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Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Hotels

Key Takeaway:

  • Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offers a range of accommodation options for visitors, including budget hotels, luxury hotels, and family-friendly hotels. It is important to consider your needs and preferences when choosing a hotel to ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Budget hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer affordable rates and basic amenities, making them a great option for travelers on a tight budget. Luxury hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer high-end amenities and services, such as spas, fine dining restaurants, and swimming pools.
  • Family-friendly hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico offer activities and amenities for children, such as children’s pools, kids’ clubs, and family entertainment programs. These hotels are a great choice for families traveling with children.
  • Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels offer a range of facilities and amenities, including spa and wellness facilities, restaurants and bars, and outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and golfing.
  • Booking a hotel in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico can be done online or by contacting local travel agencies. It is important to compare prices and read reviews to ensure a satisfying stay.

Are you looking for an extraordinary vacation spot? Look no further than Gran Canaria and Puerto Rico, two of the most popular and exciting destinations for travelers. Here you’ll find a wealth of luxurious hotels, exotic beaches, and unforgettable culinary experiences.

Accommodation options in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Accommodation options in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico-gran canaria puerto rico hotels,

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For the perfect Gran Canaria Puerto Rico holiday, look into the following:

  • Budget hotels for a nice, cost-effective stay.
  • Luxury hotels for an elegant, extravagant vacation.
  • Family-friendly hotels for a special break with your family.

Pick the one that meets your requirements and desires. Have a great time in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico!

Budget hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Looking for affordable options to stay in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria? Here’s a list of budget-friendly hotels you can choose from:

  • Infinity Pool and Stunning Sea View at Bestseller Hotel Europa
  • Fantastic Location Near the Beach and Promenade at Self-Rated Landeskategorie Assured Apartments
  • Affordable Family Rooms with Balcony and Pool Access at Top-Pick Zimmer Bar
  • English-Speaking Staff and Free Parking at Guest-Recommended Hotel Small Venice

In addition to these, each hotel provides unique amenities such as personal balconies, beachfront views, on-site restaurants and pool bars, parking garage access, and more.

If you’re searching for something specific during your stay, use filters across various categories such as dreamy views or top-rated pool areas during the booking process. With great prices that start per person, you can grab exclusive deals with flexible cancellation policies suited to your needs.

Discover all that Gran Canaria Puerto Rico has to offer by engaging in water sports such as surfing or diving. You can also explore nearby attractions like Playa de Amadores or Puerto de Mogán. Overall, weather conditions are fantastic too with an average daily temperature of 22 degrees Celsius alongside plenty of sunlight hours.

Book your accommodation now using reliable platforms like Alltours! Upgrade your vacation to a baller status at these luxury hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico, because who needs a basic beach when you can have a rooftop infinity pool?

Luxury hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is known for its range of luxury accommodation options that offer a premium holiday experience. These hotels provide world-class amenities and impeccable service, catering to discerning travelers seeking the ultimate getaway.

  • Elevate your stay with stunning Meerblick rooms, luxurious infinity-pool, and balconies with breathtaking Aussicht.
  • Familien can enjoy top-notch facilities such as a parkplatz, tiefgarage, and English-speaking staff at top-tier hotelkategorie.
  • Enjoy an abundance of Einkaufsmöglichkeiten within close proximity to these hotels, making it a convenient location for your vacation.
  • Experience exceptional Service in all areas including Gastronomy and Wellness, with delicious Buffet meals and relaxing spa treatments after your day of Ausflug activities.
  • Choose from various Empfehlung deals offered frequently on Pauschalreisen websites or directly through the hotel website, with ample Stornokonditionen and Aktionen available.

Not only do these luxury hotels boast a Traumhafte Aussicht, but many also cater to specific tastes. Some offer Barrierefreie Zimmer suitable for wheelchair users or elderly guests. Others are Erstklassig fr Paare who want seclusion and romance during their stay. For Aktivurlauber there are several Top Poolbereich surrounded by nature offering panoramic Ausblick.

Pro tip: Be sure to check the Sterneklassifizierung before booking as it can vary based on Selbsteinschätzung of individual hotels. Additionally, pay attention to Bewertungen on well-known hotel review sites to ensure you get the most out of your stay in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico.

If your kids are too loud for your Airbnb, try one of these family-friendly hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico.

Family-friendly hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico

For a family-friendly stay in Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico, several accommodation options are available to choose from. These options cater to families who desire comfort, convenience, and value for their holiday experience.

  • Self-catered apartments with balconies overlooking the bay are prevalent. The availability of kitchenettes, peaceful surroundings and on-site facilities including pools make it an ideal pick.
  • Resorts offering entertainment and animation programs for children keep the little ones entertained. Alongside this, spa treatments and adult-only spaces promise relaxation that can undoubtedly satisfy everyone’s needs.
  • Budget hotels offer simple yet adequate accommodations with access to nearby shopping areas suitable for those looking for affordable stays in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico.
  • Vacation rental homes provide bigger living spaces and more privacy. They are suited for families visiting together looking for spacious but comfortable living conditions.
  • Luxury hotels boasting expansive swimming pools and natural scenic views are optimal for those seeking luxurious accommodations at favorable prices.

Puerto Rico’s location on the southwest coast makes it a popular spot for tourists all year round. But if one desires to visit during peak seasons such as summer holidays or Christmas/New Year period booking ahead should be considered.

To ensure your family gets the best out of its Puerto Rican holiday adventure, book kid-friendly tours such as Atlantic water park or wildlife parks in advance.

Stay at a Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotel for the amenities, stay for the endless piña coladas and regrettable karaoke performances.

Amenities and facilities available in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

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Stay at Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels for an enhanced experience! Pamper yourself with the spa and wellness facilities. Enjoy the culinary experiences at the restaurants and bars. And take part in outdoor activities near the hotel for a delightful time!

Spa and wellness facilities in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

Guests at Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels can enjoy a range of amenities and facilities that promote relaxation and well-being. Below are some of the impressive spa and wellness options available:

  1. The hotels offer modern saunas where guests can unwind and destress after a long day.
  2. Spa treatments such as massages, manicures and pedicures are available at reasonable prices.
  3. State-of-the-art fitness centers are also present to cater for those who want to continue with their regular workout regimen.

Beyond these conventional options, guests can also access unique details like English-speaking attendants who make communication easy. However, availability is limited, so booking in advance is essential.

Interestingly, did you know that Gran Canaria has one of the best weather patterns in all of Spain? Average daily temperatures peak at 25 °C during the months of July and August, with over 10 hours of sunshine guaranteed. During winter visitors can expect mild and stable temperatures making it a particularly alluring vacation option throughout the year.

Get ready to wine and dine in style at Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels, where the restaurants and bars are so good they make you forget you still have to pay for your flight home.

Restaurants and bars in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels offer a wide range of dining and drinking options.

  • Restaurants in the hotels serve international cuisines alongside Spanish delicacies. While some eateries specialize in seafood, others specialize in pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches.
  • Bars on the property are a perfect spot to chill out after a busy day. The hotel bars serve local beers, wines, cocktails, mocktails, and their own specials. The poolside bar offers refreshments to sunbathers by the water.
  • The hotels also have cafes that serve coffee, tea and snacks for those who prefer heartwarming beverages and quick bites in between meals.

In addition to these amenities, most restaurants host various themed dinners and live shows at specific days of the week. Visitors can expect authentic music performances alongside regional food when choosing these activities.

According to HolidayCheck, Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels have an overall satisfaction rating of 4.3/5 based on self-assessment reviews from more than 30 thousand guests. Moreover, TripAdvisor certificate of excellence award-winning properties provide tourists with affordable deals from different departure points across Austria, Germany, Switzerland or another country starting from €20 price per night per person.

Get your sunscreen and sense of adventure ready, because the outdoor activities near Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels are hotter than the sand.

Outdoor activities available near Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

Near the hotels in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, there are a variety of outdoor activities available to explore and enjoy.

  • Water sports are highly recommended for those who love to stay active during their vacation. These include windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing and parasailing.
  • Hiking trails through natural parks such as Fataga and Tamadaba offer breathtaking views of the island’s beauty.
  • Golf courses situated alongside breathtaking mountainous terrains is an excellent way to take advantage of Gran Canaria’s mild weather all year round.
  • A day trip to the nearby beach, Puerto De Mogan or Klein Venedig (Little Venice), promises a great time with family and friends while soaking up the sun.

For further relaxation after a busy day outdoors, hotels offer amenities like balconies to take in sunset views or noise-cancelling windows for undisturbed rest.

When exploring these outdoor activities, visitors can take into account the weather data provided by hotels which covers temperature and sunshine data among others. For more recommendations on activities that suit one’s preferences and pocket size, visitors can freely consult with English-speaking staff at hotels who can suggest affordable options along with self-assessed ratings.

Booking Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels is easier than stealing candy from a baby, but with less guilt and more vacation vibes.

How to book Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

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Booking Gran Canaria Puerto Rican hotels? You have two options. Online or local travel agencies. Compare prices, book from home – online. Or go with the personalized experience – local travel agencies. Choose the right one for you!

Online booking options for Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotels

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Hotel Booking Tips

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Gran Canaria’s Puerto Rico, it’s crucial to research online booking options before making a decision. Follow these tips to ensure you find the best deals and options suited for your stay.

  • Compare Prices: Look at multiple online booking platforms, such as Expedia and, to compare prices and packages offered by hotels in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria.
  • Consider Location: Analyze hotels’ proximity to the beach, shopping centers, and water sports facilities. Consider what attracts you most when choosing your ideal location.
  • Read Reviews: Check out reviews from guests who have previously stayed at hotels in Puerto Rico Gran Canaria on online booking websites. This will give you a tremendous insight into the property’s expectations.

It’s also essential to take unique features of each hotel into consideration, such as accommodation amenities like balconies, ventilation and empty rooms. The weather conditions of Puerto de Mogn are another aspect not to overlook while booking your hotel stay.

Pro Tip: When evaluating rates, keep in mind that prices per person may be listed rather than total; be cautious when assessing offers from various abflughfen airport departure points provided by different airlines when selecting cheep offers.

Skip the middleman and go straight to the source for your Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotel booking needs.

Contacting local travel agencies for Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotel bookings

If you’re looking to book a Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotel, contacting local travel agencies can be an excellent option. These agencies have in-depth knowledge of the local travel scene and can help find the perfect hotel for your needs. They can also offer additional services such as airport transfers, excursions, and car rentals.

When contacting a local travel agency for your Gran Canaria Puerto Rico hotel booking, it’s important to have some basic information ready such as your travel dates, budget, and preferred amenities. This will help the agency narrow down their search and provide you with suitable options.

It’s worth noting that many local travel agencies speak English, making communication easier for non-Spanish speakers. Additionally, they may also offer discounted rates or packages that are not available online.

With so many hotels in Gran Canaria Puerto Rico to choose from, utilizing a local travel agency can save you time and ensure a stress-free booking experience. Don’t miss out on great deals and personalized service by not considering this option.

Remember to book in advance to secure your spot since Gran Canaria Puerto Rico is quite popular among active vacationers and beach-goers alike. Checking out the weather data is also recommended to get an idea of the best time to visit in terms of temperatures, sunshine hours, and water temperature.

Five Facts About Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Hotels:

  • ✅ Puerto Rico is a popular tourist destination in Gran Canaria, known for its sandy beaches and warm climate. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ There are over 20 hotels in Puerto Rico, catering to a range of budgets and preferences. (Source:
  • ✅ Some of the top-rated hotels in Puerto Rico include Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel, Servatur Puerto Azul, and Marina Suites. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Many hotels in Puerto Rico offer all-inclusive packages, including meals, drinks, and entertainment. (Source: Expedia)
  • ✅ Popular activities for hotel guests in Puerto Rico include swimming, sunbathing, water sports, and exploring nearby attractions such as the Puerto Rico Shopping Center and the Angry Birds Activity Park. (Source: Gran Canaria Tourism)

FAQs about Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Hotels

What are some of the best hotels in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria for a beach holiday?

Gran Canaria is an ideal destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Some of the best hotels in Puerto Rico that are located close to the Strand (beaches) and have great Balkon (balcony) views include:

  • Holiday Club Puerto Calma
  • Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel
  • Servatur Puerto Azul Amadores

What are some of the nearby Einkaufsmglichkeiten (shopping options) from these hotels?

All of these hotels are located close to plenty of shopping options, including small shops selling local souvenirs, fashion outlets, and supermarkets. You can find several shopping centers near these hotels such as Anexo II Centro Comercial, Europa Centro Comercial and Centro Comercial Puerto Rico.

Are the hotel staff and locals generally able to speak Englischsprachig (English language)?

English is widely spoken in Gran Canaria, so you won’t have any problems communicating with hotel staff and locals.

What is the Preis (price) range for these hotels?

The room prices vary based on different factors like the amenities and location of the hotel. However, the Preis pro Person (price per person) ranges approximately from €50 to €120 per night.

What is the Selbsteinschtzung (self-rating) and Weiterempfehlung (recommendation rate) of these hotels?

According to guest reviews, these hotels have a Selbsteinschtzung (self-rating) of 8.0 or above, indicating very good and excellent service. The Weiterempfehlung (recommendation rate) is also high, with most guests saying that they would recommend these hotels to their friends and family.

What are some of the popular Aktivurlauber (active holiday) options available in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is a popular destination for Aktivurlauber (active holiday) enthusiasts. Some of the popular activities include:

  • Watersports such as scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, and parasailing.
  • Hiking in the island’s numerous scenic trails and nature reserves.
  • Exploring historical sites such as the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park.