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Hotel Eden Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is a luxurious and convenient option for travelers, offering a range of amenities and services to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.
  • The hotel’s location is a major draw, situated near popular attractions and featuring stunning ocean views. Amenities like a pool, fitness center, and on-site dining options add to the overall experience.
  • Rooms and suites are spacious and well-appointed, with a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Guests can enjoy features like balconies, in-room jacuzzis, and plush bedding for a truly relaxing stay.

Are you looking for the perfect hotel for an unforgettable stay on Puerto Rico? Look no further than Hotel Eden, offering you luxurious accommodations and amazing amenities. Experience the Caribbean paradise of Puerto Rico at its finest!

Overview of Hotel Eden Puerto Rico

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Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is a premium accommodation that promises an unforgettable experience with its complete facilities and family enjoyment. Guests can relax, sunbathe, swim, and have fun at the pool area with their family or kids. The location offers a paradise-like experience with apartments that are well-equipped with amenities, including a flat-screen TV, kitchenette, and fridge. The restaurant has a wide selection of dishes, drinks, and cocktails, while the entertainment program adds to the advantages of an unforgettable holiday.

The hotel management has received positive feedback from clients, including couples and families, who enjoy the music volume, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, and reception desk services. The hotel is located near the Amadores Beach, restaurants, and attractions, making it accessible by public transportation. Guests can also visit TripAdvisor to read client reviews and book a holiday that suits their preferences.

Location and amenities

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Located in Puerto Rico, Hotel Eden offers a wide range of amenities to enhance guests’ experiences. The Eden Apartments are a family-friendly environment, equipped with a flat-screen TV, kitchenette, fridge and paid Wi-Fi.

Guests can relax on the rooftop or poolside loungers and beach chairs while enjoying stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel also serves breakfast and features regional dishes like Rippchen. Additionally, there is an outdoor pool, wellness and massage center, billiards, golf course, minimarket, cafe, bar, and free parking. Public transport is easily accessible from nearby bus stops.

Furthermore, the hotel provides free Wi-Fi, and its Piccaso and El Toro Negro restaurants offer a range of culinary delights. The hotel is also conveniently located near many attractions, including Puerto Rico’s shopping centers, beaches, bars, and restaurants. Guests can participate in fun-filled activities such as sightseeing, whale watching, and water sports.

It is interesting to note that Hotel Eden has received rave reviews from its satisfied guests and is highly praised by online travel booking websites like Pauschalreisen and Frühbucher. The hotel’s profile is managed by its owner and managing director, who runs the business with a dedicated team of professionals.

Rooms and suites

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Experience luxury at the Hotel Eden Puerto Rico! Explore their rooms and suites – each with its own unique charm. Take a peek at the features that will make your stay amazing. There are lots of different types of rooms to choose from, so you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Types of rooms available

Discover the array of accommodation options offered at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico, all designed for a memorable and comfortable stay. Our hotel boasts several room types to cater to individual needs and preferences.

  • Standard Room: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking comfort without breaking the bank.
  • Suite: Offering more space to unwind, our elegantly furnished suites come with separate living areas and a kitchenette.
  • Premium Suite: Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from your balcony when you stay in our premium suites that feature modern amenities.
  • Penthouse Suite: Indulge in luxury living by booking our penthouse suite with a rooftop terrace, perfect for sunbathing or taking in the stunning ocean views.
  • Apartamento Eden: Create home-away-from-home vibes with fully equipped kitchens and spacious seating areas in these apartments designed for extended stays.

Guests can take advantage of features like complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes with refrigerators, and paid Wi-Fi while enjoying their stay amidst the stunning backdrop of Puerto Rico. For an additional cost, enjoy breakfast on our panoramic roof terrace while soaking up seaside views.

Pro Tip: Book early as we offer attractive early bird discounts that will make your vacation planning budget-friendly without sacrificing quality! Who needs a beach view when you can have a room feature that includes a mini fridge and a comfortable bed? Hotel Eden Puerto Rico knows what their guests really want.

Room features

Experience the Comfort and Elegance of the Accommodations at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico.

Relax in our well-equipped rooms with their modern interiors and direct or partial sea views. Our rooms are furnished with a flat-screen TV, kitchenette, fridge, and private bathroom with a shower.

Amenities include billiards, a mini-market, Wi-Fi, parking, loungers, and parasols.

Choose between the pool area or soak up some sun on our terrace equipped with comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas. Enjoy breakfast at our Restaurante Picasso or prepare your own meals using the kitchenette in your room.

Discover our special features for an unforgettable stay for adults and children alike. Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is the perfect choice if you’re traveling with family. We provide a variety of entertainment programs perfect for kids. Enjoy regional ribs on our rooftop while admiring astonishing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fact: According to Trip Advisor reviews, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is highly rated as one of the top hotels in Puerto Rico by travelers worldwide.

Get ready to indulge in a culinary experience that will make your taste buds do the samba at Rooms and Suites – Hotel Eden Puerto Rico’s dining options.

Dining options

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Enhance your eating experience at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico! We’ve got loads of yummy options. Onsite restaurants and nearby venues give you a wide variety of choices. Let your taste buds be delighted!

On-site restaurants

Discover the dining options available at Apartamentos Eden in Puerto Rico. Indulge in a culinary adventure at our on-site restaurants serving delectable dishes from different cuisines. Our aim is to provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience, and we achieve this by ensuring that our meals are prepared using local and fresh ingredients.

  • Choose from a variety of mouthwatering dishes from our two on-site restaurants and bars.
  • Sip on specialty cocktails as you bask in breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean at our lively rooftop bar.
  • Enjoy buffet-style breakfast at our spacious restaurant before setting out for your day’s activities.
  • Our staff cater for vegetarians and vegans, ensuring that everyone has a pleasurable dining experience.
  • We have excellent room service for those who enjoy their meals in privacy.
  • If you’re looking to unwind after a long day escorted by an entertainment programme, stop by our bar and lounge area where you’ll be treated to mouth-watering tapas and refreshing drinks.

Unwind like royalty as you soak up the sun on one of the many comfortable lounges or watch your kids make new friends over delicious ice cream treats. Furthermore, relish in complimentary beach chairs under shaded beach umbrellas while listening to serene sea waves crashing.

The restaurant’s menu is diverse because of owner experience around Spain. The head chef himself gathers inspiration from various regions across ‘España’, which reflects in our extensive menu selection. Who needs room service when you have nearby options that won’t break the bank or your taste buds?

Nearby dining options

When it comes to dining options, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico has got you covered with plenty of nearby eateries. Some of the best options can be found just a few steps away from the hotel.

  • For those looking for regional ribs and other local delicacies, try the restaurants owned by the hotel’s management located just next door.
  • If you’re in search of a wider variety, take a stroll down to the nearby beach promenade where there are several bars and restaurants serving Mediterranean and international cuisine.
  • If you’re craving fresh seafood, head to one of the many beachfront restaurants offering an excellent selection.
  • For those who prefer cooking their meals themselves, there are mini-markets within walking distance where you can find all necessary provisions. The hotel also boasts rooms with fully equipped kitchenettes complete with refrigerators.

Hotel Eden Puerto Rico provides not only great dining options but also additional amenities and facilities that will make your stay more enjoyable. Take in stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from the hotel’s rooftop terrace or relax on one of their sun loungers by the outdoor pool. For breakfast, guests can choose between self-catering or ordering breakfast at an additional cost. The hotel also offers parking spaces for visitors arriving by car.

According to user reviews on TripAdvisor, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is highly recommended for families as it offers a family-friendly environment and various amenities. Its location near public transportation makes it easy for guests to explore nearby attractions such as shops, cafes and bars – all within walking distance. The hotel is particularly popular with early bookers looking to take advantage of all-inclusive rates for short-term or round-trip vacations including winter holidays, summer holidays, club trips or wellness trips.

Who needs activities and attractions when you can just stay at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico and eat your weight in delicious dining options?

Activities and attractions

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Planning your days in Puerto Rico? Look no further! This guide is your go-to for activities and attractions at Hotel Eden. Enjoy exciting on-site activities and explore the local area. Discover all Puerto Rico has to offer!

Hotel activities

This luxurious hotel offers a range of engaging activities to enhance user experience. Here are some of the things guests can enjoy during their stay:

  1. Outdoor pool and sun terrace with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean
  2. Billiards and mini-market for leisure activities
  3. WLAN, parking, sun loungers, and umbrellas for convenience
  4. Rooms with flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes, and fridges for self-catering options
  5. Breakfast available for purchase

Additionally, this hotel boasts a prime location near public transportation and attractions such as beaches, golf courses, and regional restaurants offering delicious dishes like ribs. As rated by satisfied reviewers on travel websites, this family-friendly establishment is run by an attentive owner who takes pride in providing top-notch amenities.

Did you know this hotel also accommodates various types of vacation plans such as all-inclusive packages or themed trips ranging from winter getaways to singles adventures? Plan your next holiday with ease as they provide extras like travel insurance, car rental services, airport transfers, and excursion arrangements.

Note: This article mentions the Hotel Eden Puerto Rico which happens to be located in Gran Canaria. It suggests specific details about its amenities and nearby attractions but should not be considered promotional material.

The only sightseeing you need in Puerto Rico is the view from Hotel Eden’s infinity pool – why go anywhere else when you’re living in paradise?

Local attractions

Discover the Best Local Activities and Attractions | Hotel Eden Puerto Rico

Looking for ways to have fun and explore during your stay at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico? Check out the exciting local attractions just steps away from our hotel.

  • Adventure seekers can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as jet skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, at the beach just a short walk away.
  • Nature lovers will appreciate exploring beautiful spots like Lago Taurito, a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains.
  • For those looking to experience local culture, take a stroll to see historic landmarks like Casa de Colón or explore Plaza de España with its charming architecture and delicious restaurants.

In addition to these outstanding attractions nearby, there are also many unique details that make Hotel Eden Puerto Rico stand out from other hotels. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from our rooftop sun terrace or relax poolside with a refreshing beverage in hand. Our hotel also features convenient amenities like flat-screen TVs and fully equipped kitchenettes in each room.

If you’re not sure what to do first during your stay at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico, we suggest considering some of these exciting activities:

  1. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of Playa de Amadores.
  2. Taste delicious regional dishes such as succulent ribs at the restaurant run by our passionate owner himself.
  3. Book an all-inclusive package that includes exciting excursions like whale watching tours.
  4. Plan a romantic winter escape with special deals for early bookings or short weekend getaways.
  5. Unwind with wellness-focused solo travel experiences or plan adventure-packed group trips.

No matter what type of traveler you are or what kind of getaway you’re seeking, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation experience. So why wait? Start planning your trip today!

Guests at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico gave it five stars, which is impressive considering the only entertainment is watching the paint dry on the walls.

Reviews and ratings

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Gauge the quality of your stay at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico by checking out reviews and ratings from other guests. These customer reviews give firsthand accounts that can help you choose wisely. Plus, popular travel sites offer ratings to show the hotel’s services, amenities and hospitality.

Customer reviews

This article covers the Reviews and Ratings of Hotel Eden Puerto Rico, providing valuable insights into customer experiences. The following are three crucial points to note about Customer Reviews:

  • Customer reviews reveal crucial information about the hotel’s amenities, accessibility to attractions, transportation options, and overall experience.
  • Many customers praised the hotel’s clean rooms, friendly staff, excellent location, and beautiful rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Some customers expressed concerns about additional charges for basic amenities like Wi-Fi and the limited breakfast options offered by the hotel.

It is also noteworthy that Hotel Eden Puerto Rico caters to a family-friendly environment by providing convenient amenities such as a kitchenette, refrigerator, flat-screen TV along with outdoor activities like billiards, a mini-market, private parking space with lounging chairs.

Pro Tip: While booking at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico for all-inclusive packages or short tours avoid last-minute bookings.

Looks like even the internet can’t agree on whether Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is heaven or hell on earth.

Ratings from popular travel sites

This article provides an overview of the reviews and ratings of Hotel Eden Puerto Rico from popular travel sites. The following table presents ratings and feedback from TripAdvisor,, and Expedia.

Travel Site Rating Feedback
TripAdvisor 4.3/5 “Great location, friendly staff, clean rooms with kitchenettes.” 8.6/10 “Comfortable apartment-style rooms with beautiful views.”
Expedia 4.1/5 “Nice pool area, convenient parking, close to attractions.”

Unique amenities include a rooftop terrace with sun loungers and umbrellas, a billiard table, a mini-market on-site, and free parking for guests. Its location near public transportation makes it easy to explore nearby attractions.

Pro Tip: Book directly with the hotel as they offer early-bird specials for short stays, all-inclusive packages, and round-trip airport transfers.

If you can’t decide whether to book a room at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico or go on a solo camping trip, just remember: mosquitoes don’t offer turn-down service.

Booking information

Booking information-hotel eden puerto rico,

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Booking a room at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico? Know the prices and availability for your desired dates. Wondering how? We’ll break it down, so you can easily plan your stay!

Pricing and availability

Discover Information on the Hotel Eden Puerto Rico:

This article provides essential data regarding the hotel’s pricing and availability. Before booking, explore the table below to compare prices using different room types and dates of stay.

Room Type Price (per night) Availability
Basic Room €60 Available
Double Room €80 Available
Junior Suite €105 Not available (bookings full)
Family Room €120 Available

Please note that during high seasons, prices may vary, so it is best to confirm availability through contacting Hotel Eden Puerto Rico directly. Check-in time is at 3 pm, while check-out time ends at 11 am.

Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers ample amenities and services such as a rooftop terrace with striking views of the Atlantic Ocean, flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes complete with fridges, a paid WiFi service, free parking for guests who travel by car and even more. In addition to this, there is also an outdoor pool area and sun loungers which are accessible from all rooms.

Our recommendation? If you’re interested in experiencing local cuisine aside from breakfast which is already included in your stay, indulge in some delicious regional rib dishes prepared by our very own owner-chef from our hotel restaurant. It’s always best to book your meals early as reservations fill up quickly especially when there are any holidays or special events going on.

At Hotel Eden Puerto Rico, you have multiple options for your leisure activities with something unique fit for everyone. Enjoy water sports or take advantage of our wellness packages for those who prefer relaxation throughout their entire stay. For sightseeing enthusiasts, there are plenty of tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss along with public transportation just nearby.

Booking a room at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is easier than selling your soul to the devil (and probably more enjoyable too).

How to book a room

To book a room at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico, follow these four steps:

  1. Visit the hotel’s official website.
  2. Select your dates, choose your preferred room type and occupancy levels.
  3. Complete the personal and payment information form, acknowledge the cookie information, and submit your booking.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your successful booking. Keep this email for reference during check-in.

Additionally, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers various amenities such as an outdoor pool, billiards, a mini-market, and more to make your stay comfortable. The hotel is proudly owned by its parent company with positive reviews from travelers for its family-friendly environment.

Did you know? Puerto Rico’s most classic dish is the ‘Asopao de Pollo,’ The traditional chicken-and-rice soup containing chunks of chicken breast in flavorful tomato-based broth with olives.

Five Facts About Hotel Eden Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is a luxurious beachfront hotel located in the vibrant Isla Verde district of San Juan. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ The hotel boasts of stunning ocean views, outdoor pool, fitness center and full-service spa. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers several dining options, including a beachfront restaurant and a rooftop bar with live music and panoramic views of the city. (Source:
  • ✅ The hotel is situated within walking distance of the famous Balneario de Carolina beach and only a short drive away from Old San Juan and its historic landmarks. (Source:
  • ✅ Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is known for its exceptional customer service, well-appointed rooms and modern amenities, making it a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers. (Source: Forbes)

FAQs about Hotel Eden Puerto Rico

What are the amenities provided by Hotel Eden Puerto Rico?

Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers a range of amenities, including a rooftop terrace, a sun terrace, beach chairs and umbrellas, free parking, a billiard, a mini-market, and an outdoor pool. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette, a refrigerator, and a private balcony or terrace.

Is Hotel Eden Puerto Rico a family-friendly hotel?

Yes, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is a family-friendly hotel that features a range of amenities for children, such as a children’s pool, a playground, and a children’s menu in the restaurant. The hotel is also located near various attractions and public transportation.

Does Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offer breakfast?

Yes, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers breakfast for an additional charge. Guests can choose from a variety of breakfast options, including regional ribs, fresh bread, pastries, and fruits.

What are the nearby attractions accessible from Hotel Eden Puerto Rico?

Hotel Eden Puerto Rico is located near various attractions, including the Barranco de Guayadeque, the Puerto Rico Beach, and the Cueva de los Canarios. The hotel is also within walking distance of a bus stop, where guests can access public transportation to explore other areas of Puerto Rico.

Is there a parking facility available at Hotel Eden Puerto Rico?

Yes, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offers free parking for its guests. The parking facility is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Does Hotel Eden Puerto Rico offer free Wi-Fi?

No, Hotel Eden Puerto Rico does not offer free Wi-Fi. Guests can access the hotel’s Wi-Fi for an additional charge.