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Family Friendly Resorts In Puerto Rico

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  • Family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico offer a wide range of features and amenities to cater to all ages, from pools and water parks to kid’s clubs and activities.
  • Outdoor activities in Puerto Rico are perfect for families, including beaches and water sports, nature tours, and thrilling activities like zip-lining and kayaking.
  • Planning a family-friendly vacation in Puerto Rico requires careful consideration of factors such as the best time to visit with kids, family-friendly transportation options, and budgeting for activities and accommodations.

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  • Top family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico, such as the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar, feature a variety of amenities and services designed to cater to families, including swimming pools, kid’s clubs, gaming rooms, and water sports activities.
  • Outdoor activities in Puerto Rico, like hiking in the El Yunque National Forest and exploring the bioluminescent bays, provide unforgettable experiences for families.
  • To enjoy a stress-free and budget-friendly vacation in Puerto Rico, families should consider traveling during the off-season, taking advantage of public transportation, and researching deals and discounts on accommodations and activities.

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  • Family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico, such as the El Conquistador Resort, offer world-class amenities and services for families, including private beaches, water parks, golf courses, and kid’s clubs.
  • Outdoor activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking in Puerto Rico are perfect for families, providing opportunities to explore the beautiful coral reefs and marine life.
  • To save money on a family vacation in Puerto Rico, consider traveling during the low season, booking accommodations and activities in advance, and taking advantage of local markets and street food options.

Are you looking for an amazing family vacation spot? Puerto Rico is a great destination for families, offering a variety of family-friendly resorts. Here you’ll find resorts with activities for everyone to enjoy, from luxury amenities to beachside fun.

Top Family-Friendly Resorts in Puerto Rico

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The beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is a perfect destination for families looking for a fun-filled vacation. With its warm weather, natural beauty, and English-speaking population, it’s an ideal family-friendly location for US citizens, requiring no passport or foreign currency. Here are some of the best family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico to make your trip memorable:

  1. Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico, El Conquistador Resort, and Royal Sonesta San Juan offer spacious and clean accommodations with excellent gym facilities, pools, and friendly staff. However, they may come with high price tags and are somewhat secluded.

Outdoor attractions like El Yunque Rainforest, Kayaking to Cayo Aurora, and Ziplining are perfect for adventurous families. Puerto Rico is home to unique experiences like bioluminescent bays and stunning beaches, including the crystal-clear waters of Playa La Chiva and Flamenco Beach, Vieques.

  1. When it comes to family-friendly accommodation, San Juan Marriott Resort, Stellaris Casino, Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort, and Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Golf & Beach Resort are top picks. They offer premium amenities, outdoor pools, and beachfront locations, with opportunities for bird watching, nature walks, and kid-first programs.

If you wish to explore outside the resorts, there are plenty of free activities to try. Old San Juan’s colorful buildings, forts, and history tours, La EstaciĆ³n, and exploring the city streets of Puerta de San Juan are some must-dos. Don’t miss out on the unique experience of visiting the bioluminescent bay on a new moon night.

  1. Finally, for family-friendly neighborhoods, the El Morro area is an excellent choice. It has plenty of restaurants, markets, and sights like the Governor’s Mansion and Paseo de la Princesa, offering shade and street vendors selling refreshing treats like Pina colada.

With these fantastic options on offer, there’s no better time to plan a Puerto Rico family vacation and pack more into life.

Activities for Families in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a tropical destination that offers great activities for families. Here are some ideas for your family trip:

  1. Visit the El Yunque National Forest: This beautiful park has a Junior Ranger Program that your kids will love. They can earn an El Yunque National Forest Badge by completing interactive exhibits at the Visitor Center, climbing towers to see breathtaking views, and hiking easy trails to see waterfalls. Be sure to reserve a ticket in advance for detailed information.
  2. Explore Palamino Island: This private island beach is only accessible by ferry from the El Conquistador Resort. It’s a great day trip for families, with a lifeguarded beach, tons of sand to build sandcastles, and even a Coqui Waterpark with a lazy river and three slides. You can also enjoy hot tubs, wood-fired pizzas, and indoor restaurants, while adults can relax at the adults-only bars.
  3. Take a photo session at Castillo San Felipe del Morro: This historic building was used to protect the harbor of San Juan from pirates and other enemies. Today, it’s a popular place to visit, with interactive exhibits and an overhead display showing how life was like in the 16th century. Walk down to Plazuela La Rogativa and Caleta de las Monjas to see more historic buildings, and don’t forget to snap a picture in front of the Cathedral San Juan Bautista!

These are just some of the many family-friendly activities in Puerto Rico. No matter where you stay, you can find something for everyone. If you want a budget-friendly option, try a rental apartment or a mid-range hotel. If you want luxury, go for an all-inclusive hotel or a private island beach resort. Don’t forget to use your credit card benefits to get snorkeling gear or access to local festivals.

Puerto Rico is a safe place, and there are tons of beaches to enjoy. The crystal-clear water is perfect for snorkeling, and the small waves are great for kids. Playa Caracas and Luquillo Beach are two of the top beaches to visit. If you’re looking for outdoor fun, try kayaking or paddleboarding, or visit one of the many playgrounds, volleyball courts, or tennis courts. You can even visit the largest casinos or play golf on one of the many golf courses.

Puerto Rico is a cultural and urban experience, with a mixture of Spanish and American influences. You can also find secluded beaches and cultural experiences. Try a turtle nesting tour, dance aerobics or salsa dancing, or arts and crafts. Whatever you choose to do, Puerto Rico is a great destination for families to pursue their travel dreams.

Tips for Planning a Family-Friendly Vacation in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico, a perfect place for families, offers various activities for all ages. To make the most out of your Puerto Rico vacation, follow these Tips:

  1. Consider staying at a family-friendly resort with onsite waterpark and popular places to visit.
  2. Explore the natural pools, tropical rainforest, and national parks for fun things to do on a sunny day.
  3. Avoid tourist traps and local tips to save money and have a better experience.

If you plan to stay at a luxury hotel, make sure to check their latest rates and availability. Moreover, for those with mobility issues, La Estacion offers a private funicular to the Governor’s Mansion.

Pro Tip: El Morrow and Pia Colada are must-visit sites for an authentic Puerto Rican experience.

Puerto Rico Hotels like the El Colonial Hotel is a perfect choice to stay with spacious rooms and a private beach. However, their open bar can be expensive.

For families looking for activities, water parks, zipline, museum, firefighting, nature reserve, historical park, and observatory are some of the options. Couples can enjoy snorkeling, panoramic views, lighthouse, go-karts, and water park.

Most Puerto Rico resorts provide kayaks, paddleboards, freeform pools, spacious guest rooms, and oversized suites. The crystal clear water beaches with lifeguards and kiosks are ideal for a relaxing day.

With this information, plan a memorable Puerto Rico vacation for your family.

5 Facts About Family Friendly Resorts in Puerto Rico:

  • ✅ Puerto Rico offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, from snorkeling and beachcombing to exploring historic sites and enjoying local cuisine. (Source: Travel + Leisure)
  • ✅ Many family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico offer all-inclusive packages, making it easy to budget for your trip. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ The island’s warm, tropical climate and abundance of natural attractions make it a popular year-round destination for families. (Source: Lonely Planet)
  • ✅ Popular family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico include the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa, the El Conquistador Resort, and the Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort. (Source: US News & World Report)
  • ✅ Many family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico offer kids clubs, swimming pools, and other amenities specifically catered to families traveling with children. (Source: Forbes)

FAQs about Family Friendly Resorts In Puerto Rico

1. Where are the best family friendly resorts in Puerto Rico?

There are plenty of family-friendly hotels in Puerto Rico’s islands, particularly those that cater to the American dollar. Sunny days, ocean views, and the Governor’s Mansion are just a few of the highlights from choosing to stay at a family-friendly resort. Travel blogs are a great resource for finding recommendations on the best Puerto Rico family activities, as well as the most beautiful aqua blue waters around the island.

2. What adventures can we have during our stay at a family friendly resort in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is full of adventures for the whole family, from snorkelling to visiting the radio telescope. Explore Puerto Rico’s lush jungle, rushing waters, and mountain peaks with fellow families for a memorable experience.

3. As a special education teacher planning a trip to Puerto Rico, are there any family friendly resorts that cater to children with special needs?

Yes, there are several Puerto Rico hotels that offer accommodations and activities for children with special needs. Many resorts also offer personalized care and have trained staff who understand the unique needs of children with disabilities.

4. How can a military spouse find the best family friendly resorts in Puerto Rico?

Military families can take advantage of discounts and special packages offered by Puerto Rico hotels that cater to military personnel. Websites like and MWR offer information on family-friendly resorts and activities.

5. What are some of the best Puerto Rico family activities to enjoy near family friendly resorts?

Some of the best family activities in Puerto Rico include hiking in the rainforest, visiting the Governor’s Mansion, and exploring the island’s beautiful coastline. Snorkelling and other water sports are also popular activities for families looking to have some fun in the sun.

6. Can we expect amazing accommodations and service at family friendly resorts in Puerto Rico?

Yes, Puerto Rico hotels are known for providing exceptional service and accommodations, particularly at family-friendly resorts. From stunning ocean views to exciting activities for kids and adults alike, family-friendly resorts in Puerto Rico offer the ultimate vacation experience.