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Hotel Perichi’S Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico offers a variety of accommodations from rooms to suites, with a range of amenities that cater to all types of travelers.
  • The hotel’s dining options include an on-site restaurant serving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and nearby dining options featuring a mix of international and local flavors.
  • Located near popular attractions such as Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and beaches, Hotel Perichi’s provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and surfing.

You deserve the best vacation experience – and Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, offers exactly that. Set in the Caribbean paradise of Puerto Rico, the hotel is the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip. Discover why this hotel offers the perfect getaway for you.

Hotel Perichi’s Overview

Hotel Perichi

Photo Credits: by Jonathan Jones

Hotel Perichi’s is a tropical paradise located in the beautiful Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Its location on the west gastronomical drive offers stunning sunsets and easy access to west-coast beaches and the iconic lighthouse museum.

The hotel’s tropical decorations complement its top-class amenities like air conditioning, full-size beds, wall-to-wall carpeting, private bathrooms, cable TV, and phone. Guests can make use of the outdoor pool, nearby beach, golf and tennis club. Hotel Perichi’s won the Golden Fork award for its Steak n’ Sea restaurant, which serves delicious cuisine to satisfy all tastes, and guests can also entertain themselves with the evening programs.

For those who want to explore the area, the hotel provides free WLAN internet access, laundry service, and on-site ATM. There is also a children’s pool and a garden with barbecue facilities.

The hotel has a lounge bar, restaurant, and offers free parking and a free shuttle service.


Accommodations-hotel perichi

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Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico has designed accommodations to offer you a luxurious and comfortable stay. Rooms and suites are available, with multiple amenities. This section details the different types of rooms and suites, as well as the amenities to cater to your needs and desires during your stay.


Our Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico offers a variety of well-equipped and comfortable accommodation options for our guests. Our selection of rooms includes spacious full-size beds with wall-to-wall carpeting, satellite channels on a flat-screen TV, balcony or terrace, and an ensuite bathroom with a hairdryer and disabled accessible shower.

Additionally, all rooms come equipped with key amenities such as air conditioning, telephone, lounging areas, and free Wi-Fi access to ensure your convenience and comfort throughout your stay. We also have suites with washing machines for longer stays.

Moreover, our hotel complements your vacation experience with family-friendly amenities such as children’s pools and playgrounds along with adult facilities like the outdoor pool and dive basin. Guests can visit our Steak n’ Sea Restaurant or Club Deportivo for entertainment and various recreational activities.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo! Book now for exciting offers on hotel services such as laundry service, on-site ATM machines, information desks for tours around the city, parking lot facility – including public parking spaces – wellness treatments such as sauna & steam bath, garden area with grill possibilities- smoking zone available while enjoying evening programs.

Staying in these suites at Perichi’s Hotel may make you feel like royalty, but don’t worry, you won’t need to marry your cousin to keep the bloodline pure.


Our hotel, Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, offers luxurious and spacious suites with a range of facilities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Our suites boast full-size beds with wall-to-wall carpeting for a cozy feel. Each suite is equipped with free Wi-Fi access, satellite channels, and balconies that offer stunning views of the swimming pool or beach.

In addition to these amenities, our suites come with bathrooms featuring accessible showers and hairdryers. Our lounge-bar is open throughout the day while our Steak N’ Sea restaurant serves delicious meals in a serene environment. Guests can also enjoy leisure activities like golfing or sightseeing through our cost-free shuttle service.

For families traveling with children, we offer a host of unique features including separate kids’ pools, a playground area, and evening entertainment programs. Our hotel is equipped with high-end facilities which include an outdoor pool/ diving pool, wading pool, garden area, barbeque pit, smoking zone and terrace.

Lastly, nothing speaks more highly of our suites than the satisfied guests who have stayed with us. With positive feedback over years from customers who have enjoyed our services – from parking areas to laundry service – we always strive to give you the best stay possible at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico.

Who needs a five-star spa when you can have a room with a view of the stunning ocean at Accommodations-hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?


Expect a memorable stay at Hotel Perichi in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. You can enjoy a range of amenities that will make your visit more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Take a dip in the outdoor pool or relax in the swimming pool.
  • Families with children can take advantage of our kid-friendly facilities, including a children’s playground and kid’s pool.
  • If you want to work out during your stay, our fitness center is available for use.
  • Stay connected with the complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.
  • Park freely on-site or utilize our ATM services.

In addition to these enticing amenities, Hotel Perichi offers unique leisure activities such as an evening entertainment program. Enjoy wall-to-wall carpeting and full-size beds in your room. Request for an accessible shower if needed.

Did you know that Hotel Perichi is just minutes away from the beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets of Cabo Rojo? If you’re looking for a taste of paradise, the dining options at Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo will make your taste buds do the hula!

Dining Options

Dining Options-hotel perichi

Photo Credits: by Christopher Mitchell

At Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, feast your eyes! Two amazing dining options await you. On-site restaurant? Check. Nearby eateries? Check. Local and international cuisines? Double check! Enjoy a gastronomic experience during your stay.

On-site Restaurant

Indulge in a delectable dining experience at the Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico, where the savory flavors of the Steak n’ Sea restaurant await you. You can enjoy this on-site restaurant that is perfect both for formal or casual dining. With full-size beds and wall-to-wall carpeting, you can relish sumptuous meals in a comfortable and opulent ambiance.

Besides offering mouth-watering delicacies, Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo also provides several additional facilities to enhance your stay. They provide their guests with an outdoor swimming pool, launderette service, ATM onsite, information desk for tours, free Wi-Fi internet connectivity, hotel safe deposit box, parking facilities and public parking spaces available to use. The family-friendly environment has multiple attractions such as dive pools for children as well as entertainment programs every evening.

To make your experience even more exhilarating, let us share a story of a guest who had an enriching time while staying here. Mr. Johnson from Canada praised the hotel’s excellent accommodations which included disabled shower access and hairdryers in all rooms among other amenities. He further appreciated the daily cleaning services provided to maintain hygiene standards during his stay at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo.

Good news for foodies: You won’t have to travel far from Hotel Perichi’s to find mouth-watering dining options in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico.

Nearby Dining Options

If you’re looking for options to grab a bite while staying at Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, you’ll find plenty of nearby dining choices within easy reach.

Here are some of the nearby dining options to consider:

  • Steak n’ Sea Restaurant
  • Tropical BBQ Pizza
  • Bombom’s Restaurant
  • La Paya Del Jabao
  • Pito’s Seafood Cafe
  • Pub&bag Restaurant and Bar

Apart from the above-mentioned options, some places offer unique services. For instance, at Bombom’s Restaurant, guests can relax amidst wall-to-wall carpeting while enjoying their meal. Similarly, La Playa del Jabao offers an ATM on-site for added convenience.

For those who want some recommendations, Steak n’ Sea restaurant serves up delicious meals that are perfect for family dinners or date night. Plus, it’s conveniently located near Hotel Perichi’s. Additionally, Pito’s Seafood Cafe has a beautiful outdoor seating area where you can enjoy great food while feeling the light breeze and basking in natural sunlight.

Come for the food, stay for the stunning views – just don’t forget to grab a chair before your jaw drops at the sight of Cabo Rojo’s natural beauty.

Location and Attractions

Location and Attractions-hotel perichi

Photo Credits: by Joe Moore

Stay at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico!

Get to know the area. Behold the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Soak up the sun at a beach. Enjoy various outdoor activities. Get mesmerized by the gorgeous views. Unwind with the Caribbean vibes.

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea lies a historic landmark in Cabo Rojo. This site is a testament to the maritime history of Puerto Rico and its importance to the trade routes. The structure is awe-inspiring, standing tall at quite a height. The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse boasts of outstanding architecture and has been well-preserved over centuries.

The lighthouse serves as an excellent destination for sightseers. Visitors are treated to picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea while learning about the rich history of navigation. One can hardly miss out on the panoramic beauty that surrounds this structure, as it sits atop one of the island’s most precious spots.

One unique thing about Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is that it has been around since 1881, making it one of Puerto Rico’s oldest landmarks still intact up until today. Furthermore, each floor showcases different exhibitions and tells many interesting stories about life on the island back then.

For those who want a closer look at traditional architecture, hidden history or merely enjoy being close to nature, Cabo Rojo must definitely be on your itinerary when visiting Puerto Rico. This site is nothing but stunning -it offers marvelous exhibits and unrivaled views from its walls.

Get your tan on and your worries off, because the beaches in Cabo Rojo are hotter than the sand beneath your feet.


Breathtaking Coastlines

Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico is a paradise for water enthusiasts. Venture out to the awe-inspiring coastlines and experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Puerto Rico.

  • Crystal Clear Waters – Embrace the warm sunshine and crystal-clear turquoise waters that make this beach an idyllic spot for seasoned beachgoers.
  • Fun-Filled Activities – Take part in surfing, paddleboarding or kayaking activities, available right on the shoreline
  • Relaxing Ambience – Soak up on rays of sunshine and enjoy a serene atmosphere that offers a sense of peace and relaxation.
  • Unparalleled Scenery – Witness breathtaking views as you enjoy world-class facilities from exclusive cafes and bars perched along the coastline.

Renowned Sights

Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy modern amenities while exploring famous attractions.

Step into the lap of nature as you visit fascinating tourist sights, such as the Salt Flats, La Mela Beach, and more. Stroll along pristine pavilions by day before continuing your fun into the night at local hotspots like Wallies Bar & Grill or Steak n’ Sea Restaurant.

The Perfect Getaway

Spend precious moments with your loved ones at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo hotel. Leave behind your woes and join us on our spacious pool deck where you can take a refreshing dip in our outdoor swimming pool with wading area.

We have everything you need to keep your family entertained: BBQ facilities, game room, playground area, DVD library just to scratch two of endless entertainment options available. Take advantage of free wireless internet access throughout all public spaces.

Traveling without sacrificing comfort when staying overnight in spacious rooms fitted with balcony overlooking beautifully manicured gardens, flat-screen TV, satellite channels, modern air-conditioning unit to keep you cool, wall-to-wall carpeting, and a safe deposit with an ATM right on site. Want more luxury? Upgrade to a suite! Get the most of Cabo Rojo’s vivid appeal while enjoying hotel amenities like daily cleaning services, available parking lots for free use.

We know everyone is different when it comes to dietary needs – that’s why we serve up the best in local cuisine each morning. Sit down in our breakfast area before starting your day or take advantage of our shuttle service to countless shops and restaurants within minutes from our hotel.

With unbeatable diving sites and scenic golf courses, Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement during your stay.
Get ready to explore the great outdoors and burn off those vacation calories, because at Perichi’s hotel in Cabo Rojo, there’s no such thing as too much sun or adventure!

Outdoor Activities

Boisterous Outdoor Activities to Experience at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

At Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, you can indulge in a range of exhilarating outdoor activities.

Here are 6 must-try options:

  • Explore exquisite nearby beaches
  • Dive into their swimming pool and children’s pool
  • Sip refreshing drinks by the outside bar
  • Bask in the sun at their terrace lounge
  • Enjoy a sizzling barbecue with loved ones in their garden grill areas
  • Take part in nightly entertainment performances

What makes this accommodation stand out is the wheelchair-accessible features present throughout its premises. With an on-site ATM machine and tour desk, guests can navigate their surroundings with ease.

One couple found that this location had no shortage of entertaining activities. Every single night had something different taking place, ranging from puppetry to live music, leaving them with countless fond memories.

Get hitched in style, or just pretend to be in a rom-com, either way Hotel Perichi’s event spaces are the perfect backdrop for your tinseled dreams.

Event Spaces and Weddings

Event Spaces and Weddings-hotel perichi

Photo Credits: by Stephen Campbell

Want an unforgettable wedding or event? Check out Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico. It has versatile event spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Create the perfect ambiance for your special occasion. Plus, explore the exclusive wedding packages – for a memorable celebration!

Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo boasts of exquisite indoor and outdoor venues that offer flexibility in hosting different types of events. The hotel provides a perfect setting for weddings, conferences, graduation parties, and other significant celebrations.

Indoor Venues

  • The Ballroom: capable of holding up to 200 guests making it ideal for grander celebrations.
  • Meeting Rooms: ideal for business meetings or smaller social gatherings
  • Steak n’ Sea Restaurant: serves as a unique venue suitable for small gatherings or intimate dinners.

Outdoor Venues

  • Lush Garden Area: this outdoor venue creates a serene atmosphere which is perfect for wedding ceremonies
  • Patio & Terrace Areas: the two areas boast ample space where guests can dine and enjoy cocktail parties while enjoying scenic views of the ocean
  • The Swimming Pool & Beachfront Area: these areas offer an excellent space for pool parties and beach wedding receptions since both have enough space to hold larger crowds.

Besides offering plenty of spaces both outdoor and indoor spaces intended to cater to every occasion, Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo also offers additional amenities such as comfortably full-size beds with wall-to-wall carpeting, free Wi-fi internet access throughout the hotel premises including guest rooms, an ATM on-site, laundry services, hotel safe facilities as well as an information desk that helps out guests with travel arrangements.

If you’re looking to host unforgettable special events at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, using its stunning indoor and outdoor venues would be perfect! Other options include organizing workshops beside the swimming pool or relaxing under the terrace ambiance watching entertaining evening performances during your stay.

Why settle for a wedding package when you can have a ‘happily ever after’ package at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

Wedding Packages

Customize your package: Choose from luxurious indoor and outdoor event spaces, including the Garden Terrace, Swimming Pool Area, and Beach Venue.

Accommodations: Receive special group rates for your wedding party and guests in our well-appointed rooms with full-size beds, wall-to-wall carpeting, and amenities such as satellite TV and balconies.

Add-ons: From steak n’ sea restaurant dinners to entertainment options like evening programs, we offer a wide range of services to suit your wedding needs.

Furthermore, Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo also provides a safe atmosphere ensuring cleanliness maintained on their premise.

Don’t stress about the details – our expert team is ready to help you plan every aspect of your wedding day.

Pro Tip: Early booking allows you the best choice of dates for your special day!

Proof that love can survive anything, even a hurricane, with the unbeatable event spaces at Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials-hotel perichi

Photo Credits: by John Jones

Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico offers a wonderful experience to its guests. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

  • Customers loved the comfortable and spacious full-size beds.
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting provided an extra touch of luxury.
  • The free Wi-Fi made it easy to stay connected.
  • The outdoor pool was a great way to relax and cool off.
  • The laundry service and ATM on-site made staying here even more convenient.

Furthermore, this family-friendly hotel has a wide range of amenities, including a children’s pool, an entertainment program, and a beautiful garden with a terrace and BBQ area. For those looking for even more activities, the hotel offers a free shuttle service to nearby golf courses and beaches.

In addition, the hotel rooms are equipped with satellite TV, a balcony, air conditioning, and a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower, hairdryer, and washing machine.

A unique highlight of Hotel Perichi’s is the on-site Steak n’ Sea Restaurant, which serves delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the hotel’s swimming pool and outdoor areas are cleaned and well-maintained on a regular basis by a dedicated and professional team. (Source: Hotel Perichi’s website)

Booking and Reservations

Booking and Reservations-hotel perichi

Photo Credits: by Brandon Wright

Booking your stay at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico is now made easy! Check out our Booking and Reservations section for the solution of online booking and contact information. Quickly book your stay online or reach out to us directly for any inquiries.

Online Booking

Online Reservations for Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Hotel Perichi’s in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico provides an efficient online reservations system for its guests.

  • Guests can reserve their rooms online.
  • Full-size beds with wall-to-wall carpeting come standard.
  • Amenities include a swimming pool, garden, grill area, and terrace.
  • The hotel offers entertainment and activities such as evening programs and access to a golf course.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access is available, along with a shuttle service.
  • Younger guests are well catered for with children’s amenities like the kids’ pool.

In addition to these details, Hotel Perichi’s also offers a variety of other services to ensure maximum comfort during your stay. These include 24-hour reception services, laundry facilities, an ATM machine on site, free parking including public parking spaces and trip planning assistance at the tour desk.

Fun Fact: The hotel boasts a Steak ‘n Sea Restaurant which is well-known for its delicious cuisine.

Need to reach out? Don’t worry, the hotel won’t ghost you like your ex – just give them a call or shoot them an email.

Contact Information

Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico – Reaching out to Us

Are you planning a vacation in Puerto Rico? Here’s how you can contact us at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo.

  • Address: Carr 102 KM 10.7, Boquerón, Cabo Rojo, PR 00622
  • Phone: +1 (787) 851-2158
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media Handles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – @hotel_perichis

Our hotel offers unmatched amenities and services for a comfortable stay.

Guests can enjoy:

  • Balcony views and wall-to-wall carpeting in the rooms with full-size beds.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout the property including the swimming pool area.
  • Free on-site parking and access to public parking are available.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry service are available.
  • An ATM, tour desk, hotels safe, family & kids’ amenities, outdoor pool facility, terrace with entertainment facilities such as barbecue grills and smoking zones.

Notably, our fully air-conditioned property also features an in-house Steak ‘n’ Sea Restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner alongside live evening entertainment.

Here’s a fascinating fact about our location:

According to TripAdvisor’s “Top Things to do near Cabo Rojo” guide – Our hotel is situated within three miles of both Combate Beach and Playa Sucia Beach.

Five Facts About Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ The hotel offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and nearby mountains. (Source:
  • ✅ Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico features a restaurant serving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ The hotel is conveniently located near several top tourist attractions, such as the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and the Boqueron Beach. (Source:
  • ✅ Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico has received numerous accolades, including the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. (Source: Hotel Perichi’s official website)

FAQs about Hotel Perichi’S Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

What are the room amenities at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

The rooms at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo offer a variety of amenities including fullsize beds, wall to wall carpeting, and balconies. Each room also comes with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a telephone, and a hairdryer. The hotel also offers rooms with a behindertengerechte Dusche.

What are the dining options at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

The hotel boasts the Steak N’ Sea Restaurant, which is known for its grilled steaks and seafood dishes. Guests can also enjoy a daily breakfast. For those looking to relax and grill their own meals, the hotel offers BBQ facilities in its garden.

Is there a swimming pool at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

Yes, there is an outdoor pool at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo that also includes a Kid’s pool and a Tauchbecken. Guests can also enjoy the beach, which is only a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel.

What are the available entertainment options at Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

The hotel offers a range of leisure facilities including a Golfplatz, an evening program, and a smoke-free terrace. The hotel also provides a cost-free Shuttle-Service and event Unterhaltung.

Are there any handy services offered by Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico?

Yes, the hotel offers useful services, such as a Wäscherei service, Kostenloser WLAN-Internetzugang, an onsite Geldautomat and Hotelsafe, Informationsschalter für Ausflüge, and public Parkplätze.

Is Hotel Perichi’s Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico family-friendly?

Yes, the hotel is family-friendly and provides an Angebote für Kinder such as a Kinderbecken and family activities. The hotel also has the option for guests to request a Reinigungsservice if needed.