Sheraton Mexico

Key Takeaways:

  • Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel offers a convenient location near major landmarks and attractions, making it an ideal choice for travelers.
  • The hotel provides a range of services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.
  • Stringent hygiene and cleaning measures are implemented at the hotel to ensure the safety of guests.

Overview of Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel

Sheraton Mexico

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Discover the essence of Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel in a concise overview. Unveiling its prime location alongside notable landmarks, as well as the range of services and amenities offered, this section ensures you have a glimpse into what makes this hotel an exceptional choice. Prepare to be amazed by its stunning setting and indulge in world-class amenities during your stay at Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.

Location and Landmarks

Experience luxury and convenience at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel! Strategically located in a prime area, the upscale hotel is the perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers. Guests can explore iconic monuments, cultural centers, and historic buildings all within walking distance. Plus, the hotel’s central location ensures easy access to corporate offices, government institutions, and transportation hubs.

Witness the beauty of the city skyline from the hotel’s stunning views! Immerse in Mexico City’s rich culture and history by visiting popular attractions like Chapultepec Castle and Zona Rosa. And, for business travelers, the hotel is conveniently close to major financial districts.

One guest shared their experience – strolling along Paseo de la Reforma avenue right from the doorsteps of the hotel! They were amazed with the hotel’s close proximity to historical landmarks and indulged in exploring them without any transportation hassles.

At Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel, you will be pampered like royalty! Enjoy our fabulous services and amenities and make your stay truly remarkable.

Services and Amenities

Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel is here to give its guests a stay they won’t forget! With 24/7 front desk help, free Wi-Fi, room service, a fitness center, and meeting rooms for business travelers – you’ll never want to leave. Plus, for any custom queries or requests, their concierge services provide personalized assistance. It’s all there to make sure your stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible. So get comfy in a room so cozy, it’ll make your own bed at home feel like a torture device.



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Sheraton Mexico provides luxurious and comfortable accommodations. It has beautifully designed rooms, with modern amenities and stylish decor. Plus, it offers some unique features, like a rooftop terrace with amazing views and regular events.

The rooms have plenty of space, modern amenities, and stunning views. There are also upgraded suites, with separate living areas, balconies, and exclusive club lounge access.

Facilities include a fitness center, spa, swimming pool, and concierge service. Plus, there’s a selection of restaurants, from fine dining to casual cafes.

To make the most of their stay, guests can use the concierge service for advice. Or, treat themselves to a spa treatment. Also, explore the local area to experience the culture and sample local cuisine.

Sheraton Mexico is the perfect choice for travelers looking for a luxurious and memorable stay in Mexico City.

Hygiene and Cleaning Measures

Hygiene and Cleaning Measures

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Sheraton Mexico is dedicated to prioritizing hygiene and cleanliness. We understand the importance of providing a safe environment for our guests, staff, and visitors. Our commitment to this is clear in our protocols and practices.

  • We follow a strict regimen of disinfection with industry-approved products. Our team cleans all high-touch surfaces multiple times a day.
  • Our housekeeping staff goes the extra mile in cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms. Sanitizing doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls is a must.
  • We provide hand sanitization stations throughout the hotel. These are easily accessible and help protect against germs and viruses.

It’s our top priority to keep everyone who enters our property safe and healthy. To further enhance our hygiene and cleaning measures, we suggest:

  • Implementing touchless technologies, like automatic doors and hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Increasing staff training on proper cleaning and sanitization techniques.
  • Investing in advanced cleaning equipment, like UV light sanitizers and electrostatic sprayers.

These suggestions will help us give our guests a safer and more enjoyable stay.

Contactless Guest Services

Contactless Guest Services

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Sheraton Mexico has implemented contactless Guest Services to enhance the guest experience and prioritize safety. This includes: seamless check-in and check-out, virtual concierge, mobile key, digital menus, and contactless payments. Plus, the hotel has put in place health and safety measures.

Even though the services are contactless, Sheraton Mexico still provides personalized service and attention to detail. Guests have expressed their appreciation for the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that the contactless services provide.

Food and Beverage Safety

Food and Beverage Safety

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At Sheraton Mexico, food and beverage safety is a top priority for us. Strict guidelines and protocols are followed to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We have implemented stringent hygiene measures in our food and beverage operations. This includes regular handwashing and the use of gloves and masks by our staff. All utensils, equipment and surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. We source ingredients from reputable suppliers to ensure freshness and quality. Regular inspections and audits are done to make sure we comply with food safety standards.

Furthermore, our staff undergoes comprehensive training on food safety and handling practices. We have designated areas for food preparation and storage, separate from other areas. We also maintain a close relationship with local health authorities to stay updated on the latest regulations and best practices.

At Sheraton Mexico, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for our guests. We strive to maintain the highest levels of food and beverage safety through our rigorous adherence to hygiene standards, regular inspections, staff training, and compliance with regulations.

Fitness and Wellness Facilities

Fitness and Wellness Facilities

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At Sheraton Mexico, we recognize the importance of fitness and wellness. That’s why our state-of-the-art fitness center is fully equipped with cardio and strength training machines. We also provide yoga classes and spa treatments to help guests relax and unwind. Plus, we have a jogging track where guests can enjoy a refreshing run while taking in the sights.

We also offer a peaceful courtyard surrounded by lush greenery and soothing water features. It’s the perfect place for guests to take a leisurely stroll or simply sit back and relax. Our courtyard adds to the overall wellness experience, allowing guests to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find moments of calmness.

Sheraton Mexico provides a comprehensive experience for our guests – ensuring physical and mental well-being during their stay.

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

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Experience a truly extraordinary event at the Sheraton Mexico! Our hotel provides exceptional facilities and top-notch services. With cutting-edge tech and a devoted staff, we can host occasions of any size.

  • Flexible Venues: Choose from our selection of intimate boardrooms and large ballrooms. Our spaces are perfect for any type of gathering.
  • Top Facilities: Our meeting rooms come with the latest audiovisual and high-speed internet access for smooth presentations.
  • Customized Service: Our event planners are here to understand your needs and create a one-of-a-kind experience. From catering to décor, we’ll take care of every detail.
  • Convenient Location: We are situated in the heart of Mexico City. Our central spot gives guests easy access to transportation, dining, and more!

Plus, Sheraton Mexico offers exclusive features such as outdoor spaces with amazing views, custom menus, and a team of on-site technicians to help with audiovisual needs. Book now and ensure a successful and unforgettable event!

Nearby Attractions and Popular Destinations

Nearby Attractions and Popular Destinations

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The Sheraton Mexico is close to diverse attractions and well-known spots that fit every taste. From historic sites to lively shopping hubs – there’s something for everyone!

  • Take a trip to Chapultepec Park, nearby the hotel. This huge green paradise has gardens, cultural points and recreational activities.
  • Learn about Mexico’s past at the National Museum of Anthropology. It showcases artifacts and displays that tell the story of the country’s old civilizations.
  • Discover the fashionable Polanco neighborhood, known for its chic stores, eateries and activities. From designer boutiques to gourmet restaurants – it has a touch of luxury.
  • Dive into the vibrancy of the Historic Center of Mexico City. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it features stunning architecture, bustling marketplaces, and iconic landmarks like the Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • Enjoy a cultural experience at the Frida Kahlo Museum or Casa Azul. This museum exhibits the life and works of the Mexican artist and allows visitors to explore her colorful world.

Moreover, the Sheraton Mexico is near the city’s main business district, making it ideal for business travelers. Plus, it’s easy to access public transport, so visitors can explore further.

Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

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The Sheraton Mexico hotel has received glowing reviews from Guests, reflecting a high level of satisfaction. These reviews give potential visitors an inside look into the hotel, so they can make an informed decision about their stay.

Guests have praised the Sheraton Mexico for its:

  • Luxurious and comfortable rooms, with modern amenities.
  • Friendly and attentive staff.
  • Variety of dining options – from fine dining to casual.
  • Convenient and vibrant location, with access to nearby attractions.
  • Excellent wellness facilities, such as a fitness center and spa.

Unique details that have been mentioned include: stunning views, seamless check-in, and complimentary bottled water. Plus, the Sheraton Mexico has a rich history, serving as a landmark in the city for decades. This heritage adds to the hotel’s allure and its guests’ exceptional experiences.

Booking Information

Booking Information

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At Sheraton Mexico, we understand the necessity of providing simple and stress-free booking options. Our user-friendly online system and knowledgeable customer service team make it easy to secure the perfect accommodation.

Our website offers detailed information about room availability, rates, and amenities. Guests can browse through many types of rooms, from luxurious suites to comfortable standard rooms.

Our customer service team is eager to help with any inquiries or special requests. Whether you need assistance with transportation or extra amenities, our staff is committed to providing personalized service.

We also offer exclusive promotions and discounts to give guests the chance to experience luxury at a great rate. Special packages include deals for extended stays and bundled services.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

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Sheraton Mexico boasts its Loyalty Program which provides a plethora of benefits. Join the program and you’ll be eligible for exclusive perks and rewards that enhance your stay. These include special rates and discounts on accommodation, dining, and other services, as well as priority check-in and late check-out.

Also, the program has a points system. Earn points with every stay and you can redeem them for free nights or other rewards. Plus, free Wi-Fi access throughout your stay is an added bonus.

You can also earn elite status, allowing you room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and exclusive lounge access. And, you can earn airline miles or points with participating airlines.

Love at First Stay is an initiative for first-time guests at Sheraton Mexico hotels. It offers exclusive benefits to create a memorable experience.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of the Loyalty Program. Join now and make the most of your time at Sheraton Mexico hotels.



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The Sheraton Mexico is the ideal choice for a luxurious and comfortable stay! It provides exceptional experiences for its guests – from its luxurious accommodations to its commitment to sustainability. Guests can expect a world-class stay with impeccable service. Popular attractions are conveniently located near the hotel, and it has state-of-the-art facilities. Dining options, a fitness center and concierge services further enhance guests’ stay. The Sheraton Mexico promises a truly unforgettable experience!

Some Facts About Sheraton Mexico:

  • ✅ The Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel is located on Paseo de la Reforma, in the heart of the financial district. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel offers various services and amenities, including an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. (Source: Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel Towers website)
  • ✅ The hotel has a tennis court, a gym, and the Jorongo bar, which offers mariachi concerts. (Source: Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel Towers website)
  • ✅ The hotel has received 100% real reviews from guests. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel provides daily cleaning, additional hygiene products, and implements additional sanitary measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: Marriott website)

FAQs about Sheraton Mexico

What safety measures are in place at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel?

The Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel has implemented extensive hygiene and protection measures to prevent COVID-19 infection within the premises. These measures include contactless guest check-in, maintaining social distancing, and ensuring food and beverage safety. The hotel provides hygiene stations and personal protective equipment for staff and guests, frequent cleaning of high-contact areas, and regular maintenance checks of technical equipment. The hotel also maintains physical distancing throughout the establishment in accordance with local regulations and provides revised training programs for employees, suppliers, and contractors.

What services and amenities does the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel offer?

The Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel offers a range of services and amenities to enhance guests’ stay. These include a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis court, bar, restaurant, concierge desk, and accessibility features. The hotel also offers paid Wi-Fi throughout the property and parking on-site for a fee. Additionally, there are meeting and event spaces available for reservation.

What are the dining options at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel?

The hotel features several dining options for guests. The Manhattan Deli restaurant offers a variety of healthy take-out options for breakfast and lunch, including pizzas and sushi. Ristorante Amici specializes in Italian cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (reservation required). There is also a Mexican restaurant open for dinner with a casual dress code. Guests can enjoy artisanal cocktails, margaritas, and live concerts at the Jorongo bar.

What are some nearby attractions and landmarks near the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel?

The Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel is located in a prime location close to several attractions and landmarks. These include the Angel De La Independencia monument, Bosque De Chapultepec, the historic center, the Sports Palace, and the Jardins Flottants de Xochimilco. These attractions offer opportunities for exploration, sightseeing, and cultural experiences.

What are the check-in and check-out times at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel?

The check-in time at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel is after 3:00 PM, and check-out is before 12:00 PM. Guests should keep these times in mind when planning their arrival and departure to ensure a smooth and convenient stay.

Is there a loyalty program available at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel?

Yes, the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel offers a loyalty program that allows guests to earn points, obtain elite status, and enjoy discounts and other benefits. Guests can inquire about the loyalty program and its benefits when making a reservation or during their stay at the hotel.