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Key Takeaway:

  • Marie Hotel offers a range of accommodations in various locations, providing convenient and comfortable stays for travelers.
  • Each hotel under Marie Hotel provides unique features and amenities, such as spectacular views, dining options, outdoor activities, spa services, and special packages.
  • With options for different budgets and preferences, Marie Hotel aims to cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.


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Marie Hotel is renowned in the hospitality industry. It draws guests from everywhere due to its prime location. The hotel has a beautiful architecture and interiors, providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Marie Hotel offers a range of amenities to meet guests’ needs. There are spacious rooms and state-of-the-art facilities for a pleasant and memorable stay. The friendly personnel are always ready to help and provide a personalized service.

What sets Marie Hotel apart is their attention to detail and excellence. Everything from the decor to the dining options is carefully chosen to produce a luxurious experience. There are also recreational activities and spa services for guests to relax.

Marie Hotel has earned many awards and positive reviews. It is recognized for its exceptional service and hospitality. With its reputation for excellence, it remains a top choice for travelers.

To sum up, Marie Hotel is prestigious and provides an unforgettable experience. With its impeccable service, elegant design, and commitment to guest satisfaction, it’s a sought-after destination.

Marie Hotel in Lourdes: A 3-Star Hotel with a Convenient Location

Marie Hotel in Lourdes: A 3-Star Hotel with a Convenient Location

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The Marie Hotel in Lourdes offers a convenient location and a delightful 3-star experience. From the overview of the Hotel Lys de Marie to the room options with spectacular views, dining options, and additional features, this section will uncover everything you need to know about this charming hotel.

Overview of the Hotel Lys de Marie

The Hotel Lys de Marie in Lourdes stands out with its 3-star rating. It’s near the Sanctuaries – an ideal spot for exploring religious sites and attractions. Rooms are comfortable and there’s a restaurant. 101 rooms come in different styles. Some with balconies overlooking the Gave river and Pyrenees mountains. Dining is convenient with breakfast at the restaurant or bar. The on-site restaurant serves meals throughout the day. Plus, a chapel for religious travelers, free wifi, and public parking close by. Experience all this hotel has to offer during your visit to Lourdes!

Room Options and Spectacular Views

Marie Hotel has 101 rooms, each crafted for comfort and beauty. Some of the rooms feature balconies with spectacular views of the Gave River and the majestic Pyrenees mountains. The hotel provides amenities such as free WiFi and public parking, so guests can relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Whether it’s enjoying a peaceful moment on the balcony or taking in the panoramic views, Marie Hotel ensures its guests experience maximum comfort and stunning vistas.

Dining Options at Marie Hotel

At Marie Hotel, guests can indulge in a variety of dining options. Start the day with a delicious breakfast at the restaurant or a quick express breakfast at the bar. Plus, explore various flavors and cuisines with lunch and dinner dishes.

A table shows the different aspects of the dining options: breakfast at the restaurant or bar, and lunch and dinner dishes from diverse cuisines.

The hotel also offers additional features and services. Visit the chapel for spiritual solace. Plus, free wifi is available throughout the hotel and nearby public parking facilities make it easy for car travelers.

The unique details include traditional breakfast at the restaurant and express breakfast at the bar. Plus, the lunch and dinner offerings cover a range of flavors and experiences. Finally, the chapel, free wifi, and nearby parking provide extra convenience.

Additional Features and Services

Marie Hotel is proud to offer extra features and services to make the guest experience special. There’s a beautiful chapel for religious travellers, and free WiFi throughout the property. For those with cars, there’s public parking nearby for easy exploring.

The restaurant at the Marie Hotel has something for everyone. A full breakfast is served, or for a quick meal, a snack at the bar. The menu has lots of options for different tastes and diets.

Outdoor fans will love the Carladès region around the hotel, with lots of hiking and activities. Plus, guests can privatize the whole house for extra privacy and relaxation.

In short, the Marie Hotel goes out of its way to make sure visitors have a great stay. It’s the perfect tranquil retreat at an affordable price.

La Grange de Marie: A Tranquil 2-Star Hotel in Nitry

La Grange de Marie: A Tranquil 2-Star Hotel in Nitry

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Tucked away in the serene town of Nitry, La Grange de Marie offers a tranquil retreat for travelers seeking a peaceful escape. From the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds the hotel to the contemporary amenities and services it provides, this 2-star gem has something for everyone. Whether you’re exploring the picturesque surroundings, taking advantage of the modern facilities, or considering Nitry as a stopover or business traveler destination, La Grange de Marie is the perfect haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Explore the Beautiful Surroundings of La Grange de Marie

The 2-star La Grange de Marie brings tranquility to Nitry. It’s perfect for exploring vineyards, nearby villages, castles and natural sites. The hotel has contemporary amenities and services that guarantee a comfy stay. It’s suitable for individuals and groups, with a range of room options.

Nitry is ideal for business travelers, too. It’s conveniently located for those going north or south and offers comfortable accommodations and access to commercial areas. Nitry’s long been a stopover due to its strategic location. At La Grange de Marie, guests can immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the area.

La Grange de Marie provides a peaceful retreat. Visitors can relax in the vineyards or explore historical sites. The hotel offers modern comforts and convenient services, making it an ideal place for a stress-free stay.

Contemporary Amenities and Services

At La Grange de Marie, guests can indulge in contemporary amenities and services. From 24-hour assistance to free Wi-Fi, these offerings cater to individual and group travelers alike. Plus, business guests can take advantage of meeting rooms and event spaces. For recreation, explore nearby castles and villages – or enjoy a hike or bike ride. Unique touches make the stay even more special. Guests can experience the tranquil atmosphere of Nitry and its neighboring sites. La Grange de Marie is also an ideal stopover for travelers heading north or south. Enjoy convenience and charm in this hidden gem – perfect for business and leisure!

Nitry as a Stopover and Business Traveler Destination

In the heart of France lies Nitry, a village of charm. Business travelers find it ideal for a stop or destination. North or south, the convenience of its location is unbeatable. It caters to travelers with unique amenities and services. Comfort, convenience, and accessibility are provided.

La Grange de Marie offers modern amenities and services for a cozy stay. Rooms for individuals and groups are available. Business travelers appreciate the peaceful atmosphere after a long day.

Nitry’s benefits for business travelers and commercial stopovers are clear. Close to transportation routes, major cities, and commercial centers. Special rates and packages are available, including meetings and personalized services.

Chez Marie: Nature’s embrace awaits at this hotel. Tranquility and Serenity are sure to be found!

Chez Marie: An Idyllic Hotel Immersed in Nature

Chez Marie: An Idyllic Hotel Immersed in Nature

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Discover the enchantment of Chez Marie, an idyllic hotel nestled in the midst of nature. Unwind in comfortable and modern rooms, savor an unforgettable culinary experience prepared by Marie herself, and indulge in a range of outdoor activities and services. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this natural haven and enjoy a stay that rejuvenates both mind and body.

Comfortable and Modern Rooms in a Natural Setting

Marie Hotel offers the perfect combination for a relaxing stay: comfy and modern rooms set in nature. Each room is designed to provide convenience and comfort, with stylish decor and modern amenities. The rooms blend in with the surroundings, creating a serene atmosphere. Guests can take in the views of the landscape from the windows and balconies. The rooms are also spacious and well-equipped, with cozy bedding and well-placed furniture.

Unique details enhance the experience of staying here. The warm design and beautiful pond make it feel like you’re part of nature. Also, outdoor activities in the Carladès region let you explore the area. Plus, the hotel provides various services and amenities to cater to all guest needs.

A Culinary Experience with Marie

Marie Hotel serves up a one-of-a-kind culinary journey. They prioritize nature and local products for a unique and flavorful experience.

A Culinary Experience with Marie is an exquisite offering. Nature, variety, and customization are all part of the deal.

You can also access special perks at Marie Hotel. Privatize the house or score a promotion to elevate your experience.

One guest shared their story. They were dazzled by the flavors and presentation. It was a magical food journey that will stay in their hearts forever. Come explore Carladès and enjoy Marie’s services!

Outdoor Activities and Services

At Marie Hotel, outdoor activities and services are a highlight for guests! Enjoy hiking and exploring the Carladès region’s beautiful natural surroundings. The hotel also provides guided hikes, bike rentals, and information on nearby attractions. Plus, find outdoor amenities like picnic areas, seating areas, and nature trails. For those who want to relax, there are yoga sessions and spa treatments in serene outdoor settings. Moreover, guests can customize their stay and make the most of their time at Marie Hotel. Experience alpine paradise and unwind at Fermes de Marie!

Fermes de Marie: Alpine-Style Comfort and Relaxation in Megève

Fermes de Marie: Alpine-Style Comfort and Relaxation in Megève

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Immerse yourself in alpine-style comfort and relaxation at Fermes de Marie in Megève. Discover comfortable accommodations, family-friendly amenities, and the Zen Altitude Program at the Pure Altitude Spa. Be captivated by the exclusive yoga retreat and find all the reservation information you need. Get ready for a serene and rejuvenating experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of Megève.

Comfortable Accommodations and Family-Friendly Features

The Marie Hotel is proud to provide cozy rooms and suites with comfort in mind. Families can enjoy interconnected rooms or suites, keeping their privacy. We offer special amenities such as children’s play areas, kids’ clubs, and babysitting services. Our friendly staff are always ready to assist. We are committed to creating a memorable experience for all guests. The Marie Hotel shows dedication to family-friendliness. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Marie Hotel, where family comes first.

Zen Altitude Program at the Pure Altitude Spa

The Zen Altitude Program at the Pure Altitude Spa is one-of-a-kind! It provides a tranquil atmosphere to help guests find inner peace and relaxation amidst stunning Alpine surroundings. Guests can enjoy a tailored Personalized Treatment Package with massages, facials, and body wraps. Couples can get cozy and reconnect with the Romantic Package, including candlelit dinners, couples’ massages, and exclusive spa access. For a day of indulgence, the Day Spa Package grants access to spa facilities and a range of treatments. Plus, the Yoga Retreat offers daily yoga classes for physical strength and mental clarity.

Villa Marie Saint-Tropez is the perfect spot for ultimate relaxation with a 20% discount and romantic package. Or, the Shopping and Spa Stay Package combines leisure and wellness with shopping in Saint-Tropez and spa services at the hotel. Enjoy an indulgent stay at Villa Marie Saint-Tropez!

Exclusive Yoga Retreat and Reservation Information

Discover the exclusive yoga retreat at Fermes de Marie in Megève. This Alpine-style hotel is perfect for a relaxing stay, with comfortable accommodation and family-friendly features. The Pure Altitude Spa provides the perfect Zen Altitude program, with personalized treatments and a romantic package. To participate in the yoga retreat, guests can make reservations following the hotel’s secure process.

For this unique experience, guests can access various yoga classes and workshops, as well as guided meditation sessions. There are also wholesome meals made with locally sourced ingredients to support their well-being. To join the retreat, simply follow the reservation process outlined by the hotel. Enjoy an unforgettable yoga retreat at Fermes de Marie!

La Bastide de Marie: A Rustic and Gourmet Stay in the Luberon

La Bastide de Marie: A Rustic and Gourmet Stay in the Luberon

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Discover the rustic charm and gastronomic delights of La Bastide de Marie in the scenic Luberon region. Immerse yourself in the vineyard surroundings and take advantage of the special offers available. Uncover the beauty of the Luberon with additional packages designed to provide a holistic experience. Indulge in the upcoming summer yoga retreat and learn about your personal data rights during your stay. La Bastide de Marie offers a perfect blend of relaxation, exploration, and privacy.

Vineyard Surroundings and Special Offers

The rustic and chic decor of La Bastide de Marie is complemented by the vineyard surroundings. It is situated in the Luberon region, providing a special experience to guests who appreciate vineyards and wines. There are discounts and romantic packages available. One of these packages includes renting electric bikes and a picnic in the vineyards. Guests can explore the breathtaking landscapes of Luberon.

La Bastide de Marie provides more than just accommodation. It offers packages for exploring Luberon. Renting electric bikes is one of these packages. Guests can enjoy the rolling hills covered with vineyards. Prices are varied and this package provides an amazing way to explore the beauty of Luberon.

For relaxation or adventure, La Bastide de Marie’s summer yoga retreat is an option. Set in Luberon, it offers rejuvenation for the body and mind. There are daily yoga sessions led by experienced instructors in the tranquil atmosphere of La Bastide de Marie. Spaces are limited so it is best to secure a reservation in advance.

Explore the Luberon with Additional Packages

Discover the beauty of Luberon with special packages. From electric bike rentals to picnicking in the vineyards, you can tailor your experience. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes and charming villages. Enjoy outdoor activities and explore historic sites. All this, while saving money! Offers cater to different group sizes. Embark on a journey through time. Engage in cultural experiences and taste exquisite wines. Create memories that will last a lifetime with these additional packages.

Summer Yoga Retreat and Personal Data Rights


Villa Marie Saint-Tropez’s summer yoga retreat offers a renewing and mindful experience. Enjoy nature and the sea views while deepening your practice. Daily yoga sessions are led by experienced instructors in a peaceful environment.

Data protection and privacy are taken seriously. All collected data is kept confidential. Villa Marie Saint-Tropez follows strict policies for data protection.

The retreat package includes access to spa services, with treatments and massages. Healthy meals with fresh ingredients are also provided.

Pro Tip: Book your spot early for the best experience. Familiarize yourself with the resort’s data protection rights for a secure and enjoyable stay.

Marie Hotel in Acharavi: Comfortable and Convenient Location in Corfu

Marie Hotel in Acharavi: Comfortable and Convenient Location in Corfu

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Marie Hotel in Acharavi offers both a comfortable stay and a conveniently located experience in Corfu. With a comprehensive overview of the hotel’s facilities, as well as ratings and customer reviews, this section provides valuable insights for potential guests. From the amenities available to the experiences shared by past visitors, discover all you need to know about Marie Hotel and why it is an ideal choice for your stay in Corfu.

Hotel Overview and Facilities

The hotel offers an overview of its amenities and services. Guests will find comfort and convenience, with relaxation a priority. From the pool to the well-appointed rooms, the hotel strives to make visitors’ time in Corfu unforgettable. Plus, its closeness to the beach and other attractions makes it a great choice for travelers.

Exploring further, visitors can expect to find a range of amenities for their stay. The pool is a great escape from the heat, and the bar-restaurant has tasty meals and drinks all day. The rooms are designed with comfort in mind and include modern furnishings and amenities.

The hotel is near the beach and other fun spots in Corfu. Guests can enjoy water sports or walks along the coastline. There’s something for everyone near this charming hotel.

Ratings and Customer Reviews


Ratings and customer reviews are vital for assessing the quality of service at Marie Hotel. Guests get to share their experiences and give feedback.

  • Platform ratings: Customers can express their satisfaction through TripAdvisor, where Marie Hotel has consistently received good reviews.
  • Positive guest experiences: The hotel is praised for its hospitality, cleanliness, and comfortable rooms.
  • Friendly staff: Reviews often mention the helpful and friendly staff.
  • Delicious dining: Many customers commend the restaurant for its tasty cuisine and wide range of menu choices.
  • Convenient location: Guests love the hotel’s closeness to attractions in Lourdes.
  • Excellent amenities: Free WiFi throughout the hotel is often praised by guests.

To sum up, ratings and customer reviews show the top-notch service at Marie Hotel, making sure every guest has a fantastic stay.

Villa Marie Saint-Tropez: Romantic Getaway Surrounded by Nature

Villa Marie Saint-Tropez: Romantic Getaway Surrounded by Nature

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Nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez, Villa Marie offers a romantic escape surrounded by nature. Discover the allure of its unique and elegant rooms and suites, indulge in the natural beauty of the location, and uncover the special offers that await. With a shopping and spa stay package to enhance your getaway and a yoga retreat to rejuvenate mind and body, Villa Marie has it all. Leave no stone unturned as you discover the perfect balance between relaxation and luxury in this enchanting retreat.

Unique and Elegant Rooms and Suites

Marie Hotel offers unique and elegant rooms and suites. Each is designed with tasteful decor and attention to detail. Guests can enjoy their private space with spacious layouts and comfortable furnishings. High-quality amenities and modern conveniences ensure a comfortable stay. Rooms and suites are tailored to individual preferences, providing a personalized experience. Discover a secluded paradise of pine trees and sea views at Villa Marie Saint-Tropez.

Location and Special Offers

The Marie Hotel offers guests a convenient location and exclusive deals! Situated in different places like Lourdes, Nitry, Corfu, and Saint-Tropez, each hotel provides one-of-a-kind experiences. Plus exceptional details that make them stand out.

For instance, the Marie Hotel Lys de Marie in Lourdes has balconies with stunning views of the Gave river and Pyrenees. La Grange de Marie in Nitry has contemporary amenities for single stays or group getaways. The Marie Hotel in Acharavi, Corfu has a pool, bar-restaurant on-site.

Take advantage of the offers at Marie Hotels. Don’t miss out – book now before these limited-time promotions end! Enjoy a Shopping & Spa Stay Package in the heart of Saint-Tropez.

Shopping and Spa Stay Package

Unlock a unique combination of shopping and spa-ing with the Shopping and Spa Stay Package at Villa Marie Saint-Tropez! Get ready to be pampered with rejuvenating spa treatments tailored to your individual needs. Then hit the chic boutiques in Saint-Tropez for designer labels, trendy fashion, and unique souvenirs.

And don’t forget to savor delectable cuisine at Villa Marie’s restaurant. The menu features gourmet dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced from local producers. After your day of luxury, relax and unwind in Villa Marie’s elegant rooms or suites. These tastefully decorated rooms have modern amenities for a comfy stay.

Plus, Villa Marie Saint-Tropez offers guests a secluded location surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the sea. Enjoy a true retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Book the Shopping and Spa Stay Package now and experience it all for yourself!

Yoga Retreat and Personal Data Rights

Marie Hotels offer yoga retreats with more than just physical exercise. Guests are surrounded by tranquil nature, like the alpine landscapes of Megève or the vineyards of Luberon. These retreats give guests a holistic experience, for physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Packages offer personalized treatments and relaxation programs, to help guests unwind and reconnect.

It is essential for guests to understand their personal data rights. Marie Hotels prioritize this, collecting only necessary information, storing it securely, and using it for relevant purposes. Guests can access, edit or delete their data, and choose to limit its use for marketing.

The uniqueness of each retreat lies in its offerings. From day spa packages in Saint-Tropez to rental bikes and picnics in Luberon, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a summer yoga retreat in Carladès or treatments at the Pure Altitude Spa in Megève, Marie Hotels cater to diverse needs and preferences.



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The Marie Hotel is renowned in the hospitality industry. It’s built a reputation on providing guests with top-notch service and amenities. The attention to detail and high standards of cleanliness show its commitment to excellence. Plus, there’s a fitness center, spa, and business center. Guests can relax in well-appointed rooms that have both style and functionality. With its prime location and excellent customer service, the Marie Hotel is perfect for travelers looking for a memorable experience.

The Marie Hotel always earns positive reviews and high ratings. They approach service with a personal touch, providing guests with warmth and professionalism when they arrive. The staff are well-trained and accommodating. If guests need help with anything, they’ll go the extra mile. Whether it’s recommending attractions, arranging travel, or catering to dietary needs, the Marie Hotel delivers outstanding service.

The Marie Hotel is also dedicated to sustainability. It uses energy-efficient lighting and has recycling programs. It helps preserve the planet, and lets guests make responsible choices during their stay. This really sets the Marie Hotel apart from the competition.

The Marie Hotel has many accolades and recognition in the industry. It’s ranked among the top hotels in the region and has won awards for its service and facilities. These awards prove the hotel’s commitment to excellence and guarantee guests exceptional hospitality.

Some Facts About Marie Hotel:

  • ✅ Marie Hotel is located in Acharavi, Akharavi, Greece. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel has an excellent rating of 9.1/10 based on 433 reviews. (Source:
  • ✅ Customers can leave detailed ratings for categories such as location, cleanliness, staff, comfort, facilities, value for money, and free Wi-Fi. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel features a pool and a bar-restaurant in its flower-filled garden. (Source:
  • ✅ The rooms at Marie Hotel have private balconies and offer views of the pool, garden, or mountains. (Source:

FAQs about Marie Hotel

What facilities and services are offered at Marie Hotel?

Marie Hotel offers a range of amenities and services, including free Wi-Fi, a spacious private parking area, satellite TV in the rooms, and a 24-hour front desk. The hotel also features a pool and a bar-restaurant in its flower-filled garden.

Are there any special packages or promotions available at Marie Hotel?

Yes, Marie Hotel offers various packages and promotions. One of them is the “Romantique Riviera” package, which includes a dinner at the Dolce Vita restaurant, a selection of sweets, a bouquet of red roses, a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne, a candle, and rose petals. Another package is the “Shopping and Spa Stay” package, which includes a 3-hour treatment program at the Pure Altitude Spa after a day of shopping. Guests can enjoy a sugar body scrub, body wraps, a detox massage with Edelweiss elixir, and lymphatic drainage.

What activities and attractions are located near Marie Hotel?

Marie Hotel is located in Acharavi, Greece, and is only 150 meters from the sandy beach. The city and port of Corfu are 40 km away, and the seaside village of Sidari is 10 km away. Guests can explore the local area and enjoy activities such as hiking, paragliding, canyoning, climbing, and fishing.

How is customer feedback and reviews handled at Marie Hotel?

Marie Hotel values customer feedback and reviews. They operate on a rating system where customers can provide detailed ratings in categories such as location, cleanliness, staff, comfort, facilities, value for money, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel has automated systems and specialized employees to detect and remove fake reviews. Customers can leave a comment about their stay, and the most recent comments are displayed first. The hotel also has the option to respond to a comment.

Is early check-in or late check-out available at Marie Hotel?

Marie Hotel offers a late check-out option at 2 pm, subject to availability. This option is available for certain packages, such as the “Provence is for lovers” package. However, it is recommended to check with the hotel regarding early check-in or late check-out requests.

Is there a Kids Club available at Marie Hotel?

Yes, Marie Hotel has a Kids Club, making it a suitable option for families staying at the hotel. The Kids Club provides activities and entertainment for children, giving parents the opportunity to relax and enjoy their stay.