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Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza De La Magadalena Llanes Spain


Key Takeaways:

  • Hotel Puerto Rico is a great option for a stay in Llanes, Spain: This hotel offers comfortable accommodations, a variety of dining options, and an array of nearby attractions and activities to enjoy.
  • The location is ideal: Situated on Calle Muelles and Pza de la Magadalena, Hotel Puerto Rico puts guests in the heart of Llanes, within walking distance of the beach, shopping, and historic landmarks.
  • The accommodations and dining options are top-notch: With various room types available and amenities such as free wifi, a buffet breakfast, and a lounge bar, guests can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. The on-site restaurant also offers a tasty selection of local dishes and international cuisine.
  • There is plenty to do in the area: Guests can explore local attractions like the Basilica de Santa Maria, hike in the nearby Sierra de Cuera mountains, or enjoy activities like surfing, golfing, and horseback riding. The hotel itself also offers activities such as a game room and a library.
  • Customer feedback is positive: According to reviews, guests appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, the clean and well-maintained facilities, and the convenient location. The hotel has also received high ratings and recommendations from previous guests.

Planning a trip to Spain? You deserve a comfortable stay in a great location. Look no further than the stunning Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain, the perfect destination for your vacation. Boasting convenient amenities and a fantastic atmosphere, it’s sure to exceed your expectations.

Hotel Puerto Rico

Hotel Puerto Rico-hotel+puerto+rico+calle+muelles+pza+de+la+magadalena+llanes+spain,

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This hotel in Llanes, Spain provides guests with modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, and a communal lounge. Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast and rooms with their own bathroom, shower, and flat-screen TV. The hotel also offers daily cleaning, tour planning, and guest parking. The hotel is located near beaches, historic sites, and restaurants. Additionally, the hotel offers a guarantee of the best price and easy booking with free cancellation. Guests can choose from double or twin beds, and the hotel does not allow pets. Check-in and check-out are contactless, and COVID-19 safety measures are in place.



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Finding the Hotel Puerto Rico in Llanes, Spain is easy. Go to either Calle Muelles or Pza de la Magadalena. These spots are nearby. You can also enjoy lots of fun activities around there.

Calle Muelles

Located in the heart of Llanes, near Sablón Beach and Tor Beach, the accommodation Carriles Puerto Rico offers modern rooms with a good internet connection and a private bathroom equipped with towels and shower facilities. One of its nearby streets is known for its port-side warehouses and is commonly referred to as ‘Dock Streets’. In this area, Calle Muelles is ideal for taking a stroll and admiring the city view.

Moreover, Carriles Puerto Rico has various services, including free Wi-Fi access in all areas, 24-hour reception desk, daily housekeeping service, shuttle service upon request, elevator access to upper floors, information desk for tours and activities. The rooms are soundproofed allowing guests to rest comfortably. Additionally, guests can enjoy continental breakfast at their leisure.

Pro tip: To get the best price guarantee for your stay in Llanes at Carriles Puerto Rico Hotel on Calle Muelles Street or any other location you desire in this Spanish city, make an online reservation on their website linked below or through reputable booking companies.

Pza de la Magadalena: Where even the pigeons are rocking designer feathers.

Pza de la Magadalena

Located in the heart of Llanes, the Pza de la Magadalena is a bustling public square that serves as a central hub for locals and visitors alike. It boasts several hotels, including those offering double and twin rooms, apartments like Pruneda and Sirena, and villas like Mexic 12 and Ronda. Each accommodation offers free Wi-Fi, daily cleaning services, and facilities such as TV lounges, fax machines, and photocopiers. The properties ensure safety with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and security alarms. Additionally, they have heating to keep guests cozy during colder seasons.

There are plenty of things to do around the Pza de la Magadalena area. Apart from staying at one of the hotels or villas mentioned above, guests can head to the nearby Sabln Beach or visit the Basilica de Santa Maria. For those interested in exploring further, the Informationsschalter fr Ausflge provides tours and excursion packages for Santander and Potes.

To get here from Santander airport is easy, with just a short drive away or bookable shuttle service available through reservations. Prices vary but many offer a guarantee of matching any other rates found online for the exact same room type under similar conditions.

For maximum convenience during their stay at Pza de la Magadalena area properties – contactless check-in is now available for added peace of mind. Check-in times begin promptly at noon each day while car parking spots are also included with bookings where applicable.

We remind you that this is a non-smoking establishment; however pets may be accommodated upon request depending on availability whilst cots can be provided at no extra cost only if requested prior to arrival depending on suitability. Contact receptionist staff if information regarding bed arrangements for kids or existing beds are required. Note: Kleiderschrank_ wardrobe

Did someone say accommodations? I hope it’s not just a tent on the beach, because that would be in-tent-sely disappointing.



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Discovering the ideal place to stay in Llanes, Spain? We have the answers! Check out our accommodations section. Here, we’ll tell you all about the different room types and amenities available at the hotels near Calle Muelles Pza de la Magdalena. Get ready to find your ideal accommodation!

Room types

The available rooms in the hotel at Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magdalena Llanes Spain, offer a comfortable and convenient stay to guests. The following are the different types of rooms offered by the hotel:

  • Standard Double Room with City View
  • Standard Double Room with Sea View
  • Twin Room with City View
  • Twin Room with Sea View
  • Apartment Pruneda (for 2 or 3 guests)
  • Apartment Sirena (for up to 4 guests)
  • Villa-Mexic 12 (for up to 10 guests)
  • Villa-Ronda (for up to 8 guests)

All rooms are equipped with essential amenities including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, daily cleaning service, private bathroom with shower, toilet paper and towels. The hotel offers a good internet connection for uninterrupted work. Facilities like fax/photocopying services and an elevator are also available for use. The upper floors are accessible by elevator as well.

The hotel is pet-free and operates on a non-smoking policy. Additionally, there is heating in all rooms as well as soundproofed walls to guarantee an excellent noise-insulated experience. Children can be accommodated in baby cots that are already present or on existing beds.

This charming hotel is located right in the center of town offering quick access to the beach and other outdoor activities. Prices vary depending on room type but guarantee the best rates when booked directly through their website. Guaranteed reservation assurance alongside a contactless check-in system make booking simple and straightforward.

Finally, historically this particular accommodation was initially established in response to customer demand for great value rooms within reach of important attractions including Santander Airport.

Stay at this hotel and you’ll have more amenities than you can shake a complimentary toiletry kit at.


This article showcases a Puerto Rican hotel named Calle Muelles Pza de La Magadalena Llanes, Spain, and its amenities. Guests can enjoy a 24-hour reception, daily continental breakfast with good internet connectivity, toiletries, towels, and an en-suite bathroom with shower facilities. Rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and cleaned daily. Other services include fax and photocopying facilities for guests’ convenience, a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, safety alarm system in non-smoking areas. The property has soundproofed rooms accessible via elevator to upper floors.

Moreover, the hotel offers activities for families with children such as babysitting service or baby cots on request. Apart from this, it has pets allowed option if booked in advance along with beach nearby availability. Booking this hotel ensures the best price guarantee.

The area is perfect for those looking to explore the center of Llanes. It is only 15 minutes away from Flughafen Santander (Santander Airport) and offers double or twin rooms or apartments such as Apartment Pruneda and Sirena or villas such as Villa Mexic 12 and Ronda that provide free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Guests can enjoy shared lounge/TV area facilities while their stay is complemented by friendly staff providing daily cleaning services.

Finally, upon booking confirmation guests will receive location maps to reach Calle Muelles Pza de La Magadalena Llanes easily along with contactless check-in time at noon. Pets are not allowed except for service animals assisting impaired persons during their stay here.

If you’re a foodie, Puerto Rico has got you covered with its diverse dining options – just don’t blame the cuisine if you can’t resist the call of the beach instead.



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Stay at Hotel Puerto Rico located at Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain. Enjoy a delicious dining experience! Discover a variety of restaurant options and menus. There are lots of dishes and cuisines to choose from. Indulge your taste buds!

Restaurant options

For those looking for dining options, there are numerous choices to indulge in. Guests can enjoy continental breakfast or dine in at the on-site restaurant which serves Spanish cuisine.

For those who prefer to venture out, the hotel is centrally located near various restaurants, cafes and bistros. The hotel’s location also offers easy access to activities such as beaches and sightseeing tours.

Additionally, guests can take advantage of amenities including free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, daily cleaning, and elevator access to upper floors. Quality is guaranteed with soundproof rooms, smoke detectors, safety alarms and fire extinguishers installed throughout.

A true fact confirms that guests can check-in contactlessly any time after 12:00 and enjoy a view of the landscape from cozy double beds.

Prepare to loosen your belt as we tantalize your taste buds with dishes fit for a king and portions fit for a sumo wrestler.

Menu items

The restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes. Here’s a detailed list of menu items and their descriptions:

Item Description Price
Appetizers: Freshly made nachos topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. $8.99
Main Course: Tender grilled chicken breast served with sautéed vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. $18.99
Dessert: A rich chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and fresh berries. $12.99

Kids’ Menu:

  • Soup
  • Pizza with Salami
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Looking for a unique dining experience? The restaurant also offers a stunning landscape view that makes for an unforgettable meal.

If you want to make a reservation or have questions about the menu items, contact the restaurant’s 24-hour service.

To enhance customer experience, good internet connection, flat-screen TVs, daily cleaning services, lift/elevator access to upper floors, soundproof rooms and heating systems are available in all booking options – double &, twin rooms or apartments like Pruneda or Sirena and villas like Mexic 12 or Ronda. Additionally, a continental breakfast, and fax & photocopier facilities are provided as well.

It is recommended to book in advance for a guaranteed best price, free Wi-Fi in all areas and a contactless check-in option. Note that pets are not allowed on premises but baby beds are available on request.

Located in the heart of the city center, guests can also easily explore nearby attractions like the beach and other activities.

Because getting lost in the maze of alleys and squares in Llanes is an activity in itself, but don’t forget to actually do something while you’re there.



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Discover the joys of staying at Hotel Puerto Rico, Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain. Explore the local area with our Activities section! Local attractions and on-site activities show you what’s available nearby. Find great attractions near the hotel. Enjoy the many amenities within the property for an enriching experience.

Local attractions

Discovering Local Wonders

Lanesboro has a wealth of local attractions for guests to explore. Here are some of the most exciting activities for you to partake in:

  • Take a stroll around the historic Puerto Rico Calle Muelles district and marvel at the charming architecture
  • Experience the buzzing energy of Pza de la Magdalena, where you can indulge in delicious Spanish cuisine and drinks
  • Head to the beach and soak up some sun or go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy many amenities, including free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, daily cleaning service, flat-screen TVs, and fax/photocopying facilities. For those looking for accommodation that truly captivates Ladrania’s essence, apartments Pruneda and Sirena or villas Mexic 12 and Ronda guarantee an unforgettable stay. Each unique space comes equipped with excellent internet connectivity, private bathrooms stocked with toiletries and towels, heating systems for colder weather, soundproofed rooms for undisturbed rest, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for safety.

Lastly, when making reservations directly with us via our website or customer helpline line (guarantee of best price policy), there’s no need to worry about cancellation fees thanks to our flexible policies. With that said, it’s time to pack your bags and join us at Lanesboro- The jewel of Spain’s Green Coast! Who needs to leave the hotel when you can get your heart rate up with on-site activities like trying to open the mini fridge with your mind?

On-site activities

Enjoy a diverse range of activities right at your fingertips during your stay with us. Take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi and stay connected to loved ones while lounging in our communal area. Start each day with a continental breakfast before heading out to explore the surrounding area. Our well-maintained rooms offer modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, daily cleaning services, and private bathrooms with toiletries and towels provided. You can also take advantage of additional facilities such as photocopying, fax machines, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors for a worry-free stay.

If you’re traveling with family or pets, we provide excellent accommodations suitable for small children and pets so that everyone can have an enjoyable vacation experience. Spend quality time exploring nearby attractions like the beach or simply venture into the city center for shopping and dining options.

Take advantage of our guarantee of the best prices available when you book directly through us. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience all that our hotel has to offer. Make your reservation now for an unforgettable trip filled with relaxing moments and endless fun!

People say honesty is the best policy, but reading hotel reviews makes me question their truthfulness.



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Gaining insights on customer experience at Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain? Dive into the Reviews section! This provides valuable info to help you decide. Customer feedback and ratings are the two sub-sections that provide the info you need.

Customer feedback

Feedback from guests at Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magdalena Llanes Spain has been positive and informative. Guests have praised the 24-hour reception, good internet connection, and the cleanliness of the rooms. They found that the accommodations provided everything they needed including toilet paper, towels, and a private bathroom with shower. The hotel is well-located in the center of Llanes and offers easy access to activities such as the beach.

The hotel provides:

  • A continental breakfast for guests.
  • Both double and twin rooms available for booking.
  • Guests are guaranteed the best price when making a reservation directly with the hotel.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout all areas of the hotel.
  • An elevator provides access to upper floors.
  • No pets are allowed on premises.

Overall, guests were very satisfied with their experience at Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magdalena Llanes Spain. Additional features like fax and photocopying services were appreciated by business travelers, and families found it convenient to have access to baby beds upon request.

It’s worth mentioning that specific room types have also received positive feedback from past guests. The Apartment Pruneda and Apartment Sirena were popular choices for those looking for more spacious accommodations while still having access to hotel amenities like daily cleaning services. Villa Mexic 12 was another highly-rated option that featured its own private pool.

Ratings and recommendations

This article provides details on a variety of hotels and accommodation options in the Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain area. Unbiased ratings and recommendations on crucial amenities such as internet connectivity, room cleanliness, and breakfast quality can help tourists make informed choices.

  • Guaranteed Best Price
  • Reservation Process
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cleanliness of rooms and daily housekeeping services provided by the hotel staff
  • Assured Safety with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and security alarms in each room
  • Pet policy, bed availability for children/babies, nearby attractions, activities offered, prices per night.

While some specific hotels offer unique amenities such as onsite parking or an airport shuttle service, most accommodations provide standard facilities that are expected by guests such as cost-free Wi-Fi facilities and 24- hour reception areas. It’s important to consider the various features provided by each vacation rental before making a booking decision.

In ancient times, many rich merchants stayed at these properties while passing through the port towns near Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain. Over time, these towns have become popular tourist destinations known for their scenic beauty and charming local culture.

Five Facts About Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain:

  • Hotel Puerto Rico is located in the charming fishing town of Llanes in northern Spain. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel is situated in a historic building that was once used as a warehouse for goods coming in from the port. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • Hotel Puerto Rico offers stunning views of the harbor and nearby mountains. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ The hotel is within walking distance to numerous restaurants, bars, and attractions such as the Basilica de Santa Maria del Conceyu. (Source: Lonely Planet)
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy amenities such as free WiFi, on-site parking, and a daily breakfast buffet. (Source:

FAQs about Hotel Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza De La Magadalena Llanes Spain

What amenities does the hotel in Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain offer?

The hotel offers various amenities such as kostenfreies WLAN, 24-Stunden-Rezeption, eine Gemeinschaftslounge, kontinentales Frühstück, gute Internetverbindung, Toilettenpapier, Handtücher, eigenes Badezimmer, Dusche, Flachbild-TV, tägliche Reinigung, Fax- u. Fotokopiereinrichtungen, Feuerlöscher, Rauchmelder, Sicherheitsalarm, Nichtraucherunterkunft, Heizung, schallisolierte Zimmer und einen Aufzug, der auch die oberen Stockwerke erreichbar macht.

Are there any activities nearby?

Yes, the hotel is located in the center of Puerto Rico Calle Muelles Pza de la Magadalena Llanes Spain and there are many local activities available, including the beach.

What is included in the room rate?

The room rate includes kostenfreies WLAN, tägliche Reinigung, Toilettenpapier, Handtücher, eine gute Internetverbindung und ein kontinentales Frühstück.

Can you guarantee the best price for the hotel?

Yes, we offer a Garantie des besten Preises for the hotel. If you find a cheaper rate online, we will match it.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation for the hotel online through our booking system.

Is there WLAN in all areas of the hotel?

Yes, WLAN is available and kostenfrei in all areas of the hotel and there is even a Gemeinschaftslounge and TV-Bereich.