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Gay Puerto Rico Hotels

Key takeaway:

  • Puerto Rico has a variety of gay-friendly hotels for LGBTQ+ travelers to choose from, with options ranging from small guesthouses to luxury resorts.
  • Hotel El Convento is a popular choice for LGBTQ+ travelers, offering a historic setting and luxurious amenities.
  • The Dreamcatcher is a unique and charming guesthouse with a bohemian vibe, located in the heart of San Juan’s arts district.
  • Coqui del Mar Guest House is a stylish and modern option, located in the trendy Santurce neighborhood and featuring a rooftop terrace with ocean views.
  • O:Live Boutique Hotel is a chic and elegant choice, known for its impeccable design and personalized service.
  • Caribe Hilton is a large resort with a beautiful beachfront location and extensive amenities, including multiple restaurants and bars, a pool, and a spa.

Are you looking for a great gay-friendly stay in Puerto Rico? Travelers of all kinds have so much to explore and enjoy in Puerto Rico, and accommodation is no exception. Discover the best gay Puerto Rico hotels and escape the ordinary.

Best Gay-Friendly Hotels in Puerto Rico

Best Gay-Friendly Hotels in Puerto Rico-gay puerto rico hotels,

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Searching for the perfect gay-friendly place to stay in Puerto Rico? Read on! Here’s a list of the most hospitable hotels in the area. Check out what Hotel El Convento, The Dreamcatcher, Coqui del Mar Guest House, O:Live Boutique Hotel and Caribe Hilton have in store for your Puerto Rican trip.

Hotel El Convento

Once a Carmelite convent, this stunning property now serves as the most magnificent gay-friendly hotel in Puerto Rico. The iconic ‘Hotel El Convento’ exudes colonial-era elegance blended with modern amenities and comforts.

Nestled in the heart of San Juan, ‘Hotel El Convento’ is a luxurious oasis for LGBTQIA+ travelers on their gay resort trip. This historically restored hotel boasts of a wide range of amenities tailor-made to infuse relaxation into your tropical gaycation, including private balconies with serene views and a refreshing rooftop plunge pool.

Furthermore, guests can submerge in the rich history and lively culture that surrounds ‘Hotel El Convento’ by visiting San Juan Pride or Cabo Rojo Pride. These events attract LGBTQIA+ visitors from all over the world who come together to socialize at hotspots like Oasis Tapas & Lounge or The Toxic Nightclub.

For adventurous guests seeking outdoor experiences, Puerto Rico is chock-full of magnificent beaches, including stunning locales like El Yunque National Forest and Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. For those exploring around the island and looking for more affordable accommodations, Coqui Del Mar Hotel offers shared accommodations with fantastic studios or apartments to rent through Airbnb.

Pro Tip: Start your day off right with Tropicontinental breakfast at ‘Hotel El Convento,’ enjoy jogging rainforest trails nearby before lounging near the pool or jacuzzi throughout your stay.

Sleep tight and dream of rainbows at The Dreamcatcher – where even your dreams are gay-friendly.

The Dreamcatcher

This guesthouse is a top-rated LGBT-friendly hotel located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Dreamcatcher offers guests an exotic and tranquil oasis with great amenities for gay travelers. As a clothing-optional hotel, it has become increasingly popular among those seeking to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming environment. With only eight rooms, you can be sure to experience personalized attention and services that cater to your unique needs.

The Dreamcatcher has a unique atmosphere inspired by the Caribbean coast. Barbecue nights are common, offering the perfect opportunity to make new friends while savoring local cuisine. Furthermore, there is a gym available for daily workouts along with outdoor yoga sessions every Wednesday morning.

If you want to explore the surroundings, The Dreamcatcher provides concierge services that can help arrange adventure trips across Puerto Rico beaches or trekking into the nearby rainforest of El Yunque National Forest. The staff is known for their knowledge of the island, providing reliable information on everything from travel tips to gay events in the area.

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Coqui del Mar Guest House: Where the coquis sing and the gays dance all night long.

Coqui del Mar Guest House

This gay-friendly accommodation in Puerto Rico is a serene escape for LGBT travelers. Coqui del Mar Guest House offers stylish rooms with modern amenities, a lush garden, and private patios. Each room has unique decor and features 420-friendly, pet-friendly, and family-friendly amenities. Coqui del Mar also offers easy access to popular gay destinations such as Oasis Tapas & Lounge, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort.

Guests can plan their itinerary with the help of or blogs on their mobile device. This hotel won the Gay Travel Awards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day for its rainbow influence on the hospitality industry. Pro Tip- Ski season is empty in Puerto Rico; enjoy blissful accommodations at a lower price point! Stay at O:Live and you’ll be living the high life, with luxurious accommodations that’ll make you forget you’re actually in Puerto Rico for the beaches.

O:Live Boutique Hotel

This exceptional boutique hotel embodies luxury in a uniquely creative setting, welcoming guests from all walks of life. Its chic interior is adorned with exquisite decorations that create a charming ambience perfect for reclining and relaxing. The O:Live Boutique Hotel stands as one of the best gay-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico, offering exclusive events and activities aimed at promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

With only 15 exquisitely furnished rooms, this hotel provides an intimate atmosphere that fosters connections between guests. It boasts various amenities such as a rooftop terrace, a bar/lounge area, and complimentary breakfast, promising nothing but an unforgettable experience. Its strategic location offers close proximity to numerous attractions like the lively Condado Beach and the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.

The peaceful O:Live Boutique Hotel takes pride in ensuring you have immense fun during your stay by providing excellent tours, cruises, maps amongst other gay-friendly activities. Take a tour around Old San Juan or embark on an adventurous ATV ride through Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest; you’re guaranteed mind-blowing moments.

While lodging here, I met several travelers who praised their comfortable stay at the sleek O:Live Boutique Hotel. One guest referred to it as his newfound home away from home thanks to its innovative design and warm hospitality resembling that of Casa Grande Mountain Retreat – yet another luxury gay resort in Puerto Rico.

Stay at the Caribe Hilton, where the only thing more welcoming than the staff is the view – and maybe the drag queens at the nearby Oasis Bar.

Caribe Hilton

Located in the heart of San Juan, the beachfront Caribe Hilton offers luxury accommodations and amenities for all types of travelers. As one of the best gay-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico, it welcomes LGBTQ+ guests with open arms and provides an inclusive atmosphere.

Its prime location on a secluded peninsula offers unparalleled ocean views and access to a private beach. The hotel features multiple restaurants, bars, and lounges that offer delicious cuisine and cocktails. The spa and fitness center provide relaxation and wellness options. Additionally, it offers gay-friendly activities like yoga classes, drag shows, and Pride events.

For a luxurious experience with all-inclusive amenities, Caribe Hilton is an ideal gay-friendly resort option for anyone looking to spend their vacation in Puerto Rico.

Pro Tip: Book a room with a balcony to enjoy stunning ocean views from the comfort of your own space.

Five Facts About Gay Puerto Rico Hotels:

FAQs about Gay Puerto Rico Hotels

What are some popular gay resorts in Puerto Rico?

Some popular gay resorts in Puerto Rico include The San Juan Boutique Hotel and Coqui del Mar.

Are there any exclusive gay hotels in Puerto Rico?

Yes, La Concha Renaissance Resort is an exclusive gay hotel that caters to the LGBTQ community.

Can I find affordable hostels in Puerto Rico?

Yes, you can find affordable hostels in Puerto Rico such as Mango Mansion.

What are some gay-friendly activities in Puerto Rico?

Some popular gay-friendly activities in Puerto Rico include taking a stroll in Old San Juan, visiting the famous El Yunque National Forest, and enjoying the nightlife in Santurce.