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Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced cleaning and safety measures at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel include the implementation of enhanced cleaning procedures, the use of electrostatic sprayers for cleaning and disinfection, and a focus on commonly-touched surfaces. Bed sheets and towels are laundered at high temperatures and personal protective equipment is available for guests and worn by staff members. Hand sanitizer is provided and cashless payment methods are promoted.
  • Contactless services and facilities are available at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, including contactless room service and reservation requirements for some onsite facilities.
  • Enhanced food service safety measures at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel include individually-wrapped food options for meals and room service, as well as strict adherence to cleaning and disinfection practices.

Introduction to Puerto Plata Clock Hotel

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Nestled in the vibrant city of Puerto Plata, the iconic Puerto Plata Clock Hotel beckons travelers with its rich history and architectural grandeur. Discover the captivating charm of this remarkable landmark as we delve into its unique features and offerings. From the elegant design to the remarkable clock tower, each sub-heading will unveil fascinating facets of this renowned hotel, leaving you eager to explore its wonders.


The article’s sub-heading focuses on safety and cleanliness measures at the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel. We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for optimal cleanliness. Electrostatic sprayers are used to disinfect all areas. Focus on oft-touched surfaces to reduce contamination risk. Bed sheets and towels are washed at high temperatures for hygiene. Guests are provided with PPE for safety. Employees also wear PPE to ensure their well-being. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the hotel. Cashless payment methods minimize physical contact. Room service is contactless too. Enjoy a worry-free stay knowing that your health and safety are our top priorities. Experience our enhanced protocols and contactless services – book your stay now!


At the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, enhanced cleaning and safety measures have been implemented. This includes the use of an electrostatic sprayer to clean and disinfect, focusing on commonly-touched surfaces, laundering bed sheets and towels at high temperatures, offering personal protective equipment, staff members wearing PPE, hand sanitizer stations, and cashless payment methods.

These measures ensure the safety and well-being of guests. Cleanliness is upheld by disinfecting and focusing on touched surfaces. High-temperature laundering eliminates potential contaminants.

For further safety, guests can access PPE and staff must wear it when interacting. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the hotel. Additionally, cashless payments reduce contact points between staff and guests.

Overall, these measures contribute to a safe and comfortable stay. At the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, you’ll feel cleaner than a whistle and safer than a secret agent on vacation.

Enhanced Cleaning and Safety Measures

Enhanced Cleaning and Safety Measures

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With an unwavering commitment to guest safety, the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel has implemented a wide array of enhanced cleaning and safety measures. From meticulous cleaning procedures and the use of cutting-edge electrostatic sprayers to the promotion of cashless payment methods, every aspect has been carefully considered to ensure a pristine environment for guests. With an emphasis on commonly-touched surfaces, high-temperature laundering, and the availability of personal protective equipment, the hotel goes above and beyond to provide a safe and comfortable stay.

Implementation of enhanced cleaning procedures

At Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our guests. We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the hotel, focusing on commonly-touched surfaces and high-traffic areas. This includes frequent sanitizing and disinfecting with approved products.

To further protect our guests, we use an electrostatic sprayer for thorough cleaning and disinfection. Bed sheets and towels are laundered at high temperatures. Plus, we provide personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and hand sanitizers.

Our staff members also wear PPE while carrying out their duties. Hand sanitizer stations are available for guests’ convenience and we encourage cashless payment methods to minimize physical contact. Contactless services and facilities are available to enjoy during your stay.

We take food service safety seriously, with individually-wrapped food options for meals and room service. Additionally, data privacy is important to us – we store personal data in accordance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Say goodbye to germs with the electrostatic sprayer – it’s like a superhero with a cleaning cape!

Use of electrostatic sprayer for cleaning and disinfection

At Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, we’ve implemented an electrostatic sprayer for cleaning and disinfection to ensure enhanced cleanliness and safety. This advanced tech allows us to quickly and effectively sanitize all areas of the hotel. The sprayer ensures a complete and even distribution of disinfectant, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It also targets hard-to-reach areas missed by traditional cleaning methods.

Regular use of this sprayer helps us maintain a safe environment for guests and staff by reducing the risk of contamination and illnesses. In addition, we offer personal protective equipment (PPE) for guests, staff wearing PPE, hand sanitizer throughout the property, and cashless payment methods for added convenience.

We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for everyone who visits the hotel – so get ready to zap those germs!

Focus on commonly-touched surfaces

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel takes special care of commonly-touched surfaces. We use enhanced procedures for cleaning and disinfection, including electrostatic sprayers. High temperatures are used for laundering bed sheets and towels, and personal protective equipment is available for guests. These measures minimize transmission risk and provide peace of mind. Don’t worry, only a good night’s sleep will get into your bed at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel!

Laundering of bed sheets and towels at high temperature

Para 1: The hotel takes cleanliness and hygiene seriously. They launder sheets and towels at high temps to kill germs. Guests can rest easy knowing they’re safe and comfy.

Para 2: Here’s the process: First, sheets and towels are sorted. Then, stains get pre-treated with stain removers. Next, they go in industrial-grade washers. After that, they get a hot water wash. Finally, they’re dried at high temps for extra sanitation.

Para 3: In addition to linens, the hotel keeps an eye on other touch surfaces. Those are regularly cleaned and disinfected using products recommended by health experts. With these standards, the hotel provides worry-free stays.

Para 4: Cleanliness has always been important here. Laundering bedding and towels isn’t just about following rules, but also making sure guests are happy and healthy. That’s why the hotel’s known for its top-notch cleanliness.

Availability of personal protective equipment for guests

The Puerto Plata Clock Hotel puts its guests’ safety first. They give out masks and gloves. Staff also wear protective gear. Hand sanitizer is put around the hotel, too.

They prefer cashless payments for less physical contact. Cleaning and disinfecting is done with electrostatic sprayers. Bed sheets and towels are washed at high temperatures.

Room service is contactless. Food is individually-wrapped. Plus, strict cleaning and disinfection methods are used.

The Puerto Plata Clock Hotel goes the extra mile for their guests. Even their staff are wearing fashionable hazmat suits!

Staff members wearing personal protective equipment

The Puerto Plata Clock Hotel staff wear face masks and gloves to guarantee guest safety. Temperature checks take place before each shift. Staff are trained in the correct use of PPE, and the management make sure there is a plentiful supply. This confidence-inspiring measure reassures guests that their safety is a priority.

The strict protocols in place demonstrate the hotel’s dedication. Furthermore, the staff adhere to hand hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of germs, making for a clean environment. It’s clear that the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel takes safety as seriously as Lady Macbeth!

Provision of hand sanitizer

At Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, we prioritize safety and well-being. To ensure proper hygiene, we provide hand sanitizer throughout our premises. There are stations near common areas and individual-sized hand sanitizers in guest rooms. Stations near high-contact surfaces encourage regular disinfection.

Our staff promote the use of hand sanitizer among guests. They emphasize the importance of good hygiene. These measures follow industry guidelines and recommendations for the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. High-contact surfaces are regularly sanitized with an electrostatic sprayer.

Promotion of cashless payment methods

At Hotel Reloj, cashless payments are actively encouraged to provide a contactless, convenient transaction process. This supports the goal of enhanced safety and hygiene. Digital payment options reduce physical contact, reducing germ transmission and creating a safer atmosphere for all.

This focus on cashless payments also aligns with the hotel’s mission of providing a seamless experience. Multiple forms of electronic payment, like credit cards, mobile wallets, and online platforms, allow guests to check in and out without handling cash. This modern approach to payments is convenient and simplifies operations.

To further promote good hygiene, hand sanitizer stations are placed in high-traffic areas. People can use these while making cashless payments or accessing other onsite facilities.

By prioritizing cashless payments, Hotel Reloj creates a secure and frictionless experience. This technology-driven approach simplifies transactions and keeps everyone safe and hygienic. So why wait? Make your reservation today at Hotel Reloj!

Contactless Services and Facilities

Contactless Services and Facilities

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With contactless services and facilities, the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel offers a seamless and safe experience for its guests. Discover the convenience of contactless room service and the reservation requirements for certain onsite facilities. Embrace a new level of comfort and assurance during your stay at the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel.

Availability of contactless room service

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel provides a cozy and safe stay for guests, offering contactless services and enhanced safety measures. Cleaning and disinfection practices are implemented throughout the property, with PPE for staff and guests. Room service is contactless too, with food items individually wrapped for hygiene and peace of mind. All meals and drinks can be ordered through a digital platform or by phoning the designated room service number. This allows for a convenient and safe dining experience for all guests.

Reservation requirements for some onsite facilities

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel requires guests to make reservations for certain facilities to maintain limited crowding and proper social distancing. Prior reservation is necessary for contactless room service too, allowing guests to enjoy meals in their rooms without any physical contact.

In addition, advance bookings for individually-wrapped food are encouraged for enhanced food service safety. This protects guests, as meals and room services are prepared and packaged following strict cleaning and disinfection practices.

The hotel prioritizes guest health and wellbeing with enhanced cleaning procedures, high-temperature laundering of bed sheets and towels, personal protective equipment, staff members wearing appropriate gear, hand sanitizers throughout the premises, and cashless payment methods to minimize physical contact.

By following these reservation requirements and safety protocols, guests can indulge in a safe yet delightful experience at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel.

Enhanced Food Service Safety Measures

Enhanced Food Service Safety Measures

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To ensure a safe dining experience during your stay at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, we have implemented enhanced food service safety measures. Our commitment to your well-being includes offering individually-wrapped food options for meals and room service, as well as strict adherence to thorough cleaning and disinfection practices. By prioritizing hygiene and following industry standards, we aim to provide you with peace of mind while enjoying delicious and worry-free dining at our hotel.

Individually-wrapped food options for meals and room service

At the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, you can expect to have meals and room service provided in individually-wrapped packaging. This ensures strict adherence to cleaning and disinfection practices. No need to worry about contamination or shared utensils.

Our staff members wear personal protective equipment while handling and delivering food. Plus, they focus on hygiene to make sure commonly-touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

We prioritize guest satisfaction and well-being, making sure we create a comfortable environment for all visitors.

Strict adherence to cleaning and disinfection practices

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel takes cleanliness seriously. So, they’ve put in place enhanced cleaning procedures. Such as disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces, like doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails.

An electrostatic sprayer is used to clean and disinfect. This ensures an even application of disinfectant.

They focus on frequently touched surfaces in public areas, guest rooms and facilities. Cleaning and disinfecting them regularly.

Bed sheets and towels are laundered at high temperatures to remove any contaminants.

For added safety, they provide PPE, like face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers for guests.

All hotel staff are required to wear PPE while on duty.

Plus, they promote cashless payment methods to reduce physical contact. And have hand sanitizer dispensers located around the premises.

To increase safety further, Puerto Plata Clock Hotel suggests: proper ventilation in common areas, awareness of cleanliness & hygiene and signage about cleaning protocols.

Data protection is a priority for them. Because privacy is important.

Data Processing and Privacy Policy

Data Processing and Privacy Policy

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When it comes to the data processing and privacy policy of the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel, there are several key aspects to consider. From the responsibility of Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. for data processing to the purposes of personal data collection and the duration of data storage, this section dives into the intricacies of protecting personal data through security measures and the use of cookies on the website. Stay informed about your rights as a user over your personal data.

Responsibility of Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. for data processing

Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. takes on data processing in Puerto Plata Clock Hotel. They are committed to protecting guest’s personal data and maintain strict privacy policies. Security protocols and encryption techniques are used to secure data from unauthorized access or disclosure. Access is limited to authorized personnel.

For certain purposes, Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. collects personal data from reservations, check-in/check-out processes, and other interactions. They store the data for as long as necessary and then take measures to delete or destroy it safely.

Guests have rights over their personal data held by Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. These include access to information, rectification of inaccuracies, and erasure or restriction of processing.

Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. ensures proper handling and storage of personal data with established procedures and protocols. Cookies are used on their website for various purposes, and user preferences are taken into account. Browser settings allow users to control cookie acceptance.

In conclusion, Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. is dedicated to protecting guest’s personal data through stringent security measures and adherence to privacy policies. As an example of such dedication, we recommend the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel in the Dominican Republic.

Purposes of personal data collection

Your personal info is collected for certain reasons.

  • Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. collects your personal data for data processing.
  • The collection allows for guest reservations.
  • It also provides personalized services and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • It helps the hotel meet legal obligations and regulations.
  • Plus, it’s used for analysis and research to improve operations.

Remember, having your personal data gives Hotel Reloj the ability to give you a great experience.

Don’t miss out on the benefits! By providing your details, you can enjoy personalized services and an amazing stay at Hotel Reloj in Puerto Plata Clock Hotel. Your data will be saved until the clock at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel stops ticking.

Duration of data storage

The duration of data storage is an important part of Be Live Hotels, S.L.U.’s data processing and privacy policy. It’s about how long they keep guests’ personal information before deleting or anonymizing it.

To make it clearer, there’s a table with three columns:

Column 1: Type of Personal Data Column 2: Duration of Storage Column 3: Legal Basis for Storage
This includes names, contact info, payment details, etc. How long Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. retains the data. The legal reason the hotel can keep the data.

The table is meant to help guests understand their personal data storage and the legal basis.

Besides the table, there are other aspects of data processing and privacy. These include guests’ rights over their data and security measures taken by the hotel to protect it. Knowing these ensures guests and the hotel have transparency and trust when it comes to handling personal data.

You have control over your personal data, similar to how Hotel Reloj controls their alarm clock.

Rights of users over their personal data

We, Be Live Hotels, S.L.U., value data protection and privacy. Hence, individuals have certain rights over their personal data. This gives them control and agency over how their information is collected, processed, and stored.

Users have the right to know why their data is being collected and what it will be used for. We communicate this clearly, providing transparency and allowing informed decisions.

Also, they can access their personal data held by us and get a copy if they wish. This way, they can verify accuracy and ensure proper handling.

Plus, they can rectify or update inaccurate or incomplete data. We provide mechanisms for users to modify or correct any inaccuracies in their records.

Further, they have the right to request deletion of their personal data. We are compliant with applicable laws and regulations such as GDPR. We handle such requests from individuals who wish to exercise this right.

We are committed to protecting the rights of users over their personal data. We strive to build trust and maintain strong relationships with our users by respecting their rights and providing transparency.

Safety of personal data is our priority, so we have implemented strict security measures to protect it.

Protection of personal data through security measures

The Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is committed to protecting personal data. To ensure confidentiality and integrity, they utilize a range of security protocols and technologies. They have physical security measures, including surveillance cameras and access controls. Cybersecurity practices include encryption to protect data and audits to identify weaknesses. There is a dedicated team for data protection and privacy. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems are in place, plus regular backups are done. Guests can be confident their information is handled with care. Plus, our website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

Use of cookies on the website

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel’s website utilizes cookies. They boost user experience and provide customized content and ads based on browsing habits and preferences. Cookies also help the website remember info, such as language settings or shopping cart items. This makes it more comfortable for visitors.

Plus, cookies track website traffic and usage. This helps the hotel boost performance and usability. Lastly, cookies don’t collect personal info unless provided voluntarily by users. They mainly serve useful purposes and help create a smoother browsing experience.

Hotel Reloj: Location and Amenities

Hotel Reloj: Location and Amenities

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The Hotel Reloj in Puerto Plata offers an exceptional location and array of amenities that cater to diverse traveler needs. Discover its convenient address and prime location, accompanied by the insights of a robust guest review system and scoring process. Learn about the guidelines and standards in place for reviews on the platform, as well as the sorting and filtering options available to help you make an informed decision for your stay at Hotel Reloj.

Address and location of Hotel Reloj

Hotel Reloj, nestled in Puerto Plata, grants a convenient address for visitors seeking to tour the region. It’s near a variety of attractions and a perfect spot for pleasure and business travelers. Guests can swing by the popular sights, shopping centers, and eateries with its central location.

Hotel Reloj is in an optimal spot, allowing quick access to whatever they need during their stay. Tour the city’s historic sites or enjoy the lively nightlife. Guests are near popular sights and attractions. Convenience is at your fingertips.

Not only does Hotel Reloj give a great location, but it has unique amenities too. Visitors can enjoy comfy lodgings and excellent service while being in the center of the action. If you’re there for business or pleasure, this address and range of amenities makes Hotel Reloj an ideal pick.

Guest review system and scoring process

At Hotel Reloj in Puerto Plata, guests’ reviews are collected and scored. This system helps the hotel understand their preferences. They assess cleanliness, staff friendliness, facilities, and satisfaction.

The reviews are analyzed to spot trends, areas for improvement, and to recognize outstanding service. Guidelines and standards are in place to keep the feedback honest. Sorting and filtering options are available for guests when making decisions.

Ultimately, guest reviews provide insights for both guests and hotel management. These reviews enhance the experience for future guests and make sure that high standards are kept. Plus, guidelines ensure the platform is both informative and entertaining.

Guidelines and standards for reviews on the platform

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel has specific guidelines and standards to guarantee the authenticity and trustworthiness of reviews. These rules ensure guests’ experiences are accurately depicted. All reviews should be honest and constructive, or they may be moderated or removed.

To maintain impartiality, reviewers’ identities and personal information are kept confidential. This builds trust between guests and the hotel.

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel follows these guidelines and standards to create a dependable platform for guests to share their experiences. Additionally, sorting and filtering options make it easier to find the compliments amongst the complaints.

Sorting and filtering options for reviews

Sorting and filtering for reviews gives guests the power to find and organize applicable info. These options are designed to guide guests in their choice-making. With sorting and filtering, guests can quickly access the reviews that interest them. This helps to optimize the user experience by giving a hassle-free way of navigating through the feedback. The website is sure to help guests get the info they need, thanks to the sorting and filtering options for reviews.



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To wrap it up, the Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is a remarkable place. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. With its history, luxurious services, and helpful staff, it stands out as a great choice for travelers looking for an unforgettable stay. For business or pleasure, the hotel gives off a mix of sophistication and appeal that cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

Some Facts About Puerto Plata Clock Hotel:

  • ✅ Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is located in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. (Source: Hotel Reloj)
  • ✅ The hotel offers a terrace and free private parking. (Source: Hotel Reloj)
  • ✅ Guests can review the accommodation they booked through the platform, even if they didn’t actually stay there. (Source: Hotel Reloj)
  • ✅ The overall score of Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is calculated by adding up all the review scores and dividing that total by the number of review scores received. (Source: Hotel Reloj)
  • ✅ The hotel allows accommodation partners to reply to reviews. (Source: Hotel Reloj)

FAQs about Puerto Plata Clock Hotel

FAQs about Puerto Plata Clock Hotel

1. Where is Puerto Plata Clock Hotel located?

Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is located at 76 Calle 12 de Julio, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

2. Does the hotel offer free private parking?

Yes, Puerto Plata Clock Hotel offers free private parking for its guests.

3. Who is the entity responsible for data processing at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel?

The entity responsible for data processing at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel is Be Live Hotels, S.L.U. Their contact information can be found on their website.

4. What are the legitimate interest-based activities that personal data may be used for?

Personal data collected at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel may be used for creating profiles based on personal preference for commercial activities and providing product and service recommendations, among other legitimate interest-based activities.

5. What are the guidelines for reviews at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel?

Reviews at Puerto Plata Clock Hotel should be travel-related, detailed, and help others make better decisions. They should avoid personal, political, ethical, or religious commentary. Promotional content, hate speech, discriminatory remarks, threats, and the promotion of illegal activity are not permitted.

6. Are there any third-party service providers associated with Puerto Plata Clock Hotel?

Yes, Puerto Plata Clock Hotel partners with third-party service providers who have access to personal information and process data on behalf of the hotel.