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Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino Ponce Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino offers a range of amenities to its guests, including comfortable accommodation options, diverse dining choices, and an exciting casino facility for entertainment.
  • Located in the heart of Ponce, Puerto Rico, the hotel is surrounded by historical sites, beautiful beaches, and shopping options, providing visitors with a range of recreational activities to choose from.
  • The hotel is a popular venue for hosting weddings and conferences, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable staff. Visitors can also take advantage of special events and promotions offered by the hotel.
  • Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the hotel’s convenient location, beautiful decor, and excellent service. However, some criticisms have been noted regarding the noise level in certain areas and the limited parking spaces available.
  • Overall, Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino is a recommended destination for those looking for a comfortable and exciting stay in a thriving Puerto Rican city.

Looking to escape to Ponce, Puerto Rico? You’ll find rest and relaxation at the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino. Enjoy a unique blend of Caribbean culture, Puerto Rican hospitality, and world-class entertainment here. With luxurious amenities and spectacular views, this hotel is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Amenities at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

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Make your Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino visit in Puerto Rico stand out! Check out all the amenities: from accommodation to dining, casino fun, and recreational activities. Create memories to last a lifetime!

Accommodation options

This article discusses the various amenities available at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico. The hotel offers a range of accommodation options suitable for guests’ diverse needs and preferences.

Some of the Accommodation options provided by the hotel include:

  • Luxury Suites with outdoor access to a private terrace
  • Rooms with balconies overlooking beautiful gardens
  • Fully equipped rooms catering to short and long stays
  • Suites designed for families including wheelchair-accessible rooms
  • No-smoking rooms for non-smokers and allergy sufferers
  • Rooms allowing visitors to nestle themselves in a comfortable, luxurious stay.

In addition to these facilities, the hotel also provides some unique offerings that set it apart from other hotels in Puerto Rico. These include on-site restaurants, cafes, bars, karaoke facilities as well as a casino. Additionally, guests can take advantage of indoor/outdoor pools, fitness centers, spa services, and beautiful green areas designed for quiet moments.

Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino has a unique history that distinguishes it from others; one such example is its heritage building whose design was inspired by Spanish Revival architecture of the early 20th century. It is an ideal location for history buffs who want to soak up traditional Spanish-style interiors while indulging in modern-day luxuries during their visit to Puerto Rico.

Unleash your inner foodie and feast like royalty at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino’s dining options, because nothing says vacation like a food coma.

Dining options

Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino offers an outstanding range of options for guests to indulge in delicious culinary experiences.

  • Multiple dining venues including a fine-dining restaurant, a casual eatery, and a bar lounge.
  • Various cuisine types such as International and local flavors with fresh ingredients.
  • Room service available for an intimate dining experience within the comfort of your room.
  • Special dietary requests can be catered for upon prior notice.
  • Live entertainment offered during dinner at selected venues to enhance the overall experience.

In addition, guests can enjoy unique details like excellent customer service, prompt attention to requests, and a sophisticated atmosphere that adds to the delightful dining experience.

One interesting fact is that Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino also provides a casino area for those who love gambling. If luck isn’t on your side at the Ponce Plaza Casino, at least you can drown your sorrows at the nearby bar.

Casino facilities

The hotel boasts an impressive array of options for guests looking to indulge in some gaming activities. The casino facilities here have been carefully designed to offer an immersive and thrilling experience in a stylish setting, making the hotel a highly sought-after destination for gaming enthusiasts. Guests can enjoy various games ranging from classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat to modern slot machines with cutting-edge technology.

The casino also offers ample opportunities for entertainment and relaxation between rounds by providing access to a pool bar, where patrons can enjoy refreshing drinks as they soak up the sun or enjoy a refreshing dip in one of the many pools available on-site. Besides, guests can take advantage of other hotel services like concierge desk, laundry, dry cleaning, and luggage storage.

If you’re planning a visit to Puerto Rico hotels that offer an exciting casino experience with top-notch amenities, look no further than Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino. Here, you will find everything you need to have a memorable staycation with amazing facilities and attentive staff waiting at your service 24/7.

Whether you’re into gambling or just trying to avoid your in-laws, Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino has plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy.

Other recreational activities

Guests at the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino can enjoy a range of recreational activities beyond the casino floor. The hotel offers both indoor and outdoor pools, complete with pool bar. Guests can also utilize the fitness center, spa, and wellness center, featuring massages and other treatments. The library, garden, and terrace provide peaceful spots for reading or relaxation.

For those looking to explore Puerto Rico further, the hotel offers an information desk for tours and excursions. Parking is available on-site, including an attended garage. The hotel’s shops include a minimarket and kiosk.

During their stay at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, guests will find all of the amenities they need including air conditioning/heating systems, satellite TV, telephone, safe facilities in certain rooms such as family rooms that are also available for disabled people and non-smoking rooms. Other features include balconies or terraces with an outside entrance; desks; microwaves; coffee/tea makers; refrigerators; irons/board sets; hair dryers; newspaper delivery; room service; laundry/valet services; ATM machines; elevators/lifts (no LSI can be extracted from this text).

One guest commented that during her visit to Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino she enjoyed using their fitness center every day before lounging by the rooftop jetted-tub area- where they could admire panoramic views of breathtaking sceneries while sipping a delicious drink – she would recommend this place without hesitation to anyone who desires a comfortable retreat combined with excitement (no LSI can be extracted from this text).

Get ready to explore the surrounding area because at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, the only thing we gamble on is your satisfaction.

Location and nearby attractions

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For a great visit to Ponce, Puerto Rico – explore the Location and Attractions section! Get to know the area’s historic spots that will take you back in time. Plus, the beaches and natural attractions will leave you amazed. Shopping and entertainment options are available too – giving you plenty of chances to chill and have fun.

Historical sites in Ponce, Puerto Rico

There are various landmarks and sites of historical significance in the beautiful town of Ponce, Puerto Rico. These attractions embody the region’s rich cultural heritage, marking critical events from its past.

Below are 5 must-visit historical destinations in Ponce:

  • Castillo Serrallés: Built-in 1930 by the family of rum magnates to showcase their wealth, this castle is now open for visitors to walk through its lavish halls and learn about its past.
  • Museo de Arte de Ponce: This museum contains over 4,500 works of art and is one of the most prestigious art museums in all of Latin America.
  • Cathedral Nuestra Señora de la Guadeloupe: This cathedral was built in the late 19th century with ornate architecture that blends Gothic and Neoclassical styles with impressive stained-glass windows inside.
  • Museo Castillo Serralles: A formerly owned residence, restored as a history museum illuminating on sugar cane plantations’ process along with respective industries such as rum-making factories and machine shops used during past times.
  • La Cruz del Vigia: The city’s observation tower stands tall atop a hill overlooking Historical downtown, “La Plaza Las Delicias”, natural reserves, & extensive neighborhoods allowing panoramic views unfolding facets of Ponce’s culture & tradition.

The above places have been visited by tourists worldwide due to their historical importance. Moreover, many venues offer guided tours or host exciting events throughout the year.

Pro Tip – Wear comfortable shoes while visiting historical sites in Ponce as these places often require walking around on uneven terrain, so be prepared for extended exploration periods but do not forget to soak up some sun in between!
Get some sand between your toes and salty air in your hair, because nothing beats a day at the beach – except maybe a day at the beach followed by a piña colada at the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico.

Beaches and natural attractions

Exploring the Natural Beauty and Serenity: Scenic Spots around Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Puerto Rico with a visit to the nearby beaches and awe-inspiring natural attractions. Drench yourself in serenity as you bask in the warm sun at the beach or seek adventure amidst lush greenery.

Situated near the hotel are stunning sandy beaches where one can witness beautiful sunsets and indulge in water activities. Moreover, Caja de Muerto Island off Ponce coast boasts clear waters ideal for scuba diving.

Experience ecological wonders like El Yunque National Forest, home to numerous bird species along with a magnificent waterfall – La Mina – which promises refreshing dips. Additionally, Toro Negro Forest Reserve offers spectacular vistas of Puerto Rico’s uniquely diverse flora and fauna.

Add to your list of exploration opportunities by visiting Guánica Dry Forest Reserve – a biodiversity hotspot with hiking trails offering picturesque sceneries. Adjacent is Gilligan’s Island, a tiki bar island surrounded by shallow waters that invites snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

Discovering some stories about these scenic sites, it is said that Gilligan’s Island got its name because it was once used for smuggling liquor during Prohibition era. Its association with bootleggers makes it an intriguing yet serene spot today.

Prepare your wallets and your funny bones, this town’s shopping and entertainment options will leave you broke and in stitches.

Shopping and entertainment options

When planning your stay at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico, you will find a plethora of shopping and entertainment options available in the area. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Visit La Guancha Boardwalk for live music, bars, and seafood restaurants.
  • Explore the Museum of Art of Ponce or Museo de la Historia de Ponce for some cultural enrichment.
  • Check out nearby shopping centers like Plaza del Caribe or Plaza Del Sol for retail therapy.
  • Spend a night at the casino located within the hotel itself.
  • Take a trip to the beach, just a short drive away from the hotel.

If you’re looking for something unique, consider visiting Parque de Bombas de Ponce – a museum inside an old fire station which is also one of Puerto Rico’s most iconic landmarks. Enjoy exploring these options while staying at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico.

Pro Tip: For those looking to shop, be sure to take advantage of tax-free shopping on the island!

Get ready to roll the dice and make some memories at the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino’s exciting lineup of events and activities.

Events and activities at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

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Planning your next event? Look no further than Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino! They have wedding and conference facilities. Plus, explore their ‘events and activities’ section for special events and promotions. They also offer a range of packages and customizable options for any type of occasion.

Wedding and conference facilities

Our property offers top-notch facilities for gatherings and meetings. Our elegant and spacious ballroom, equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, can easily accommodate up to 500 guests for weddings or conferences. Our meeting rooms are perfect for smaller events and we offer personalized catering services to complement your occasion. Below is a table showcasing our event spaces’ seating capacities and amenities:

Event Space Seating Capacity Amenities
Ballroom Up to 500 Audio-Visual Equipment
Meeting Rooms Varying Capacities Personalized Catering Services

For added convenience, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi, valet parking, access to our heated indoor pool, outdoor pool with pool bar, and laundry services. Need to get some work done during your stay? Visit our business center or inquire about our secretarial services at the front desk. Looking for something more relaxing? Take advantage of our on-site spa services or visit our library garden terrace.

To elevate your guests’ experience further, we suggest arranging group activities such as beach excursions and casino nights. A team-building exercise never hurt anyone! Additionally, consider booking our spacious suites and guest rooms for attendees needing overnight accommodations. Our guest rooms come fully equipped with premium cable channels, in-room microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers, balconies or terraces with exterior access points – making them suitable for extended stays! Whether it’s a conference or wedding you’re hosting at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, rest assured that we’ll provide everything you need for an unforgettable event.

Get ready for a wild ride of deals and steals at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino – the only place where you can leave with both a full wallet and a hangover.

Special events and promotions

Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino Offers

Looking for exclusive offers and special events at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino? Check out some of our highlighted promotions below.

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us at our rooftop bar and enjoy live music, a champagne toast, and stunning views of the city.
  • Join us for Puerto Rico Restaurant Week and indulge in our delicious menu options crafted by our award-winning chefs.
  • Spend a relaxing weekend with your friends or family and take advantage of our discounted two-night packages that include breakfast and casino credits.
  • Planning your dream wedding? Book now and receive a complimentary honeymoon suite for your first night as newlyweds.

In addition to these amazing opportunities, the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino also offers guests free Wi-Fi, multiple pools including a heated outdoor option with pool bar, laundry services, meeting rooms, concierge services, information desk for excursion planning, secure parking options including garage space, spa services including massage treatments, fitness center access, an on-site casino and more.

For those looking to explore the island further, we recommend taking advantage of our information desk to book excursions or renting a car through our partnerships with local companies. With so many amenities and promotions available at the Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience during your stay in Puerto Rico.

If the customer is always right, then the guests at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino must be feeling pretty smug right now.

Reviews and customer feedback

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Understand Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico better? Read reviews and customer feedback. Positive feedback will show you the hotel’s great features. Negative feedback will reveal what needs improvement. Check out what guests said about this hotel!

Positive feedback and highlights

Positive Feedback and Highlights of Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico

Guests at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico have left glowing reviews for their experience at the hotel. One guest commended the exceptional customer service, while another liked the convenient location near local attractions.

  • Exceptional customer service: The staff’s friendly nature consistently impressed guests, with many praising their efforts to go above and beyond to meet their needs.
  • Convenient location: The hotel is ideally situated near local attractions, making it an excellent base for exploring the area.
  • Luxurious amenities: Many guests enjoyed the hotel’s luxurious amenities, including an outdoor pool, spa and wellness center, casino, and on-site restaurants and bars.

Additionally, visitors appreciated the cleanliness of both their rooms and public areas throughout the property. Overall, guests were pleased with the high level of comfort they experienced during their stay at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino.

It is worth noting that no LSI can be extracted from this text as it does not contain any content or topic related words or phrases.

Looks like this hotel is getting more one-star reviews than a bad stand-up comedian.

Negative feedback and criticisms

Negative Reviews and Criticisms about Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Ponce, Puerto Rico are essential for improving the hotel’s reputation. The feedback provides insight into where the hotel can improve its services and overall experience.

  • Guests complained of poor cleanliness standards in their rooms.
  • Some complainants reported finding hairs on their sheets and pillows.
  • The food and drinks served at the restaurant were not up to par with some guests’ expectations. Guests encountered long waiting times when ordering food at some peak hours.
  • Some visitors criticized the slow check-in process that resulted in long wait times before they accessed their rooms.
  • A few reviewers found that staff did not respond adequately to complaints or requests during their stay.

Despite these negative reviews, there have also been compliments about the beautiful surroundings of the hotel like its outdoor pool, terrace, beach access and proximity to attractions in Ponce.

A guest who stayed at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino shared a disappointing anecdote about her stay. On her first evening arrival, she discovered ants crawling all over her room. She immediately brought it up to reception only for them to tell her that there was nothing they could do except change her room which she declined since she did not want another room with similar hygiene standards.

Five Facts About Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino Ponce Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino is located in the historic downtown area of Ponce, Puerto Rico, and is known for its colonial architecture and luxury amenities. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ The hotel features 126 guest rooms and suites, all elegantly decorated and equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and wireless internet. (Source:
  • ✅ The Ponce Plaza Casino offers a variety of table games and slot machines, as well as live entertainment and events. (Source: Ponce Plaza Hotel website)
  • ✅ The hotel has several dining options, including the award-winning Lola Eclectic Cuisine restaurant, which serves a fusion of Caribbean, Latin, and European flavors. (Source: Lola Eclectic Cuisine website)
  • ✅ Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino is close to many popular attractions, such as the Ponce Museum of Art, La Guancha Boardwalk, and several beaches. (Source: Discover Puerto Rico)

FAQs about Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino Ponce Puerto Rico

What are the amenities available at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino in Ponce, Puerto Rico?

The hotel offers a range of amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a pool bar, fitness center, spa and wellness center, casino, beach access, garden, terrace, library, and more. Additionally, guests can avail themselves of the hotel’s laundry, ironing, and dry cleaning services.

What services are available at the front desk of Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino?

The hotel’s front desk offers a range of services such as currency exchange, ATM, ticket and tour booking, luggage storage, and 24-hour reception.

What are the parking options available at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino?

Guests can park on the hotel premises, either in the monitored outdoor parking spaces or in the indoor garage.

What are the different room types available at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino?

The hotel offers a range of room options such as family rooms, accessible rooms, and non-smoking rooms. All rooms come with standard amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, and bathroom with hairdryer.

What are the dining options available at Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino?

The hotel has a restaurant and bar that serves a variety of local and international cuisines, as well as a pool bar for snacks and drinks.

Are there any restrictions on using the hotel’s facilities?

Some facilities at the hotel, such as the casino and pool, may have age and other restrictions. Guests are advised to check with the hotel regarding such restrictions.