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Hotel in Barahona

Key Takeaways:

  • Barahona offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from 4-star hotels to budget hotels, providing choices for different preferences and budgets.
  • Some of the recommended hotels in Barahona include Casa Bonita, a 4-star hotel with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, and Playa de la Saladilla, a small hotel perfect for couples and families.
  • Travelers to Barahona can enjoy the natural beauty and ecotourism opportunities the region has to offer, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Introduction to Barahona

Hotel in Barahona

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Barahona, a breathtaking destination, offers an array of coastal attractions and the charm of its Central Park and Old Central Park. Discover the enchanting beauty of Barahona’s coastal wonders and immerse yourself in nature’s grandeur. As we dive into this introduction, we’ll explore the allure of Barahona’s renowned landmarks and the captivating history behind its Central Park and Old Central Park. Prepare to embark on a memorable journey through the hidden treasures of Barahona.

Overview of Barahona’s Coastal Attractions

Barahona is a stunning region in the Dominican Republic, offering a range of coastal attractions. From sunbathing on picturesque San Rafael Beach to exploring the historic Central Park, the area offers something for everyone.

Accommodation options range from luxurious 4-star hotels to eco-friendly hostels. For a great hotel in Barahona, check out Hotel in Barahona.

For a unique experience, Barahona also offers ample opportunities for nature exploration and ecotourism. Visitors can hike through lush forests, swim in natural pools, or visit the saltwater Lake Enriquillo.

Finally, don’t miss the chance to witness Barahona’s spectacular sunsets. The combination of vibrant colors and serene surroundings make for a truly magical experience – so make sure to bring your camera!

Exploring Barahona Central Park and Old Central Park

Experience the unique vibrancy of Barahona Central Park! Take a stroll, relax on a bench, and marvel at the picturesque surroundings. Check out this Hotel in Barahona for a comfortable stay near the park.

Discover Old Central Park, nestled next to Barahona Central Park. Explore its pathways, greenery, and statues that showcase the city’s cultural heritage.

Be in awe of the monuments and sculptures in both parks. They hold stories of Barahona’s past and provide a beautiful aesthetic.

Interact with the locals who gather in these parks. Exchange cultures, make friends, and have a great time!

Capture breathtaking photographs of the parks’ natural beauty and architecture. Flowers, fountains, and more await you – take plenty of pictures to keep your memories alive!

Beaches in Barahona: San Rafael Beach and Los Patos Beach

Beaches in Barahona: San Rafael Beach and Los Patos Beach

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Barahona, a coastal city in the Dominican Republic, is home to two stunning beaches: San Rafael Beach and Los Patos Beach. San Rafael Beach has white sand and tranquil turquoise waters, perfect for relaxation. Los Patos Beach features unique black sand and remarkable rock formations. Both have outdoor activities plus water sports. The local community keeps them clean and beautiful. Hotels are close by, plus amazing sunsets!

One special aspect of these beaches is their history and connection to the local culture. San Rafael Beach is named after a famous landmark, while Los Patos Beach has folklore significance. They have been featured in tourist magazines and travel guides, attracting people from all over.

If you visit Barahona’s beaches, don’t miss snorkeling at San Rafael. Then take a leisurely stroll at Los Patos and appreciate the black sand and rock formations. Lastly, capture the romantic sunsets! Explore these beaches for sun, water activities, and the area’s natural and cultural heritage.

Accommodation Options in Barahona

Accommodation Options in Barahona

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Explore the diverse range of accommodation options in Barahona, each offering unique experiences for travelers. From the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea at Casa Bonita, to the cozy and family-friendly atmosphere of Playa de la Saladilla, and the budget-friendly options near the beach, Barahona has something for everyone. Whether you seek eco-tourism at Hotel and Hostel in Polo or a dream beachfront experience at the 4-star Beachfront Hotel, Barahona’s accommodation choices cater to different preferences and interests.

Casa Bonita: A 4-star hotel with impressive views of the Caribbean Sea

Casa Bonita is a 4-star, lavish hotel. It offers picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea from Barahona. From the moment you enter, its architecture and decor will mesmerize you. Whether you lounge in the infinity pool, savor a gourmet meal or relax in your room, you can observe the Caribbean’s beauty.

This 4-star hotel has many amenities and services for guests. The rooms are exquisitely decorated with modern comforts such as AC, flat-screen TVs, and balconies or terraces. There are spa treatments, a fitness center, and many outdoor activities nearby like hiking, boat tours, and beaches.

Casa Bonita was originally a private residence in the early 20th century. It has since welcomed travelers from all over the world, who have been charmed by its elegance. It’s an incredible choice for anyone looking for a unique stay in Barahona. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, an adventurous holiday, or just need to relax, this 4-star hotel will make it memorable.

Playa de la Saladilla: A small hotel ideal for couples and families

Playa de la Saladilla is a small retreat for couples and families! It has cozy vibes and plenty of amenities for everyone. With its stunning beaches and views of the Caribbean Sea, this hotel truly stands out. Plus, it’s only 500 meters away from the beach, so you can save money and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive into an unforgettable experience today!

Cheap Hotel: Located 500 meters from the beach

This cheap hotel is 500 meters away from the beach, offering a great way for travelers to make the most of their beach getaway. They can access the sand and crystal-clear water without much effort.

  • Convenient Location: A perfect spot close to the beach for those who want to relax and have fun.
  • Affordable Rates: Great rates allow guests to stay without worrying about the cost.
  • Comfortable Rooms: Cozy and comfortable rooms with essential amenities.
  • Nearby Attractions: Just a stone’s throw away from restaurants, bars, and shops.

This budget hotel provides convenience, comfort, and affordability. It’s 500 meters away from the beach so guests can easily explore nearby attractions such as restaurants, bars, and shops. Moreover, its comfortable rooms are equipped with essential amenities to ensure an enjoyable stay.

In summary, this cheap hotel near the beach is an ideal option for travelers on a budget. With its convenient location and comfortable rooms, it provides everything needed for a great beach getaway in Barahona.

Hotel and Hostel in Polo: Dedicated to ecotourism and nature discovery

Discover the unique hotel and hostel in Polo, Barahona! Offering ecotourism experiences and opportunities for nature discovery, it’s the perfect escape for nature lovers. There’s plenty to explore – guided hikes through rainforests, snorkeling along vibrant coral reefs, and eco-friendly tours. Plus, the establishment promotes sustainable practices like energy-efficient tech, waste management, and responsible water usage.

Don’t miss out on this chance to stay in Barahona and experience nature like never before. Swimming pool, restaurant, and meeting rooms await you at the hotel on Avenida Enriquillo. Book your stay now!

Hotel on Avenida Enriquillo: Offers a swimming pool, restaurant, and meeting rooms

Discover the luxury of this hotel, located on Avenida Enriquillo in Barahona. Swim in the pool, dine at the on-site restaurant, and have access to meeting rooms for business.

This special hotel offers more than just the basics. Guests can take advantage of:

  • A swimming pool for leisure and exercise
  • A restaurant with delicious dining options
  • Meeting spaces for business purposes

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience in Barahona! Book your stay now for an unforgettable time.

4-star Beachfront Hotel: Offers a dream beachfront experience

The 4-star Beachfront Hotel in Barahona is an unforgettable dream come true. With stunning ocean views and luxurious rooms, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Plus, you’ll have direct beach access to pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters. The hotel also offers modern amenities and elegant design for maximum comfort.

The hotel has world-class dining options too. Fresh local ingredients are crafted into delicious cuisine by skilled chefs. For relaxation and recreation, you can take advantage of the swimming pools, spa treatments, fitness centers, and outdoor activities.

So, come discover the dream beachfront experience at the 4-star Beachfront Hotel in Barahona. Indulge in incredible ocean views, direct beach access, exclusive amenities, delicious dining, and relaxation facilities. Just steps away from delectable dining and vibrant nightlife at Hotel Caribe.

Hotel Caribe: Located on Enriquillo Avenue, close to restaurants and bars

Hotel Caribe is located on Enriquillo Avenue in Barahona. It’s the ideal choice for guests looking to explore the local dining and nightlife scene. The hotel is close to a variety of restaurants and bars. This makes it easy for guests to enjoy delicious meals and drinks without having to travel far.

The prime location of Hotel Caribe offers guests easy access to the vibrant culinary options and nightlife choices nearby. Traditional Dominican cuisine, international flavors, and local bars are all within a stone’s throw away.

This small hotel in Juan Esteban is just steps away from the picturesque beach of El Quemaito. Guests can experience a perfect blend of relaxation and beachside charm.

The hotel also provides easy access to Enriquillo Avenue. This hub offers transportation options and local sightseeing tours. Nearby attractions such as beaches, parks, and nature reserves can all be reached from here. Hotel Caribe ensures that guests have easy access to all that Barahona has to offer.

Small Hotel in Juan Esteban: Located near the beach of El Quemaito

Hotel Playzul nestles in Juan Esteban, offering guests easy access to El Quemaito’s picturesque beach. Surrounded by the stunning coastline, visitors can bask in sun-filled days and spectacular ocean views. The small hotel’s intimate setting creates a tranquil atmosphere, for those seeking peace and relaxation.

It’s an unforgettable experience! An idyllic getaway near El Quemaito’s captivating beach. Immerse yourself in the charming ambiance and nature’s wonders. Explore vibrant marine life or lounge on golden sands. Hotel Playzul provides an oasis of serenity for travelers looking for solace amidst nature’s bounty.

Hotel Playzul: A quiet place to relax and enjoy nature

In Barahona, there’s a hotel called Playzul. It offers a peaceful environment for guests to relax and connect with nature. People come for the tranquil atmosphere. Plus, Playzul is close to the beach.

Playzul is special because it’s away from the city. Guests can find solace in nature. Accommodations and amenities are designed for peace and calm. It’s a haven for people looking for respite from their daily lives.

Villa Brijida: Combining nature and relaxation in El arroyo

Villa Brijida is a gorgeous place in El arroyo. Relax and enjoy nature here! Guests can indulge in the Caribbean Sea’s stunning views. This hotel emphasizes tranquility and peace. It’s perfect for an escape from the city.

Take advantage of the many amenities. Lounge at the pool or try the restaurant. And the rooms here are comfy and convenient. Plus, El Quemaito beach is close by. Enjoy sunny days on the sandy shores.

Barahona’s natural beauty and relaxation merge at Villa Brijida. This hotel offers unique experiences. Unwind by the pool, or explore the nearby attractions. Recharge and reconnect with nature and yourself here!

For those who want to save money while staying near Barahona, Villa Brijida is the perfect choice. Come enjoy a budget-friendly, rejuvenating stay in El arroyo.

Budget Hotel: Located just 5 minutes from downtown Barahona

El Quemaito’s small hotel, located just five minutes from downtown Barahona, is the perfect budget-friendly choice for travelers looking to explore the city. It offers comfortable rooms and essential amenities at an affordable rate. Plus, guests have easy access to transportation hubs, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and popular landmarks.

This budget hotel boasts several features that make it attractive. Comfortable accommodation, attentive staff, complimentary Wi-Fi, and parking are a few of the amenities offered. Guests can also take advantage of the nearby dining options and shopping opportunities within walking distance from the hotel.

In addition, the hotel is conveniently located near Central Park, Old Central Park, San Rafael Beach, and Los Patos Beach. All of these attractions provide visitors with a chance to experience the cultural heritage of Barahona and enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the Caribbean Sea.

To get the best rates, it is recommended to book in advance, particularly during peak travel seasons. Guests should take advantage of the hotel’s proximity to downtown and explore the local markets, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife scene. Staying at this budget hotel offers a convenient and affordable option for exploring Barahona while enjoying comfortable accommodation.

Small Hotel on the beach of El Quemaito

Grand Hotel Magaly offers a tranquil oasis for travelers seeking a restful getaway. Nestled on the picturesque beach of El Quemaito, this small hotel boasts stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and provides easy access to the sandy coastline.

The cozy rooms are designed for comfort, while the surrounding nature promises plenty of opportunities for exploration. Eco-tours will allow visitors to observe unique wildlife species, while nearby waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails offer a chance to immerse oneself in Barahona’s natural wonders.

This small hotel has earned rave reviews from guests, thanks to its cheap rooms, prime beachfront location, and proximity to various attractions. Grand Hotel Magaly is a great choice for those looking to save pennies and sanity on their Santa Cruz de Barahona vacation.

Grand Hotel Magaly: A small hotel offering cheap rooms in Santa Cruz de Barahona

Grand Hotel Magaly is a small hotel in Santa Cruz de Barahona. It offers affordable rooms to visitors. The rooms are comfortable and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. Plus, the rates are low – perfect for travelers looking for economical accommodation! Its location is great too – guests can explore nearby attractions. Staying at Grand Hotel Magaly means a pleasant and enjoyable experience. What makes it special? Cheap rooms without compromising on quality or comfort! Escape to paradise at La Saladillas beach – sun, sand, and serenity awaits!

Establishment near the beach of La Saladillas

Near the picturesque La Saladillas Beach in Barahona, lies a special establishment near the beach of La Saladillas. Here, guests can experience comfort and natural beauty together. The cozy accommodations and warm hospitality invite you to unwind in peace.

This establishment also provides restaurants, bars, and recreational areas to make your vacation even more enjoyable. Savour delicious cuisine while admiring the sea view or relax by the poolside, surrounded by lush greenery.

What sets this establishment near the beach of La Saladillas apart is its commitment to eco-tourism and nature conservation. It encourages guests to participate in eco-friendly activities such as hiking, bird watching, and exploring nearby nature reserves. This allows visitors to experience the natural wonders of Barahona, while contributing to their preservation.

Discover Barahona’s nature and ecotourism delights, where adventure and serenity come together!

Barahona’s Nature and Ecotourism Opportunities


Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Ryan Walker

Barahona is a haven for nature and ecotourism lovers! Its stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems offer visitors a unique experience. Expect lush forests, crystal-clear rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls. And there’s a hotel to stay in, so visitors can easily find accommodations while exploring the region.

Travelers can embark on hiking trails and find hidden treasures like the Los Patos waterfall. This waterfall is known for its cascading beauty and swimming spots! Plus, Barahona has lots of birds to spot, with their vibrant colors and melodious songs.

Barahona’s coastline is also stunning. Playa San Rafael and Playa El Quemaito are renowned for their tranquility and picturesque views. Tourists can swim, snorkel, and kayak in turquoise waters. Plus, the region is full of marine life – perfect for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Cozy and Comfortable Small Hotels in Barahona

Cozy and Comfortable Small Hotels in Barahona

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Small hotels in Barahona are cozy and comfortable, giving guests a professional and inviting stay. With personalized attention and a serene ambiance, these accommodations are a top pick for travelers.

Enjoy modern amenities such as comfy beds, Wi-Fi and more, all while immersing yourself in the local culture. Get ready to experience an unforgettable journey and explore the hidden gems of Barahona. Book your stay now!

Reasons to Choose a Hotel in Barahona for a Holiday in the South of the Dominican Republic

Reasons to Choose a Hotel in Barahona for a Holiday in the South of the Dominican Republic

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Barahona, a city located in the south of the Dominican Republic, is a great place to stay for a holiday. It has stunning natural beauty, tons of recreational activities, and a rich cultural heritage. You can find pristine beaches, lush mountains, and beautiful waterfalls. Plus, take part in water sports like snorkeling and diving, or hike in the surrounding nature reserves.

The Jaragua National Park is here too. It has diverse ecosystems and lots of different plants and animals. Plus, Barahona is a great spot to learn about the local Afro-Caribbean culture. Celebrate with music, dance, and traditional cuisine at the festivals and events throughout the year. Or, find out more about organic coffee and cacao production.

Barahona is still relatively undiscovered compared to other tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. You can still get the amenities and comforts of a modern hotel in Barahona, but away from the crowds. Enjoy a more authentic and tranquil vacation here. Plus, the laid-back atmosphere and genuine hospitality make it a great choice for those seeking peace and quiet.

In summary, Barahona is a great choice for a vacation. From its landscapes and activities, to its culture and untouched status, it’s an unforgettable destination. So, why not consider Barahona for your next holiday?

Flexibility in Travel Plans and Hotel Refund Policies

Flexibility in Travel Plans and Hotel Refund Policies

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Traveling to Barahona? Expect flexibility and peace of mind. Hotels in the area provide flexible booking options and various refund policies for your convenience. Book your stay today at a top-rated hotel in Barahona.

Bookings can be modified or cancelled without penalties. Refunds may depend on the cancellation notice given.

Review the terms and conditions of each hotel to understand the refund options. This allows travelers to make informed decisions and ensure smooth travel plans.



Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Alexander White

The hotel in Barahona is truly memorable and luxurious. It has stunning views of the landscape and offers a range of amenities. Its convenient location allows guests to explore nearby beaches, hiking trails, and cultural sites. Plus, there’s a spa, fitness center, and restaurant.

The hotel stands out with its commitment to sustainability. It uses eco-friendly materials and renewable energy sources. It also supports local conservation efforts and encourages guests to be responsible tourists.

For a luxurious, sustainable getaway, the hotel in Barahona is the perfect choice. It has everything guests need for a memorable stay. From the beautiful surroundings to the commitment to sustainability, it is a unique and immersive experience.

Some Facts About Hotels in Barahona:

  • Barahona is known as the Pearl of the South and offers beautiful beaches along the Caribbean Sea. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The hotels in Barahona are not all-inclusive. (Source:
  • ✅ Casa Bonita is a 4-star hotel located on Carretera de la Costa Km. 17, offering impressive views of the Caribbean Sea. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Playa de la Saladilla is a small hotel in Barahona, ideal for couples and families, with a unique atmosphere and beachfront location. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Hotel El Quemaito in Santa Cruz de Barahona is a beach-front hotel with a swimming pool, free parking, and an on-site Dominican restaurant. (Source:

FAQs about Hotel In Barahona

1. Can you tell me about Hotel El Quemaito in Barahona?

Hotel El Quemaito in Barahona is a beachfront hotel with clean rooms, a well-working air conditioner, and a swimming pool. It offers a silent and perfect place to stay, with beautiful views from the hotel garden. The hotel also serves delicious breakfast and dinner.

2. What amenities does Hotel Loro Tuerto in Barahona offer?

Hotel Loro Tuerto in Barahona offers rustic tropical-style décor, lush gardens, and complimentary Wi-Fi. It has a relaxed atmosphere with hammocks and a good selection of rum.

3. Can you provide information about Hotel Playazul in Santa Cruz de Barahona?

Hotel Playazul in Santa Cruz de Barahona features an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar. The staff is excellent and ready to help, and the food is delicious.

4. What are the features of Platon Ecolodge in Paraíso, Barahona?

Platon Ecolodge in Paraíso, Barahona offers an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, and a water park. It is located in a beautiful area and the rooms are well-built.

5. What can guests expect from Hotel Napoles in Santa Cruz de Barahona?

Hotel Napoles in Santa Cruz de Barahona provides accommodations with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace. The staff is wonderful and accommodating, the food is delicious, and the beach is outstanding.

6. Can you tell me about Casa del Mar Lodge Barahona in Santa Cruz de Barahona?

Casa del Mar Lodge Barahona in Santa Cruz de Barahona is set on a private beach and offers an outdoor pool, tropical gardens, and a restaurant. The entire staff is welcoming and provides exceptional service.