Paradisus Cancun Tripadvisor

Key Takeaway:

  • Positive guest reviews highlight the excellent concierge service provided by Alexis and the luxurious ocean view rooms.
  • There are mixed reviews regarding the buffet, with some guests expressing dissatisfaction.
  • Guests appreciate the availability of poolside chairs and reserved beds at the Reserve pyramid, as well as the complimentary Wi-Fi and gym amenities.
  • Negative guest reviews mention issues with room reservations and concierge service, as well as outdated rooms and limited activities for children.
  • The resort prioritizes safety with 24/7 staff availability and guarantees a memorable dining experience at standout restaurants.
  • Paradisus Cancun offers a unique setting and ambiance compared to other resorts in Cancun.
  • Tips for staying at Paradisus Cancun include selecting the right room and participating in various activities offered by the resort.
  • The all-inclusive package at Paradisus Cancun includes a wide range of amenities and activities.
  • In conclusion, Paradisus Cancun is a popular choice among travelers due to its excellent service, luxurious accommodations, and unique ambiance.

Introduction to Paradisus Cancun

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Paradisus Cancun, a top-rated resort according to Tripadvisor, offers a sublime experience for travelers seeking relaxation and luxury. In this section, we will provide an introduction to Paradisus Cancun, including an overview of its exquisite location and the opulent accommodations it offers. Get ready to embark on a virtual journey to a tropical haven where paradise awaits at every turn.

Overview of the resort’s location and accommodations

Paradisus Cancun is a luxurious resort with prime location! It offers exceptional accommodations and incredible concierge service. Guests are thrilled with Alexis, the personal assistant, and her attentiveness in meeting their needs. The luxury suite ocean view rooms offer breathtaking views and space for an unforgettable stay.

However, reviews of the buffet are mixed. Some enjoy the variety and quality of food, while others don’t. Poolside chairs and reserved beds at the Reserve pyramid can be limited.

To make your stay comfy and convenient, Paradisus Cancun provides complimentary Wi-Fi and access to a well-equipped gym. Though, some have experienced issues with room reservations and concierge service, leaving them dissatisfied. Plus, outdated rooms can be a downside.

For younger guests there may be limited activities available, but safety measures are in place throughout the resort for guest security. 24/7 staff is available for any emergent concerns.

When it comes to dining options, guests can indulge in Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine. Moreover, the tranquil beachfront and lush gardens create a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation.

When planning a stay at Paradisus Cancun, it’s important to carefully consider room selection. Plus, taking advantage of the activities offered will enhance the experience. All in all, this resort is a popular choice for a luxurious and relaxing getaway!

Positive guest reviews and feedback on service and amenities

Positive guest reviews and feedback on service and amenities

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Guests have been raving about the exceptional service and amenities at Paradisus Cancun according to positive reviews and feedback. From the outstanding concierge service provided by Alexis to the highly praised luxury suite ocean view rooms, guests have been thoroughly impressed. While the buffet has received mixed reviews, the availability of poolside chairs and reserved beds at the Reserve pyramid has been appreciated. Guests also commend the complimentary Wi-Fi and gym amenities.

Praise for the concierge service and assistance from Alexis


Alexis at Paradisus Cancun has received much admiration! Guests have praised the service they received from him. He is part of the concierge team and is so helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. People have commended his promptness and personalized approach. Guests feel exceptionally valued and appreciated thanks to Alexis.

On top of his great customer service skills, Alexis has a great knowledge of the resort. He can provide guests with information about the facilities, activities and dining options. He can organize special requests, like room upgrades and spa appointments.

Alexis brings an extra layer of luxury to the guest experience. He is friendly and professional and makes sure each guest feels taken care of. He assists with transportation arrangements and provides tips on local attractions.

If you’re planning a trip to Paradisus Cancun, don’t miss out on the exceptional concierge service provided by Alexis. He will elevate your vacation experience and make it unforgettable. Reach out to him for any assistance or recommendations you may need during your stay.

Highly praised luxury suite ocean view rooms

The luxury suite ocean view rooms at Paradisus Cancun have earned high praise from guests. These rooms offer an extravagant, breathtaking view of the ocean for a truly luxurious experience. The positive feedback reflects the exceptional quality, comfort, and attention to detail.

Guests are in awe of the spaciousness and elegance of these rooms. They have been praised for their modern amenities and luxurious furnishings. Guests appreciate the comfortable beds and well-appointed bathrooms.

These positive reviews symbolize the overall satisfaction of guests who have stayed in the highly praised luxury suite ocean view rooms at Paradisus Cancun.

Extra details further enhance the experience for guests. For example, some luxury suite ocean view rooms have private balconies or terraces. Here, guests can admire the stunning views of the ocean, adding an extra level of luxury and relaxation.

Moreover, poolside chairs and reserved beds are available at the Reserve pyramid. This makes it easy for guests staying in these luxury suites to reach premium beachfront lounging areas. They can relax in style while taking in Paradisus Cancun’s exquisite surroundings.

Interestingly, Tripadvisor reviewers have consistently mentioned the highly praised luxury suite ocean view rooms as a standout feature at Paradisus Cancun. The buffet received mixed reviews, with some guests loving it, while others thought it was a miss.

Mixed reviews on the buffet

The buffet at Paradisus Cancun has garnered varied reviews from visitors. Some have lauded the variety and quality of the food, while others have been unhappy. The data doesn’t provide any specific details on the reason for these mixed reviews.

Still, it is worth noting that different guests may have different likes and expectations when it comes to the buffet experience. Some may relish the broad selection of dishes and the opportunity to try new flavors, while others may prefer a more personalised dining experience.

It is essential for potential guests to consider these mixed reviews and evaluate their own tastes before deciding if they should dine at the buffet during their stay at Paradisus Cancun.

Availability of poolside chairs and reserved beds at the Reserve pyramid

At the Reserve Pyramid of Paradisus Cancun, guests can bask in the sun in comfort. Abundant chairs and reserved beds guarantee that visitors can find a spot without any hassles. To up the ante, Wi-Fi is complimentary throughout the resort. Plus, the gym facilities are fully-equipped for those wanting to stay fit during the holiday.

However, the availability of poolside chairs and reserved beds may differ depending on the season and occupancy of the resort. Nevertheless, Paradisus Cancun puts effort into ensuring sufficient seating for its patrons. This commitment was born out of guest feedback regarding limited seating options. Consequently, the resort has been praised for its improved experience at the Reserve pyramid.

Complimentary Wi-Fi and gym amenities

Paradisus Cancun offers complimentary Wi-Fi. And, fitness enthusiasts can also enjoy well-equipped gym amenities. The modern fitness center has state-of-the-art exercise equipment. It’s perfect for cardio and strength training alike. Plus, there’s a sauna and steam room. These amenities provide extra luxury and comfort for guests. They’re seeking a holistic approach to wellness. Paradisus Cancun is committed to guest satisfaction. They offer convenience and wellness options. However, some guests felt customer service was like a misplaced room reservation.

Negative guest reviews and feedback on customer service and rooms

Negative guest reviews and feedback on customer service and rooms

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Some guests at Paradisus Cancun have expressed their concerns regarding room reservations and concierge service, while others have mentioned outdated rooms as a negative aspect. Additionally, a few guests have highlighted the limited activities available for children. Let’s delve into these negative guest reviews and feedback on customer service and rooms, examining the specific issues and experiences shared by guests at this popular TripAdvisor destination.

Some guests experienced issues with room reservations and concierge service

Paradisus Cancun had some guests who had trouble with room bookings and getting help from the concierge. Although the hotel is luxurious, some of the rooms may be old-fashioned – like the 90s, but without the fashion revival. It’s best to keep this in mind before you make a reservation!

Outdated rooms mentioned as a negative aspect

Guests at Paradisus Cancun are not happy with the old-style rooms. They felt that the rooms didn’t meet their expectations for a luxury resort. This feedback means the resort needs to improve. Refurbishing the rooms and replacing furniture, fixtures, and technology could improve guests’ experience. Providing clear information about the rooms during bookings can help manage expectations. This may include updated pictures of the rooms on the website or descriptions of the room categories. Paradisus Cancun should also share any renovation plans with potential guests.

By addressing the outdated rooms, Paradisus Cancun can become a top choice for travelers. With modern rooms, guests will be more likely to have a good experience and leave positive reviews. This would make Paradisus Cancun a competitive player in the Cancun resort market. Sadly, kids may find the resort lacking in activities.

Limited activities for children

Paradisus Cancun offers luxury for adults. Therefore, there are not as many activities for children. This can make it difficult for families to find entertainment and engagement for kids. However, the resort does provide amenities and experiences for all ages.

Safety measures and 24/7 staff availability at the resort

Safety measures and 24/7 staff availability at the resort

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At Paradisus Cancun, guests can rely on top-notch safety protocols and round-the-clock staff. Enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures guarantee a safe environment. Plus, the resort boasts various amenities and services. These include multiple pools, a spa and delicious dining options. Guests can indulge in tranquility with views of the Caribbean Sea and access to pristine beaches. Plus, there are a wide array of activities and entertainment, such as water sports and live performances.

Moreover, the resort has a commitment to environmental sustainability. Eco-friendly practices are incorporated in their operations, including energy-efficient technologies and waste reduction initiatives. Guests can also take part in beach cleanups and educational programs for marine conservation. This dedication to protecting the environment aligns with Paradisus Cancun’s mission to provide a responsible and sustainable vacation experience.

Standout restaurants and dining options at Paradisus Cancun

Standout restaurants and dining options at Paradisus Cancun

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Paradisus Cancun’s dining experience is unique. Guests can savor a variety of standout meals and flavors. Impeccable service awaits! From traditional Mexican cuisine at Mole Restaurant to freshly caught seafood at Market Grill, there is something for everyone.

The resort’s signature restaurant, Passion, offers a Michelin-starred menu. Bana restaurant serves Asian fusion dishes with an Italian influence. For a more casual experience, visit The Market for international cuisines with live cooking stations.

Book your table early for these standout restaurants! Also, Paradisus Cancun offers private beachfront dinners and personalized chef menus. Enjoy an intimate setting and a customized menu created just for you! Don’t miss out on the Paradisus Cancun Tripadvisor reviews before you go!

Description of Paradisus Cancun’s setting and ambiance

Description of Paradisus Cancun

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Paradisus Cancun – an oasis of luxury! Enjoy breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and pristine white sand beach. Lush tropical gardens and palm trees create a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Elegant and modern design exudes sophistication and style. Chic furnishings and upscale decor create a sense of opulence.

World-class amenities – multiple swimming pools, spa, fitness center, gourmet restaurants – ensure guests have everything they need for a memorable stay. Plus, personalized service with warm hospitality and a friendly smile.

Unique experiences to enjoy – world-renowned restaurants, spa treatments, water sports. Explore nearby attractions and landmarks – Mayan ruins, ecological parks. Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of the area.

Paradisus Cancun – unparalleled luxury, sophisticated setting and ambiance. Relaxation or adventure – create lifelong memories!

Comparison to other resorts in Cancun

Comparison to other resorts in Cancun

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Paradisus Cancun stands out from other resorts in Cancun. It offers luxurious accommodations, a stunning beachfront location, and world-class dining options. To understand the resort’s advantages, a table can be created. It highlights quality of accommodation, beachfront location, dining options, and guest satisfaction. This helps readers make informed decisions.

The resort also offers unique details that enhance its appeal. It has a state-of-the-art spa with rejuvenating treatments and relaxation experiences. Plus, it is eco-friendly, making it a great choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Tips for staying at Paradisus Cancun, including room selection and activities

Tips for staying at Paradisus Cancun, including room selection and activities

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Tips to make your stay at Paradisus Cancún unforgettable:

  • Room selection and activities can help. Choose a room with a view of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Participate in rejuvenating spa treatments, water sports, or golf.
  • Get a taste of the local culture with tequila tastings or cooking classes.
  • Dine on gourmet cuisine or traditional Mexican dishes.
  • Enjoy refreshing cocktails and live entertainment.
  • Receive personalized attention from the staff.
  • Benefit from exclusive amenities like a private beach and complimentary Wi-Fi.

My stay at Paradisus Cancún was truly memorable! I participated in a cooking class with a renowned chef. It was a hands-on experience. I learned how to cook authentic Mexican dishes. It was a unique way to engage with the local culture. The food I cooked was delicious. The resort’s dedication to providing exceptional activities made my stay extra enjoyable.

Overview of amenities and activities offered at the resort

Overview of amenities and activities offered at the resort

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The resort has plenty of fun for guests. Enjoy the Cancun location: relax on the beach or by the pool. There are multiple restaurants and bars, with various cuisines and drinks. Unwind in the luxurious spa with rejuvenating treatments. Stay active with the fitness facilities. Try some water sports – snorkeling and kayaking. Plus, organized excursions to explore the local area.

Information on the all-inclusive package and inclusions

Information on the all-inclusive package and inclusions

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Text: Paradisus Cancun’s all-inclusive package offers a wide variety of amenities and services. Accommodation, meals, drinks, activities, entertainment, and amenities are all included in this comprehensive package. Plus, guests receive exceptional service and may even get special promotional offers.

The resort is also eco-friendly, utilizing energy-efficient buildings, waste reduction programs, and locally sourced ingredients. Guests can be proud to know they’re contributing to a greener form of tourism.

TripAdvisor reviews attest to the quality of this all-inclusive package – Paradisus Cancun has earned plenty of awards and accolades!

Conclusion highlighting the popularity of Paradisus Cancun as a choice for travelers

Conclusion highlighting the popularity of Paradisus Cancun as a choice for travelers

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Paradisus Cancun is a remarkable choice for travelers. Luxurious accommodations, awesome amenities and sensational views make it a dream destination. Its location in the vibrant city of Cancun is perfect for relaxation and adventure.

The resort’s commitment to service is key. TripAdvisor reviews emphasize the attention to detail and personalized care that guests enjoy throughout their stay.

Amenities at Paradisus Cancun are plentiful. Swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, and many dining options offer something for every taste. The stunning beachfront location adds to the allure. Turquoise Caribbean Sea and white sandy beach create a tranquil atmosphere.

Explore Cancun attractions during your stay. Enjoy the nightlife, water sports, snorkeling and ancient Mayan ruins. Let the concierge assist with planning personalized excursions.

Paradisus Cancun is truly remarkable. Exceptional service, luxurious amenities and breathtaking location make it a top choice for an unforgettable vacation experience. Relaxation, adventure or a combination of both await.

Some Facts About Paradisus Cancun Tripadvisor:

  • ✅ Paradisus Cancun is an upscale, all-inclusive mega-resort located along a beautiful white-sand beach in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. (Source:
  • ✅ The resort features five interconnected pyramids and offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. (Source:
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy a range of amenities, including large freeform swimming pools, a nine-hole golf course, and a flood-lit tennis court. (Source:
  • ✅ The Yhi Spa at Paradisus Cancun offers a wide range of massages and treatments. (Source:
  • ✅ The resort has multiple restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines including Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, and Brazilian. (Source: Family Destinations Guide)

FAQs about Paradisus Cancun Tripadvisor

FAQs about Paradisus Cancun

1. Can Paradisus Cancun provide personalized activity recommendations?

Yes, Paradisus Cancun offers personalized activity recommendations through their family concierge services. They can assist you in choosing and planning activities tailored to your preferences and interests.

2. Is there a tennis court available at Paradisus Cancun?

Yes, Paradisus Cancun has a flood-lit tennis court where guests can enjoy a game or two. Tennis equipment may be available for rent or provided upon request.

3. Is Paradisus Cancun an eco-conscious resort?

Yes, Paradisus Cancun is an eco-conscious resort. They make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices, such as using paper straws and reusable plastic cups, and charging an eco-friendly fee at check-in.

4. Does Paradisus Cancun offer all-inclusive rates?

Yes, Paradisus Cancun is an all-inclusive resort that offers rates that include most food, drinks, and activities. However, fine dining options and certain services may require additional charges.

5. What are the amenities available at Paradisus Cancun?

Paradisus Cancun offers a wide range of amenities, including complimentary Wi-Fi, a gym, multiple pools, a kids club, a golf course, and access to non-motorized water sports. They also provide personal concierge services and have a spa with a variety of massage options.

6. Are there preferred dining reservations available at Paradisus Cancun?

Yes, Paradisus Cancun offers preferential dining reservations for guests, especially those staying in the family concierge suites. This allows guests to secure reservations at the resort’s various restaurants and enjoy their preferred dining experiences.