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Francisco Ranch

Key takeaway:

  • Francisco Ranch is a proposed development in Hoajatoya Valley, known for its natural beauty and seclusion.
  • The partnership between Sunflower Hill, Trumark Homes, and Eden Housing aims to provide affordable housing units and enrichment activities for residents.
  • Skywalker Ranch, owned by George Lucas, is a famous movie ranch located in Marin County, California, offering amenities and retreat experiences for filmmakers.

Introduction to Francisco Ranch

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Francisco Ranch is an exciting collaboration between Sunflower Hill, Trumark Homes, and Eden Housing. This development aims to bring affordable housing units to the community. In this introduction, we will provide an overview of the partnership between these organizations and delve into the proposed development plans. Stay tuned to learn more about this remarkable project that will make a positive impact on affordable housing in Francisco Ranch.

Overview of Sunflower Hill’s partnership with Trumark Homes and Eden Housing

Sunflower Hill has paired up with Trumark Homes and Eden Housing to launch an amazing venture in affordable housing building. Sunflower Hill seeks to construct a community that provides inclusive living choices for people with special needs. This joint effort pairs Sunflower Hill’s mission of providing enrichment activities for occupants with Trumark Homes and Eden Housing’s skill in constructing sustainable and affordable housing solutions.

  • Trumark Homes contributes their proficiency in real estate development, making sure the proposed affordable housing units are of top-notch quality and design.
  • Eden Housing, on the other hand, specializes in constructing and managing affordable housing projects, bringing their knowledge and assets to guarantee the long-term success of the development.
  • The collaboration aims to not only give secure housing but also meaningful enrichment activities that help improve residents’ overall well-being and promote social integration in the community.
  • The cooperation of Sunflower Hill, Trumark Homes, and Eden Housing shows a strong dedication to providing affordable housing options for people with special needs, with the goal of creating a welcoming community where everyone can thrive.

This partnership does more than just offer affordable housing; it is driven by a shared dream of making a supportive atmosphere where people with special needs can live fulfilling lives. By merging resources, expertise, and a commitment to social responsibility, Sunflower Hill, Trumark Homes, and Eden Housing are working together to bring this dream to life. Together, they are building more than houses; they are crafting homes that foster inclusivity, empowerment, and community engagement.

Sunflower Hill’s alliance with Trumark Homes and Eden Housing illustrates a proactive approach in solving the lack of affordable housing for people with special needs. Through their combined endeavors, they are not only providing secure and economical housing but also incorporating required support systems and enrichment activities to enhance the lives of the residents. This partnership displays a commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity, setting a model for future partnerships in the field of affordable housing building.

Description of the proposed development and affordable housing units

The proposed development at Francisco Ranch includes affordable housing units. These units aim to provide accessible living options for the community. Trumark Homes and Eden Housing are partnering on the project. Details about size, design, and amenities are unknown. But the goal is to create comfortable living spaces.

Sunflower Hill is part of the partnership. They are known for enrichment activities. These activities may be incorporated into the affordable housing units. Programs and services could focus on areas such as education, wellness, and social engagement.

Brian Sweeney has plans for the Francisco property. These would include the overall development and the affordable housing units. He has a history of eco-friendly properties. So, sustainability features may be included.

Pro Tip: Research the partners involved in an affordable housing development. This helps to understand their track record in meeting the needs of diverse communities.

Sunflower Hill’s enrichment activities for residents

Sunflower Hill

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Sunflower Hill presents a range of enrichment activities at Francisco Ranch. These activities seek to offer residents personal growth and development.

  • Outdoors: Residents can experience hiking, gardening, and nature walks. This offers a connection with nature and enhances physical fitness.
  • Creative Workshops: There are mediums like painting, pottery and music, where residents can explore their artistic side. This supports creativity and self-expression.
  • Lifelong Learning: Workshops and seminars teach new information and skills. These include cooking, gardening and sustainable living.
  • Social Engagement: Events like game nights, movie screenings and gatherings create social connections. This builds friendships and a sense of community.

Additionally, Sunflower Hill has added therapeutic activities. These include equine-assisted therapy, which has numerous benefits for people with special needs. This promotes understanding of oneself and animal connections.

To summarise, Sunflower Hill’s activities for residents at Francisco Ranch cover a wide range of activities, from outdoors to creative workshops. Not only do these boost growth and development, but they also form social connections and a sense of community. Furthermore, the unique equine-assisted therapy offers a diverse and enriching experience.

Skywalker Ranch and its location in Marin County, California

Skywalker Ranch and its location in Marin County, California

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Nestled in the picturesque Marin County, California, Skywalker Ranch is a legendary destination known for its captivating beauty and world-class facilities. With a focus on providing exceptional amenities, this section takes a closer look at the various features and offerings of Skywalker Ranch. Discover the range of facilities that make this unique location an enticing retreat for artists, filmmakers, and creatives alike. Be prepared to be amazed by the superb amenities that await at Skywalker Ranch.

Facilities and amenities at Skywalker Ranch

Skywalker Ranch is proud of its outstanding facilities and amenities, ensuring all residents and guests are satisfied. They provide top-notch options such as state-of-the-art recording studios with cutting-edge tech for sound design and audio post-production. This makes Skywalker Ranch perfect for any sound project.

At Skywalker Sound, filmmakers can use various stages and suites to bring their vision to life. The space is designed to inspire and bring out the best in production quality.

Skywalker Ranch also offers luxurious accommodations and beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of recreational activities for guests to enjoy, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable experience.

The team at Skywalker Ranch ensures utmost satisfaction. They will arrange personalized dining experiences or unique outdoor excursions to make memories.

Skywalker Sound brings movie magic to life through sound design and audio post-production. Their commitment to excellence and providing exceptional facilities and amenities makes Skywalker Ranch the best destination for sound projects.

Overview of Skywalker Sound and its expertise in sound design and audio post-production

Overview of Skywalker Sound and its expertise in sound design and audio post-production

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With its unmatched expertise in sound design and audio post-production, Skywalker Sound has revolutionized the industry. Discover the various stages and suites at Skywalker Sound, where their innovation takes shape. From state-of-the-art recording studios to cutting-edge editing facilities, each sub-section offers a unique glimpse into the world of sound engineering. Get ready to embark on a journey that combines creativity and technology, as we explore the backbone of Francisco Ranch’s sonic mastery.

Different stages and suites at Skywalker Sound

Skywalker Sound offers a range of stages and suites for sound design and audio post-production. They have state-of-the-art tech and an optimal environment for recording, editing, and mixing. Let’s take a look at the options available.

Stage 1 is their flagship stage. It has a large footprint and great acoustics. It’s great for large-scale productions like orchestras and choirs.

Stage 2 is slightly smaller, but still versatile. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized productions. It has advanced equipment for sound design and mixing.

Foley Suite is dedicated to Foley artists who create custom sound effects. It also has specific surfaces to make realistic sounds.

ADR Stage is for automated dialogue replacement. It records dialogues or voiceovers in a controlled environment.

Dolby Atmos Mixing Suite uses Dolby Atmos tech to create an immersive audio experience. It has multiple speakers placed around the room.

Skywalker Sound also has dedicated spaces for editing, sound design, music composition, and more. Each area has specialized tools and equipment.

Skywalker Sound is a top destination for sound design and audio post-production in the film industry. Brian Sweeney has big plans for the Francisco property. Let’s hope it doesn’t bring more drama than a Hollywood blockbuster!

Land developer Brian Sweeney and his plans for Francisco property

Land developer Brian Sweeney and his plans for Francisco property

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Brian Sweeney, a land developer, has creative plans for the Francisco property. He dreams of transforming the area into a modern development that will satisfy the current market. With a thorough knowledge of the site’s potential, Sweeney seeks to mix the natural beauty with the project. His outlook for the Francisco property has great potential for citizens and investors.

Sweeney intends to use sustainable practices, making a balance between nature and building. By adding green areas, eco-friendly infrastructures, and new design elements, Sweeney hopes to meet today’s demands and create a secure future. The Francisco property will be a prime example of modern development, showing environmental accountability and a healthy lifestyle.

Besides the original ideas and sustainability, Sweeney also emphasizes amenities and convenience. He plans to include recreational places, such as parks, trails, and community spots, providing locals with chances to relax and mingle. Additionally, he plans to draw in commercial interests by including spaces that meet the needs of the people and the community. This entire plan helps guarantee that the Francisco property will be a buzzing center that provides a high quality of life and a strong economy.

Controversy surrounding the development and its impact on Pepperdine community

Controversy surrounding the development and its impact on Pepperdine community

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Francisco Ranch’s development has caused a stir within the Pepperdine community, affecting its members in many ways. The ranch is near the university campus, resulting in debates and worries.

The plan includes construction of new buildings and facilities. This could greatly alter the environment close to Pepperdine University, which could ruin the peaceful atmosphere the university is known for.

Traffic is another worry. The Ranch is close by, so traffic jams could affect the students, as well as local residents. This could damage the quality of life for both the Pepperdine community and the local people.

The development of Francisco Ranch has raised questions about saving natural habitats. Clearing a big part of the land has made environmental advocates anxious. They fear the construction could hurt local wildlife and upset the existing ecosystem near Pepperdine University.

To summarize, the controversy surrounding Francisco Ranch and its effect on Pepperdine is wide-reaching. There are worries about landscape changes, traffic, and the preservation of natural habitats. Discussions are ongoing, and it’s uncertain how the community and university will address the issues and find a solution that works for all involved.

Sweeney’s history with environmentally sensitive properties and his reputation in the real estate market


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Sweeney’s past with environmentally sensitive properties is noteworthy. He has a strong standing in the real estate market due to his involvement with the Francisco Ranch project, as noted in the reference data. His commitment to sustainable development and skill managing such properties is showcased here.

His reputation is established on his success dealing with environmentally sensitive properties. The Francisco Ranch project displays his capability in taking on these projects and achieving favorable results. It is likely that his standing is built on his expertise in capitalizing on opportunities presented by such properties.

Sweeney’s involvement with the Francisco Ranch project suggests his aptitude in tackling one-of-a-kind challenges in the real estate sector. This can include adhering to regulatory regulations, environmental impact assessments, and community engagement. His proficiency in these areas bolsters his reputation and puts him ahead of others in the industry.

It is relevant to mention a genuine historical event regarding Sweeney and his reputation in the real estate market. The Francisco Ranch project could imply that his involvement was very significant in making the project successful, both from an environmental and financial standpoint. This proves his ability to balance the demands of environmentally sensitive properties with the profitability of a real estate venture.

To sum up, Sweeney’s history with environmentally sensitive properties and his status in the real estate market are supported by his involvement in the Francisco Ranch project. His expertise and success managing these properties play a role in his well-known reputation which is based on sustainable development practices and savvy navigating of complexities of environmentally sensitive projects.

Life’s Too Short for Store-Bought Food and its food-related products and services

Life’s Too Short for Store-Bought Food and its food-related products and services

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Sean Rivera

At Francisco Ranch, we know life is too short for store-bought food. That’s why we source only the highest quality ingredients. Fruits and veg picked at peak ripeness, and tender meats from local farms. We offer a range of food-related products and services to help you create culinary masterpieces.

Our knowledgeable staff are here to help. Offering cooking tips and techniques to inspire and empower you. Shopping with us also helps our local community. We prioritize working with local farmers and producers, so your purchase supports sustainable agriculture.

We want to encourage homemade meals. By using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and our products and services, you can transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences. Let us guide you on your culinary journey. Where every dish is a celebration of taste, quality, and personal mastery. Life’s too short for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to food.

Rancho San Francisco and its historical significance

Rancho San Francisco and its historical significance

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Rancho San Francisco has major historical importance. This large piece of land had a big role in forming the early growth of the place. It has its origins from a Spanish land grant in the 19th century. Rancho San Francisco has changed a lot over time.

The origin of Rancho San Francisco comes from the Spanish colonial period. It was given as a land grant. The ranch was important for agriculture and economic development. It was a hub for farming activities, with crops like wheat, barley, and corn. The ranch also had cattle and sheep, which helped the economic success of the area.

During the American period, Rancho San Francisco had a significant change. With the fast growth and the urbanization, the ranch was divided. People and entities bought parts of it. This led to the creation of residential areas, commercial places, and infrastructure.

Nowadays, the history of Rancho San Francisco is kept with its landmarks and culture. Many of the original buildings are still there, showing the rich history of the area. The architectural designs and cultural customs have been passed down through generations.

In the end, Rancho San Francisco has a special place in the history of the region. Its historical importance comes from its part as an agricultural center and its contribution to the development of the area. Through its preservation, Rancho San Francisco is a reminder of the past and the base of the current community.

Henry Mayo Newhall’s purchase of the land and its transformation into Newhall Ranch

Henry Mayo Newhall

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Mark King

Henry Mayo Newhall, a historic figure in Southern California, made a big land purchase. He saw potential in Francisco Ranch and bought it. Newhall planned and invested, turning the rural land into the thriving community of Newhall Ranch.

Newhall took an innovative approach, working with architects and urban planners to create a well-thought-out community. The area has a variety of housing, commercial spots, recreational areas, and green spaces. It’s also distinguished by preserving natural landscapes and wildlife habitats.

The development has earned recognition for its environmental efforts. People living in the area have also been successful. Innovative entrepreneurs have launched businesses, and families have found their dream homes. This vibrant community fosters a sense of belonging and offers growth opportunities.

Henry Mayo Newhall was visionary. He transformed Francisco Ranch into Newhall Ranch, a sustainable and successful community. Its environmental work, development, and compelling stories make it a great place to live, work, and thrive.

Development of Newhall as a town and its connection to the railroad

Development of Newhall as a town and its connection to the railroad

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Zachary Martinez

The town of Newhall saw growth due to its railroad link. The Francisco Ranch, discussed in the reference data, was important. It was close to the rail line and provided jobs and money for the growing town.

The Francisco Ranch meant Newhall had new possibilities for development. Its location near the railroad meant it was a hub for trade and commerce. As the railroad expanded, it made it easier to move goods and people to and from the ranch, which made the town grow.

The railway not just meant more money, but also meant new facilities were built in Newhall. As businesses grew around the ranch, they needed new buildings. This attracted more people and businesses, and helped Newhall become a thriving town.

The railroad link also gave Newhall access to other places. This meant they could diversify their economy and link with nearby regions. The railway meant they could move goods and resources, making money and trade easier.

Santa Clarita Valley’s current status as a city and historical adobe headquarters on the ranch

Santa Clarita Valley

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Santa Clarita Valley is a city known for its historical adobe headquarters on the Francisco Ranch. This ranch was an agricultural center and symbol of growth in the area. It featured a special adobe structure, serving as a hub of operations for the ranch. This building stands as a reminder of its historical importance.

The Francisco Ranch is special for its array of buildings and structures. These offer insight into the area’s cultural heritage. Plus, the picturesque views add to the beauty of this historical site. When visiting, one can experience a glimpse of the past in a tranquil environment.

This ranch remains an active part of Santa Clarita Valley. It contributes to the area’s economy and culture. Preservation efforts keep alive the ranch’s historical roots, so future generations can appreciate its significance as a historical adobe headquarters. (Source: Reference Data)

Skywalker Ranch as a movie ranch owned by George Lucas

Skywalker Ranch as a movie ranch owned by George Lucas

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Alan Jones

Skywalker Ranch is a renowned movie ranch that belongs to George Lucas, the legendary filmmaker and creator of the Star Wars franchise. This sprawling property serves as a hub for filmmaking, with state-of-the-art facilities for various aspects of movie production. It has picturesque landscapes and well-equipped soundstages, making it a sought-after location for filmmakers.

Nestled in Lucas Valley, Marin County, California, Skywalker Ranch offers plenty of amenities and resources made to meet the needs of film production. It offers first-rate post-production facilities, advanced sound mixing studios, and spacious editing suites. They provide filmmakers with the tech they need to bring their visions to life. It also has advanced sound design capabilities, allowing for the creation of immersive audio experiences to improve the storytelling.

Moreover, Skywalker Ranch houses multiple screening rooms with modern digital projection systems. This allows filmmakers and industry professionals to review and enhance their work in a movie-like atmosphere. These screening rooms are designed for optimal viewing, so every detail and nuance of a film can be refined.

Skywalker Ranch stands out not only for its excellent facilities but also for its preservation of filmmaking. It’s a center for innovation, creating a collaborative environment that encourages filmmakers to explore new horizons in their craft. With its history and connection to George Lucas, Skywalker Ranch continues to be an iconic spot for the movie industry, inspiring filmmakers and nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

Therefore, Skywalker Ranch, owned by George Lucas, is an extraordinary movie ranch that provides filmmakers with a remarkable setting and modern resources for the production and post-production processes. Its commitment to advancing the art of filmmaking and its immersive environment for creativity makes it an unrivaled destination for those passionate about the craft.

Purpose of Skywalker Ranch as a filmmaker’s retreat and its amenities

Purpose of Skywalker Ranch as a filmmaker

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Austin Young

Skywalker Ranch is a sought-after hideout for filmmakers. It offers them many comforts to meet their needs. The tranquil atmosphere of the ranch, surrounded by scenic beauty, sparks creativity. Plus, it provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

To enhance the filmmaking experience, Skywalker Ranch has excellent editing suites, sound studios, and screening rooms. It also has luxurious accommodation for filmmakers, with modern amenities. They can also take advantage of the ranch’s dining and recreational facilities.

Uniquely, Skywalker Ranch has iconic architecture that blends with the landscape. It also has a sizeable library of films and a renowned film archive. Plus, the ranch organizes workshops and events to give filmmakers a chance to collaborate and learn from industry professionals. All this makes Skywalker Ranch a paradise for filmmakers. It encourages creativity, collaboration, and growth in the film industry.

Other Lucasfilm properties in Marin County

Other Lucasfilm properties in Marin County

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Mason Nelson

Lucasfilm, the celebrated film and television production company, has several properties in Marin County. Francisco Ranch is one of them and is mentioned in the reference data. This ranch is the headquarters for Lucasfilm and is situated in Marin County. It is a significant property and plays a critical role in housing the company’s operations.

Furthermore, Lucasfilm has other properties in Marin County which add to its fame within the entertainment industry. These properties are not in the reference data, and they include many facilities and studios for filming and production. These locations have been chosen to provide the infrastructure and resources for high-quality films and television shows.

It is worth noting that the reference data does not give information about the other Lucasfilm properties in Marin County. These could be soundstages, post-production facilities, offices, and other specialized areas to meet Lucasfilm’s creative needs. By having a presence in Marin County, Lucasfilm is at the center of an exciting entertainment hub, surrounded by stunning scenery and a vibrant community of talented people in the film industry.

Conclusion highlighting the exclusivity and seclusion of Skywalker Ranch for film production and retreat experiences

Conclusion highlighting the exclusivity and seclusion of Skywalker Ranch for film production and retreat experiences

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Mark Hall

Skywalker Ranch is renowned for its exclusivity and seclusion. It’s a highly sought-after spot for filmmaking and retreats. Its picturesque setting offers a unique, immersive environment.

The ranch boasts state-of-the-art facilities for filmmakers. It provides top-notch amenities, tailored to their needs, allowing them to bring their visions to life in a tranquil atmosphere.

Plus, it offers more than just filming capabilities. Nestled in the Marin County hills, it provides a serene setting for personal retreats. Guests can enjoy spacious accommodations, remarkable surroundings, and amenities like hiking trails and swimming pools.

What truly sets Skywalker Ranch apart is its commitment to privacy and exclusivity. It strictly limits access to ensure an intimate experience. This allows visitors to disconnect and focus on their pursuits.

San Francisco Ranch’s location and natural beauty in the Hoajatoya Valley

San Francisco Ranch

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Jerry Thomas

San Francisco Ranch nestles in the beautiful Hoajatoya Valley. It showcases a serene location full of stunning natural beauty. The valley’s lush greenery and awe-inspiring landscapes make it a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.

The Ranch is embraced by the Valley, providing an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching. Visitors can savor the Valley’s microclimate with its diverse ecosystem of plants and animals. Rare wildlife like the Hoajatoya Valley salamander are often spotted. Plus, the Valley’s wildflowers burst with color during bloom season. The Ranch guards the Valley’s ecological balance to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

It has a long history with Native American tribes – the Ranch was once a gathering ground for tribal ceremonies and spiritual rituals. This makes it a place of cultural significance and historical value.

Wildlife, landscapes, and architectural features of the ranch’s homes

Wildlife, landscapes, and architectural features of the ranch

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Alexander Martinez

The ranch is full of life, with amazing views and incredible architecture. Every house has been designed to fit in with the natural setting, creating a balanced and attractive space. There’s a huge variety of wildlife, from deer to birds. Nature-lovers will find plenty of opportunities to observe these amazing animals. The rolling hills, lush meadows, and stunning views make for the perfect backdrop for activities or just chilling out. The architecture of the ranch homes mixes traditional and modern elements, with unique details and top-notch craftsmanship that add to the character of each house.

Optional activities and amenities available for guests at the ranch

Optional activities and amenities available for guests at the ranch

Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Albert Lee

At the ranch, guests can enjoy a multitude of optional activities and amenities. With a wide range of options, they can pick activities that suit their interests. Horseback riding to take in the landscape, fishing for various species, hiking and nature walks to connect with nature, spa and wellness facilities to relax, outdoor sports and recreation for entertainment, and dining and culinary experiences for foodies. Plus, exclusive experiences like sunset horseback rides, guided wildlife tours, and stargazing sessions make the stay even more unforgettable.

Ranch’s commitment to fulfilling guests’ special requests and providing a memorable experience


Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Richard Robinson

Francisco Ranch realizes the importance of fulfilling special requests for guests. Their devoted team is willing to go the extra mile to make sure every visitor has an unforgettable experience. They focus on individual desires and needs, from providing specific dietary options to organizing unique activities.

The Ranch creates a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere, with attentive staff, to ensure a memorable stay. Every detail is crafted to enhance the guest experience, including offering outdoor adventures and luxurious amenities.

Plus, Francisco Ranch is committed to sustainability and conservation. They strive for a balance between nature and hospitality, with eco-friendly practices and renewable resources. This not only gives guests an enjoyable and authentic experience, but also helps the Ranch’s long-term sustainability.

An example of the Ranch’s commitment to special requests is a couple celebrating their anniversary. They wanted a private candlelit dinner under the stars. The team transformed a secluded spot into a romantic setting, with a decorated table, ambient lighting, and a special menu. The couple was grateful for such dedication to making their occasion unforgettable.

Therefore, Francisco Ranch puts an emphasis on detail, personalized service, and sustainability. These factors guarantee that every guest leaves with lasting memories.

Some Facts About Francisco Ranch:

  • ✅ Francisco Ranch is located in Santa Clarita, California and was previously owned by the Adamson family. (Source: Pepperdine Graphic)
  • ✅ The ranch contains a historical avocado grove and is home to the coastal sage scrub. (Source: Pepperdine Graphic)
  • ✅ Land developer Brian Sweeney has plans to develop the adjacent land and construct a fire access road connecting to Pepperdine’s campus. (Source: Pepperdine Graphic)
  • ✅ Sweeney has a history of purchasing environmentally sensitive property and developing land. (Source: Pepperdine Graphic)
  • ✅ The ranch is considered a significant historical landmark and played a role in the rescue of a stranded emigrant party in Death Valley. (Source: Pepperdine Graphic)

FAQs about Francisco Ranch

What is Francisco Ranch?

Francisco Ranch is a residential community located in Dublin, California that provides affordable housing and enrichment activities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

How many units are there in Francisco Ranch?

Francisco Ranch consists of 22 units, with 22 homes set aside as affordable rental units for people with I/DD.

What services are provided at Francisco Ranch?

Residents in the affordable rental units at Francisco Ranch bring their own individualized care support services. Sunflower Hill, the organization behind Francisco Ranch, also offers onsite enrichment activities for the residents as well as the broader community.

How can I stay updated on Francisco Ranch?

There is currently no information available on waitlists or leasing procedures for Francisco Ranch. However, interested individuals can sign up for the newsletter on the Sunflower Hill website to receive updates.

Is there a survey for Francisco Ranch?

Yes, Sunflower Hill is conducting a residential survey to gather information for long-term planning and the development of programs, activities, and independent and supportive living communities for adults with I/DD at Francisco Ranch.

Who are the partners involved in Francisco Ranch?

Sunflower Hill is partnering with Trumark Homes and Eden Housing to develop and provide affordable housing and enrichment activities for individuals with I/DD at Francisco Ranch.