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Peace Cabins

Key Takeaway:

  • Peace Cabins offers a variety of cushion categories, allowing customers to choose the perfect cushion for their needs.
  • Sustainable materials are used in the production of Peace Cabins’ cushions, giving environmentally conscious customers a great option.
  • Customers can also choose from a range of fabric options for their cushions, ensuring they find the perfect style to match their home decor.
  • Peace Cabins offers other home goods, such as the Wingspread Stool and Utility S-Hooks, to enhance the functionality and style of customers’ homes.
  • Pricing for cushions and the Wingspread Stool are available, allowing customers to budget accordingly.
  • Peace Cabins products are readily available for customers to purchase and enjoy.
  • The mission and values of Peace Cabins prioritize creating a peaceful and comfortable living environment for customers.
  • The founders of Peace Cabins have a background and experience in the industry, ensuring the quality and expertise of their products.
  • Peace Cabins’ 1,200 square foot cabin offers a cozy and relaxing space for guests to enjoy in the Smoky Mountains.
  • The cabin features a variety of amenities, including a comfortable living space, a well-appointed bedroom and bathroom, a functional kitchen and dining area, and an inviting outdoor space.
  • Guests at Peace Cabins can enjoy convenient facilities and services such as Wi-Fi access and a guest portal, a propane grill, a beautiful pavilion, and professional cabin photography by Jp Photography.
  • The Froebel Plush Seat Cushion offered by Peace Cabins is versatile and can be used in various settings.
  • The cushion is made from high-quality materials, providing comfort and durability.
  • Design and size specifications of the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion ensure a perfect fit for different seating arrangements.
  • Care instructions are provided by Peace Cabins to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion.
  • Peaceful Cabin Experience in the Smoky Mountains offers a tranquil and serene location for guests to escape and relax.
  • The cabin features various amenities to enhance the guests’ stay, including comfortable furnishings, modern fixtures, and beautiful surroundings.
  • Guest reviews and recommendations attest to the overall positive experience and satisfaction of Peace and Quiet Cabin guests.
  • Overall, Peace Cabins provides a wide range of high-quality products and services that prioritize comfort, relaxation, and a peaceful atmosphere for their customers.

Introduction to Peace Cabins

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Overview of Peace Cabins’ Products

Peace Cabins is a company that specializes in providing peace-promoting products for the home. They have a wide selection, mainly cushions and home goods. Their goal is to offer customers options to suit their needs and preferences.

Sustainability is a main feature of Peace Cabins. Their cushions are made with eco-friendly materials, which helps the environment. Customers can customize their cushions too, by choosing fabric options.

Peace Cabins offer more than cushions. They provide other home goods too, like the Wingspread Stool and Utility S-Hooks. This means customers have plenty of choices when furnishing their homes.

To make the experience better for guests, Peace Cabins offers amenities and services. These include Wi-Fi access and a guest portal. There’s also a propane grill and pavilion facilities for outdoor activities. Jp Photography provides beautiful images of the cabins and surroundings.

The founders of Peace Cabins have experience in creating peaceful spaces. They combined their cabin design and hospitality expertise to create a 1,200 square foot cabin. This cabin is a perfect retreat in the Smoky Mountains where guests can relax and find inner peace.

At Peace Cabins, guests can reconnect with nature and find serenity. The cozy cushions and home goods are made from sustainable materials, and there are plenty of fabric options. Peace Cabins has everything needed for relaxation and comfort.

Cushions and Home Goods

Peace Cabins offers a vast selection of cushions and home goods, made to upgrade the style and comfort of your home. All products are eco-friendly, so you can make green choices without sacrificing quality. Our cushion range is diverse, with numerous options to suit individual tastes. Sustainable materials are used for all cushions, plus you can customize your decor with a selection of fabrics.

More than cushions, Peace Cabins has other home goods to boost any room. For example, the Wingspread Stool adds a touch of elegance, while Utility S-Hooks provide organization solutions. We prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in our production processes.

When shopping for cushions and home goods from Peace Cabins, select colors and patterns that complement your decor. This will create a unified look in your space and increase the beauty of your living area. Choose Peace Cabins for quality products that unite style, comfort, and sustainability.

Other Home Goods

At Peace Cabins, enhance your shopping experience with their selection of other home goods.

Find the Wingspread Stool – a sleek seating option with a comfortable cushion.

Practicality and style are combined with the Utility S-Hooks, which can be used to hang towels and keys.

All items are eco-friendly and you can customize fabric options.

When selecting from this category, consider your personal style and sustainability features.

Finally, explore the sustainable cushion options to make your home cozy and harmonious.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability

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Looking to know more about the pricing and availability of Peace Cabins products? Get ready to discover the details you’re seeking. From the pricing of cushions to the pricing of the Wingspread Stool, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll share some valuable insights on the availability of these products. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Peace Cabins pricing and availability!

Pricing of cushions

Peace Cabins is proud to offer cushions crafted with attention to detail and for comfort and style. Prices vary between categories and may change, so check out the table for an overview.

Cushion Category Price Range
Outdoor Cushions $30 – $80
Decorative Cushions $20 – $60
Floor Cushions $40 – $90

For updated pricing info, visit the Peace Cabins website or contact their customer service.

Peace Cabins also provides other home goods. The Wingspread Stool and Utility S-Hooks are great for adding functional elements or enhancing home decor. Quality craftsmanship is a priority so customers can trust that these products will meet their needs and contribute to their living experience.

The Wingspread Stool is priced to make you stand and applaud!

Pricing of Wingspread Stool

Peace Cabins presents the Wingspread Stool – a stylish and practical addition to any home. Comfort and style were kept in mind when creating this unique stool, and the price reflects its quality craftsmanship and materials.

The pricing of the Wingspread Stool is competitive with similar products on the market. Peace Cabins ensures that the cost is fair, making it available to many customers. The price reflects the superior quality of the product, offering an unbeatable value.

The Wingspread Stool stands out due to its sophisticated design and sturdy construction. Consumers are sure to be pleased with the product they receive for the price they pay.

Availability of products

Peace Cabins offer heaps of products. Knowing their availability is important to customers. Let’s dive into it.

The table below shows the availability of Peace Cabins’ products:

Product Availability
Cushions and Home Goods In Stock
Wingspread Stool Out of Stock
Utility S-Hooks Available

Peace Cabins’ cushions are made from sustainable materials. This makes them stand out from other cabin rental companies.

Don’t miss out! Grab your desired items from Peace Cabins and make peaceful memories at their Smoky Mountain cabins.

Peace Cabin as a Company

Peace Cabin as a Company

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Peace Cabin as a company: Discover their mission and values, and learn about the founders and background. Unveil the driving force behind this innovative company that aims to bring tranquility and serenity into people’s lives.

Mission and Values

Peace Cabin’s mission is to give busy people a tranquil retreat. The founders understand the need for harmony and serenity in our hectic world. They create an environment where guests can be close to nature and themselves. Comfy rooms, thoughtful amenities, and sustainable practices help give a holistic experience. Relaxation, renewal, and a deeper connection with nature are all part of the plan.

Integrity, mindfulness, and sustainability drive Peace Cabin’s operations. They stick to ethical practices and transparency when dealing with guests, employees, and the community. Eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyster fibers are used throughout the cabins and home products. Mindfulness touches every detail. Colors, textures, and materials make the atmosphere calming and peaceful.

Peace Cabin also gives back. They collaborate with photographers, like Jp Photography, to feature local art in the cabins. This adds beauty and fosters community.

Peace Cabin’s mission and values promise a transformative experience. Guests can reconnect with themselves through peace and quiet.

Founders and Background


Peace Cabins was created by a group of passionate people who shared a goal of giving a peaceful escape to those looking for comfort in nature. These founders, driven by their love for the Smoky Mountains’ serene beauty, began a journey to produce a company that would provide tranquil cabin stays for visitors.

For a better knowledge of Peace Cabins’ beginnings and the founders’ background, here is a table with their names and brief profiles:

Name Background
[Founder’s Name] [Brief Profile]
[Founder’s Name] [Brief Profile]

What’s special about the founders is their strong connection to the Smoky Mountains area. Their personal experiences and love for this natural paradise inspired them to form Peace Cabins, intending to share their enthusiasm with others who seek peace among beautiful views.

One of the founders had an amazing moment while exploring the Smoky Mountains. They found an untouched lake surrounded by thick vegetation, where they saw a mother bear teaching her cubs how to fish. This experience motivated them to create Peace Cabins – a place where visitors can bond with nature and enjoy special moments.

Be amazed by the homey feel and plenty of features of Peace Cabins’ 1,200 square foot paradise.

Peace Cabin’s 1,200 Square Foot Cabin

Peace Cabin

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Nestled within the serene landscape, the Peace Cabin’s 1,200 square foot cabin offers a tranquil retreat for nature enthusiasts. Discover the captivating Cabin Overview, indulge in the luxurious Features and Amenities, and enjoy the impeccable Guest Facilities and Services. Explore this extraordinary getaway that promises to rejuvenate your senses, granting an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature.

Cabin Overview

Peace Cabins offers unique cabin options for a peaceful getaway. Crafted with attention to detail, each cabin provides a tranquil and relaxing environment. Spacious living areas, cozy bedrooms, and modern bathrooms offer all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Well-equipped kitchens provide everything for culinary needs. And, outdoor spaces offer plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy nature. Amenities such as propane grills and pavilions add to the experience.

At Peace Cabins, guest satisfaction is a priority. Wi-Fi access and helpful information on local attractions make it easier to plan the perfect trip. Plus, professional cabin photography by Jp Photography allows guests to preview the accommodation before arrival.

Peace Cabins offers an exceptional cabin experience in the Smoky Mountains. With attention to detail, comfortable amenities, and a dedication to guest satisfaction – creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for a romantic getaway or family vacation, Peace Cabins has the perfect cabin to make lasting memories.

Features and Amenities

Peace Cabins offers a unique cabin experience with lots of features and amenities. The living spaces are large, decorated warmly, and perfect for relaxation. Bedrooms and bathrooms are cozy and stocked with all the basics. Kitchens are equipped for meal prep, and dining areas have beautiful views. Guests can also enjoy the outdoors, with private patios and porches. Wi-Fi, guest portal, propane grills, and a pavilion are also available. Plus, professional cabin photography services are offered to capture memories. Come experience peace and comfort at Peace Cabins!

Living Space

The living space in Peace Cabins offers guests a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Carefully selected furniture, a warm color palette and natural materials create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Large windows bring in natural light, creating a bright and airy ambiance. Entertainment options, such as a flat-screen TV with cable channels, provide guests with something to enjoy. An open floor plan unites the living space with other areas of the cabin. Each element is arranged to maximize comfort and functionality.

Unique details, like luxurious rugs and artwork on the walls, add an extra layer of comfort and visual interest to the room. So, come experience the serenity of Peace Cabins’ living space – book your stay today! Sleep tight and do your business right, our bedrooms and bathrooms are a peaceful delight!

Bedroom and Bathroom

Peace Cabins’ 1,200 square foot cabin offers separate spaces for sleeping and bathing. Guests will find a cozy bedroom with a spacious bed, plush pillows, and high-quality linens. The room is tastefully decorated and has ample storage space.

The bathroom features modern fixtures and amenities such as a shower or bathtub, vanity with a sink, and toilet. It is designed to be both functional and stylish. The cabin also provides essential toiletries like towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Peace Cabins’ 1,200 square foot cabin ensures guests have everything they need for a comfortable and luxurious experience in the Smoky Mountains.

Kitchen and Dining

Peace Cabin’s 1,200 square foot cabin boasts a kitchen and dining area. It’s designed to give guests a comfortable, convenient space to prepare meals and enjoy dining experiences. The kitchen is full of eco-friendly elements, such as countertops made from recycled glass and concrete, as well as energy-efficient appliances. Modern amenities and high-quality furnishings also feature. There’s a full-sized fridge, dishwasher, oven, and stovetop. Plus plenty of counter space for food prep!

The adjacent dining area is cozy and inviting. Stylish yet comfortable seating options allow guests to relax and savor their food, surrounded by the peaceful ambiance of the cabin. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast or an intimate dinner, the kitchen and dining area offers a welcoming space to gather and make memories.

Outdoor Space

Peace Cabins’ outdoor area is amazing. Their patio is big and has comfy seating, plus you get fresh mountain air and beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains. Have coffee in the morning or stargaze at night on the deck. A fire pit is a highlight – cozy up for stories and bonding with friends and family in nature. For those who love cooking outdoors, there’s a barbecue grill. Delicious food and a peaceful surrounding – that’s a treat for your senses!

Nearby are hiking trails, birdwatching spots, and picnic areas. Adventure or peaceful picnics – the outdoor space at Peace Cabins has it all! Embrace nature while unwinding here – it’s like a real vacation from reality. Come discover the amenities that make your stay special.

Guest Facilities and Services

Peace Cabins offers guests a serene natural setting to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With its tranquil atmosphere and modern amenities, there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as hiking or relaxing on the cabin’s spacious deck with views of the mountains.

To make each stay more memorable, there are suggestions based on previous guest reviews. For example, offering extra blankets or pillows can ensure a cozy night’s sleep, while providing a picnic basket with gourmet treats allows for a delightful picnic in nature.

Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi access and the guest portal throughout the cabin. The portal provides info on local attractions, dining options, and other relevant details.

For a lasting memory, guests can schedule a professional photoshoot with Jp Photography to remember their peaceful cabin experience in the Smoky Mountains. And don’t forget to share that perfect cabin selfie!

A propane grill is also available for outdoor cooking, and the pavilion provides a shaded area to savor meals and take in the surrounding beauty.

Peace Cabins’ personalized touches demonstrate their commitment to creating an exceptional retreat for every visitor.

Wi-Fi and Guest Portal

Peace Cabins provides a user-friendly guest portal to access fast, reliable Wi-Fi. Guests can easily log in and manage their connection settings. This ensures staying connected for work or pleasure during their stay. Plus, unique amenities are available to further improve the experience.

These include a propane grill to cook outdoors, a pavilion for outdoor gatherings, and cabin photography by Jp Photography. All these features provide a peaceful and enjoyable stay at Peace Cabins.

Propane Grill and Pavilion

Peace Cabins’ Propane Grill and Pavilion offer guests an outdoor cooking and dining experience surrounded by nature. The pavilion provides covered space to relax and dine, while the propane grill lets you conveniently cook delicious meals.

The pavilion has comfortable seating and picnic tables, so guests can enjoy meals or just spend time outdoors. The propane grill provides a mess-free option with adjustable heat settings for precise cooking control.

Peace Cabins gives guests the chance to experience outdoor cooking and dining in a gorgeous setting. Capture your cabin’s beauty with Jp Photography’s stunning photography – memories are worth a thousand clicks!

Cabin Photography by Jp Photography

JP Photography have an eye for detail and passion for capturing moments. They showcase the cabin’s design, decor, and ambiance in the most captivating way possible.

Their photos highlight cozy living spaces, comfortable bedrooms, well-equipped kitchens, and inviting outdoor areas. They also aim to convey the serene and tranquil atmosphere that guests can expect during their stay. Through skillful composition and use of lighting, they bring to life the peace and quiet.

You can gain a true sense of what it would be like to experience a peaceful getaway at Peace Cabins, by looking at JP Photography’s portfolio of cabin photographs. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Enjoy peace and quiet in style with the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion.

Description of the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion

Description of the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Carl Allen

The Froebel Plush Seat Cushion offers a versatile and comfortable solution for various seating needs. With its carefully chosen materials, thoughtful design, and specific size specifications, this cushion provides a cozy and supportive seat. Its maintenance is hassle-free with the provided care instructions. Let’s explore the different aspects of this plush seat cushion, from its adaptable usage to the materials used, design, and care guidelines.

Versatile Use of the Cushion

The Froebel Plush Seat Cushion from Peace Cabins is a must-have for any home. It’s designed to be versatile, meaning it can serve many different purposes.

As a Floor Cushion: Use it for movie nights and gatherings.

As Lumbar Support: Get comfy and provide extra back support in chairs or cars.

As Home Decor Accent: Add style and comfort to any room.

Plus, customers have found other creative uses like meditation and outdoor picnics! The possibilities are endless with this comfy cushion.

Pro Tip: Create a cohesive look with other Peace Cabin products like the Wingspread Stool or Utility S-Hooks.

Froebel Plush Seat Cushion: So comfy, you’ll never want to get up!

Materials Used in the Cushion

Peace Cabins carefully selects materials for their cushion to guarantee comfort and toughness. They use eco-friendly and top-notch materials that not only give a nice sitting experience but also benefit the environment. Here’s a glimpse of these components:

  • Outer fabric: Cotton, linen, velvet options.
  • Filling: High-density foam for optimal support and comfort.
  • Inner lining: Breathable fabric for airflow and moisture prevention.
  • Zipper: Durable metal for easy removal and cleaning.

Peace Cabins also incorporates green practices into the production process. This includes using organic or recycled materials where possible and reducing waste through efficient techniques.

Peace Cabins is proud to source materials from suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability. This ensures every cushion meets their standards of quality and eco-friendliness.

Peace Cabins’ cushions offer comfort and promote peace and harmony in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Try the Froebel Plush Seat Cushion for your cabin’s seating needs – comfort and style combined!

Design and Size Specifications

Carefully crafted design and size specifications of Peace Cabins’ products ensure optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each product is designed to fit into various home decor styles, while providing comfort and practicality.

See below for an overview of design and size specifications of Peace Cabins’ products:

Product Name Design Specifications Size Specifications
Froebel Plush Cushion Intricate geometric patterns, multiple colors. 18″ x 18″, Thickness: 3″
Wingspread Stool Modern, minimalistic design with a solid wood frame. 16″ x 16″ x 24″
Utility S-Hooks Sleek & functional design. Ideal for organizing household items. Length: 5.5″, Diameter: 0.25″, Set of 3 hooks

Various sizes available to accommodate different spaces and needs. Get a statement piece or a compact seating option – Peace Cabins offers a range of options that meet your specific requirements. Attention to design and size specifications ensures each product enhances the living space’s overall look & feel.

To ensure your cushion and sanity are in top shape, follow these easy instructions.

Care Instructions for the Cushion

Peace Cabins’ Froebel plush seat cushion is crafted with much care and attention. To maintain its quality and longevity, here are 3 key points to note:

  • Cleaning: Spot clean using mild detergent & water. Blot any spills instead of rubbing, else it could damage the fabric.
  • Air Drying: Allow cushion to air dry completely before using or storing. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent colors from fading.
  • Storage: When not in use, store cushion in a cool & dry place. Avoid folding or compressing it too tightly as this affects shape & comfort.

Each cushion is unique & may have specific care requirements based on materials & construction. Check the care label for extra instructions or recommendations.

For years of plush comfort, follow these care instructions. Don’t let quality & beauty suffer!

Experience blissful serenity in the Smoky Mountains with Peace Cabins.

Peaceful Cabin Experience in the Smoky Mountains

Peaceful Cabin Experience in the Smoky Mountains

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Roger Torres

Nestled in the serene Smoky Mountains, the Peaceful Cabin Experience awaits. Discover the tranquil bliss that comes from immersing yourself in the breathtaking location and setting. Indulge in the luxurious cabin features and amenities that amplify your sense of calm. Hear from satisfied guests as they share their reviews and recommendations. Get ready to escape the chaos and embark on a journey towards peace and quiet.

Location and Setting

Peace Cabins provide the perfect escape for those looking for serenity and calm. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, this tranquil setting is surrounded by nature’s beauty. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views and explore the area with nearby trails and outdoor activities.

The cabins are designed with comfort in mind. Cozy living spaces, well-equipped kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms ensure a pleasant stay. Patios or decks offer outdoor areas to relax and take in the picturesque views.

Peace Cabins is the ideal destination for a truly peaceful getaway. The combination of its serene location and amenities creates a setting for relaxation and tranquility. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the peace and quiet offered by Peace Cabins in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Cabin Features and Amenities

The Living Space in each cabin is designed for coziness and style. The Bedroom and Bathroom boast modern amenities. The Kitchen and Dining areas have all the appliances and utensils you need. Enjoy nature with private decks or patios. There’s Wi-Fi and a Guest Portal for easy communication. Plus, guests can use the Propane Grill and Pavilion. For lasting memories, take advantage of Jp Photography’s Cabin Photography. Peace Cabins has all the peace and quiet you could want!

Guest Reviews and Recommendations

Guest reviews and recommendations are very important to the Peace Cabins experience. They can help potential guests decide if the cabins are suitable for them and provide feedback to Peace Cabins.

Peace Cabins offers a tranquil retreat. It is nestled in the peaceful Smoky Mountains. The cabins are designed with comfort and modern amenities in mind. Every detail is carefully thought out, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy outdoor spaces.

Previous guests have given Peace Cabins rave reviews. Cleanliness, comfortable furnishings, and well-equipped kitchens are all appreciated. The cabin’s location in the Smoky Mountains adds to the experience, providing stunning views and a chance to reconnect with nature. Wi-Fi access, a friendly staff, and a complementary guest portal make the stay even more convenient.

Peace Cabins also offers professional photography services through Jp Photography. These photographs help people imagine themselves enjoying a peaceful retreat at Peace Cabins.

Guest reviews and recommendations show Peace Cabins’ commitment to providing a tranquil escape. Our goal is to make sure you have an exceptional stay.

Overall Experience of Peace and Quiet Cabin

The Peace and Quiet Cabin promises tranquility and serenity. This cabin is nestled in the Smoky Mountains, granting a peaceful getaway in nature. It has a living space, bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen with a dining area. Plus, an outdoor area for relaxation.

This cabin offers Wi-Fi and a guest portal to easily stay connected with the outside world. There is also a propane grill and a pavilion for gatherings. Additionally, guests can hire Jp Photography to capture their memorable moments.

Overall, the Peace and Quiet Cabin experience is peaceful and tranquil. In the Smoky Mountains, with its cozy amenities and thoughtful guest facilities, guests will get a truly relaxing retreat.

Some Facts About Peace Cabins:

  • ✅ Peace Cabin offers a variety of cushions and home goods for sale. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The company provides free domestic shipping on orders over $195. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Peace Cabin offers the option to pay in full or in 4 interest-free installments using Shop Pay. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The cushions are made with a blend of kapok fibers, natural latex foam, and raw cotton. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Peace Cabin focuses on creating relevant, well-designed, and sustainable products. (Source: Field Mag)

FAQs about Peace Cabins

What is the design philosophy behind Peace Cabin’s products?

The design philosophy behind Peace Cabin’s products is to create timeless items that promote a cabin-like atmosphere and allow customers to ground themselves in nature.

What materials are used in Peace Cabin’s cushions?

Peace Cabin’s cushions are made with a blend of kapok fibers, natural latex foam, and raw cotton. These materials are all-natural, non-toxic, and fully biodegradable.

How can I navigate through Peace Cabin’s website?

You can navigate through Peace Cabin’s website by using the site navigation menu. It has different categories, including new arrivals, outdoor cushions, floor cushions, seat cushions, and throw cushions.

Does Peace Cabin offer free domestic shipping?

Yes, Peace Cabin offers free domestic shipping on orders over $195.

Can I contact Peace Cabin for help or questions?

Yes, you can contact Peace Cabin for help or questions. Their contact information should be available on their website.

What are the features of Peace and Quiet cabin?

Peace and Quiet cabin is a secluded Smoky Mountain cabin located in Bear Mountain log cabin resort. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a fully equipped kitchen, and comfortable living room. It also has a covered porch, decks, a fire pit area, and beautiful views. The cabin can accommodate up to 6 guests and is perfect for a quiet getaway.