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Small Hotel For Sale Rincon Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • A small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico is a great investment opportunity for those looking to own a business in a beautiful location with a booming tourism industry.
  • The location of the small hotel is important to consider, as it will impact the amount of foot traffic and potential customers. Rincon is a popular destination for surfers and beach lovers, which makes it an ideal location for a hotel.
  • The number of rooms and amenities offered by the hotel will also impact its success and profitability. It is important to invest in quality amenities to attract guests and ensure they have a comfortable stay.

Want to own a tranquil Caribbean hotel? You can now make your dream come true with this small hotel for sale in Rincon Puerto Rico. This luxurious property is perfect for any investors looking to delve into the hospitality industry and capitalize on local tourism.

Brief Description of Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon, Puerto Rico is a hidden gem in the Caribbean Ocean and a popular tourist destination known for its secluded feel, sandy beaches and world-famous surf breaks. This small community of business owners offers a unique opportunity to invest in a turnkey boutique hotel business. The property features oceanfront views, pool and a heated jacuzzi surrounded by tropical gardens. The hotel includes an owner’s apartment, studio apartment with a full kitchen, and hotel rooms with plantation-style furnishings. Rincon is accessible via Aguadilla Airport serviced by Jet Blue, Continental and Pan Am. Additionally, the hotel can be marketed through VRBO, Greatrentals, Pamel Lanier, B&BonLine and Fodors Choice.

One true fact about Rincon is that it hosts various annual events such as the Corona Surf Contest, Rincon International Film Festival, Stand Up Paddle Board Contest, Whale Watching Festival, Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) Benefit and Rincon Triathlon Weekend that bring repeat business opportunities through guest referrals.

Get ready for the ultimate getaway at this small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico – where the beaches are pristine, the cocktails are strong, and the WiFi is practically non-existent.

Hotel Information

Hotel Information-small hotel for sale rincon puerto rico,

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Gaining an in-depth comprehension of the small hotel up for sale in Rincon Puerto Rico requires familiarity with its info. To decide wisely, one must be conscious of the small hotel’s:

  • whereabouts,
  • the amount of rooms and amenities, plus
  • the current state of the hotel.

Location of Small Hotel

The small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico is located in the heart of a surfing village and a popular vacation destination. The property offers ocean front access to world-famous surf breaks while being conveniently close to town amenities. The hotel management presents a turnkey business opportunity suitable for both experienced hotel operators and beginners looking to enter the industry.

The Tres Sirenas Oceanfront Inn is a luxurious resort with an owners’ apartment that allows innkeepers to work at their leisure amidst beautiful surroundings. The Building is made of concrete construction featuring Anderson Windows, Kohler plumbing, and Spanish tile roofing. Mexican tile floors and plantation-style furnishings add warmth throughout the interior spaces. Being pet-friendly, this furnished property includes appliances, laundry room with washer/dryer facilities, cable TV and high speed internet connection.

Furthermore, hotel mentoring, consulting services and guidance on avoiding common hotel mistakes are available upon request. Suds benefit can be obtained by taking over broken backlinks on online platforms such as BedandBreakfast or Rentalo.

Warning: You won’t need a gym membership if you invest in this small hotel – carrying the luggage up to one of the charming rooms will give you enough exercise for the year.

Number of Rooms and Amenities

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Current Condition of Hotel

The Hotel for Sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico boasts of a well-maintained and fully operational small hotel with essential amenities and luxury resort-style services. The Plantation style furnishings add to the charm of the property. The owners’ apartment is spacious and well-appointed. Hotel marketing, hotel consulting, and hotel staff are readily available to facilitate seamless business operations.

With world-famous surf breaks just a few minutes away, this pet-friendly Bed and Breakfast offers a unique opportunity to investors seeking an entrepreneurial venture in Rincon PR. Don’t miss out on this lucrative investment opportunity. Ready to add ‘hotel owner’ to your resume? Check out the juicy sales information for this small hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Sales Information

Sales Information-small hotel for sale rincon puerto rico,

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Gaining access to this mini-hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico? Grasp the sales info! Focus on the price and contemplate negotiation. If you want to buy, contact details await!

Asking Price and Negotiation Options

The Small Hotel’s Requested Amount and Possible Negotiation Options

Price Negotiation Opportunities for a Small Rincon Puerto Rico Hotel can be an important consideration for potential buyers. The hotel owners have set an asking price and given some negotiation options, making it important for prospective buyers to determine the best deal that can work for them.

Here are five points on asking price and negotiation options:

  • The small Rincon Puerto Rico hotel is listed at $1.7 million.
  • Owning apartment is included in the asking price.
  • Owners can help with B&B Online marketing setup if required.
  • Pet-friendly environment may provide an incentive to attract clients.
  • Location near world-famous surf breaks that tourists like to draw can give potential boost sales depending on the management approach of new owners.

It’s worth noting that the listing does not include any details on LSI keywords related to hospitality or hotels.

To make the most of this opportunity, consider these suggestions:

  • Conduct some market research to determine if the asking price is reasonable compared to other similar small hotels in the area.
  • Consider negotiating better payment terms or additional services as part of ownership transfer.
  • Leverage social media platforms & other online marketing channels to establish a strong web presence and attract more guests who prefer not stay in larger chain hotels.
  • Consider creative ways to re-purpose your space and facilities accessible, such as offering Mindfulness retreats or hosting wedding services.

By carefully considering all available options and taking an informed approach, potential buyers can position themselves well in negotiations with existing owners or competitors.

Looking to buy a small hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico? Don’t hesitate to reach out – the ghosts are friendly and the beach is to die for.

Contact Information for Interested Buyers

For interested buyers, the following contact details are provided for inquiries regarding the small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

  • To learn more about this property, interested parties may reach out to the current owner’s agent via phone or email.
  • Additionally, potential buyers may visit the B&B’s online listing.
  • The current owners are glad to offer a tour of the property and discuss its highlights, such as its prime location near world-famous surf breaks and its pet-friendly amenities.
  • Interested parties can also inquire about the owners’ apartment within the complex.
  • Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity! Contact us today for more information on this charming small hotel in one of Puerto Rico’s most sought-after areas.

Some Facts About Small Hotel For Sale Rincon Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Rincon is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and surfing spots. (Source: Discovering Puerto Rico)
  • ✅ The average temperature in Rincon is around 80°F (26.7°C) all year round. (Source: US Climate Data)
  • ✅ Rincon is known for its whale watching tours during the humpback whale season (January to March). (Source: Rincon Vacations)
  • ✅ The small hotel for sale in Rincon is a great opportunity for investors looking to enter the hospitality industry in Puerto Rico. (Source: Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty)
  • ✅ The hotel is located close to popular attractions such as the Punta Higuera Lighthouse and the Rincon Art Walk. (Source: TripAdvisor)

FAQs about Small Hotel For Sale Rincon Puerto Rico

1. What makes Rincon, Puerto Rico a world-famous surfing destination?

Rincon boasts some of the best surf breaks in the world, attracting surfers from all over the globe. Some of the most popular surf spots include Domes, Marias, and Tres Palmas.

2. Is the small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico pet-friendly?

Yes, the small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico is pet-friendly. Guests can bring their furry friends with them during their stay.

3. Does the hotel include an owner’s apartment?

Yes, the hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico includes an owner’s apartment, allowing the new owners to live on-site or have a convenient place to stay during their visits.

4. Can the small hotel be used as a bed and breakfast?

Yes, the small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico can be used as a bed and breakfast. With cozy rooms and a convenient location, it would make a great B&B option for travelers.

5. Is there an online booking system available for the hotel?

Yes, the small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico has an online booking system available for guests to easily reserve their stay.

6. What sets this small hotel apart from other properties for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico?

This small hotel for sale in Rincon, Puerto Rico is located in a prime spot for surfers and beach-goers, making it a unique and desirable property. Additionally, its pet-friendly policy, owner’s apartment, and potential as a B&B add to its appeal.