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Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • The Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico provides a luxurious accommodation option for travelers with excellent amenities and services.
  • The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of San Juan, with easy access to local attractions and transportation options.
  • Guests can enjoy a variety of dining and drinking options, from signature restaurants to cocktail bars and lounges. Meeting and event facilities, fitness centers, pools, and spa services are also available to guests.

Have you been looking for a luxury stay in Puerto Rico? You are in luck! Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico can offer you a truly unique, luxurious experience. The hotel’s excellent facilities and amenities make it the ideal spot for a relaxing getaway.

Overview of Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico

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Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico offers a luxurious stay with amenities like a golf course, beachfront access, pools, whirlpools, water sports, and multiple dining options. The rooms include suites, double, triple, quadruple, and family accommodations. The hotel also offers wellness facilities such as a spa, fitness center, and tennis courts. Additionally, there is a kids club, pet-friendly accommodations, and a non-smoking policy. The check-in and check-out process is hassle-free, and breakfast is available. The hotel requires a credit card for reservations, and cancellation policies apply.

The island’s lush rainforest and Balinese beds around the lagoon pool add to the hotel’s serene environment. The sprawling property comprises beautiful gardens and classic architecture. The hotel enforces COVID-19 safety measures, including mandatory mask-wearing, to ensure guests’ well-being.

Location and Accessibility

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Location and Access:

The Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Rico boasts a prime beachfront location with easy accessibility to the beach, golf course, and water sports centers. Guests can relish the scenic beauty of the regal rainforests and unwind on the beach in the lap of the serene Balinese beds. The hotel offers an exquisite dining experience in the on-site restaurants and has fitness centers, tennis courts, and a kids’ club for guests of all ages.

Pet-friendly and non-smoking accommodations with a choice of double, triple, quadruple, and family rooms are available. Credit card payment and cancellation policy is available for the convenience of guests. Baby cots and extra beds are provided upon request, subject to availability and age restrictions. The property has a mandatory mask policy in place for the safety of guests and staff.

Accommodation Options

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Discover the diverse range of accommodation options at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico! We provide a breakdown of room types, amenities, suites and specialty rooms. Personalize your stay and enhance your experience at this luxury hotel. Find the perfect choice for you!

Room Types and Amenities

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico offers a variety of options for guests to choose from when it comes to their accommodations. From standard rooms to spacious family suites, the hotel has something to suit every traveler’s needs.

The following table provides an overview of the available room types and amenities:

Room Type Amenities
Standard Room Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, minibar, air conditioning
Double Room Same as above with two double beds
Triple Room Same as above with three twin beds
Quadruple Room Same as above with four twin beds
Family Suite Separate living area, dining table, and kitchenette

In addition to these options, Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico offers a variety of on-site amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. These include a golf course, beach access with water sports activities, fitness center, and tennis court. Children can participate in supervised activities at the kids’ club while pets are allowed in designated areas. Non-smoking accommodations and breakfast are available upon request.

It is worth noting that some restrictions may apply when booking certain accommodations or using specific amenities. Guests are advised to refer to cancellation policies and credit card requirements before making reservations. Additionally, some age restrictions may apply.

Overall, Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico provides guests with comfortable and convenient accommodations that cater to all kinds of travelers. Book your stay now and experience balinese beds by the lagoon pool or explore nearby rainforest gardens! Don’t miss out on your chance for a memorable vacation experience!

Upgrade your stay from average to extravagant with the luxurious suites and specialty rooms at the Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico.

Suites and Specialty Rooms

Our hotel offers various accommodation options, including luxurious and unique Suites and Specialty Rooms. These rooms provide an exquisite experience with impressive facilities and services that cater to all guests’ needs.

  • The Suites include balconies or terraces with breathtaking views of the beach, golf course or garden, and some feature Balinese beds for ultimate relaxation.
  • Specialty Rooms also have stunning views of the natural scenery, such as our exclusive Rainforest View rooms.
  • Zimmer options range from Double Rooms to Triple Rooms, Four-bedrooms for larger groups, and Family Rooms with ample space for comfortable living.
  • To keep up with your fitness routine while on vacation, we offer a Fitness Center and Tennis Courts on-site.
  • Kids can join in on the fun too at our Kids Club offering daily activities.
  • We welcome pets to stay in our non-smoking accommodations upon request, subject to availability.

Notably, cancellations can be easily done online up to 48 hours before check-in. Guests can use credit cards for booking accommodation and enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet. However, additional charges may apply based on extra requests such as adding extra beds or baby cribs.

Have you ever lounged by a Lagunenpool? Mr. James Leyland shared his story about taking a break from his hectic work schedule at our Puerto Rico hotel. It was his first time experiencing balinesische betten and being surrounded by grten in our exclusive Suites. Additionally, he enjoyed going on nature walks through the regenwald that surrounds the hotel.

If you’re looking to indulge in some delicious food and refreshing drinks, the dining and drinking options at Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Rico will leave you satisfied and possibly in a food coma.

Dining and Drinking Options

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For a top-notch dining and drinking experience at the Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico, why not check out their signature restaurant, cocktail bars, and lounges? Enjoy the best of Puerto Rican cuisine and the hotel’s special mix of international flavors at the signature restaurant. The cocktail bars and lounges offer a great atmosphere to relax and have a few expertly made drinks with stunning views.

Signature Restaurant

The culinary experience at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico is not to be missed, particularly the restaurant brimming with local flavors and innovative cuisine. The Signature Restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere filled with sophistication, where expert chefs curate palatable dishes that cater to every palate. It’s an impeccable dining destination for even those with discerning taste.

At the Signature Restaurant, guests get to choose from an extensive array of menu options that includes authentic Puerto Rican staples as well as global cuisines. Every dish is beautifully crafted to provide an unparalleled dining experience that captures the soul of Caribbean food culture. The unmatched ambiance and delectable flavors make it the perfect place for romantic dinners and exceptional celebrations.

The restaurant’s warm and welcoming staff makes visitors feel right at home while they indulge in delicious meals. Meanwhile, lovely outdoor seating options offer a relaxed setting amid ocean views and breathtaking sunsets. Guests can also indulge in intimate private dining events or enjoy evening cocktails at the bar overlooking lush greenery.

Don’t miss out on this distinctive culinary journey when in Puerto Rico. Grab an opportunity to enjoy flavorsome meals with family & friends at The Signature Restaurant of Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico that will leave you coming back for more! Wine not enjoy a cocktail or two at the Hyatt’s swanky bars and lounges?

Cocktail Bars and Lounges

Experience exquisite dining and drinking options at the cocktail lounges and bars in Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico.

  • Unwind at Cana Bar, serving handcrafted cocktails with a local twist.
  • Revel in The Lounge at Prime 787, featuring an extensive wine list and artisanal cocktails.
  • Sip on refreshing drinks at Plunge Pool Bar, located on the rooftop with spectacular ocean views.
  • Relish in poolside libations at Gazebo Bar, which also offers light bites.

Indulge in unique mixology offerings and enjoy specialty snacks while lounging by the pool or enjoying the breathtaking views from the rooftop.

Looking for something different? Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico’s amenities include a golf course, beach access, water sports, fitness center, tennis court, kids’ club, pet-friendly accommodations (additional fees may apply), non-smoking rooms with complimentary breakfast, credit card payment facility, flexible cancellation policy (depending on room type), baby cot/crib/bed availability upon request (additional fees may apply), extra bed availability depending on occupancy limitations (additional charges may apply) and age restrictions or mask mandates as required by local laws.

True Story: Our bartender at Cana Bar not only served us creative cocktails but also shared interesting insights into Puerto Rican culture. The friendly staff added an authentic touch to our stay at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico.

Ready to plan your next event? Hyatt’s got you covered with meeting facilities that make boring business gatherings as exciting as a root canal.

Meeting and Event Facilities

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For a hassle-free event planning experience, check out Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico. We provide superior meeting and event facilities. Our Business Centers and Meeting Rooms are ideal for successful business meetings. Plus, our Outdoor Event Spaces are perfect for hosting remarkable events to make your guests feel extra special.

Business Centers and Meeting Rooms

The Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico boasts versatile facilities for various business events. Their options include spacious meeting rooms, executive boardrooms, and high-tech business centers equipped with audio-visual technologies. These facilities can accommodate different group sizes and are designed to cater to the diverse needs of business professionals.

Their larger meeting rooms come with plenty of natural light, ergonomic chairs, high-speed internet, built-in projector systems and screens. The smaller boardrooms provide more intimate settings for private meetings with specialized features like whiteboards and teleconferencing capabilities. In addition to these amenities, they also offer a full-service event staff that can assist in planning everything from coffee breaks to multi-course dinners.

For those looking to combine work with leisure, the hotel provides recreational activities like golfplatz and wassersport at the nearby beach. They also have a fitness center, tennisplatz and kinderclub that offer opportunities for relaxation after long hours of business engagements.

Pro Tip: Make sure to inquire about their flexible cancellation policies and credit card options when booking your stay to avoid any inconvenience or unexpected hassles.

Get ready to take your event from boring to blazing with Hyatt’s stunning outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Event Spaces

Discover the Charm of Open-air Spaces at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico

The Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico is a haven where you can hold special outdoor events that will leave your guests spellbound. There are various open-air spaces to choose from, including verdant gardens, poolside areas, and terraces. Each has its unique appeal, whether it’s awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic Ocean or lush tropical greenery.

These outdoor spaces provide an excellent setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate parties or team-building events. They also offer an ideal spot for a relaxed evening cocktail, and perfect ambiance for gala dinners.

Nestled amidst palm trees overlooking the Caribbean Sea is our hotel’s Breezeway Event Patio – a serene and spacious patio. It’s great for holding barbecues or garden parties while watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. There is no limit to what you can do in this charming area.

Unwind in this elegant oasis with a refreshing drink by strolling to Strand Bar & Grill equipped with Sushi Corner. Keep in shape while enjoying fantastic views at our fitness center well-appointed with modern gym equipment and amenities.

The history of these open-air spaces goes back years ago, where they served mainly as relaxation spots for tourists who came to experience Puerto Rico’s unique culture and scenery creatively. The hotel incorporated these unoccupied spaces into diverse event venues which now add substance to private occasions hosted at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico.

Who needs a beach vacation when you can just run around the meeting rooms playing office Olympics at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

Recreational Activities

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Enhance your stay at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico! Try out the Fitness Centers, Pools, Spa Services, and Relaxation Areas. Relax your mind, get fit, and recharge energy levels. Enjoy!

Fitness Centers and Pools

Rejuvenation Spaces at Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Rico

Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Rico offers a lavish and invigorating retreat with its fitness centers and pools. Here are the top 5 ways these facilities can invigorate your stay at Hyatt Hotel:

  • Multiple swimming pools, each catering to different age groups, with sun lounges, fresh towels, and poolside food service.
  • Fully equipped fitness center with state-of-the-art gym equipment suitable for every kind of workout routine.
  • Personal trainers available on request, who will customize a workout plan based on your goals and requirements.
  • Yoga classes held twice daily that are sure to start your day off right.
  • Wellness practitioners providing services like massages, facials along with other indulgent treatments to ensure maximum rejuvenation during your stay.

Notably, all of these unique features remain open throughout the year to guests who relish an active lifestyle.

Did you know that the yoga mats used in the yoga classes, massage tables used by wellness practitioners are made from eco-friendly materials procured from local businesses?

(Source: Hyatt website)

Getting pampered at the Hyatt’s spa is like hitting the jackpot, only instead of money, you come out feeling like a million bucks.

Spa Services and Relaxation Areas

Indulge in Ultimate Relaxation and Pampering Services

Experience ultimate relaxation and pampering services at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico. Our luxurious spa offers an array of treatments such as massages, facial treatments, body rituals, and many more. In addition, we provide relaxation areas where guests can enjoy the serene ambiance and calmness.

Take a Break from your Busy Schedule

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine by booking a session at our state-of-the-art fitness center that features modern equipment for cardiovascular workouts or strength training sessions. The hotel also offers non-smoking accommodation options including double rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, and family rooms to cater to all types of travelers.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Special Amenities

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico also provides special amenities like baby cots, extra beds on request, credit card payment methods, free cancellation options within a stipulated time period, pet-friendly accommodations with certain restrictions in terms of weight and breed. We follow strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure complete safety for our guests by implementing measures such as compulsory face mask requirement in common areas.

Five Facts About Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico features 579 guest rooms and suites, all offering breathtaking views of the ocean or verdant landscapes. (Source: Hyatt)
  • ✅ The hotel is situated on a 17-acre exclusive peninsula, providing seclusion and privacy to guests. (Source: Hyatt)
  • Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico boasts of multiple dining options, including 4 restaurants and bars serving delectable cuisine and drinks. (Source: Hyatt)
  • ✅ The hotel features numerous recreational activities and facilities, including a luxury spa, 3 swimming pools, and a casino. (Source: Hyatt)
  • ✅ Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico is located just 10 minutes away from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, making it easily accessible to international travelers. (Source: Hyatt)

FAQs about Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico

What types of rooms are available at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico offers a variety of room types for guests, including Doppelzimmer, Vierbettzimmer (quadruple room), Familienzimmer (family room), and Dreibettzimmer (triple room). All rooms are equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

What facilities does Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico have for fitness enthusiasts?

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico features a fitness center where guests can stay active during their stay. The gym is equipped with modern machines and equipment for cardio and strength training.

Are pets allowed at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico is a non-smoking accommodation and does not allow pets on the premises.

What is the policy for cancellation at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

The cancellation policy at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico varies depending on the type of reservation made. Guests should review the terms and conditions of their reservation before booking.

What is the policy for extra beds and baby cots at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico allows for the use of baby cots and extra beds in certain room types. Guests should contact the hotel directly to check availability and potential additional charges.

Is there an age restriction for guests staying at Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico?

Hyatt Hotel Puerto Rico welcomes guests of all ages. However, guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.