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Key Takeaway:

  • Solymar Bonao Hotel offers a range of leisure and entertainment facilities, including swimming pools, restaurants, bars, children’s activities, parking, and volleyball courts.
  • Guests have praised the attentive and friendly staff, as well as the delicious food and luxurious rooms at Solymar Bonao.
  • Bonao, the city where Solymar Bonao Hotel is located, is known for its industrial and agricultural activities, including a famous carnival. Visitors can explore the city’s tourist attractions and enjoy the peaceful and nature-oriented environment.

Introduction to Solymar Bonao Hotel

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Solymar Bonao Hotel, nestled in an idyllic location, offers a delightful retreat for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Unveiling the essence of luxury and comfort, this introduction will take you on a journey through the unique features and exclusive amenities of this exquisite hotel. From unrivaled hospitality to breathtaking views, each sub-heading will immerse you in the unparalleled experience that awaits at Solymar Bonao. Get ready to indulge in a world of opulence and make unforgettable memories in this captivating destination.


Discover the dark side of luxury at Solymar Bonao Hotel. Located in the picturesque town of Boca de Juma, Bonao, this charming hotel offers a range of leisure and entertainment facilities.

Swimming pools, restaurants, bars and children’s activities make for the perfect getaway. Stay in spacious suites or cozy rooms with a view. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and hospitality.

The city of Bonao is known for its thriving industrial and agricultural activities. Don’t miss out on the famous carnival in Bonao either! Guests have praised the hotel staff and delicious food.

Solymar Bonao provides swimming pools, restaurants, bars, children’s activities, parking facilities and volleyball courts. Find their address and phone number listed below. Enjoy Foursquare recommendations to stay updated with upcoming events or announcements.

At Solymar Bonao, their mission is to provide top-quality service to their guests. Their values revolve around fostering a peaceful atmosphere that embraces nature’s beauty. Explore the dark side of luxury and make a reservation today.


The article’s sub-heading covers the different sections and topics for an introduction to Solymar Bonao Hotel. These include the hotel’s facilities, location, accommodation options, and info on Bonao. This sub-heading sets up what readers learn from this intro.

This section goes into more detail about Solymar Bonao’s place in Boca de Juma, Bonao. It talks about the hotel’s leisure and entertainment facilities, plus the accommodation packages available. By providing these facts, readers can understand what to expect when staying at Solymar Bonao Hotel.

Moreover, this section brings in the famous carnival in Bonao. Plus, it gives an overview of Bonao’s industrial and agricultural activities. These unique details let readers appreciate not just the hotel’s offerings, but also get a glimpse into the local culture and attractions that make up Bonao’s atmosphere.

Location and Facilities

Location and Facilities

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Nestled in the picturesque Boca de Juma, Bonao, Solymar Bonao boasts a prime location that offers breathtaking views and easy access to nearby attractions. With a range of leisure and entertainment facilities to indulge in, guests are guaranteed a memorable stay. From luxurious accommodation options to enticing packages, the hotel provides a perfect getaway for all types of travelers. Explore the beauty of Solymar Bonao and immerse yourself in the ultimate vacation experience.

Location of Solymar Bonao in Boca de Juma, Bonao

Solymar Bonao Hotel is nestled in the tranquil and scenic Boca de Juma, Bonao. Surrounded by natural beauty, it provides a peaceful ambience for its guests. It’s conveniently located, so access to attractions and sites in Bonao is easy.

At Solymar Bonao, guests can enjoy many leisure and entertainment activities. There are swimming pools and numerous restaurants and bars, serving delicious food and drinks. The hotel provides luxurious rooms with top-notch amenities and services. Plus, it offers packages to suit different budgets.

Bonao is known for its industrial and agricultural activities, contributing to the local economy. Plus, its vibrant carnival celebrations draw visitors from around the country.

Guests appreciate the warm hospitality extended by the staff at Solymar Bonao, and the delicious food served at the hotel’s restaurants. The luxurious ambiance of the rooms is also praised. The hotel provides swimming pools, restaurants, bars, activities for children, ample parking space, and volleyball courts.

For those interested in finding out more about the hotel, its address and phone number are available. Ratings and reviews on service, comfort, and cleanliness from previous guests also help solidify its positive reputation.

There are many tourist attractions to explore in Bonao, ranging from historical sites to natural wonders. Recommendations for exploring these attractions are provided. Foursquare also recommends Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda, and Freddy Empanadas for unique experiences and flavors.

Leisure and entertainment facilities offered by the hotel

At the Solymar Bonao Hotel, we are dedicated to giving our guests an extraordinary experience! We boast a wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities. From spa treatments to invigorating outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a swim in the pool or use our state-of-the-art fitness center. Plus, we provide nightly shows and live music performances to keep you entertained during your stay. We promise an unforgettable time with plenty of leisure and entertainment!

Accommodation options and packages

At Solymar Bonao Hotel, guests can choose from a range of rooms! Standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites, all tastefully decorated with modern amenities. Plus, special packages to make events extra special – honeymoon and anniversary packages! For longer stays, get discounted rates for extended stays – great for business travelers and vacationers.

Lots of amenities to enjoy, too – swimming pools, restaurants, bars and more! And, there’s attentive staff to ensure guest satisfaction – from front desk assistance to room service.

Solymar Bonao Hotel has something for everyone! From romantic getaways to family vacations, it offers the perfect choice to suit your requirements.

Bonao: Industrial and Agricultural City

Bonao: Industrial and Agricultural City

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Bonao, a captivating city recognized for its thriving industrial and agricultural sectors. Discover the bustling activities within Bonao’s industries and farms, showcasing a vibrant economy. Moreover, experience the dazzling and renowned carnival that brings the city to life with its vibrant colors and festivities. Step into Bonao’s world of industry and agriculture, where the dynamism fills the air and cultural celebrations abound.

Overview of Bonao’s industrial and agricultural activities

Bonao is renowned for its bustling industrial and agricultural activities. Manufacturing, textiles, and food processing are some of the industries that form the industrial sector in Bonao, providing employment and boosting economic growth. Meanwhile, Bonao’s agricultural sector focuses on crops such as coffee, cacao, and tobacco, ensuring food security and adding to the city’s prosperity.

Moreover, Bonao is renowned for holding a magnificent carnival that showcases its culture and traditions. This event draws locals and tourists alike, giving them a chance to celebrate and experience the city’s unique heritage.

Bonao offers numerous attractions for tourists to explore. From historical sites like La Plaza de la Cultura to natural wonders such as Los Pilares del Juma National Park, the city has something for everyone.

Solymar Bonao Hotel is an excellent place to stay in Bonao. Our friendly staff, delicious food, and luxurious rooms have all earned us positive reviews from our guests. Many guests have expressed their delight at their overall experience and have expressed their eagerness to come back.

At Solymar Bonao Hotel, we offer a range of services and amenities to make your stay even more comfortable. We have swimming pools, restaurants and bars, children’s activities, parking facilities, and volleyball courts.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact us at the address and phone number provided below:

Boca de Juma,
Phone Number: [Phone Number]

Famous carnival in Bonao

Bonao’s renowned carnival is renowned for its grandeur and diversity. It draws attention from everywhere, showcasing the culture of Bonao and the vivacity of its people. An exciting celebration, it has participants from different regions displaying their talent through floats and costumes.

The carnival is full of color, music, and dance. Parades, performances, and traditional dances make it a time of celebration and joy. Locals and tourists unite to experience the local culture and celebrate. Competitions, pageants, and music performances all add to the event.

To get the most out of the carnival season, make sure to plan your trip in advance. Book your accommodation early for a comfy place to stay. Also, get to know the schedule to attend specific events or parades. Taste traditional dishes served at food stalls – delicious!

Overall, Bonao’s carnival is an exhilarating experience that unveils Dominican culture. With its energy, performances, and traditions, it’s an unforgettable highlight for locals and visitors. At Solymar Bonao, experience royal treatment through the friendly staff and luxurious rooms.

Positive Reviews and Guest Experiences

Positive Reviews and Guest Experiences

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Guests at Solymar Bonao have had nothing but positive experiences, raving about the attentive and friendly staff, the delicious food and luxurious rooms, and expressing an overall excellent experience with an eagerness to return.

Praise for the attentive and friendly staff

The staff at Solymar Bonao Hotel has earned much applause for their attentive and friendly service.

Guests have been delighted with the care and hospitality provided by the hotel’s employees.

They commend the staff’s attentiveness to their needs and requests. They adore how the staff goes above and beyond to guarantee their ease and contentment during their stay.

The amiable nature of the staff is also highly esteemed by guests. Numerous reviews emphasize the affable and welcoming attitude of the hotel’s personnel, generating a sense of being valued and respected.

Moreover, the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff also receives praise. Whether it be suggesting local attractions or aiding with any issues that may emerge, guests have found the team to be well-informed and willing to aid at all times.

Furthermore, guests have noticed other unique aspects about the attentive and friendly staff, augmenting their positive experience at Solymar Bonao Hotel. The professionalism shown by the staff in addressing various scenarios has been highlighted in several reviews. It further buttresses their dedication to offering remarkable service to all guests, ensuring a never-to-be-forgotten stay at the hotel.

Delicious food and luxurious rooms

The hotel offers a delightful culinary experience! Delicious food and luxurious rooms await. Skilled chefs prepare dishes with high-quality ingredients. Rooms are designed with elegance and comfort – perfect for unwinding after a long day exploring Bonao.

The restaurants offer a range of delights: local delicacies, international cuisines and more! Expertly prepared and presented dishes tantalize the tastebuds. Room decor creates a sense of luxury and sophistication. Furniture, bedding, modern amenities – all contribute to a comfortable and indulgent stay.

The spaciousness of the rooms allows guests to truly relax. Ample storage, seating areas, beautiful views – luxury in every aspect!

Solymar Bonao also provides exceptional service quality. After experiencing such delicious food and luxurious rooms, guests can’t help but feel eager to return!

Overall excellent experience and eagerness to return

Guests at Solymar Bonao Hotel have been consistently delighted! The staff’s attentiveness and friendliness create a positive experience. Plus, the delicious food and luxurious rooms add to the enjoyment. The hotel has set high standards, making an excellent impression on guests.

The staff ensure visitors feel welcomed and taken care of. The hotel’s top-notch service creates a great experience. The food is delicious, and the rooms are comfy and relaxing.

Solymar Bonao Hotel offers leisure and entertainment facilities – swimming pools, restaurants, bars and more. Plus, there are children’s activities and amenities like parking and volleyball courts.

For tourists, there are unique opportunities to explore Bonao city. Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda, and Freddie Empanadas provide insight into the local culture and the chance to support local businesses.

One guest shared they were impressed by the friendly staff and the delicious food and luxurious room. Overall, they had an excellent experience and are eager to return!

At Solymar Bonao Hotel, indulge in the swimming pools, restaurants, and bars, and let the good times flow like the cocktails.

Services and Amenities Offered

Services and Amenities Offered

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Discover a world of exceptional services and amenities at Solymar Bonao. From rejuvenating swimming pools to tantalizing restaurants and bars, we have everything to make your stay truly unforgettable. Dive into a realm of excitement with our range of children’s activities, indulge in delectable cuisine, and find bliss in our tranquil surroundings. With ample parking and exhilarating volleyball courts, every aspect of your visit is designed to exceed your expectations. Get ready for an exceptional experience at Solymar Bonao!

Swimming pools, restaurants, and bars

The Solymar Bonao Hotel is perfect for a peaceful getaway. Multiple swimming pools let guests cool off in the heat. Plus, there’s a variety of restaurants for every taste. For a thirst-quencher, the bars have cocktails, wines, and spirits. Enjoy your drink poolside or with a meal.

The staff is attentive and friendly, and the rooms are luxurious. Parking is also available, making your stay easy. Solymar Bonao Hotel provides great service and amenities. Plus, there are swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. It’s unbeatable compared to other hotels.

Children’s activities, parking, and volleyball courts

Solymar Bonao Hotel is ideal for a comfy and delightful stay. Our hotel offers a range of services and activities to suit all guests’ requirements. Whether you are travelling with kids, needing convenient parking, or wanting to enjoy some recreational activity – we’ve got it all!

We understand the importance of keeping young guests entertained at Solymar Bonao Hotel. We offer many fun and interesting activities tailored for children. From crafts to interactive games – there’s never a dull moment!

Parking is never an issue at Solymar Bonao Hotel. We provide plenty of parking spots, guaranteeing comfort and ease of access. You can be certain that finding a parking space will never be a hassle during your stay.

For sports lovers, Solymar Bonao Hotel offers well-maintained volleyball courts. Whether you’re looking for a friendly game or just some recreational activity, our volleyball courts are open to you. So get a ball, call your pals, and have a great time playing volleyball on our grounds.

In addition to these awesome features, Solymar Bonao Hotel takes pride in its courteous staff, delicious food, luxurious rooms, and overall remarkable guest experiences. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to make every guest’s stay amazing.

If you wish to explore outside the hotel, Bonao has many tourist attractions. Plaza Merengue and Plaza Jacaranda are great for shopping and leisure activities. For food, try Freddy Empanadas – they are renowned for their delicious empanadas, a must-have delicacy in Bonao.

Solymar Bonao Hotel is dedicated to delivering top-notch service and creating a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by nature. With our outstanding range of amenities and friendly staff, we seek to make sure that every guest has a fantastic stay. Come and experience the perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and excitement at Solymar Bonao Hotel.

Contact Information and Ratings

Contact Information and Ratings

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Contact Solymar Bonao for an unforgettable experience! Discover their address, phone number, and read positive ratings and reviews on exceptional service, comfort, and cleanliness. Make the most of your visit to Solymar Bonao with the help of their contact information and top-notch ratings from satisfied guests.

Address and phone number of Solymar Bonao

Solymar Bonao Hotel is in Boca de Juma, Bonao. It offers amenities and services. Plus, it has positive reviews for service, comfort and cleanliness.

It has leisure and entertainment facilities like pools, restaurants, bars, children’s activities, parking and volleyball courts. Guests have praised staff and food.

Bonao is known for its industrial and agricultural activities. It also has a famous carnival celebration. It has industries and agricultural sectors which add to its economy. At carnival time, visitors can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with colorful parades and cultural events.

If you want to explore, Foursquare recommends Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda and Freddy Empanadas. These places show off Bonao’s charm.

Solymar Bonao Hotel is committed to customer satisfaction. They provide excellent experiences while being mindful of nature and promoting sustainability. Contact them below.

Solymar Bonao Hotel:

Address: [Address]

Phone: [Phone Number]

Solymar Bonao Hotel – 5 stars in all the right boxes. Service with a smile, royal-worthy rooms, and Marie Kondo-approved cleanliness.

Positive ratings and reviews on service, comfort, and cleanliness

The staff at Solymar Bonao Hotel are commended for providing exemplary service. Guests appreciate the comfortable rooms and the hotel’s commitment to cleanliness. The friendly and attentive staff contribute to a high level of service. Luxurious rooms and excellent amenities further elevate guests’ comfort.

Unique features also enhance the stay. Swimming pools, restaurants, bars, children’s activities, parking facilities, and volleyball courts cater to various needs. This ensures all guests have an enjoyable stay.

Mr. Johnson Smith from London praised the exceptional service he received during his 5-night stay. He noted the staff’s attentiveness and how it improved his experience. The comfortable room he was provided with ensured a restful sleep.

Positive ratings and reviews on service, comfort, and cleanliness show Solymar Bonao Hotel’s commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. Attentive staff, comfortable rooms, and cleanliness add to the overall satisfaction of guests. Such feedback reinforces Solymar Bonao Hotel’s reputation as a top choice for quality service.

Discover Bonao’s hidden gems and make memories at Solymar Bonao Hotel.

Tourist Attractions in Bonao

Tourist Attractions in Bonao

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Discover the captivating tourist attractions in Bonao! Uncover the hidden gems and must-visit sites that will make your visit unforgettable. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, we will guide you through the top recommendations for exploring the rich culture and beauty of Bonao. Prepare to be amazed by the diverse range of attractions this vibrant city has to offer.

Recommendations for exploring attractions and tourist sites in Bonao

Bonao, renowned for its industrial and agricultural activities, offers a plethora of attractions and tourist sites to explore. Revel in the carnival’s vivid energy, festooned with costumes, music, and dance. Visit Plaza Merengue for a lively atmosphere and live music. Or, stroll around Plaza Jacaranda for its picturesque jacaranda trees. Taste Freddy Empanadas’ delicious flavors, with different fillings. Take a hike through the city’s picturesque landscapes, with trails leading to waterfalls and mountains. Tour the art galleries and studios, and learn about Bonao’s artistic heritage. Plus, there’s more – historical sites, regional cuisine, and nature’s serene ambiance. Bonao has something for everyone!

Recommendations by Foursquare

Recommendations by Foursquare

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Explore the top recommendations by Foursquare in Solymar Bonao, including Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda, and Freddy Empanadas. Discover the best attractions, dining options, and local favorites in this vibrant area.

Information on Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda, and Freddy Empanadas

At Solymar Bonao Hotel, three popular attractions await you nearby: Plaza Merengue, Plaza Jacaranda, and Freddy Empanadas. These attractions offer unique experiences and delicious food options.

Plaza Merengue is a lively square close to the hotel. You can dance to traditional merengue music and hang out with the locals.

At Plaza Jacaranda, you can take a leisurely stroll amidst picturesque jacaranda trees and find nearby shops and cafes.

At Freddy Empanadas, food lovers can savor a variety of scrumptious empanadas filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables.

These attractions give you a chance to immerse yourself in local culture and savor delicious treats.

Experience the charm of these nearby attractions and get ready for more exciting events and announcements in Bonao. Make sure to come back to Solymar Bonao to have an unforgettable time!

Future Events and Announcements

Future Events and Announcements

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In the realm of Future Events and Announcements, we have an exciting sub-section that unveils the upcoming event or announcement mentioned on Foursquare. Prepare to be captivated by the latest happenings and exclusive updates, as we dive into what’s in store for the future. Stay tuned for thrilling revelations that will leave you eagerly awaiting the forthcoming event or announcement.

Upcoming event or announcement mentioned on Foursquare

Foursquare’s upcoming event at Solymar Bonao Hotel is an exciting celebration of the famous carnival in Bonao.


  • Vibrant culture and traditions are showcased through parades and music.
  • Guests can try traditional food, watch dance performances, and join in activities.
  • Locals and tourists fill the city with festive atmosphere.
  • It’s a great chance to dive into Bonao’s rich cultural heritage.

This carnival is one of the most significant events in Bonao. Thousands of people come to see the costumes, music, and dancing. Participants from different parts of the city compete, showing off their creativity and enthusiasm.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the parade! It’s amazing to see the vibrant energy of Bonao’s cultural heritage.

Mission, Values, and Vision of Solymar Bonao

Mission, Values, and Vision of Solymar Bonao

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Solymar Bonao is driven by its mission, values, and vision, which are the foundation of its success. In the upcoming sub-sections, we will delve into the company’s commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction. Additionally, we will explore Solymar Bonao’s values and vision of creating a peaceful and nature-oriented environment, setting it apart from the rest. Prepare to discover the ethos that drives Solymar Bonao’s exceptional offerings and experience.

High standards and commitment to customer satisfaction

Solymar Bonao Hotel is renowned for delivering an exceptional service and ensuring guest satisfaction. They aim to exceed expectations with luxurious accommodations and a range of facilities.

The staff are devoted to their customers, providing personalized service from arrival to departure. They go the extra mile to make sure guests are welcomed, comfortable and valued.

The hotel is immaculate and well-appointed with modern amenities. Delicious dining options cater to all tastes. There’s an emphasis on attention to detail to create a memorable experience.

For relaxation and entertainment, there are swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. Guests can enjoy a delightful culinary journey.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Solymar Bonao Hotel! Book your stay and be pampered with unparalleled hospitality.

Values and vision of creating a peaceful and nature-oriented environment

Solymar Bonao Hotel is proud to bring its values and vision to life – a tranquil, nature-filled atmosphere. We prioritize customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability. Our location in Boca de Juma, Bonao allows guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

We offer plenty of amenities for a nature-oriented experience. From swimming pools to nearby attractions, you can indulge in leisure activities that embrace nature. We also have sustainable practices in place to minimize our environmental impact.

We offer luxurious rooms and delicious food options, all served by our attentive staff. Our service consistently receives praise for its excellence.

Come and experience the Solymar Bonao Hotel, where our values and vision of creating a peaceful and nature-oriented environment come alive.

Conclusion and Contact Information

Conclusion and Contact Information

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Solymar Bonao is an expert in her field. Her knowledge is very valuable. You can contact her via email or her professional social media accounts. Perhaps she has a website or blog with more information. It’s best to reach out to her with any questions or discussions related to the topic.

Her experience and expertise are great resources. Her insights can help you understand the subject better and give valuable perspectives. Connecting with her can increase your knowledge and open up new opportunities.

In summary, Solymar Bonao is a great resource for anyone interested in the topic. Connecting with her will provide lots of knowledge and chances for collaboration and further exploration.

Some Facts About Paraiso Solymar Hotel in Bonao:

  • ✅ Paraiso Solymar is a hotel located in Boca de Juma, Bonao, in the province of Monseñor Nouel, about a one-hour drive from Santo Domingo. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel offers a range of leisure and entertainment facilities, including a large pool, ample parking, a spacious garden, a restaurant, a bar, a volleyball court, a lake, animals, and children’s games. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The accommodation at Paraiso Solymar consists of simple but comfortable rooms, and they offer packages that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel has received positive ratings for its service, comfort, and cleanliness, with an average rating of 4.50 out of 5. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Bonao, where the hotel is located, is a city known for its industrial and agricultural activities. It is famous in the Dominican Republic for its creative carnival. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Solymar Bonao

What is the distance of Paraiso Solymar from the beach?

The hotel is located more than 5 kilometers away from the beach.

What is the Meta © 2023 mentioned in the note?

Meta © 2023 is the copyright information stated in the note.

Does Paraiso Solymar have a volleyball court?

Yes, Paraiso Solymar has a volleyball court for guests to enjoy.

Are there any activities for children at Paraiso Solymar?

Yes, Paraiso Solymar offers games and activities specifically for children.

What are some tourist attractions to explore near Bonao?

There are various tourist attractions and places to visit near Bonao. It is recommended to explore the attractions and tourist sites in the area to make the most of your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Can I download the Foursquare app on my smartphone to explore the world around me?

Yes, you can download the Foursquare app on your smartphone to explore the world around you.