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Hotels Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer a range of accommodations to fit different budgets and preferences.
  • Hotel amenities and services such as pools, restaurants, and spa treatments make for a luxurious stay in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico.
  • Gran Canaria Puerto Rico’s location allows for easy access to popular tourist attractions, nearby beaches, and outdoor activities.

Are you planning a trip to Gran Canaria? Finding the perfect accommodation can be daunting but don’t worry – we have the perfect guide to help you select the best hotels in Puerto Rico. Discover the best facilities, locations and rates for Hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico!


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Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is the perfect place to stay. But, what are your choices? You need to know two things: types of hotels and their amenities and services.

Various hotels have different amenities and services. So, make sure you pick the one that fits your needs and likes!

Types of hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Accommodations: A Comprehensive Guide

Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is known for its stunning beaches, bustling shopping centers, and a variety of entertaining activities. When choosing the right accommodations for your stay, there are many types of hotels to consider.

  • Family-friendly apartments with ocean views and balcony
  • Adults-only suites with spa and terrace
  • 3-star hotels with comfortable bed, friendly staff and free parking
  • 4-star hotels with pool, entertainment and restaurant options
  • 5-star hotels with golf courses, medical facilities, and rental car services available
  • Tiefgarage (subterranean garage) hotels for added security and convenience

It’s worth noting that the surrounding areas offer even more options. Mogan Mall is a popular shopping destination while Bodega features a selection of local wines. For those looking to enjoy the beach, Amadores Beach offers calm waters perfect for swimming.

When in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on something great. Don’t let this fear get the best of you! Book your dream accommodations now before it’s too late.

Hotel amenities and services: where you can pay for the WiFi, but your sanity is priceless.

Hotel amenities and services

The accommodation offers:

  • Rooms: Comfortable rooms with modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and flat-screen TVs are available to guests.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants serving international cuisine offer an extensive range of choices.
  • Supermarket: Guests can find all necessities at the supermarket on-site.
  • Maspalomas trips: Adults-only day trips to Maspalomas feature guided tours and exquisite landscapes.
  • Safety Measures: For your peace of mind, health and safety measures are in place such as frequent cleaning with disinfectants and temperature checks.

Nestled in a surging island full of tourists and natives filled with amazing sights. The Playa de Puerto Rico offers pristine natural landscapes that the sleepy insel landscape has to offer. There is never a dull moment for visitors seeking action such as kayaking through iconic rock formations or exploring sea caves while admiring their diverse marine fauna.

Don’t miss out on this unique vacation experience. Book now for an unforgettable stay on beautiful Gran Canaria. If you’re looking for a location with stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and accommodations that won’t break the bank, then Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria is your perfect match.

Location and Attractions

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Explore Gran Canaria Puerto Rico! Visit the “Location and Attractions” section. Discover popular tourist spots. Nearby beaches and outdoor activities offer fun experiences. This beautiful destination is a must-see!

Popular tourist attractions in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico is a picturesque town boasting numerous wonderful attractions.

  • Beaches: Puerto Rico has two beaches to its name; the Playa de Amadores which offers a quieter alternative with calm waters and stunning surroundings, ideal for different activities such as paddleboarding and kayaking or simply sunbathing. The other beach is available for those who are into water sports like cliff jumping from cliffs and caverns, exploring caves, or snorkeling among the seafloor fauna.
  • Boat tours: Adults and Children alike can enjoy boat tours to get glimpses of dolphins, whales, or even participate in deep-sea fishing. There are tour groups such as Lopesan Gruppe and Catamaran that guarantee unforgettable experiences.
  • Theme Parks: Visitors can also experience shows featuring birds of prey displays, orangutans, gibbons while being surrounded by an excellent collection of butterflies at Themenparks.

Besides attractions mentioned earlier, empty coves tucked away in granitic folds or secluded bays await adventurous visitors who also get to watch fascinating local flora and fauna amidst natural landscapes.

Pro TIP: Visitors ought to consider adhering to environmental concerns by avoiding leaving litter behind after picnics or smoking in public places so that the wildlife isn’t disturbed.

Get your tan on and work those glutes at Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches, just don’t forget to pack the SPF and your hottest swimsuit.

Nearby beaches and outdoor activities

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is a beautiful city where tourists and locals alike can indulge in various outdoor activities near the serene beaches. Visitors can enjoy water sports like kayaking, diving and sailing. The city offers exquisite natural landscapes, including cliffs, caves rich with marine fauna and sea tracks that are home to dolphins and whales.

Visitors can enjoy the following activities:

  • Relax on the calm beaches or take a dip in the swimming pools.
  • Explore the mesmerizing natural canals that connect the town with different bays and coves.
  • Enjoy boat trips to spot playful dolphins and watch majestic whales swim close by.
  • Visitors who love bird-watching can participate in jungle safaris to explore an array of parrots, birds of prey like eagles and falcons, butterflies, orangutans, meerkats, and many other species of wild animals that call these parts home.
  • Erect rock cairns on top of the cliffs or spend evenings taking walks on makeshift trails along beautiful flowers and plantations.

Nature offers a sublime environment; however, visitors should note that stray cats roam around, resulting in littering cigarette butts. Additionally, avoid disturbing injured animals. Visitors ought to pack bathing suits, sunscreen lotions as well as comfortable shoes while discovering various attractions.

Once there was a traveler who went snorkeling near Puerto Rico beach alone without checking weather conditions properly. A sudden storm disrupted his tour group’s boats leaving him stranded out at sea with no shelter As it turned out luckily, he had packed necessary supplies for his trip, e.g., soap & shower gel, to keep himself dry till help arrived eventually freeing him from danger.

Why settle for a simple dinner when you can feast like a king and party like a rockstar in Puerto Rico’s dining and nightlife scene?

Dining and Nightlife

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Taste the local cuisine in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico! Check out the suggested restaurants. For a night out, there are many options available. Have a great time in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico!

Local cuisine and recommended restaurants

Local Flavors and Top Picks for Dining in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria offers a gastronomic adventure with its blend of authentic local cuisine and international flavors. Here are six top restaurants to visit, including Los Canarios, El Brasero, and Mañana. You can also indulge in seafood delights at Casa Antonio and sample Italian dishes at Uno Zero Uno.

Other Local Hotspots

For tourists and locals alike, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is famous for its coves, stunning beaches, perfect weather conditions all year round, ideal for water-based activities like kayaking around the cliffs and caves or discovering marine fauna on Seatrack tours. Families can treat themselves to boat trips including dolphin- and whale-watching while larger groups can go fishing or take catamaran journeys. Nature lovers will enjoy spotting seagulls or guillemots among other animals such as parrots, birds of prey, meerkats, butterflies or orangutans over natural landscapes made up of stone piles.

A Tale from Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

I recently visited Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria with some friends who insisted we hit the beach promptly after check-in. After our swim, we noticed some domesticated cats nearby being chased away by vermin throughout the coastline’s flora! We realized they had been left behind by previous tourists as well as plenty of cigarette butts – not exactly a pleasant sight! However later in the day we saw one of them injured so reporting it to authorities was logical. Always remember good manners include keeping popular tourist spots clean!

Get ready to party till sunrise in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico – just make sure you have a strong enough liver to handle the nightlife scene!

Nightlife options in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is a vibrant destination with various options for exciting nightlife experiences. Visitors can indulge in an array of activities, whether they are tourists or locals, as the area has something to offer everyone.

  • Those interested in adult-only entertainment will find a variety of nightclubs and bars serving sophisticated beverages.
  • The city boasts numerous dining options, including seafood restaurants that serve locally caught fish.
  • Visitors can relax by the beach with cocktails while enjoying the lively atmosphere of local bars and pubs.
  • For those who enjoy live music, various clubs host nightly performances that range from traditional Spanish tunes to modern pop hits.

Aside from these popular nightlife attractions, Gran Canaria Puerto Rico also has several unique features. With diverse natural landscapes, there are plenty of outdoor activities catered to all ages. Tourists can explore secluded coves surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and caves abundant in marine fauna. The area also offers water sports such as kayaking and high-sea fishing excursions where lucky participants have spotted dolphins and whales.

Did you know that the waterfront promenade called Amadores Beach in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria was built on donated land? A German couple owned the section of soil before handing it over to authorities.

Transportation and logistics in Gran Canaria are like a game of Tetris: trying to fit all the passengers and luggage into one small car.

Transportation and Logistics

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Want to explore Gran Canaria Puerto Rico without any hassle? It’s important to plan your transportation and logistics in advance. Here are the ways to reach the destination plus local transportation options available. Get ready for an easy and convenient trip!

Getting to Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Getting to the Beautiful Beaches of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Spain, and it’s no wonder why tourists and locals alike flock to this stunning island paradise. To get there, visitors can fly into Las Palmas International Airport or take a ferry from nearby islands. From there, guests can easily rent a car or take advantage of public transportation options.

For those looking for adult-only hotels in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, there are plenty of options available that cater specifically to couples seeking peace and quiet. In addition to stunning beaches, visitors can explore the city’s nightlife scene as well as local attractions like coves and parks.

To make the most out of your trip to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, be sure to check out all of the activities available such as water sports like kayaking and cliff diving while exploring caves and marine fauna. Families with kids can also enjoy boat excursions where they may encounter dolphins and whales. Visitors should always check weather conditions before going on any trips to avoid any inconvenience.

Don’t miss the chance to soak up sun on one of these gorgeous beaches surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. Remember to respect nature by keeping beaches clean by disposing of trash properly, refraining from smoking cigarettes or carrying pets that could disturb wildlife or other beachgoers. With fun activities for everyone, a trip here is not one you want to miss!

“I may not speak Spanish, but after riding the local buses in Gran Canaria, I could write a book on profanity in any language.”

Local transportation options

The available means of transportation for exploring the local area in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria are detailed below:

  1. Car Rentals: Options for renting a vehicle are available from multiple providers. Group excursions and guided tours are also possible with rental cars.
  2. Boating: For those interested in water sports or simply visiting nearby bays, boat tours including kayaking trips and high sea fishing experiences can be arranged.
  3. Animals & Nature: Explore wildlife of the island by touring through various natural landscapes on rented motorcycles, ATVs or bicycles. Animal enthusiasts can even discover species such as parrots, birds of prey, monkeys or turtles with the help of theme-based guides.
  4. Public Transportation: A cost-effective way of moving through the city’s hotspots by using buses and taxis that runs regularly across the city.

Although specific regulations regarding littering have been put into place, concerns about animals roaming free should be noted while venturing out alone. Moreover, it is recommended to carry sunscreens when traveling under harsh weather conditions. A true fact stated by TripAdvisor suggests that nearly 19% visitors choose to stay at adult-only hotels while planning their trip to Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico due to peace and tranquility offered by such accommodations.

5 Facts About Hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination in the Canary Islands, attracting visitors from all over the world every year. (Source: Lonely Planet)
  • ✅ The hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer a range of accommodations, from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. (Source: Tripadvisor)
  • ✅ Many hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer stunning ocean views and easy access to the beach. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico are known for their excellent service and hospitality. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ Popular hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico include the Marina Suites, Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel, and the Hotel Riu Vistamar. (Source:

FAQs about Hotels Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Can I find any adults-only hotels in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria?

Yes, there are several adults-only hotels available in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. These are perfect for couples or travelers looking for a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

What should I do if I come across any litter on the beaches of Puerto Rico?

If you come across any litter on the beaches of Puerto Rico, it is important to dispose of it properly in the provided trash cans. Please do not leave any litter behind, including cigarette butts. Let’s keep the beaches clean for everyone to enjoy!

Are there any boat trips I can take around Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria?

Yes, there are plenty of boat trips available around Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. You can choose from group trips, private excursions, or even go on a catamaran with parrots, birds of prey, meerkats, and orangutans! You may also be able to spot dolphins and whales if you are lucky.

What kind of weather can I expect in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria?

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria enjoys a mild subtropical climate with an average temperature of around 25°C. The hottest months are July and August, while the coolest months are January and February. However, the weather can be unpredictable and you should always check the forecast before your trip.

What kind of activities can I enjoy in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria?

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. You can spend your days lounging on the beach, exploring the nearby bays and coves, or trying out various water sports such as kayaking, cliff jumping, and scuba diving. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are also plenty of hiking trails to explore.

What should I do if I come across any injured animals in Puerto Rico?

If you come across any injured animals in Puerto Rico, it is important to contact the local authorities or animal rescue organizations immediately. Do not attempt to handle or provide medical treatment to the animal on your own. It is important to ensure their safety and well-being while also protecting yourself.