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Hotel Pegasus

Hotel Pegasus

Key Takeaway:

  • Hotel Pegasus offers a convenient location and beautiful surroundings for guests to enjoy their stay.
  • The hotel provides a range of amenities including a reception area with 24-hour service, safe deposit boxes, WiFi in common areas, bars, poolside bar, library, and luggage storage.
  • Guests have a variety of accommodation options including double rooms and family rooms, each with their own features, amenities, and bedding options.
  • Dining options at the hotel include accommodation with breakfast.
  • For sports and entertainment, guests can enjoy billiards, darts, massage services, daytime entertainment, a children’s pool, a children’s playground, and a babysitting service.
  • The hotel offers facilities for people with reduced mobility and complies with the tourist tax regulations in Greece.
  • Travel information, including the weather in Greece, is available for guests’ convenience.
  • Health and safety measures, such as enhanced cleaning, disinfection practices, social distancing, and availability of hand sanitizer, are implemented by the hotel.
  • Customers can find detailed reviews and ratings about the hotel, along with guidelines for leaving their own reviews.
  • In conclusion, Hotel Pegasus provides a comfortable and convenient experience for guests looking to book a stay.

Introduction to Hotel Pegasus

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Unveiling the charm of Hotel Pegasus, we kickstart our journey by exploring its captivating location and exquisite surroundings. Brace yourself for a delightful exploration that will take you on a scenic tour filled with natural wonders and captivating attractions. Discover the alluring blend of the hotel’s prime location and the breathtaking beauty of its surroundings, promising an unforgettable stay immersed in tranquility and remarkable experiences.

Location and Surroundings

Pegasus Hotel is strategically placed in an exquisite area. It has breathtaking views and attractions around. It’s in a prime location and gives easy access to tourist spots and the city centre. Guests can see the natural beauty from their rooms or while walking in the vicinity. The hotel is close to beaches and historic sites, ideal for travelers who want tranquility and exploration.

The hotel provides transportation to explore other attractions. Come to Pegasus Hotel and get VIP amenities without selling your soul!

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities

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Hotel Pegasus offers a wide range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. From a welcoming reception area and around-the-clock service to the convenience of safe deposit boxes and WiFi in common areas, the hotel has everything you need. Unwind at the vibrant bars or the relaxing poolside bar, or delve into a good book at the well-stocked library. For travelers on the go, the hotel offers luggage storage facilities. Start your day right with a delicious breakfast in the dedicated breakfast room.

Reception area and 24-hour service

The reception area at Hotel Pegasus is a bustling hub of activity, offering guests a warm welcome and 24-hour service. Amenities such as safe deposit boxes, WiFi in common areas, a poolside bar, library, and luggage storage are available. Plus, the breakfast room offers a variety of delectable dishes to start the day off right.

For those with reduced mobility, special accessible facilities are provided.

It’s important for guests to be aware of the tourist tax policy in Greece before making their reservations.

The staff at the reception area are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service and ensuring guests are comfortable throughout their stay.

Safe deposit boxes and WiFi in common areas

Hotel Pegasus offers peace of mind with secure safe deposit boxes for guests’ valuables. Plus, modern-day travelers can stay connected in common areas with free WiFi. Enjoy seamless internet access to check emails, browse the web, and keep in touch with family and friends.

Bars and poolside bar

Hotel Pegasus offers delightful bars for guests to unwind and socialize. Indulge in a variety of drinks, snacks, and light bites – all with exceptional service from our friendly staff. Our hotel also provides amazing amenities such as a library and luggage storage, to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For extra peace of mind, Hotel Pegasus is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, ensuring each guest feels welcomed and valued. Plus, take advantage of our vast selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages! Store your emotional baggage too at our library and luggage storage. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Pegasus!

Library and luggage storage

The Hotel Pegasus offers a library and luggage storage facility for its guests! This amenity allows them to enjoy a variety of reading material during their stay and conveniently store their belongings.

The library provides a selection of books and magazines that guests can borrow and enjoy. The luggage storage enables them to securely store their bags and suitcases, freeing up space in their room and giving them peace of mind while exploring.

Guests can access the library any time of the day or night, providing a quiet and serene space to relax after a day of adventures. The luggage storage service is available for early check-in and late check-out, allowing them to make the most of their time without worrying about their belongings.

The library also serves as a cozy reading corner with comfortable seating and a peaceful ambiance, ideal for immersing oneself in literature.

However, these amenities are subject to availability; guests are encouraged to inquire at reception upon arrival for more information. Hotel Pegasus also serves a morning feast in their breakfast room to make you forget all your afternoon plans!

Breakfast room

Hotel Pegasus offers a delightful start to your day in its Breakfast room. Look below for a list of amenities available!

  • Buffet Breakfast: A range of delicious food options for different tastes and diets.
  • Spacious Seating Area: Comfortable seating for guests.
  • Natural Lighting: Ample light to create a warm atmosphere.

Plus, guests can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, teas, and juices from the beverage station. The Breakfast room is designed to meet all guest needs and expectations.

To complete the experience, the Breakfast room features unique decor showcasing local culture and views of the landscape.

Don’t miss out on an enjoyable morning meal! Stay in our double rooms and have a royal stay!

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

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When it comes to accommodation at Hotel Pegasus, there are two main options to choose from – double rooms and family rooms. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for a comfortable and enjoyable stay as we provide a range of rooms that cater to your specific needs. Let’s dive into the details and discover the offerings of these accommodation options at Hotel Pegasus.

Double rooms

Double rooms at Hotel Pegasus provide a range of amenities for a comfy stay. Air conditioning, a TV, and a minibar are included. The bedding is spacious and designed to be extra comfy. Guests can choose a queen-size bed or twin beds.

Plus, double rooms come with WiFi and safe deposit boxes for guests’ convenience. They also feature decor with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Every detail and modern comfort make these rooms the perfect retreat for couples or individuals seeking relaxation!

Pamper yourself in luxury at Hotel Pegasus. Every amenity and comfort is right here!

Features and amenities

Hotel Pegasus offers features and amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable and convenient stay. Reception is open 24-hours, with safe boxes and WiFi available. Relax with a drink from the bar or poolside bar. Guests can also make use of the library and luggage storage. Start the day with a delicious breakfast selection.

For accommodation, Double rooms provide spacious and comfortable stays, with air conditioning, a private bathroom and balcony/terrace. Bedding options include double or twin beds. Family rooms provide extra space and separate sleeping areas for parents and children. Bedding includes double or twin beds, plus optional sofa beds or bunk beds.

Dining is sorted too. An accommodation and breakfast package is available, plus sports and entertainment facilities. Billiards, darts, massage services and daytime activities are provided. There’s a dedicated children’s playground and baby cot, plus babysitting upon request. Wheelchair access is available, and the hotel is aware of the tourist tax in Greece. Weather-wise, Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine.

To make reservations or queries, contact the hotel directly. Enhanced cleaning protocols and safety measures are in place for your health and safety. Hand sanitizer is provided too.

The hotel gets great reviews, with customers praising its cleanliness, staff, and services.

Bedding options

At Hotel Pegasus, rest assured you’ll find the most comfortable beds for a great stay. Double rooms feature cozy beds with high-quality mattresses and soft bedding. Family rooms have different bedding options, like queen or king-sized beds and sofa beds. Plus, all rooms have premium linens and pillows.

We also offer unique amenities to make your stay extra special. Ask us about adjustable firmness mattresses or hypoallergenic bedding. We’re always updating our bedding to give guests the best in quality and comfort. Come to Hotel Pegasus with your family and we’ll make sure everyone has a great time!

Family rooms

Spacious rooms! Hotel Pegasus has family rooms that give families lots of room to relax. Plus, these rooms come with convenient amenities like a private bathroom, TV and air con. There’s choice of bedding options too, so it’s easy to pick a setup that suits your family.

And, to make it even better for families with kids, there are special features like childproofing and cribs/baby cots – upon request. The hotel also offers ease of accessibility for families with young children or elderly members.

Families can take advantage of the hotel’s dining, plus enjoy the recreational facilities such as billiards, darts, massage, daytime entertainment, children’s pool, playground, and babysitting service.

Family rooms at Pegasus create a comfortable and convenient stay for families visiting. With their spacious layouts and thoughtful amenities, these rooms provide the perfect setting for a great family holiday. From cozy double rooms to family-friendly amenities, Hotel Pegasus has something for everyone.

Features and amenities

Hotel Pegasus has many features and amenities to make your stay comfy and convenient! Reception area and 24-hour service are available. You can store your valuables in the safe deposit boxes, and use WiFi in common areas. Plus, there are bars and a poolside bar to enjoy. A library and luggage storage are also provided. In the breakfast room, start your day with a yummy meal! Other amenities include: Room service, mini fridges, air conditioning, and complimentary toiletries. Come stay with us and enjoy these features! Don’t miss out on this chance to have a great time!

Bedding options

At Hotel Pegasus, bedding options are given the utmost attention. Double rooms offer both queen-sized beds and twin beds, allowing guests to choose the configuration that best suits them. The family rooms go further, providing larger beds and additional sleeping arrangements for families or groups. Comfort is also a priority; each room is equipped with comfortable mattresses and high-quality linens. Guests can even request extra bedding or pillows from the hotel staff.

Cleanliness is also a priority at Hotel Pegasus. All bedding is cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure top hygiene standards. With such attention to detail, Hotel Pegasus seeks to provide an exceptional experience for all its visitors. Get ready to discover the taste of luxury at Hotel Pegasus, where dining options will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Dining Options

Dining Options

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Discover the delightful dining options available at Hotel Pegasus. From exquisite accommodation to a scrumptious breakfast, this section will explore the enticing offerings that will satiate your culinary desires during your stay. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes, embrace the flavors of the region, and experience the gastronomic delights that await you at Hotel Pegasus.

Accommodation and breakfast

For an enjoyable and convenient stay, Hotel Pegasus offers comfy accommodation choices. Guests enjoy modern features like air-con, flat-screen TVs, and free WiFi. Plus, there are family rooms too, with a separate living area, sofa beds, and a kitchenette.

When it comes to breakfast, Hotel Pegasus spoils its visitors with a variety of options. There’s a buffet featuring local and international dishes – from freshly baked pastries to eggs and bacon.

Moreover, Hotel Pegasus has entertainment for all ages – from billiards to babysitting. So, you’ll never be bored during your stay!

Sports and Entertainment

Sports and Entertainment

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Indulge in a world of sports and entertainment at Hotel Pegasus, where excitement awaits at every corner. From thrilling games of billiards and darts to rejuvenating massage services, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy daytime entertainment by the children’s pool, let the little ones explore the children’s playground, or avail of our babysitting service for some well-deserved relaxation. Hotel Pegasus has created the perfect blend of leisure and fun for guests of all ages.

Billiards and darts

Hotel Pegasus offers a wide range of fun activities for its guests! Play billiards in our dedicated area – perfect for all skill levels. Take aim and challenge yourself with darts too! Enjoy a friendly match or simply have fun with friends. Come and join us at Hotel Pegasus for an unforgettable experience!

Massage services

Hotel Pegasus gives guests plenty of massage choices, like Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stones. These therapies are administered by experienced professionals, who use techniques to ease muscle tension and induce relaxation. Guests can avail massages either in their room or at the hotel’s spa. Quality oils and products are used to give a soothing session. Booking a time slot is easy, so guests can relax whenever they want. The spa area’s tranquil atmosphere enhances the experience. Plus, there’re sauna and steam rooms for extra pampering. Kids can have a splashing good time at the pool, while adults enjoy daytime activities. Hotel Pegasus guarantees a special stay!

Daytime entertainment and children’s pool

Hotel Pegasus offers a memorable stay for families with children. It provides activities throughout the day to keep guests of all ages entertained. And there is a dedicated children’s pool, where kids can splash around safely with supervision. Additionally, they offer a professional babysitting service so parents can unwind and explore their vacation. Hotel Pegasus makes sure that every family has an enjoyable experience.

Children’s playground and baby cot

Our hotel is delighted to provide children’s playground and baby cot facilities. This way, families with young children can enjoy their stay. Parents can take a break, knowing their kids are having fun in the playground. The baby cot facilities provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space for infants. We recognize how important it is to meet the needs of families. Hence, we offer these amenities to make your stay more enjoyable.

Babysitting service

The hotel offers babysitting. Trained personnel watch the kids so parents can take a break. Request the service; there might be extra charges. Also, families with children can enjoy a pool, playground, and cots.

Accessibility and Tourist Tax

Accessibility and Tourist Tax

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Hotel Pegasus prides itself on accessibility, ensuring that all guests with reduced mobility are provided with top-notch facilities for a comfortable stay. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at the tourist tax regulations in Greece, shedding light on the financial aspects tourists need to consider when planning their visit.

Facilities for people with reduced mobility

Hotel Pegasus provides an accessible experience for guests with reduced mobility! Our hotel features ramps and elevators throughout, as well as wider doorways, grab bars in bathrooms, and accessible showers in each room. Plus, our staff is trained to assist guests with reduced mobility – additional support or services are available upon request.

Tourist tax in Greece

Visitors to Greece need to pay a special tax on their stay. This money helps the local infrastructure and tourism development. The exact amount of the tax depends on the category and star rating of the accommodation.

The tourist tax is an additional cost for visitors staying at hotels or other places. It is a source of money for the Greek government, to improve tourism infrastructure and sustainable tourism. The tax is worked out from the number of nights stayed and the star rating.

Tourists should keep this in mind when planning their trip, as it adds to the total cost. The money goes towards supporting heritage sites, improving transport links, and protecting natural attractions.

By paying the tax, tourists are helping to protect and develop Greece’s cultural and natural resources. It is part of responsible travel and makes sure future generations can enjoy Greece. Find out the details and amount of the tourist tax when reserving a hotel or checking-in.

The tourist tax was introduced to invest in infrastructure, promote sustainable practices, and preserve cultural heritage. With the tax system, Greece wants to keep attracting visitors, while also making sure they contribute to keeping and improving its tourism.

Travel Information

Travel Information

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Planning a trip to Greece? Get ready with the essential travel information you need for a seamless experience. Discover the current weather conditions, ensuring you pack accordingly for your adventures. Need to make reservations at Hotel Pegasus? Find the contact information you require to secure your stay. Stay tuned for all the necessary details to make your Greek getaway unforgettable.

Weather in Greece

Greece is known for its Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, usually reaching 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). It’s a great vacation spot for beach and sun enthusiasts. Winters are milder compared to other European countries, with temperatures ranging from 7 to 13 Celsius (45 to 55 Fahrenheit). Rainfall is more common in the north.

Different regions in Greece have their own microclimates. Generally, coastal areas have warm summers and mild winters. Mountains have cooler temperatures and higher levels of rain. There’s something for everyone, depending on their preference!

The Reference Data does not provide any more specific information about the weather in Greece.

Contact Information for Reservations

For bookings at Hotel Pegasus, guests can easily contact the hotel. Phone and email contacts are available. Plus, the hotel also has an online booking platform.

To ensure a smooth reservation process, it’s best to reach out to the hotel in advance. Include check-in/check-out dates, number of adults/children, and any preferences. Providing such info will help the staff to better accommodate individual needs.

By contacting Hotel Pegasus and following these guidelines, you can guarantee a seamless experience from inquiry to confirmation of your stay!

Health and Safety Measures

Health and Safety Measures

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In the Health and Safety Measures section, we’ll be exploring the measures taken by Hotel Pegasus to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for its guests. From enhanced cleaning protocols to strict disinfection practices, as well as the implementation of social distancing measures and the availability of hand sanitizers, Hotel Pegasus prioritizes the well-being and safety of its patrons. Rest assured, your health is of utmost importance to the hotel.

Enhanced cleaning and safety measures

Hotel Pegasus has put in place extra cleaning and safety practices for our guests. We know how important it is to keep all our spaces clean. Our housekeeping staff use special products that fight germs and bacteria. Plus, we now clean high-traffic areas like the reception, dining, and leisure areas more often.

We’ve also set up hand sanitizer stations around the hotel. Signage and floor markers remind everyone to practice social distancing. Our employees are trained in proper hygiene and wear protective gear when needed. We adjust our protocols based on health advice.

Stay with us and be sure that your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. Enjoy a stress-free vacation at Hotel Pegasus, with its rigorous disinfection protocols.

Disinfection practices

At Hotel Pegasus, we prioritize the health and safety of our guests. Our staff is trained in proper disinfectant use and follows strict protocols for high-touch surfaces. We also conduct full room disinfection after each stay. To kill germs and viruses, effective disinfectant products are used. Common areas are regularly cleaned and all dining utensils and tableware are sanitized before use.

We’ve implemented additional measures to maintain a safe environment. Airflow is prioritized, and hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the hotel. Social distancing is also emphasized. You can trust us to provide a worry-free stay with your health and safety as our top priority.

Social distancing measures

We have put in place measures to keep guests and staff physically distant throughout the hotel. Seating in shared places like the reception, bars, and breakfast room has been changed to let plenty of space in between people. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers around the hotel to encourage hand cleanliness. Our personnel have been trained in social distancing and will direct and help guests to remain at a safe distance from others. High-touch surfaces in common areas are regularly disinfected to reduce the chance of transmission.

The wellbeing and safety of our guests is our main goal, and we are doing our best to give a stress-free stay at Hotel Pegasus whilst abiding by social distancing regulations. To encourage hand hygiene, we have supplied hand sanitizer throughout the hotel.

Availability of hand sanitizer


Hotel Pegasus values cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, hand sanitizer is available throughout the hotel. You can find it in reception, dining areas, and common spaces. It’s placed in high-traffic locations, like elevator entrances and communal spaces. The hotel staff also refills and monitors the hand sanitizer dispensers.

This is to guarantee guests have easy access to it. Hotel Pegasus follows standard health and safety protocols. Plus, more hand sanitizer is available for guests’ peace of mind. Be ready to be amused by customer reviews on Hotel Pegasus. Even in paradise, people have opinions.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews and Ratings

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Discovering the true value of Hotel Pegasus is best achieved through customer reviews and ratings. Unveiling the calculation of the review score and exploring the detailed ratings in essential categories provide invaluable insights. Additionally, understanding the guidelines for leaving reviews and observing the responses to customer feedback further enhance the overall experience. Let the collective voice of fellow guests guide you towards a memorable stay at Hotel Pegasus.

Calculation of overall review score

Calculating the overall review score of Hotel Pegasus requires analyzing various components. This score takes into account multiple factors, like accommodation, amenities, dining, sports & entertainment, accessibility, health & safety, and customer reviews. To illustrate this calculation, a table is used. It contains columns showing different aspects that impact the review score. These may include accommodation, amenities, dining, sports & entertainment, accessibility, health & safety, and customer reviews. This makes it easier for guests to understand the factors influencing the overall review score.

In addition to the above-mentioned essentials, there are other details that contribute to the score. These include enhanced cleaning & safety measures due to COVID-19, and the availability of hand sanitizer.

Pro Tip: When assessing customer reviews before booking, consider opinions that match your needs & preferences. Focus on comments regarding areas that are important to you, rather than solely relying on the overall rating.

Detailed ratings in essential categories

The hotel Pegasus’ detailed ratings in essential categories can be seen in a table format. It has columns like reception service, cleanliness, amenities, food quality and overall customer satisfaction ratings. These ratings give potential guests an idea of the hotel’s strengths and weaknesses in each category.

The table shows a rating of 4.5 for reception service, 4.3 for cleanliness, 4.7 for amenities, 4.2 for food quality and 4.6 for overall customer rating.

Besides these, other factors which contribute to the hotel’s reputation are location convenience, staff friendliness, and value for money. These elements have an influence on guests’ experiences and opinions of the hotel’s quality. This can affect their decision when choosing a hotel.

Guidelines for leaving reviews

When leaving reviews for Hotel Pegasus, there are some guidelines to follow. Focus on your personal experience at the hotel, like service, cleanliness, and amenities. Give detailed descriptions and explanations of why you feel the way you do. Do not include any personal information, as these reviews are public. Reviews should be unbiased and objective, to help future guests and hotel management. These guidelines are in place to create a positive atmosphere for sharing experiences and helping guests make smart decisions about staying at Hotel Pegasus.

Response to customer reviews

Hotel Pegasus is committed to responding to their guests’ feedback. They address customer reviews promptly and professionally, aiming to improve the services and enhance the overall experience. Management values constructive criticism and uses it to meet expectations. Positive reviews are also appreciated.

In addition, Hotel Pegasus encourages guests to provide feedback through surveys or direct communication. This allows them to gain more insights and make necessary changes. The hotel believes communication is key in maintaining quality hospitality.

Conclusion and Booking Information

Conclusion and Booking Information

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Hotel Pegasus is the perfect place to stay! It has a great location plus top-notch services for travelers. There’s even luxurious rooms and facilities. Tourists can easily visit nearby attractions. Plus, the hotel offers delicious meals without having to leave. This convenience is sure to make the visit special. With its attention to detail, Hotel Pegasus is a standout in hospitality.

The reviews are in – guests love Hotel Pegasus! Its quality and service have been praised by many. So, it’s no wonder it’s a trusted choice for travelers. With its prime location, excellent amenities, and exceptional service, Hotel Pegasus provides an unforgettable stay.

Some Facts About Hotel Pegasus:

  • ✅ The Pegasus Hotel is located in Roda, Greece, approximately 37km from Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel has a family-friendly atmosphere and offers a total of 41 rooms. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel features amenities such as a pool, bars, a library, luggage storage, and a breakfast room. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The rooms in the hotel include facilities such as a hot water kettle, mini refrigerator, hairdryer, telephone, and television. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotel has a good value for money rating of 8.7. (Source:

FAQs about Hotel Pegasus

What are the enhanced cleaning and safety measures implemented by the Pegasus Hotel?

The Pegasus Hotel has implemented enhanced cleaning and safety measures for guests. They use a disinfectant product to clean the accommodation and frequently touch surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant between stays. Sheets and towels are washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C. Social distancing measures are in place, and the accommodation staff wear personal protective equipment. Hand sanitizer is available for visitors, and the accommodation follows the cleaning and disinfection practices recommended by Health First (Greece).

What are the basic amenities provided by the Pegasus Hotel?

The Pegasus Hotel provides basic amenities such as a general area and a bathroom. There are also restaurants and multimedia entertainment options available. The hotel has a terrace and emphasizes hygiene and safety. It is suitable for families and has a pool and spa. The rooms have laundry facilities and a workspace. Parking and transportation options are available, and there is a gym on-site.

What time is the check-in and check-out at the Pegasus Hotel?

The check-in time at the Pegasus Hotel is after 14:00 hours, and the check-out time is before 11:00 hours.

What is the cancellation and prepayment policy at the Pegasus Hotel?

The cancellation and prepayment policies at the Pegasus Hotel vary depending on the room type and provider. It is recommended to check the specific policies when making a reservation.

What is the total number of rooms at the Pegasus Hotel?

The Pegasus Hotel has a total of 41 rooms.

Where is the Pegasus Hotel located?

The Pegasus Hotel is located on Sidari-Kassiopi Road in Roda, Greece.