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Mejores Airbnb Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Puerto Rico has a wide variety of Airbnb rentals available for every type of traveler. From beachfront condos to rustic cabins in the rainforest, visitors can find the perfect home away from home.
  • Old San Juan offers some of the best Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico. The charming historic homes and stylish apartments in the heart of the city provide a unique and authentic experience.
  • For those looking for a beach getaway, there are many beachfront Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico. From luxury condos with stunning ocean views to cozy cottages just steps away from the beach, visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and surf.
  • The El Yunque rainforest offers a unique Airbnb experience. Visitors can stay in a rustic cabin or a secluded treehouse in the rainforest, surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature.
  • Off-the-beaten-path Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico include unique villas with private pools in Rincon and eco-friendly glamping experiences in the countryside. These rentals provide an opportunity to explore the island and connect with nature.

Vacation planning can be overwhelming with so many options, but you don’t have to worry. Here’s a guide to the best Airbnbs in Puerto Rico – perfect for a relaxed getaway!

Top 10 Best Airbnb Rentals in Puerto Rico

Top 10 Best Airbnb Rentals in Puerto Rico-mejores airbnb puerto rico,

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In Puerto Rico, there are exceptional vacation rental options available on Airbnb. Explore Puerto Rico’s unique accommodation options and experience personal touches and private villas. Here are the top 10 Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico:

  1. The Jungle Loft
  2. The Paddle Villa
  3. Monte Sagrado Reserve
  4. Palmanova
  5. Hacienda Esperanza
  6. Villa Bella
  7. Casa Moderna
  8. Sandy Beach
  9. The Urban Oasis Penthouse
  10. Casa Ensenada

Each rental is diverse, including tropical glamping close to the ocean, and a modern villa Despacito. Enjoy breathtaking sea views, mountain and coffee plantation agrotourism, and nature experiences.

Did you know that Puerto Rico is a vacation destination located in the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to San Juan, offering diverse rental options beyond hotels?

Fun fact: The popular song “Despacito” was filmed at the luxurious Villa Casa Ensenada in Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan Airbnb Rentals

Old San Juan Airbnb Rentals-mejores airbnb puerto rico,

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Explore the vast range of Airbnb rentals in Old San Juan! Choose the first sub-section for a classic apartment if you want comfort and style in the heart of the city. The second sub-section offers a historic vibe with a stunning city view, plus a charming home and rooftop terrace.

Stylish apartment in the heart of Old San Juan

Located in the heart of Old San Juan, this Airbnb rental provides a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. The rental unit offers an ideal balance between modern conveniences and vintage character, ensuring guests experience a unique vacation experience. With a full kitchen, living area, balcony, and free Wi-Fi, guests can relax and enjoy their stay with ease.

Step inside this beautiful apartment to find an oasis of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of Old San Juan. The tropical atmosphere combined with colonial architecture creates a picturesque setting that guests will find hard to leave. There is also easy access to bars and restaurants such as Sokzo Space Condado.

Notably, the apartment boasts numerous unique features, including rooftop access where guests can soak up the stunning ocean views and enjoy outdoor dining under the stars. Additionally, there is a spiral staircase leading to a private terrace where guests can unwind while sipping on wine or hookah by tiki torches.

For those traveling on foot or via Uber, parking can be arranged at an additional cost upon check-in. This stylish Airbnb rental is highly recommended for couples searching for a romantic getaway or families seeking a budget-friendly yet luxurious vacation in Old San Juan.

Get ready to channel your inner Hemingway with this charming historic home, complete with a rooftop terrace perfect for sipping mojitos and writing your next literary masterpiece.

Charming historic home with a rooftop terrace

This accommodation boasts a historic charm and features an inviting rooftop terrace. The impeccable architecture of the house is well-preserved, making for a serene holiday experience. Enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking the San Juan skyline while unwinding on the terrace.

The interior of the home creates an exceptional atmosphere with vintage furnishings and modern appliances. True relaxation comes in abundance as you retire into comfortable bedrooms or unwind in the bright living room space.

If you’re seeking an authentic Puerto Rican experience, this unique home offers all of that and more. Larger groups or families can rent out apartments or treehouses together, such as the “Villa Vista Puerto” and “Modern Villa Despacito” to make memories that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, enjoy a modern open concept at “Breathtaking Oceanview Condo,” while beach lovers can take any pick from “Rincon Beachfront Retreat,” “La Casa Alejandrina,” or the family-friendly “Welcoming Hideaway.”

One of our guests, who stayed at this property for two weeks, shared his experience: ‘I had some hesitations looking for holiday rentals especially after shipping containers painted as attractive accommodations began popping up in Moca. But luckily I came across this gem tucked away in Old San Juan Airbnb Rentals.’

Get your tan on and your stress off with these beachfront Airbnb rentals, because nothing says relaxation like sand between your toes and a piƱa colada in your hand.

Beachfront Airbnb Rentals

Beachfront Airbnb Rentals-mejores airbnb puerto rico,

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Searching for beachfront Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico? Look no further! Luxury condos with beautiful ocean views or cosy cottages close to the beach are your best options. Each provides a different experience and special charm. Let’s decide which one fits your needs best.

Luxury condo with stunning ocean views

Experience a luxurious stay at a beachfront condo offering unparalleled ocean views. Wake up to the soothing sound of waves and admire the sparkling waters from your balcony. Indulge in upscale amenities such as a private pool, hot tub, barbecue grill, gazebo and wine bar. Enjoy a tropical rainforest atmosphere with easy access to water activities like snorkeling, paddleboarding and kayaking. This family-friendly vacation rental is pet-friendly and provides kid-friendly amenities like toys and cribs ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable stay.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check out the nearby attractions like Laguna Grande, Cayo Icacos, Isla Palominos, Paseo Marino boardwalk and West Coast’s top restaurants while staying at this exclusive beachfront Airbnb rental in Puerto Rico.

Who needs a cozy cottage when you can just pitch a tent on the beach and be closer to nature (and the occasional crab)? #beachlife #glampinggoals

Cozy cottage steps away from the beach

This article highlights some of the best beachfront Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico. One of them is a charming and comfortable cottage located only a few steps away from the beach. It provides total privacy, indoor and outdoor living spaces, and smart TV with Netflix for entertainment.

The house features two bedrooms, laundry facilities, a fully equipped kitchen with essential amenities like kettle and refrigerator, and a communal garden kitchen for additional convenience. Guests can relax on the wood patio or sunbathe on the day beds while enjoying the picturesque views of turquoise waters.

Moreover, this cozy cottage is located near famous tourist attractions like the National Rainforest and surfing beaches. It also provides easy access to nearby towns like Camuy and Aguada. This unique accommodation offers an excellent opportunity to experience Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforests and Caribbean islands’ beautiful scenery.

Did you know that Puerto Rico has become one of the hottest destinations for Airbnb stays? The trend started in 2015 when legal changes allowed home sharing platforms to operate legally in Puerto Rico. There are now 8,000 short-term rentals listed on Airbnb alone across Puerto Rico!

Rain or shine, these rainforest Airbnb rentals will have you feeling like Tarzan (or Jane) in no time.

Rainforest Airbnb Rentals

Rainforest Airbnb Rentals-mejores airbnb puerto rico,

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For a tranquil experience, stay at Rainforest Airbnb Rentals! Discover rustic cabins and secluded treehouses. Get away in nature, surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty. El Yunque rainforest awaits you!

Rustic cabin in the El Yunque rainforest

A secluded El Yunque rainforest cabin awaits visitors seeking a rustic retreat. Nestled in the heart of the forest, this lodging provides exclusive access to one of Puerto Rico’s popular attractions. The three bedrooms and living and dining rooms feature essentials like cable TV and outlet covers. Meanwhile, the outdoor space features a raised deck for stargazing, a hot water outdoor shower, and a gas BBQ grill for cooking. Guests can also enjoy calm Indian cave rock pools and close proximity to the world’s largest radio telescope.

For those seeking an oceanfront escape, several Airbnb rentals offer direct beach access and stunning views. La Casita Ocean Front House in Isabela Retreat boasts comfortable accommodations with multiple decks, perfect for lazy afternoons watching the waves. Meanwhile, Quintas del Mar Beach House in Guayama offers a sea-view infinity pool where guests can beat the heat while enjoying the Caribbean scenery.

Vacationers searching for luxury rentals will enjoy Villa Despasito in Miramar. This beautifully designed apartment features premium entertainment options like flat-screen smart TVs with Roku and premium channels such as HBO and Showtime. For guests looking to stay active on their trip, Latitud 18 in Aguadilla provides access to swimming, kayaking, and other water sports gear.

One unique option is The Nest at Crash Boat in Aguadilla. Located on waterfront property, this romantic beachfront getaway penthouse with hot tub offers direct beach access with covered hammocks perfect for sunbathing, as well as a garden shower providing additional opportunities to revel in nature.

Whether it’s sprawling rainforests or pristine beaches, these Puerto Rican Airbnbs offer diverse options to suit all tastes – check out these listings when booking your next trip!

Ever wanted to disconnect from modern society and live in a treehouse? Look no further than this secluded rainforest Airbnb – just watch out for any curious monkeys trying to steal your snacks.

Secluded treehouse in the rainforest

Nestled deep within the lush rainforests, stands a unique abode with panoramic forest views and tranquil seclusion. This secluded treehouse is the perfect oasis for those seeking to escape the tourist crowds and immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility. The treehouse’s architectural design offers an elevated view of the surrounding flora and fauna, providing an immersive experience in nature from the comfort of your bed. Guests can explore the cascading waterfalls, hiking trails, or take part in exhilarating outdoor activities like ziplining.

The treehouse is located just a few minutes’ drive away from the heart of town and lovely sandy beaches nearby. This treehouse with floating deck comes equipped with all essential amenities like washer, dryer, and non-heated pool for guests’ comfort. Dining alfresco under star-studded skies on crisp evenings adorns this already magical setup.

Guests can find numerous vacation rentals across Puerto Rico ranging from beach houses, luxury villas to studio suites catering to different traveler preferences. VRBO is an excellent option when looking for beach rentals around Puerto Rico.

It might interest travelers that El Yunque View Treehouse was showcased on HGTV Caribbean Life Ep #16 & #18 ~ Punta Aloe Culebra was featured on HGTV Caribbean Life Ep #10 as well as Winning House Hunters International episode! It highlights how visually stunning these accommodations are added to their history and appeal.

With beaches at walking distance like Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo or Penon Amador just ten minutes’ drive away or world-famous Flamenco Beach five miles off Culebra Island where snorkeling equipment, paddleboards & kayaks are also available; pack-n-plays come handy while traveling with toddlers.

Spectacular sea view at Taveras Oasis adds flavors to your tropical home; it has two-family houses with totally separate units just within few steps from Tamarindo Beach’s pristine waters and West Coasts top restaurants.

Emmas by the Sea is a charming getaway located just steps away from the world-renowned Flamenco Beach. Packed with all indoor entertainment facilities like 55″ 4K TV, multiple channels including Cinemax, Playera Beach House creates an exclusive courtyard and fully furnished decks upstairs and downstairs. Be it honeymooners or families; Paradise and Romance: Casa Estrella at Vieques lures them away with its luxury properties, private two-bedroom homes within walking distance of Sandy Shoreline, and Vieques’ Ferry terminal.

Skip the tourist traps and embrace the unknown with these unique off-the-beaten-path Airbnb rentals – because who needs crowds when you have a yurt in the middle of nowhere?

Off-the-Beaten-Path Airbnb Rentals

Off-the-Beaten-Path Airbnb Rentals-mejores airbnb puerto rico,

Photo Credits: by Jordan Nguyen

In search of something unique in Puerto Rico? Check out the “Off-the-Beaten-Path Airbnb Rentals” section of the article “Mejores Airbnb Puerto Rico“. It features two great options. One is a “Unique villa with a private pool in Rincon“. The other is an “Eco-friendly glamping experience in the countryside”.

Unique villa with a private pool in Rincon

Experience a one-of-a-kind vacation with this secluded villa boasting a heated infinity pool in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Nestled in a private gated complex, the villa offers breathtaking views and a rooftop patio for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy all the amenities including swimming pools, gym, and beach gear. This luxurious three-bedroom penthouse allows direct access to the unspoiled Culebra National Park and has a private ocean view terrace. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to stay at Ta-Vera Oasis and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Book now before it’s too late!

Eco-friendly glamping experience in the countryside.

Escape to a sustainable oasis with an environmentally-friendly glamping stay in the serene countryside. Disconnect from the hustle-bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature while enjoying luxury amenities like an inflatable jacuzzi tub, TV with Roku, and fully-equipped kitchen. Wake up to birds chirping and perfume of flowers blooming all around.

The glamping accommodation is located near Arecibo, surrounded by lush greenery and mesmerizing natural beauty. Here, you can explore the famous “Bubble Puerto Rico” or hike through the dense forest and witness the world’s largest radio telescope. The property serves as a perfect base to explore other nearby attractions like Parque neighborhood, Los Almendros beach, and Knives of Moca PR.

This stay promotes environment conservation through sustainable living practices such as solar-powered electricity and eco-friendly toiletries. During your stay, you can indulge in outdoor activities like swimming or biking while taking in spectacular views of nature.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to carry your binoculars to stargaze during the night.

Five Facts About the Best Airbnb Rentals in Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Airbnb offers a wide range of rentals in Puerto Rico, from beachfront villas to cozy apartments. (Source: Airbnb)
  • ✅ Many Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico include amenities such as private pools, outdoor lounges, and fully equipped kitchens. (Source: Travel + Leisure)
  • ✅ Popular areas for Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico include San Juan, Rincon, and Vieques Island. (Source: Hopper)
  • ✅ Some of the best-rated Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico offer stunning ocean views and proximity to popular attractions like El Yunque National Forest and Old San Juan. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Airbnb rentals in Puerto Rico can be an affordable alternative to traditional hotels, with many options starting at around $50 per night. (Source: Money Inc)

FAQs about Mejores Airbnb Puerto Rico

What is the Garden Apartment at Ocaso Luxury Villa?

The Garden Apartment at Ocaso Luxury Villa is a luxurious and spacious apartment located within a private community in Puerto Rico. It features a beautiful garden area and is perfect for couples or families looking for a relaxing getaway.

Where is House Five Minutes From the Beach located?

House Five Minutes From the Beach is located in Puerto Rico, just a short walk from the beach. It’s a great place for families or groups of friends looking to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean waters and sunsets.

Is there a buying guide for vacation rentals in Puerto Rico?

Yes, there are many buying guides available online for vacation rentals in Puerto Rico. These guides can be helpful when choosing the right property for your vacation needs and budget.

What is the check-out time at Punta Al Cielo?

The check-out time at Punta Al Cielo is typically 11am. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm the check-out time with the property owner or manager in advance.

What makes Surfers paradise a great vacation destination?

Surfers paradise is a great vacation destination because of its beautiful beaches and excellent surf conditions. It’s a popular destination for surfers all over the world, but also offers plenty of other activities for non-surfers to enjoy.

What is the Treehouse with a Floating Deck?

The Treehouse with a Floating Deck is a unique vacation rental in Puerto Rico that offers amazing views of the surrounding area. It’s a great place for those who love nature and want a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.