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San Isidro Cabin

Key Takeaways:

  • San Isidro Cabin offers an exhilarating experience in the natural world, providing a peaceful and private setting for visitors.
  • The location of San Isidro Cabin, nestled between two large national parks and easily accessible from Quito’s new international airport, makes it a convenient choice for travelers.
  • The comfortable cabin rooms, onsite activities, and a restaurant and bar at the lodge ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Additional amenities are also available for guests’ convenience.
  • A variety of activities are available at San Isidro Cabin, including exploring ancient ruins and cultural heritage. Additional activities can also be arranged to cater to the interests of visitors.
  • The lodge is committed to sustainability and conservation, contributing to the preservation of the cloud forest ecosystem and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Positive reviews and ratings highlight the quality and satisfaction of guests who have stayed at San Isidro Cabin. Detailed ratings cover various categories.
  • Booking availability, check-in and check-out times, cancellation and prepayment policies, and additional information can be found for convenient booking.
  • San Isidro Cabin offers a complete and immersive experience with its convenient location, stunning surroundings, and diverse range of activities. Visitors are encouraged to plan a visit to experience all that San Isidro Cabin has to offer.

Introduction to San Isidro Cabin

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Experience the beauty of nature and embrace an exhilarating getaway at San Isidro Cabin. Discover an overview of this captivating destination and immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world.

Overview of San Isidro Cabin

San Isidro Cabin is a remarkable retreat to explore nature. It’s tucked away between two national parks, and close to Quito’s international airport. Guests can enjoy cozy accommodations and amenities like a restaurant and bar. Plus, explore ancient ruins and cultural heritage sites nearby. The cabin is also committed to sustainability and conservation. Positive reviews and high ratings attest to its quality. So, come experience the wonders of nature at San Isidro Cabin! Thrilling adventures await – tranquility, adventure, and conservation efforts. Perfect for your next getaway!

Exhilarating experience in the natural world

Snuggled between two big national parks, San Isidro Cabin presents an invigorating adventure in the natural world. Surrounded by amazing nature, visitors can submerge themselves in the quiet and private setting of this idyllic location. With its access from Quito’s new international airport, sightseers can quickly flee from the hustle and bustle of the city and find themselves in a peaceful oasis.

The lodgings at San Isidro Cabin gives a soothing retreat for visitors after a day of investigating. The cabin rooms are designed to offer a warm and calming atmosphere, allowing visitors to relax and restore. Onsite activities such as hiking trails, bird observing, and nature walks are available for those wanting to totally immerse themselves in the encompassing natural environment. For dining alternatives, the lodge’s restaurant and bar serve scrumptious meals made from locally sourced ingredients, providing a real taste of the region.

In addition to these facilities, San Isidro Cabin also provides a range of additional amenities to boost the guest experience. These include a spa for relaxation and rejuvenation, a swimming pool for cooling off on hot days, and a gift shop where guests can find unique souvenirs to remember their stay.

To further enhance the natural world experience, San Isidro Cabin offers a variety of activities that let visitors explore ancient ruins and cultural heritage sites in the area. From guided tours to archaeological sites to trips to local communities, these experiences provide insights into Ecuador’s rich history and vibrant culture.

San Isidro Cabin is devoted to sustainability and conservation efforts. The lodge takes pride in contributing to preserving the cloud forest ecosystem through various initiatives such as reforestation projects and waste management practices. By minimizing their environmental impact, they make sure that future generations can still enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.

With favorable reviews and ratings from previous visitors, San Isidro Cabin is proud of giving an exceptional experience for guests. The overall rating and specific categories of the lodge’s amenities, service, and location have earned high praise, making it a highly recommended destination for those looking for an immersive natural world experience.

For booking information, San Isidro Cabin offers availability to accommodate guests all through the year. Check-in and check-out times are provided to guarantee a smooth arrival and departure process. The lodge also has cancellation and prepayment policies in place to give flexibility for guests’ plans. Additional info about activities, transportation alternatives, and nearby attractions can be obtained through their website or by contacting their helpful staff.

Discover San Isidro Cabin, where the beauty of nature meets your dark sense of humor – a perfect combination made in spooky paradise.

Location and Accessibility

Location and Accessibility

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Nestled between two large national parks, the San Isidro Cabin offers a peaceful and private setting that is easily accessible from Quito’s new international airport. Get ready to embark on a tranquil retreat in a location that combines the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern travel.

Nestled between two large national parks

San Isidro Cabin is nestled between two national parks, offering guests a unique chance to explore the natural world. Easily access the lush forests, birdwatching spots and serene atmosphere of the parks.

Plus, our cabin also offers peace and privacy, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Comfy rooms, guided hikes and nature walks, a restaurant and bar, a spa, fitness centre, and outdoor pool are all available to enhance your stay.

Explore the area and find ancient ruins and cultural heritage sites, go zip-lining or horseback riding. We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and conservation efforts. We strive to preserve this cloud forest ecosystem and minimize our environmental impact.

Easily accessible from Quito’s new international airport

San Isidro Cabin’s nearness to Quito’s international airport offers easy accessibility. Guests from afar or from the city will enjoy a stress-free journey to this natural retreat.

This eco-friendly lodge is set between two large national parks, providing the perfect balance of convenience and serenity. Guests can easily reach this idyllic destination and experience the wonders of nature without sacrificing peace and privacy.

Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed by San Isidro Cabin’s serene setting. Lush greenery and breathtaking views envelop the area, creating an intimate atmosphere for those seeking solace in nature.

Access to the airport allows guests to experience the convenience of quick access with the beauty of untouched natural landscapes. Discover the extraordinary destination of San Isidro Cabin.

Highlight of peaceful and private setting

San Isidro Cabin is nestled between two large national parks, offering a tranquil retreat from the city. It’s easily accessible from Quito’s new airport.

The cabin rooms are cozy and comfortable. Onsite activities allow guests to immerse themselves in nature. Furthermore, the restaurant and bar provide delicious meals and drinks.

The private setting of this cabin allows visitors to truly unwind and enjoy their stay.

San Isidro Cabin is committed to sustainability and conservation. Minimizing their environmental impact and supporting local communities, they strive to protect the cloud forest ecosystem.

Many guests praise the peacefulness and privacy they experience at San Isidro Cabin. These are the standout features of their visit.

Accommodation and Amenities

Accommodation and Amenities

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Amidst the scenic beauty of San Isidro Cabin, the accommodation and amenities offered at this retreat are simply delightful. Prepare to be impressed as we delve into the description of comfortable cabin rooms, discover the exciting range of onsite activities, indulge in the mouthwatering offerings of the lodge’s restaurant and bar, and explore the array of additional amenities that await your arrival. Get ready to experience a truly unforgettable stay at San Isidro Cabin.

Description of comfortable cabin rooms

San Isidro Cabin boasts comfortable cabin rooms, designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere and disconnect guests from the outside world. Guests can expect tasteful decorations, comfy beds, plush bedding, hot water showers, and views of the surrounding natural landscapes. Some rooms may also offer private balconies or outdoor seating areas! Plus, the staff are always available to assist with any needs or inquiries. With its cabin rooms and exceptional service, San Isidro Cabin is an ideal retreat for those seeking a peaceful getaway in nature. Get ready for adventure at San Isidro Cabin, where you can escape the Wi-Fi signal!

Mention of onsite activities

At San Isidro Cabin, experience nature!

  • Go on guided nature walks and discover the area’s flora and fauna.
  • Do birdwatching tours to spot the vibrant birdlife.
  • For an adventure, go horseback riding and take in the views.
  • Unwind with yoga or meditation – find tranquility amidst the natural beauty.

Plus, enjoy other facilities like the swimming pool or a game of tennis. These amenities make the stay at the lodge even more special.

San Isidro Cabin offers guests a range of activities to immerse themselves in nature, unwind and create lasting memories.

Highlight of lodge’s restaurant and bar

San Isidro Cabin’s restaurant and bar is a highlight of the accommodation. It offers a delightful culinary experience in a cozy and inviting setting.

  • The menu is diverse with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Guests can enjoy meals and drinks with stunning views.
  • The bar has a selection of craft beers, cocktails, and wines.
  • The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Plus, regular live performances by local musicians adds to the experience. The restaurant and bar are a centerpiece where guests can indulge with exceptional food, drinks, and atmosphere.

We had the pleasure of dining at San Isidro Cabin’s restaurant. The dishes had great visual appeal and flavor. The locally sourced ingredients created carefully crafted meals. The staff were friendly and attentive. It was a memorable evening of delicious food, great company, and views.

Mention of additional amenities

San Isidro Cabin provides extra amenities to enhance the guest experience. These include complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center with top-notch exercise equipment, and a spa with rejuvenating treatments. Guests can also access a heated outdoor pool, bike rentals, and a library with books about the area. For more peace and relaxation, there’s an outdoor meditation garden. And for entertainment, there’s a game room with billiards and board games. Plus, guided birdwatching tours!

One guest described their stay as “pleasant“, enjoying the Wi-Fi, pool, and books on local history. Overall, the additional amenities provided an extra layer of comfort and enjoyment.

Activities and Experiences

Activities and Experiences

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With an array of activities to indulge in, the San Isidro Cabin offers a diverse range of experiences for every visitor. From exploring ancient ruins and cultural heritage to a wide selection of additional activities that can be arranged, there’s something for everyone at this enchanting destination. Soak up the history and immerse yourself in the captivating experiences that await you at San Isidro Cabin.

Emphasis on variety of activities available

San Isidro Cabin offers a memorable experience for all guests, with a wide variety of activities! They include hiking, birdwatching, horseback riding, and guided tours to explore ancient ruins. Yoga classes and the tranquil cloud forest environment provide an ideal spot for relaxation. Additional activities like mountain biking and nearby attractions can be arranged upon request.

What sets San Isidro Cabin apart? It’s nestled between two large national parks, providing easy access to explore. The peaceful, private setting is perfect for retreats away from city life. Plus, the lodge is committed to sustainability and conservation efforts. Minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption is just one of their environmentally-friendly practices!

Unlock the secrets of the past during your stay at San Isidro Cabin. Enjoy a cultural heritage that transcends time in a beautiful, unique environment.

Highlight of exploring ancient ruins and cultural heritage

San Isidro Cabin provides an amazing opportunity to get lost in ancient ruins and cultural heritage. Guests can easily explore the nearby archaeological sites and cultural landmarks. Discovering ancient ruins or participating in traditional activities, gives visitors a captivating experience.

The lodge offers exciting activities and excursions, led by knowledgeable guides. You can explore well-preserved artifacts and learn about indigenous cultures. Wander through ancient city ruins or visit museums to preserve local traditions.

San Isidro Cabin offers even more unique experiences to gain insights into the local culture. Guests can attend workshops to learn from skilled artisans. They can also attend cultural performances and festivals organized by the lodge.

For those seeking to explore ancient ruins and cultural heritage, San Isidro Cabin is the perfect choice. It’s conveniently located near significant archaeological sites and it showcases local traditions. Guided tours, workshops, and cultural events guarantee an immersive experience that will leave lasting memories.

Mention of additional activities that can be arranged

At San Isidro Cabin, guests can find a range of activities to enhance their experience. Guided hikes to waterfalls, birdwatching tours, trips to indigenous communities, and outdoor sports are all available. Plus, there’s professional photography workshops and opportunities to contribute to sustainability and conservation efforts.

Ancient ruins and cultural heritage are also on offer, providing insight into the area’s history. So, if you want sustainable luxury and nature’s mystery, come to San Isidro Cabin!

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

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With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and conservation, the San Isidro Cabin sets a remarkable example. From preserving the delicate cloud forest ecosystem to minimizing environmental impact, this section unveils the lodge’s remarkable efforts. Discover how their dedication and approach make a positive difference for the planet.

Emphasis on lodge’s commitment to sustainability and conservation

San Isidro Cabin is devoted to sustainability and conservation. As soon as you step inside, you can tell they prioritize preserving the cloud forest ecosystem and cutting back environmental impact. They’ve incorporated sustainable practices like using renewable energy and cutting down on waste. Plus, they support local conservation initiatives to help make a difference.

Education and awareness programs are important too. Guests can learn about the unique plants and animals in the region and the importance of protecting them. This way, they can become advocates for conservation.

San Isidro Cabin also works with local communities to support sustainable livelihoods and protect cultural heritage. Through activities that showcase ancient ruins and cultural traditions, visitors can learn more about the area’s rich history while contributing to its preservation.

The lodge has been praised for their dedication to the environment. It’s not just a marketing strategy for them, but a core principle that influences all of their operations.

At San Isidro Cabin, eco-conscious travelers can enjoy nature and take part in conservation efforts. From comfortable accommodations to activities that promote sustainability, this lodge provides an amazing experience. Visit San Isidro Cabin and rest assured that – while you relax – nature is getting the help it needs to protect the cloud forest ecosystem.

Mention of contribution to preserving the cloud forest ecosystem

San Isidro Cabin is devoted to safeguarding the cloud forest ecosystem. They take part in sustainable practices and conservation plans to ensure the cloud forest’s long-term sustainability.

They aid reforestation projects. They recognize the grandeur of maintaining the delicate balance of the forest. They also support wildlife conservation schemes, defending the various species that call the cloud forest home.

San Isidro Cabin assists in preserving the ecosystem through education and awareness campaigns. They work with local communities and environmental organizations, raising awareness about the importance of the cloud forest and the need for its conservation. They teach tourists and locals about responsible tourism practices.

The lodge demonstrates responsible tourism practices to guests. They inform visitors about minimizing their environmental impact via waste management, water conservation, and energy efficiency measures. They foster a culture of conservation not only in their premises but beyond.

They collaborate with scientists and researchers to support research initiatives within the cloud forest ecosystem. This research helps understand the ecosystem and develops strategies for its long-term preservation.

San Isidro Cabin stands out as an example of accommodations operating in environmentally sensitive areas. Their commitment to preserving the cloud forest ecosystem ensures future generations can experience the beauty and wonders of this habitat.

Highlight of minimizing environmental impact

San Isidro Cabin is all about minimizing the environmental impact. Waste management, energy-saving strategies and sustainable practices are enforced throughout the lodge. This commitment to protecting the environment allows visitors to enjoy the natural beauty without compromising its integrity.

San Isidro Cabin goes further than most, engaging in local community initiatives. They support conservation projects and collaborate with local organizations to preserve the natural resources. These efforts benefit the environment and the well-being of nearby communities.

San Isidro Cabin: Where nature meets luxury. Experience the starry night sky and dark humor!

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings

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Discover what people are saying about the San Isidro Cabin as we delve into the world of reviews and ratings. From positive mentions to detailed ratings across various categories, this section uncovers valuable insights from those who have experienced the charm of the cabin firsthand. Get ready to hear real opinions and see how this cozy retreat has captured the hearts of its guests.

Mention of positive reviews and ratings

Positive reviews and ratings are an indication of quality at San Isidro Cabin. Guests have given positive feedback, showing their satisfaction.

The rooms are said to be cozy and in good condition.

Activities such as guided hikes and bird-watching tours have been praised.

The restaurant and bar have also been commended for their delicious food and friendly service.

These reviews give potential guests the assurance that their stay will be enjoyable and memorable.

Highlight of overall rating and specific categories for detailed ratings

San Isidro Cabin’s overall rating and specific categories showcase its high quality and excellence. Consistently praised for its exceptional service, comfy rooms and stunning surroundings, here’s a breakdown of what guests have highlighted:

  1. Accommodation: Guests love the cabin rooms’ comfort and coziness, the space, cleanliness and attention to detail.
  2. Onsite activities: They appreciate the variety of options – from nature walks to birdwatching tours – and the knowledgeable guides.
  3. Restaurant and bar: Delicious meals and refreshing drinks are a hit, especially with local ingredients and unique flavors.
  4. Additional amenities: Spa, swimming pool and fitness center give the stay an extra special touch.

Potential visitors can gain insight into what makes San Isidro Cabin stand out. Plus, the commitment to sustainability and conservation efforts – such as waste reduction and supporting local projects – is an added bonus for eco-conscious travelers.

Booking Information and Policies

Booking Information and Policies

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Discover all the essential information you need before booking your stay at the San Isidro Cabin. From available dates to check-in/check-out times, cancellation policies, and additional details, this section covers everything you need to know to make a well-informed decision. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, understanding these booking policies will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at the beautiful San Isidro Cabin.

Mention of booking availability

At San Isidro Cabin, availability is easy to check and confirm. Their reservation system makes it simple to book your stay – be it a weekend escape or longer.

Want hassle-free booking? San Isidro Cabin has you covered. Use their website or contact their reservation team to check availability and make a reservation. Confirmation is quick, offering a stress-free experience.

For unique accommodation, San Isidro Cabin also offers activities. Select from guided hikes, bird watching tours, and cultural experiences. The lodge aims to create personalised memories for all guests.

Booking early is recommended. This way you can get your preferred dates and San Isidro Cabin can cater to individual preferences.

Brief mention of check-in and check-out times

At San Isidro Cabin, check-in and check-out times are short and simple. Guests can effortlessly enter their cabin rooms upon arrival. Then, to leave, they just need to notify the staff and settle any payments. This easy process guarantees a stress-free stay.

  • Check-in: Guests can swiftly settle into their cabin rooms upon arrival.
  • Check-out: Departing guests only need to inform the staff and take care of any remaining payments.
  • Efficiency: The streamlined check-in and check-out procedures ensure a seamless experience for guests.

San Isidro Cabin also offers plenty of onsite activities and amenities. Guests can go birdwatching, eat at the lodge’s restaurant, use the free Wi-Fi, and even shop at the gift store. All this adds up to an unforgettable stay.

The cabin puts a special emphasis on guest satisfaction. From the welcoming check-in to the hassle-free check-out, San Isidro Cabin works tirelessly to create lasting memories for every visitor. Plus, if plans change, our flexible policies make it easy to book with peace of mind.

Mention of cancellation and prepayment policies


San Isidro Cabin aims to provide guests with flexibility and assurance. In the case of cancellations, there may be fees or penalties. Prepayment is necessary to finalize a reservation. These policies are in place to guarantee a simple and efficient booking process for all visitors.

It is important to read the cancellation and prepayment policies before making a reservation. Knowing these rules will help guests make informed decisions. San Isidro Cabin takes pride in providing excellent customer service and transparent information about their booking policies.

Previous visitors have praised the lodge’s attention to detail in regards to the booking process. The transparency of the cancellation and prepayment policies has created an enjoyable experience for all.

Highlight of additional information

At San Isidro Cabin, nestled in nature’s heart, guests can find more than just a cozy stay and fun activities. A table provides detail on transportation, local services, and special offers. This allows visitors to easily access the information they need.

Uniquely, San Isidro Cabin is committed to sustainability and conservation. Guests can contribute to the preservation of the cloud forest ecosystem by minimizing their environmental impact. These initiatives really set the lodge apart.

At San Isidro Cabin, you’ll experience nature’s beauty – with a twist! It’s like stepping into a dark comedy movie.



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With a complete and immersive experience, a convenient location amidst stunning surroundings, and a diverse range of activities, the San Isidro Cabin is an enticing destination for those seeking a rejuvenating getaway. The highlights of this extraordinary retreat will leave you craving to visit the San Isidro Cabin and embrace all that it has to offer.

Emphasis on complete and immersive experience

San Isidro Cabin is the perfect place for an immersive and complete experience. Nestled between two large national parks, it’s a tranquil and private spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, its location near Quito’s new international airport makes it easy to get to.

The accommodation and amenities add to the experience. Guests can relax in cozy cabin rooms, then explore the nature with guided hikes and birdwatching tours. The lodge’s restaurant and bar provide delicious meals and refreshing drinks. There is even Wi-Fi access and laundry facilities for convenience.

San Isidro Cabin is also committed to sustainability and conservation. They take pride in contributing to preserving the cloud forest ecosystem, making guests feel good about supporting a responsible tourism model.

Positive reviews and ratings highlight the exceptional service, stunning surroundings, and diverse range of activities. From exploring ancient ruins to outdoor adventures like horseback riding or zip-lining, there is something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a complete and immersive experience. Plan your visit now to soak up the beauty of nature, indulge in exciting activities, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Highlight of convenient location, stunning surroundings, and diverse range of activities

San Isidro Cabin boasts an incredible location, surrounded by spectacular scenery and offering diverse activities. Situated beside two huge national parks, it’s just a short drive from Quito’s new international airport. Enjoy complete privacy in this peaceful spot and be fully immersed in nature!

Comfort and relaxation are guaranteed in the well-appointed cabin rooms. Guests can also take part in exciting activities like hiking, bird watching and exploring the nearby cloud forest. Delicious meals and drinks are served at the lodge’s restaurant and bar, adding to the great experience. Plus, there are other amenities available.

San Isidro Cabin is committed to sustainability and conservation. They strive to protect the cloud forest environment and preserve its biodiversity, while keeping their environmental impact to a minimum.

The lodge has been rated highly by guests, who appreciate its convenient location, beautiful surroundings and diverse activities. It’s clear that San Isidro Cabin aims to provide a unique experience!

Book your stay in advance and follow the check-in and check-out times to ensure a smooth transition. Don’t forget to check the cancellation and prepayment policies before finalizing your reservation. Contact the lodge if you have any queries.

Make the most of your trip and experience all that San Isidro Cabin has to offer. Book now and embark on a remarkable journey into nature’s wonders!

Encouragement to visit San Isidro Cabin

Tucked away between two large national parks is San Isidro Cabin. Just a short distance from Quito’s international airport, this serene and private retreat is perfect for nature-lovers! It boasts cozy cabin rooms, an onsite restaurant and bar, and plenty of activities. San Isidro Cabin is committed to conservation efforts to preserve the cloud forest ecosystem and reduce environmental impact.

Explore the region by hiking, horseback riding, bird-watching, waterfall tours, and visiting heritage sites and ancient ruins. Plus, arrange guided nature walks and visits to the butterfly garden.

Many visitors have left glowing reviews and ratings. So don’t miss out on the chance to visit this hidden gem in Ecuador. San Isidro Cabin offers easy access to major national parks, incredible views, comfy accommodations, and plenty of activities. Make your plans today for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Ecuador’s natural wonders!

Some Facts About San Isidro Cabin:

  • ✅ Cabañas San Isidro is located in Cosanga, Ecuador. (Source:
  • ✅ The lodge and cloud forest reserve at Cabañas San Isidro are easily accessible from Quito’s new international airport. (Source: Cabañas San Isidro)
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy a peaceful setting surrounded by lush forest at Cabañas San Isidro. (Source: Cabañas San Isidro)
  • ✅ The lodge offers specially designed tasting menus and cooking classes for visitors. (Source: Cabañas San Isidro)
  • ✅ Cabañas San Isidro offers a variety of activities including primary forest trails, mammal watching, birding, and archaeological tours. (Source: Cabañas San Isidro)

FAQs about San Isidro Cabin

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What activities are available at Cabañas San Isidro?

At Cabañas San Isidro, guests can embark on primary forest trails, engage in mammal watching and birding, explore ancient ruins, and participate in cooking classes.

What amenities and services are provided at San Isidro Lodge?

San Isidro Lodge offers amenities such as a rooftop pool, picnic area, terrace, garden, and themed dinners. Services include bike rental, evening entertainment, childcare, laundry service, tour desk, and express check-in/out.