in the intriguing tradition of dining in caves. With ancient wonders and extraordinary culinary adventures, Teotihuacan offers an unforgettable journey into Mexico’s bygone eras and tantalizing flavors.

Ancient pyramids

The pyramids of Teotihuacan are iconic in Mexico. These grand structures are historically and culturally significant, showing how advanced the civilization was. The Aztecs built them around 200 BCE and visitors are still amazed by their magnificence and architecture.

The two main pyramids are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is the biggest in Teotihuacan and Mesoamerica. It is 216 feet tall and a symbol of cosmic order and human ascension to divinity.

The Pyramid of the Moon has religious and ceremonial importance. It is at one end of Avenue of the Dead, a two-mile-long street. It was used for rituals honoring the ancient inhabitants’ gods.

Teotihuacan stands out because of its unique feature – caves used for dining. People hosted banquets and feasts in the underground chambers. Visitors get a peek into the everyday life and customs of this ancient civilization.

Visiting Teotihuacan gives you a chance to not only see incredible architecture but also experience the preserved culture and history. Rather than going to a fancy restaurant, try dining in a cave!

Caves for dining

Dive into the magical atmosphere of dining in caves with magnificent rock formations and subtle, calm lighting. Enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine amidst the ancient beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. Feel the excitement of having a meal underground as you savor traditional flavors and regional delicacies in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Mexico has plenty of alternative activities to make your trip even more exciting. Go to Palenque: ruins, waterfalls, and caves to explore – why go to a theme park when you can have an adventure in the jungle?



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Palenque, nestled amidst the enchanting Mexican jungle, offers a plethora of breathtaking sights and experiences. From exploring ancient ruins hidden within lush vegetation to mesmerizing waterfalls and mysterious caves awaiting exploration, Palenque has it all. Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural wonders of this remarkable destination, making it an unmissable part of your Mexican itinerary.

Jungle-surrounded ruins

The ruins in Mexico are a reminder of the once thriving Mayan civilization. They are partially buried by lush vegetation, giving visitors a glimpse into the past.

The jungle-surrounded ruins are truly captivating. When exploring, you will be surrounded by towering trees and exotic wildlife. This combination of nature and history creates a unique experience.

The mystery that these jungle-surrounded ruins evoke is special. The thick foliage and secluded location make them feel like hidden treasures. Exploring the grand temples of Palenque or the pyramids of Teotihuacan will transport you back in time.


Mexico has amazing waterfalls! One example is Cascadas de Agua Azul, located in Chiapas. These waterfalls are known for their mesmerizing, turquoise hue and cascade down limestone steps. A sight to behold!

Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca is another unique waterfall. It’s also known as the “frozen waterfall”. Mineral-rich springs create petrified cascades here. Visitors can swim in the pools and admire the surrounding mountains.

Misol-Ha near Palenque is a sight to see too. It drops over 30 meters into a lush tropical pool.

Tamul Waterfall in San Luis Potosi is one of Mexico’s tallest waterfalls. It’s formed by the convergence of two rivers. Visitors can take a boat tour to the falls and marvel at the scenery along the way.

Mexico’s waterfalls offer many possibilities for adventure and appreciation of nature. Plus, there are mysterious underground caves to explore. Inside, you’ll find stunning stalactite formations.

Ready for an unforgettable journey filled with natural wonders? Make sure to include Mexico’s waterfalls and caves on your itinerary!

Caves for exploration

Dive into the mysterious depths of the ancient Mayan civilization with an exploration of the Palenque cave system. These mesmerizing caves offer a glimpse into the past with their intricate rock formations and natural wonders like waterfalls.

You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to explore the historical significance of the caves. They were once ceremonial sites for ancient Mayan rituals and still bear traces of their culture today.

National Geographic has even named this cave system one of Mexico’s top attractions for adventurous travelers. So, if you’re looking for an exciting journey, don’t hesitate to discover these captivating caves within the Palenque ruins.

Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá

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Chichén Itzá, known for its remarkable Mayan ruins and its recognition as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, is a must-visit destination in Mexico. Explore the rich history, fascinating architecture, and cultural significance that make Chichén Itzá an incredible site worth experiencing.

Mayan ruins

These ruins give us a peek into the impressive architectural talent of the Mayans. They provide visitors a chance to witness the grandeur and complexity of Mayan civilization.

Mayan ruins can be found in various places in Mexico, such as Tulum and Chichén Itzá. These sites are not just historically significant, but also beautiful, with intricately carved stone temples and pyramids.

Exploring Mayan ruins permits travelers to connect with Mexico’s past and admire the accomplishments of this old civilization.

Moreover, these ruins contain unique details, including exciting stories and cultural practices related to Mayan rituals and religious beliefs. The preservation efforts taken to maintain these old structures show the importance of protecting Mexico’s historical legacy.

One interesting tale comes from Palenque. Archaeologists there discovered a tomb in one of the structures. The tomb was thought to belong to a powerful ruler named Pakal, who reigned over Palenque during its golden age. Inside, they found elaborate carvings and precious artifacts that gave valuable knowledge about Mayan culture and society.

Exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico is an amazing journey into a far-off past full of mystery and awe. These ancient structures are a reminder of human genius and remind us of the everlasting legacy left by the Mayans.

New Seven Wonder of the World

The New Seven Wonders of the World is a special title for amazing and impressive landmarks. They have been carefully chosen for their historical, cultural, and architectural importance, as well as their natural beauty. This title celebrates these destinations as iconic symbols of human achievement and wonder.

Chichén Itzá, Mexico, is one of these wonders. It is an ancient Mayan city, with incredible structures like the Temple of Kukulcan, or El Castillo. Teotihuacan is another wonderful landmark, with the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. This city has immense historical significance for Mexico.

Palenque is another spectacular destination, with ruins surrounded by lush jungles. Visitors can explore intricately carved stone pyramids and see beautiful waterfalls. Tulum, a coastal Mexican town, features white sand beaches and well-preserved Mayan ruins. You can also snorkel and dive in its clear waters.

These wonders offer a unique glimpse into Mexico’s history and culture, while providing visitors with an unforgettable experience in stunning landscapes and breathtaking ancient structures.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel de Allende awaits with its charming cityscape, vibrant arts scene, and a beautiful church that will leave visitors in awe. Discover the essence of this Mexican gem as we explore the undeniable allure of San Miguel de Allende.

Charming city

San Miguel de Allende, located in Mexico, is an enchanting city with captivating streets and colonial architecture. It’s renowned for its bright festivals, lively music, and art galleries. The iconic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel church stands tall, adding to the city’s charm.

This Mexican gem is a cultural mecca. Its cobblestone streets are lined with colorful buildings, transporting visitors to a different era. It’s gained UNESCO World Heritage status due to its well-preserved historic center. It’s also a popular destination for artists who flock here for its vibrant arts scene and art schools. Markets offer handmade crafts and traditional goods showcasing Mexico’s rich heritage.

Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel is a must-see. Its neo-Gothic facade and soaring towers will take your breath away. Inside, intricate stained glass windows and ornate decorations dazzle.

San Miguel de Allende is more than its architectural beauty. Art galleries display artwork from local artists, while festivals like jazz and literary events bring the city to life.

In fact, Travel + Leisure magazine named San Miguel de Allende the Best City in the World multiple times (2017-2020).

Vibrant arts scene

Mexico City is beaming with art! Its cultural heritage shines in numerous museums, galleries, and art exhibitions. Visitors can explore traditional and contemporary works by Mexican artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, as well as international ones. Colorful murals drawn by both local and international artists decorate the streets, expressing social and political issues.

Theater venues host performances of Mexican plays, avant-garde productions, and more. Dance and music, like ballet folklórico and mariachi, also make up part of the city’s arts scene.

Visitors to Mexico City can experience a plethora of artistic expressions while taking in its rich cultural heritage. For a unique experience, don’t miss out on exploring the lesser-known art galleries and independent theaters in the city!

Beautiful church

In Mexico, stunning churches showcase the country’s cultural heritage. One of these architectural wonders is the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in San Miguel de Allende. This charming city is known for its vibrant arts scene.

The Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel features neo-Gothic architecture with intricate details and soaring spires. Its facade has a rose window and statues of saints. Inside, visitors can admire ornate altars, stained glass windows, and religious artwork.

This church stands at the heart of San Miguel de Allende’s central square, El Jardín. It serves as a backdrop for cultural events and festivities throughout the year. To experience its beauty firsthand, visit it during one of the city’s many festivals or events. Music, dance, and vibrant colors come alive at the church then.

Alternative activities in Mexico

Alternative activities in Mexico

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Discover a whole new side of Mexico with alternative activities that go beyond the usual tourist attractions. From exploring fascinating museums (12.1) to experiencing the adrenaline rush of cenote diving (12.2) and embarking on breathtaking treks in Sierra Norte (12.3), there’s something for everyone seeking unique adventures. Unleash the explorer within and indulge in these offbeat activities that will reveal Mexico’s hidden gems.


Mexico is a cultural hub, boasting a range of museums that will give you a unique perspective on its past and present. Mexico City is home to some of the finest museums in the world, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, filled with pre-Columbian artifacts, and the Frida Kahlo Museum, dedicated to the Mexican artist.

Guadalajara is also an excellent place to explore Mexican culture – you can take a trip to the Tequila Express Museum and learn about the process of making this national spirit, or visit the Mariachi Museum and immerse yourself in the traditional music of the region.

Monterrey has its own wealth of museums to explore. The Museum of Contemporary Art displays modern Mexican art, while the Old Brewery Cultural Center houses exhibitions on local history and culture.

Visiting Mexico’s museums is a must for those wishing to gain an understanding of its culture and traditions. Whether you’re in Mexico City or another city like Guadalajara or Monterrey, make sure to take time to discover all that Mexico has to offer.

Cenote diving

Mexico is renowned for its cenotes, which offer divers a unique experience. These can be open-air cenotes with easy access or ones that require cave diving skills. Yucatan Peninsula is particularly famous for its cenotes, especially Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

The water clarity of cenote diving is amazing, often exceeding 100 feet (30 meters)! This allows divers to appreciate the intricate formations of stalactite and stalagmite that have developed over thousands of years. The turquoise blue waters combined with the eerie lighting create an ethereal atmosphere.

These cenotes also hold cultural significance for the Maya civilization, as they were seen as portals to the underworld and were used in ceremonies. Exploring these cenotes not only offers a glimpse of Mexico’s geological wonders, but also provides insight into its rich history and cultural heritage.

Cenote diving in Mexico is an adventure no other can offer, with mesmerizing landscapes and fascinating history. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the mystique of these enchanting underwater caverns.

Sierra Norte trekking

Mexico has an amazing outdoor activity for nature lovers – Sierra Norte trekking! This is a great way to explore the Sierra Norte mountain range. Trekkers get to see rugged terrain, lush forests, and incredible views. Plus, they can interact with local communities to learn about their traditions.

For those who want adventure and a connection with nature, Sierra Norte trekking is a must! It has scenic landscapes, cultural encounters, and physical challenges. It’s a journey that will stay with you forever!

Pro Tip: Before trekking, make sure you have the right gear and clothes for different weather. Let someone know your plans, and bring water, maps, and a first aid kit.



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Mexico is a place that will captivate. Ancient Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza and Tulum, and beaches in Cancun and Playa del Carmen will delight all.

Mexico City has a unique mix of old and new. Its cultural heritage, museums, and markets show off the diversity and vibrancy of Mexican culture.

Mexican food is world-renowned. Savory tacos and tamales, rich mole, and flavorful enchiladas – each region has something special.

Pack your bags! Mexico will surprise and delight with its history, landscapes, cities, and cuisine. An unforgettable journey awaits!

Some Facts About Top 10 Things to See in Mexico:

  • ✅ Mexico is known for its ancient ruins, colonial towns, beaches, and vibrant cities. (Source: Viator)
  • Mexico has the largest number of UNESCO-listed sites in North America, including famous Maya ruins like Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba. (Source: Viator)
  • ✅ The country offers a wide range of activities, from exploring Pre-Columbian ruins and historic colonial towns to relaxing on white powdery beaches and exploring huge canyons. (Source: PlanetWare)
  • ✅ Mexico City’s Historic Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with colonial buildings and world-class museums. (Source: PlanetWare)
  • ✅ Mexico’s beaches attract millions of visitors each year, with popular destinations including Los Cabos, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco. (Source: Viator)

FAQs about Top 10 Things To See In Mexico

1. What are some popular tourist attractions in Mexico?

Some popular tourist attractions in Mexico include Chichén Itzá, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its impressive Mayan ruins; the Museo Jumex in Mexico City, one of the largest and most visited museums in Mexico; and the petrified waterfall at Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca.

2. What cultural experiences can I have in Mexico?

In Mexico, you can immerse yourself in the country’s rich cultural heritage by witnessing the traditional musical traditions, exploring the culinary creations, and visiting pre-Columbian ruins and archeological sites. You can also experience the traditional glamour of colonial influences in cities like San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca City.

3. Is Mexico a safe destination for foreign visitors?

Mexico, like any other travel destination, has areas that might require caution. However, most of Mexico is safe for travelers, especially popular vacation destinations such as Cancún, Los Cabos, and Puerto Escondido. It is always advisable to stay informed, follow local regulations, and take necessary precautions.

4. What are some unique activities in Mexico?

A few unique activities you can enjoy in Mexico include exploring underground rivers like those found in Sian Ka’an and Rio Secreto Nature Reserve, staying in an eco dome treehouse in Tulum, and witnessing the annual Monarch butterfly migration in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.

5. Can you recommend a popular beach destination in Mexico?

One popular beach destination in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, located on the Pacific Coast. It offers a mix of adventure activities, nightlife, and great food. Another recommended destination is Playa del Carmen, which is known for its endless beaches and upscale resorts.

6. What are some of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico?

Mexico has the largest number of UNESCO-listed sites in North America. Some of the top sites include Chichén Itzá, an ancient Mayan city with impressive ruins; the Historic Center of Mexico City, with its colonial buildings and world-class museums; and Monte Albán, the ancient Zapotec capital with breathtaking views over the Valley of Oaxaca.