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Hotels Near Fajardo Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Fajardo, Puerto Rico offers a variety of hotels to choose from, but the top 5 hotels include: Hotel El Conquistador, Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, Fajardo Inn Resort, Ceiba Country Inn, and El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm.
  • Hotel El Conquistador offers luxury accommodations and amenities such as a private island and numerous on-site dining options.
  • Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort offers private villas with stunning ocean views and access to its own private beach.
  • Fajardo Inn Resort offers budget-friendly accommodations with a variety of activities including a water park and pool.
  • Ceiba Country Inn offers a peaceful and secluded stay in the midst of nature with breathtaking views of the rainforest.
  • El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm offers a rustic yet charming experience with eco-friendly accommodations and farm-to-table dining.

Are you searching for the perfect tropical getaway? Look no further, because we have rounded up the best hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico for you! Experience the sun, sea and sand with a little extra comfort and relaxation.

Top 5 Hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Top 5 Hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico-hotels near fajardo puerto rico,

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Near Fajardo, Puerto Rico? Let’s explore the top 5 hotel options! We’ve got Hotel El Conquistador, Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, Fajardo Inn Resort, Ceiba Country Inn and El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm. Each hotel has its own flavor, catering to different desires. Perfect hotel awaits you!

Hotel El Conquistador

Nestled within the verdant landscape of Fajardo, Puerto Rico awaits a charming and luxurious hotel with a fascinating name. This hotel is laden with outstanding facilities that cater to guests’ preferences and offer a rare combination of value for the prices charged. The world-renowned El Conquistador inspires guest confidence through its impeccable reviews and photos, with high praise in both high and low seasons. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of spacious rooms that boast stunning views of the Puerto Rican Rainforest – Regenwald El Yunque, the ocean, or the cozy town below. Additionally, El Conquistador has top-notch facilities, including swimming pools like Auenpool, privatparkpltze, fitnesscenter gymnasiums, gardens complete with grillmglichkeiten and even offers boat tours from their onsite marina, leading visitors right into the heart of Fajardo’s wonder.

Notably unique among hotels in this area is El Conquistador’s attention to detail when it comes to guests’ safety. The hotel invests heavily in security surveillance systems coupled up with traditional guard presence throughout the sprawling property 24 hours each day.

It is interesting to note that El Conquistador played an essential role in inspiring travel inspiration for tourists who are interested in feeling on top of the world. The famous Catalina Suite at El Conquistador Hotel inspired Lilli Gruber to begin her career as a journalist after waking up one fine morning at this suite hoping never to leave.

(Source: Travel + Leisure)

At Las Casitas Village, you’ll feel like royalty without having to marry into the British monarchy.

Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Located near the coastal region of Fajardo, there is a luxurious resort that complements its natural surroundings quite aptly. It boasts an extensive history and local knowledge about the area, making it perfect for solo travelers, couples, and families. The resort comprises spacious rooms such as cozy apartments, waterfront studios, and even Cond. Marina Lanais with balconies that offer stunning views of the coastline. Safety is paramount here with CCTV surveillance present throughout the location.

Apart from offering personalized service to its guests, Las Casitas Village also has several facilities such as lush gardens, a large pool, and laundry services. There are various beachside restaurants available on-site serving fresh seafood and delectable dishes like those at “Star Fish Restaurant” and “Pasión por el Fogn.” The hotel offers shuttle services to nearby attractions like Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve or Seven Seas Beach for those interested in outdoors activities like horseback riding, hiking in El Yunque National Forest or snorkeling at one of the many bioluminescent bays or marinas found around Vieques Island.

The resort’s prime location ensures that it serves as an ideal base for exploring nearby beaches like Luquillo Beach or Palmas del Mar Beach or taking a boat tour along the coast. Traveling by rental car or taxi is easy due to its proximity to PR-22, PR-53, PR-66 or even PR-26 for those who wish to explore further afield. One can even rent a private plane/boat for added flexibility when traveling through Puerto Rico.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind in Fajardo, the Fajardo Inn Resort has got you covered… literally, with their plush bedding.

Fajardo Inn Resort

One of the top recommended hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico is a luxurious resort encompassing lush greenery and stunning island views. This hotel boasts various room options, including ocean front and balcony rooms with crystal-clear waters steps away. The high season and avg price reflect its affordability and luxury. Added features include private boat tours to nearby islands and cays like Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay, Palomino Island, and more. This resort encompasses open space while preserving natural surroundings and ecological systems.

As an added bonus, guests have access to a variety of local bars and restaurants such as Pasin por el Fogn, La Estacin, Cinco Nudos, and more for ample dining options. Only a stone’s throw away lies Playa Escondida, Playa Color, Cordillera Nature Reserve, Icacos Island, Cayo Lobos, Cayo Ratones, Cayo Diablo, Cayo Cucarachas in Las Croabas for breathtaking sights.

During your stay at this exquisite hotel near Fajardo Puerto Rico check out La Casa en Fajardo or Sueños Del Mar for rugged adventure experiences or Biobay-tours for a once-in-a-lifetime excursion through the stunning Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay.

Not only does this hotel offer high-end amenities like a large pool plus safety features such as 24HR camera surveillance but also practical services like an on-site laundry room. Book now to experience top-notch hospitality amidst rich culture and diverse wildlife.

Experience country living with all the comforts of a hotel at Ceiba Country Inn – the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring Puerto Rico’s beautiful coastline.

Ceiba Country Inn

This cozy, secluded inn is a top pick for travelers seeking a tranquil escape in beautiful natural surroundings. With landscaped gardens, spacious and secure rooms with balconies, and 24-hour security surveillance, Ceiba Country Inn provides a perfect blend of comfort and safety. Guests can enjoy their leisure time at the large pool or take one of the many biobay tours that Puerto Rico offers. The hotel’s location is also convenient for exploration of top nearby attractions like the national forest El Yunque or the pristine Flamenco Beach. Inside each room, guests can take advantage of amenities such as a flat-screen TV and laundry facilities available in the on-site washroom area.

According to recent news, Puerto Rico’s SJU airport is now equipped with advanced technological security measures to enhance passenger safety. For visitors flying into Fajardo and staying at Ceiba Country Inn, rest assured that your travel will be well protected.

Stay at El Hotelito and experience the rainforest like never before, just don’t forget your bug spray.

El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm

Nestled in the lush rainforests of Puerto Rico, this destination is known as ‘El Hotelito‘ at Rainforest Experience Farm. Visitors can enjoy stunning sights and sounds of nature along with modern amenities like a large pool, laundry facilities, and 24-hour surveillance. Guests can also expect spacious rooms with balconies overlooking the enchanting garden. Moreover, it offers biobay tours and close proximity to Seven Seas Beach and El Yunque National Forest.

For those seeking an immersive cultural experience while on vacation, El Hotelito is a must-visit location. The property originated as a family-run organic farm, which later transformed into an eco-resort for those interested in sustainable tourism practices. Today, guests can stay inside the Eingezunt garden walls that provide a sense of privacy while still engaging with fellow travelers from around the globe.

5 Facts About Hotels Near Fajardo Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Fajardo is a popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico with many hotels options available. (Source: Travelocity)
  • ✅ Many hotels near Fajardo offer complimentary breakfast, pools, and beach access. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ The average price for a hotel near Fajardo is around $150 per night. (Source:
  • ✅ Some of the highest-rated hotels near Fajardo are El Conquistador Resort, Las Casitas Village, and The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Hotels near Fajardo are conveniently located near attractions such as El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo Beach, and Bioluminescent Bay. (Source: Lonely Planet)

FAQs about Hotels Near Fajardo Puerto Rico

1. What are the top hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico that offer gardens and balconies in the rooms?

Two of the top hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico that offer gardens and balconies in the rooms are Sueños del Mar and Seven Seas Beach Resort. Both hotels offer spacious rooms with balconies and beautiful garden views.

2. Are there any hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico that offer boat tours?

Yes, Seven Seas Beach Resort offers boat tours as part of their package deals. Guests can take a boat tour to the nearby BioBay or explore the beautiful coast of Fajardo.

3. What hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico have 24/7 security surveillance?

Both Sueños del Mar and Seven Seas Beach Resort have 24/7 security surveillance to ensure the safety of their guests and their belongings.

4. Which hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico have a large swimming pool?

Seven Seas Beach Resort has a large swimming pool with plenty of lounge chairs for guests to enjoy. The pool is surrounded by palm trees and offers a beautiful view of the ocean.

5. Are there any hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico that have a laundry facility?

Yes, both Sueños del Mar and Seven Seas Beach Resort have a laundry facility on site for their guests to use. The facilities are clean and well-maintained.

6. What are some tips for staying at hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico?

Some tips for staying at hotels near Fajardo, Puerto Rico include bringing insect repellent for outdoor activities like exploring the National Forest El Yunque or taking a BioBay tour, bringing sunscreen for the beach, and packing a snorkel for underwater exploration. It’s also a good idea to make reservations for popular activities like boat tours or BioBay tours ahead of time.