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Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico is located in a prime location, offering breathtaking views and easy access to the beach and water sports activities.
  • The hotel provides comfortable accommodations and a wide range of amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa services, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay for guests.
  • Guests can enjoy a variety of activities at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico, including water sports, island tours, and nightlife, making it a perfect destination for both adventure and relaxation.

Ready to explore Puerto Rico? You’re in luck. Riosol Hotel is a great place to stay that offers a range of services and amenities to make your stay memorable. With its convenient location and convenient price, it’s a great option for any traveler.

About Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico

About Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico-riosol hotel puerto rico,

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Discover Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico! Is it the perfect spot for you? Explore what this hotel has to offer. Location, accommodation and amenities – all these are important factors. Do you want a well-equipped hotel with a great location? Then Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico could be ideal. Check it out! Uncover how Riosol can meet your needs. Location, accommodation and amenities – dig into these elements!


The hotel’s convenient location on the southern coast of Gran Canaria offers guests breathtaking ocean views and access to nearby beaches, including Playa de Amadores and Puerto Rico. Additionally, the hotel is situated in close proximity to popular activities such as water sports, boat tours, and hiking trails. Guests can easily explore the surrounding area by utilizing the hotel’s map or taking advantage of the shuttle service.

The Riosol Hotel provides guests with a user-friendly website where they can find detailed information about their stay, including room types, capacities, and amenities. Pro Tip: For an optimal experience at the Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico, make sure to book a room with stunning views of the ocean from your terrace or balcony.

Looking for a room with a view? At Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico, even the curtains have a better view than you.


The lodgings at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offer a range of options suited to any traveler’s needs. Guests can choose from standard, premium, and economy apartments, as well as double rooms and superior or deluxe apartments. All accommodation types come equipped with the necessary amenities such as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and terraces or balconies with stunning ocean views.

One unique aspect of Riosol’s accommodation offerings is its all-inclusive formula which includes access to their main restaurant serving buffet breakfasts and themed menus for dinner curated by the hotel’s expert culinary team. Other gastronomical options include a bar-salon, pool bar, and pub named Capitan Haddock. There are also several swimming pools on-site for guests to enjoy in between events and celebrations.

Many guests have praised the hotel staff for their fantastic service and dedication to ensuring customers have a wonderful experience during their stay. Furthermore, despite being located in a hot climate like that of Gran Canaria, Riosol ensures that their common spaces remain comfortable via installation of climate control systems inside both apartment rooms and public areas of the hotel.

In summary, Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offers a variety of accommodations designed to suit different budgets and preferences without compromising on quality and convenience. Their wide array of services including gastronomy, leisure activities for adults/kids alike alongside features like stunning vistas make them a popular choice among tourists visiting Gran Canaria.Feeling lazy? The Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico has plenty of amenities to keep you entertained without ever having to leave the property.


For an exceptional guest experience, Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico provides a host of facilities that cater to all your needs. Here are some of the amenities that make your stay comfortable:

  • Room Types – Standard Apartment, Premium Apartment, Superior Apartment, and Deluxe Room
  • Equipments – Flat-screen TV, Satellite Channels, Kitchenette with Fridge and Kettle
  • Common Areas – Terraces, Garden Furniture, Sun Terrace with Loungers and Balconies

Moreover, Riosol Hotel has its own gastronomic world with multiple options like a main restaurant (serving breakfast buffet and dinner with themed menus), Poolbar (for drinks and light snacks), Captain Haddock Pub (specializing in beverages) and Supermarket (with basic food items). You can also enjoy the mini club for kids, sport center for fitness enthusiasts and sporty activities for all ages.

This hotel is known to offer amazing views from its rooms as you overlook the Atlantic Ocean or sunbathe along the pool while enjoying your holiday. The hotel boasts of a heated swimming pool for year-round use besides other extra services such as laundry facilities and luggage storage.

Interestingly enough, Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico was established in 1985 by Giuseppe Tucci and his expert team who aimed to create an ideal summer getaway for families. Over time it has grown into a 24-hour renovated hotel with over 250+ beautiful rooms catering to tourists worldwide.

Get ready for a vacation full of fun and sunburns at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico’s activity-packed resort!

Activities at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico

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Make the most of your stay at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico! Try out all the activities on offer. Water sports, island tours, and nightlife – you’ll have so much to choose from. Explore the gorgeous natural landscape. Have a blast trying out the water sports. Or just sit back and party!

Water Sports

Experience Aquatic Adventures during your stay at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico!

  • Explore the crystal clear waters of Puerto Rico on a boat trip.
  • Try out windsurfing and see breathtaking views of the ocean and bay.
  • Take scuba diving lessons to see exotic aquatic life up close.
  • Spend a day at the beach. Playa de Puerto Rico is just a short walk away from the hotel and offers many water activities like jet skiing, paddle boating, and kayaking.
  • Enjoy swimming in heated pools with beautiful views of the sea or in kid-friendly areas.
  • Splash around in the pool’s play area equipped with fountains and slides for little ones.

In addition to these thrilling activities, you can also indulge in some relaxation time with numerous on-site installations that include spa services, sauna, fitness center, and sports facilities.

Did you know that Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico‘s location offers not only a perfect microclimate but also stunning views of both ocean and bay? Furthermore, guests rave about the excellent customer service provided by the hotel staff. And with all-inclusive plans as well as options for families and couples’ rooms, this hotel guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Explore the island and pretend you’re on Survivor, without the risk of actually having to eat bugs, thanks to Riosol Hotel’s Island Tours.

Island Tours

Explore the Beauty of The Island with Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico

Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offers exciting and informative Island Exploration trips for its guests, allowing them to discover the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. Here are five points that highlight what guests can expect from these organized trips:

  • Discover the island’s microclimate, ocean, bays and terraces
  • Enjoy a variety of entertainment including live music performances, bingo and shows
  • Participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or canoeing covering the beaches or indulging in water sports like windsurfing or diving
  • Relax in comfortable rooms with stunning views and modern amenities
  • Taste regional cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant where international buffets serving gluten-free meals also available

Guests can enjoy unique experiences by staying at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico. With our special access and local knowledge, we take guests off-the-beaten-path to hidden spots that provide a real taste of Gran Canaria life. We recommend taking some time out to attend “Happy Hour” which is not only fun but offers lip-smacking drinks by the pool.

Pro Tip:

Guests can obtain information about schedules for all activities such as shuttle services, hikes, snorkeling tours, among other things at reception or consulting events’ calendar available at their room’s flat-screen TV offering satellite channels.

After a wild night at the Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico, even the chandeliers need a vacation.


The events at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico are the perfect way to experience the vibrant and engaging nightlife of Puerto Rico. The hotel features a diverse range of activities designed to appeal to a wide range of guests, from lively pub nights to relaxed seaside dinners.

Guests can enjoy evening entertainment at Pub Capitan Haddock or dance the night away in one of the hotel’s disco bars. For those looking for a more laid-back experience, the hotel offers an array of casual dining options, where guests can savor delicious meals while taking in stunning views of the surrounding coastline.

On top of that, there are also music performances and live shows organized by the entertainment team throughout the week. Many guests like to stay up until dawn, enjoying refreshing cocktails by the poolside. Such activities can provide splendid moments to relish the beauty of microclimate and oceanic panorama.

Pro Tip: Make sure you check out all available events ahead of time so you can plan your nights accordingly and enjoy a more memorable experience at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico.

If you’re feeling fancy, the dining options at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico will make you feel like royalty. If you’re not feeling fancy, they’ll still feed you.

Dining Options

Dining Options-riosol hotel puerto rico,

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Explore the dining options at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico! Restaurants and Bars, Cuisine, and Special Offers – they all provide a unique experience. Satisfy your hunger and tantalize your taste buds!

Restaurants and Bars

When it comes to dining options, the Riosol Hotel in Puerto Rico offers an array of food and beverage choices. From convenient on-site restaurants and bars to nearby dining establishments, guests have several options to choose from. The hotel’s gastronomy includes:

  • A main restaurant that serves international buffet for breakfast and dinner, thematic menus, and regional cuisine.
  • The hotel also has a pub called Capitán Haddock where guests can enjoy live music and events.
  • For those who prefer self-catering, there is a supermarket within the hotel premises.

As for unique details, the Riosol Hotel boasts spectacular views of the ocean and bay from its terraces and appartement rooms. The hotel also offers all-inclusive packages with access to swimming pools, sports facilities, fitness room, children’s playgrounds, games room, diving school and various entertainment activities provided by animation team of qualified staff members.

Don’t miss out on any of these experiences during your stay at the Riosol Hotel in Puerto Rico. From savoring local cuisine at sunset to enjoying evenings filled with entertainment under the stars with family or friends; make sure you make memories that last forever while staying here! Get ready to indulge in a culinary adventure at the Riosol Hotel, where every bite is a passport to foodie heaven.


Discover the diverse culinary offerings at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico. With options ranging from international buffets to gluten-free menus, there’s something for everyone. Guests can enjoy delicious meals while taking in the stunning ocean views from the terraces or main restaurant.

Below is a summary of the dining options available at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico:

Dining Options Features
Hauptrestaurant International buffet for breakfast and dinner with themed menus
Grill Costa Mar Outdoor terrace serving regional specialties and seafood
Cosi Come Sei Italian restaurant led by an experienced chef
Amadores Beach Club Beachfront bar with cocktails and light bites

In addition to great food, guests can enjoy a variety of activities such as live music, bike tours, mini-golf and more! For those celebrating special occasions, the hotel also offers event spaces including Pub Capitán Haddock and a supermarket with an excellent selection of food.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the stunning ocean views while dining at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico. Book a room with a sea view or enjoy a meal on one of the many terraces available.

Get ready to loosen your belt and tighten your budget with these mouth-watering deals at the Dining Options-Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico.

Special Offers

If you’re looking to make your stay at Hotel Riosol in Puerto Rico even more special, there are some great offers available. Here are some of the exciting options to consider:

  • All-Inclusive Packages for ease and convenience
  • Special deals for families with children
  • Discounts for extended stays
  • Themed menus and events for an unforgettable experience

In addition to these offers, guests can also enjoy stunning ocean views from their rooms or terrace, take a dip in one of the hotel’s heated swimming pools, or participate in various activities offered by the animation team. The friendly hotel staff is always available to suggest fun things to do both on-site and nearby.

If you’re interested in exploring beyond the hotel, there are many activities available in the area such as water sports, dolphin watching, and golfing. With so much to do both on-site and off-site, you’re sure to have a memorable time during your stay at Hotel Riosol.

If you’re still unsure about what to do during your stay, consider trying out some of the delicious dining options offered at the hotel’s restaurants. With fresh seafood and regional lobster dishes being a top highlight, it’s clear that gastronomy is taken seriously here at Riosol.

For those who enjoy self-catering during their travels, the supermarket offers a great selection of food items and laundry services provide added convenience. And with all rooms featuring a fridge and kitchenette along with excellent WiFi signal throughout the property, your comfort won’t be compromised.

Some Facts About Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico boasts a stunning location overlooking the ocean and nearby beach. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ The hotel offers a variety of rooms, ranging from standard rooms to suites, all with air conditioning and private balconies. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel has an outdoor pool with sun loungers and a poolside bar, as well as an indoor pool, sauna, and fitness center. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy a range of dining options at the hotel’s on-site restaurants, including buffet-style, a la carte, and snacks. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel is situated in the lively resort town of Puerto Rico, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and nightlife options nearby. (Source: Lonely Planet)

FAQs about Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico

What types of rooms are available at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico?

Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offers a variety of accommodations including apartments with sea or garden views, studios with terraces, and rooms with balconies. Each room is equipped with satellite TV, a kitchenette, and free WiFi.

What dining options are available at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico?

Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offers guests a range of dining options, including an international buffet with gluten-free options, themed menus, and a snack bar. The hotel also features an on-site supermarket, allowing guests to prepare meals in their rooms if they prefer.

What amenities are available at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico?

The hotel features a heated outdoor pool, a sports court, a fitness center, and a children’s playground. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, and mini-golf. The hotel also offers a shuttle service to nearby attractions and a 24-hour reception desk.

What are some leisure activities available at Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico?

The hotel offers a range of leisure activities including cycling, hiking, fishing, and diving. Guests can also enjoy live music, beach volleyball, and entertainment provided by the hotel’s animation team. Other amenities include a game room, tennis court, and a golf course.

How can I leave a review for Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico?

Guests can leave a review for Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico on popular travel websites such as TripAdvisor,, and Expedia. Additionally, the hotel itself provides feedback forms and encourages guests to share their thoughts on their stay.

Does Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offer a shuttle service?

Yes, Riosol Hotel Puerto Rico offers a free shuttle service to nearby attractions and the airport. Guests can inquire at the reception desk for more information and to schedule pick-up times.