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Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers luxurious accommodation options for travelers. With its well-appointed rooms and suites, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay in style.
  • The hotel’s location and accessibility is also a plus, as it is conveniently located near the airport and other popular landmarks in the city. Guests can easily explore the city’s attractions and activities with ease.
  • The dining and recreational facilities at Olive Boutique Hotel are top-notch. With a restaurant and bar, rooftop terrace, and fitness center, guests can relax and unwind during their stay. The hotel also offers event and meeting spaces for business or social gatherings.

You’re planning an unforgettable getaway to San Juan Puerto Rico and you’re looking for the perfect place to stay? Look no further than Olive Boutique Hotel for the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. With its perfect combination of old-world charm and modern amenities, Olive Boutique Hotel offers the perfect stay for any traveler.

Overview of Olive Boutique Hotel

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Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers a luxurious and comfortable stay with 15 unique rooms. The hotel features a heated outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, and parking. It offers impressive hospitality services like laundry, ironing, and dry-cleaning. Guests can enjoy the terrace, library, garden, and smoking area.

Accommodations feature stunning views with classy furnishings, including a balcony, minibar, and free bottled water. Olive Boutique Hotel is perfect for disabled guests with its handicap-accessible rooms. Pro Tip: The hotel’s prime location is close to popular landmarks like the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and La Fortaleza.

Location and Accessibility

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Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Olive Boutique Hotel is easily accessible with free Wi-Fi, available parking, and a heated outdoor pool. The hotel features 15 rooms, ensuring a personalized experience. Guests can take advantage of the hotel’s wellness services like the dive pool and library. The hotel offers excellent hygiene, including the use of disinfectants, and guests can rest assured that all touched surfaces, as well as linens and towels, are thoroughly cleaned. The hotel is conveniently situated near local attractions like the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Denkmal Mujer Reclinada and restaurant La Danza making it a great choice for travelers. Pro Tip: Consider the hotel’s concierge service for assistance with planning activities in the area.

Accommodation Options

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Optimize your stay at Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico! Investigate the accommodation options to experience ultimate comfort and luxury. There’s a wide selection of room amenities and suite options. Enjoy!

Room Amenities

Room Features:

  • All rooms in Olive Boutique Hotel, San Juan Puerto Rico feature plush bedding, modern furnishings, and a contemporary design.
  • The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas, keeping guests connected throughout their stay.
  • Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, satellite channels, DVD player for multimedia entertainment.
  • There is a private bathroom for every room complete with bathrobes, slippers, and complimentary toiletries.

Additional Details:

  • Guests can rest assured about the cleanliness of the room as the hotel uses disinfectant on all high-touched surfaces.


Don’t miss out on the luxurious and clean accommodations at Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico. Book your stay now to experience comfort during your travels.

Upgrade to a suite at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan and live like royalty, or at least someone who can afford more than just ramen noodles for dinner.

Suite Options

This section discusses the lodging options available at Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • The hotel offers various suite options for guests to choose from.
  • Each suite features unique amenities and furnishings, including balconies with stunning views of San Juan.
  • The suites are equipped with modern technology such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and DVD players.

In addition to these features, all suites are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests to ensure guest safety and security during this challenging time. The hotel also provides hand sanitizer, masks, and other equipment for added guest protection when using common areas.

One interesting fact about Olive Boutique Hotel is that it is located near several historical landmarks such as the School of Tropical Medicine San Juan and the Parlamentsgebäude El Capitolio. Guests can experience history up close while enjoying luxurious accommodations at this boutique hotel.

Experience fine dining and guilt-free overindulgence at Olive Boutique Hotel’s restaurants and recreational facilities.

Dining and Recreational Facilities

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Make the most of your stay at Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico! Sample the amazing cuisine and drinks at the restaurant & bar – all while admiring the stunning views from the rooftop terrace. If you want to stay fit, use the fitness center to your heart’s content!

Restaurant and Bar

A Dining and Entertainment Oasis at Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Indulge in a culinary experience that will invigorate your senses at the exquisite restaurant and bar of Olive Boutique Hotel.

  • Enjoy a range of local and international cuisine prepared by our expert chefs
  • Relax with handcrafted cocktails and premium wines carefully selected by our sommelier
  • Taste the flavors of Puerto Rican culture with dishes made using locally sourced ingredients
  • Take in the charming ambiance of the stylish interior design while savoring your meal
  • Take advantage of the outdoor terrace overlooking the vibrant cityscape while enjoying drinks and bites

The restaurant’s dedication to excellence is further reflected in policies for guest safety, with regularly disinfecting all surfaces. Moreover, they ensure that bed linen, towels and all items are changed after each stay. Guests can be confident that their dining experience is on par with safety-enhanced standards.

For recommendations from seasoned guests, try pairing your meal with one of our expertly paired wines or extend your evening into nightcaps on our lively terrace to enjoy a cozy atmosphere under a starry sky.

If you’re afraid of heights, the Rooftop Terrace at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan might not be for you, but if you’re brave enough to ascend, the views and cocktails are worth it.

Rooftop Terrace

The Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers a breathtakingly beautiful oasis for guests looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The hotel’s Terraza provides an outdoor retreat with stunning views of the surrounding skyline.

Here are four points to keep in mind when visiting the Terraza:

  • Guests can enjoy drinks and snacks as they lounge by the rooftop pool.
  • The rooftop terrace is perfect for weddings or other special events, with plenty of room for up to 150 guests.
  • The outdoor space features comfortable seating areas that are perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring the city.
  • The spacious terrace provides ample room for sunbathing or enjoying a meal outdoors during sunrise or sunset.

In addition to these features, it’s worth noting that guests at the Olive Boutique Hotel can rest easy knowing that their safety and hygiene are taken seriously. Rooms receive thorough cleaning and sanitation between stays, including high-touch surfaces such as door handles. Fresh bed linen and towels are provided for each guest, along with complimentary hand sanitizer and masks.

Pro Tip: Start your day with a refreshing swim in the heated outdoor pool before heading out to explore all that Puerto Rico has to offer. Who needs a gym membership when Olive Boutique Hotel’s fitness center offers a full workout and stunning ocean views? Just don’t let the beautiful scenery distract you from your reps.

Fitness Center

The Health and Wellness Center at Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico offers a wide array of amenities to support guests on their wellness journey.

  • State-of-the-art Fitness Equipment
  • Complimentary Fitness Classes
  • Access to Personal Trainers (Fee Required)
  • Sauna and Steam Rooms for Relaxation
  • Juice Bar for Post-Workout Refreshments

Guests can enjoy uniquely tailored fitness experiences to suit their individual preferences. Olive Boutique Hotel’s Health and Wellness Center has been designed with the guest experience in mind by incorporating top-of-the-line equipment and physical features.

Who says work can’t be fun? With event spaces like these, even the most boring meetings can be jazzed up at Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico.

Events and Meeting Spaces

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Nestled in the heart of San Juan, the Olive Boutique Hotel offers versatile venues for hosting social events, corporate meetings, and intimate gatherings. Located in Puerto Rico, this boutique hotel provides a unique space that combines luxury and history.

Here are five points about the hotel’s Events and Meeting Spaces

  1. State-of-the-art technology available,
  2. Variety of spaces to accommodate small or large groups,
  3. Personalized services to assist in planning and execution,
  4. Unique historic atmosphere and architecture,
  5. Culinary catering services.

Notably, the hotel’s historic ambiance and picturesque views of the city serve as unique offerings that will set your event apart. Pro Tip: Take advantage of the hotel’s event planning services to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

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The lodging’s performance, as perceived by its customers, is discussed further. Feedback is given on the grounds of the guest reviews and ratings, without using the exact phrase. Additionally, it includes three important points on the customer feedback. The unique features that have not yet been covered are given, followed by a pro-tip for the readers. The article uses relevant keywords in the description.

Five Facts About Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Condado Beach. (Source: Olive Boutique Hotel)
  • ✅ The hotel features 15 uniquely designed rooms and suites, each with its own style and decor. (Source: Olive Boutique Hotel)
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy a rooftop lounge with stunning ocean views, a plunge pool, and a bar serving signature cocktails. (Source: Olive Boutique Hotel)
  • ✅ The hotel is just steps away from the beach, restaurants, and shopping in the vibrant Condado district of San Juan. (Source: Olive Boutique Hotel)
  • ✅ Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico has received numerous accolades, including being named one of the best hotels in Puerto Rico by Condé Nast Traveler. (Source: Condé Nast Traveler)

FAQs about Olive Boutique Hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

1. Is the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico taking measures to ensure guest safety during COVID-19?

Yes, the hotel is taking extra precautions to ensure guest safety during the pandemic. They are regularly cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, providing hand sanitizer and masks to guests, and using disinfectants approved by the EPA. Additionally, staff is required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

2. How often is housekeeping performed at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan?

Housekeeping is performed daily to ensure that guest rooms are clean and comfortable for the duration of their stay. All linens, including bedding and towels, are changed daily as well.

3. Are masks and hand sanitizer provided to guests at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan?

Yes, masks and hand sanitizer are provided in guest rooms and in common areas of the hotel. Guests are encouraged to wear masks and use hand sanitizer frequently during their stay.

4. Is parking available at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan?

Yes, the hotel has parking available for guests. There are both self-parking and valet options for an additional fee.

5. What amenities does the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan offer?

The hotel offers an outdoor heated pool, a fitness center, a library, a garden, and a terrace. They also have an on-site restaurant and bar, as well as room service for guests who wish to dine in the comfort of their room. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

6. Are there any wellness amenities at the Olive Boutique Hotel in San Juan?

Yes, the hotel offers a hot tub and a plunge pool on the terrace as well as a fitness center so guests can stay active and relaxed during their stay.