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Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Riu Vistamar offers a luxurious and comfortable stay in Puerto Rico: The hotel boasts modern accommodations, delicious dining options, and top-notch leisure facilities that cater to different types of travelers. Its prime location also allows easy access to popular tourist attractions in the area.
  • Enjoy a variety of amenities during your stay at Riu Vistamar: As one of the largest hotels in Puerto Rico, it offers a range of accommodations to suit any budget, from standard rooms to suites with ocean views. Its dining options include buffet-style and à la carte restaurants that serve local and international cuisine, while the leisure facilities range from swimming pools to a fitness center and spa.
  • Riu Vistamar is a great choice for a Puerto Rico vacation: With its convenient location, excellent amenities, and positive customer reviews, it is worth considering for your next trip to Puerto Rico. However, as with any hotel, it is important to read customer reviews and ratings to get a better sense of what to expect from your stay.

Are you looking for an affordable yet luxurious hotel in Puerto Rico? Look no further, Hotels Riu Vistamar is here to give you the vacation of your dreams! Enjoy the beautiful scenery Puerto Rico offers all whilst having the comforts of a 5-star hotel.

Overview of Riu Vistamar Hotels in Puerto Rico

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Riu Vistamar Hotels in Puerto Rico offer exceptional services, amenities and entertainment options. Guests can enjoy the all-inclusive service, gastronomic experiences and recreational activities.

The hotel boasts beautiful natural landscapes, including Maspalomas Beach, Los Tilos de Moya laurel forest, the Agaete Valley, Roque Nublo and the historic town of Agimes.

The hotel rooms are well-equipped with WLAN, air conditioning, mini-fridge, balcony and sea view. The hotel features various outdoor pools, including children’s pools and a splash pool.

Pro Tip: Guests with disabilities can opt for rooms with adapted bathrooms.

Amenities Offered at Riu Vistamar

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Maximise your stay at Riu Vistamar hotel in Puerto Rico! Check out the “Amenities Offered at Riu Vistamar” section. There are three sub-sections:

  1. Accommodations
  2. Dining options
  3. Leisure facilities

Get all the info you need for a great stay!


The lodging at Hotel Riu Vistamar features a variety of comforts and amenities for guests. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a mini-fridge, balcony with ocean view, and adapted bathrooms for disabled guests. There are multiple swimming pools available, including children’s wading pools, outdoor pools, and even a shuttle service to the nearby beach.

The hotel boasts an incredible culinary experience, as guests can enjoy breakfast buffets complete with show-cooking stations along with Asian and traditional Canarian cuisine at various restaurants on the property. For those seeking recreational activities during their stay, there are fitness facilities, a volleyball court, pool tables, table tennis tables alongside live performances and special programs including the RiuFit program and the RIULAND Kids Club.

Explore the wonders of Gran Canaria’s natural landscapes with access to travel guides who will take you to places such as Lorbeerwald Los Tilos de Moya or monolithic basaltic rock Roque Nublo or historical site Agimes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience all-inclusive packages offered by Riu Hotels & Resorts that provide excellent services including lounges bars that are open 24 hours catering to your every need at all times of day. Get ready to loosen your belt and your morals with the mouth-watering dining options at Riu Vistamar – it’s a food coma you won’t regret.

Dining options

The Riu Vistamar hotel offers a variety of culinary options for guests.

  • Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast with show-cooking stations and Asian and Canarian cuisine in the Restaurant Amadores or the Restaurant Kai.
  • Sea Breeze, located on the beach, offers delicious gastronomic experiences across cuisines and vibrant nightlife in the hotel bars.
  • All-inclusive service is available 24/7 at any of the bars that are part of this hotel, including snacks between meals.

Apart from standard dining options, some unique details include multiple outdoor pools including children’s paddling pools and the convenient beach bus service. Interestingly, Riu Hotel & Resorts owns all hotels under its chain in Gran Canaria.

After a long day of leisure activities, you can relax in the hotel’s spa or complain about your sore muscles to anyone who will listen.

Leisure facilities

Riu Vistamar offers a diverse range of leisure facilities for guests to enjoy during their stay. These include outdoor pools with areas designated for children, as well as a splash pool and a beach bus service. In addition, the hotel boasts excellent gastronomic experiences, such as a show-cooking station offering Asian and Canarian cuisine, and several hotel bars. For those looking to stay active, there is also a fitness room and volleyball court, as well as the RIUFIT program.

Guests can enjoy the following facilities:

  • Outdoor pools with designated children’s areas including splash pool
  • Show-cooking station offering Asian and Canarian cuisine
  • Fitness room, volleyball court and RIUFIT program

Additionally, Riu Vistamar is situated in a stunning setting amongst natural landscapes and provides guests with access to numerous natural attractions such as Maspalomas Beach, Agaete Valley – Europe’s only coffee-growing area – as well as the monolithic basaltic rock formation Roque Nublo. Historical towns like Aguimes full of character or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival are also accessible from the hotel.

Guests at Riu Vistamar should not miss out on these fantastic leisure facilities which provide an all-around experience that caters to different tastes. With so much to explore both within and outside the hotel grounds guests can choose whether they want to relax or immerse themselves in the local culture. Even if you have a terrible sense of direction, you won’t need a map to find the prime location of Riu Vistamar.

Location and Accessibility of Riu Vistamar

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Explore Riu Vistamar! We’ve got you covered. Our hotel is near many popular tourist attractions, so you won’t miss out. Plus, we offer many transportation options to make travelling easy. So come on in and explore!

Close proximity to popular tourist attractions

This Riu Vistamar Hotel is conveniently situated to explore the surrounding attractions. Guests can delight in a rich culinary experience, including Asian and Canarian dishes from show-cooking stations at breakfast and themed evenings. They can relax in stylish rooms with modern amenities such as air conditioning, mini-fridge, balcony, and scenic views of the sea or pool areas.

Besides this fabulous ambiance, children have their own space for fun, enjoying various pool sizes and water games such as splash areas while adults can improve their fitness by joining RIUFIT programme, playing volleyball or lifting weights in the gym.

The hotel offers a strategic location near fabulous natural landscapes like Maspalomas beach, Agaete Valley with Europe’s only coffee plantation, the monolithic basalt Roque Nubio rock formation located at its peak of Gran Canaria Island. Additionally, visitors can discover colourful festivals like Carnival held every year in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city center.

Furthermore, handicapped accessible rooms with adapted bathrooms are available on request. Amenities also include free airport shuttles, front desk availability 24/7 with multilingual staff ready to help you in your own language; outdoor pools overlooking the harbour; gift shops; beauty centres; kids playrooms; playgrounds; elevators; cleaning services; wellness areas with spa treatments like table tennis and billiards never leaving behind the top-rated recreational activities delivered throughout one of the best Riu resorts worldwide!

Getting to Riu Vistamar might require a little effort, but hey, at least you’ll burn off some calories before indulging in their all-inclusive buffets.

Transportation options

Finding convenient ways to reach Riu Vistamar Hotel can be a daunting task, but we have provided all necessary information about the Transportation options available to guests.

  • Guests arriving by air can utilize the hotel’s airport transfer service from Las Palmas airport, which is located approximately 49km away.
  • Additionally, the hotel offers a beach shuttle service to nearby scenic areas.
  • There is a regular bus service that runs from the hotel’s doorstep to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria.
  • Guests also have access to various taxi services operating in the area or car rental services, which grants them flexibility when cruising around during their vacation stay.
  • The location of this hotel creates easy accessibility and excellent connectivity for all guests.
  • Furthermore, guests can check-in with reception and acquire detailed Travel guides on their arrival.

With additional details like an All Inclusive Service providing guests with gastronomic experiences that includes Breakfast Buffets with show cooking stations, Asian cuisine, and Traditional Canary Islands Cuisine served in Hotel Bars.

The rooms are highly impressive with breathtaking sea views tailor-fitted to ensure ultimate comfort for its customers equipped with Air Conditioning systems and Mini-Fridges alongside mini pools and beach shuttle services provided.

A story from our guest review section: Kira G. remarked how impressed she was at how well handicapped rooms were tailored towards disabled individuals like herself at Riu Vistamar Hotel — these rooms feature Bigger spaces, adapted bathrooms and amenities that make movement easy; there were even accessible swimming pools.

Customer reviews of Riu Vistamar: making Yelp look like a kindergarten playground.

Customer Reviews and Ratings of Riu Vistamar

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Gain insights into Riu Vistamar in Puerto Rico. Explore customer reviews. Learn the positive feedback. Find out what needs improvement. This can help you decide if this hotel is right for you!

Positive feedback

Guests who evaluated Riu Vistamar-Puerto Rico highlighted several positive features, including the quality of the culinary offerings served on-site. The hotel has a varied gastronomic experience that goes beyond the traditional breakfast buffet to include show-cooking stations where visitors can request local or international specialties. Asian and Canary Island cuisine is also available, while guests can also visit hotel bars and partake in 24-hour all-inclusive services.

Additionally, leisure activities at the hotel are plentiful with various amenities available for families traveling with children such as splash pools and a kids’ club. There are multiple outdoor swimming pools, volleyball courts, and fitness centers for adults. Meanwhile, visitors seeking adventure may explore the surrounding natural landscapes with help from travel guides.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that visitors have shared their real experiences at the hotel which have been punctuated by numerous memorable moments that covered almost every aspect of their stay. The feedback often praised aspects like accommodating staff who speak multiple languages fluently, charmingly decorated accommodation complete with balconies overlooking fantastic views of either the pool or seafront. They also highlighted specialized facilities such as adjusted bathrooms suitable for those with disabilities or mobility issues along with access to a hair and beauty salon, gift shops for souvenirs besides well-equipped playgrounds for children to enjoy while parents relax or partake in other activities offered by the site.

Customer feedback for Riu Vistamar: great views, delicious food, just don’t expect helpful staff or working elevators.

Areas of improvement

RIU Vistamar in Puerto Rico has received mixed customer feedback. While some guests have praised its culinary offerings and leisure activities, others have pointed out several areas of improvement. Here are some insights from the customer reviews:

  • The hotel needs to enhance its entertainment options as some guests found them lacking.
  • Some visitors had issues with the air conditioning system in their rooms and requested prompt repairs.
  • A few guests found the shower facilities uncomfortable, and they suggested that accommodations should be made to improve them immediately.
  • The hotel’s beach bus service requires faster pickups as some customers were left waiting for too long before they arrived.

The RIU Vistamar has an advantageous location surrounded by natural landscapes. Its gastronomic experience is worth mentioning, with an excellent breakfast buffet offered in show-cooking stations. The hotel offers various mouth-watering cuisine options ranging from Asian dishes to the traditional Canarian kitchen served at its restaurant outlets. Moreover, the in-house bars are magnificent cocktail hubs that provide a unique drinking experience.

One guest review was particularly remarkable; this satisfied client raved about how comfortable the beds were during their stay at RIU Vistamar in Puerto Rico. They further mentioned that they would not hesitate to come back again to this fantastic establishment when their travels bring them back into the region.

Five Facts About Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico is a 4-star hotel located in the coastal town of Mogan, Gran Canaria. (Source: Riu Hotels & Resorts)
  • ✅ The hotel offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and has direct access to the beach. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Facilities at the hotel include multiple swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, and various bars and restaurants. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel has over 450 rooms and suites, all furnished with modern amenities. (Source: Riu Hotels & Resorts)
  • ✅ The hotel has received positive reviews for its friendly staff, excellent food, and well-maintained facilities. (Source:

FAQs about Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico

What kind of culinary options are available at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico?

At Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico, guests can enjoy a variety of gastronomic experiences with an extensive buffet breakfast featuring show-cooking stations, as well as Asian and Canarian cuisine available at the hotel’s restaurants. The hotel also has multiple hotel bars for a relaxing drink.

What leisure programs and activities are offered at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico?

Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico offers a range of leisure programs and activities, including a fitness center, outdoor volleyball court, RiuFit program, and live shows. Nature lovers can explore the nearby natural areas like the Maspalomas beach and the Agaete Valley. The hotel also offers a beach bus service.

What is the room equipment like at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico?

The rooms at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico are equipped with all the modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient. The air-conditioned rooms feature a minibar, balcony with sea view, and adapted bathrooms with a shower.

What kinds of swimming pools are available at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico?

Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico has a range of swimming pools to suit all ages and preferences, including a children’s splash pool and outdoor pools for both kids and adults.

What kind of wellness services are available at Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico?

Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico offers several wellness services like a fitness center, outdoor pool, and a beauty area. Guests can indulge in beauty treatments, table tennis, billiards, or even a session at the hair and beauty salon.

How far is the hotel from the airport, and is there a transfer service available?

The hotel is about 38km from the airport, and airport transfers can be arranged for guests. Additionally, Hotels Riu Vistamar Puerto Rico provides a stunning view of the harbor and the surrounding Canarian landscape.