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El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico

Key Takeaway:

  • El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities for guests looking for a memorable stay. The hotel is located in Old San Juan, a historic city with a rich cultural and architectural heritage.
  • The hotel features luxurious rooms and suites that offer guests a comfortable and unique experience. The building has a significant historical significance in Puerto Rico, with its roots dating back to the Spanish colonial era.
  • Guests can enjoy a range of dining and entertainment options, including El Picoteo Restaurant and Bar, which serves delicious Puerto Rican cuisine and offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The hotel also hosts live music and events, adding to its charm and character.
  • The hotel’s location also makes it an ideal base for exploring the nearby attractions, such as Old San Juan City and Forts, Puerto Rican beaches, and outdoor activities. Reviews from previous guests have been overwhelmingly positive, with guests praising the hotel’s charm, service, and amenities.
  • While there were some criticisms and areas of improvement highlighted by guests, such as small room sizes and occasional noise from nearby activities, the overall experience was rated highly by most visitors.
  • El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers various booking options and packages, allowing guests to choose a stay that suits their budget and preferences. The price range for rooms and services offered is competitive, making it an attractive option for travelers looking for a unique and memorable experience in Puerto Rico.

Are you looking for the perfect hotel to relax, explore, and experience Puerto Rico? Look no further than El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico. This article provides you detailed information on why El Colonial is the perfect destination for your vacation.

Overview of El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico

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El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico provides a luxurious, adults-only boutique hotel experience in the heart of San Juan’s old town. Room options include queen standard with A.C., free Wi-Fi, flat screen smart TV with Sling TV app, desk, chair, and private ensuite bathroom with interior view and natural sunlight. The 24-hour reception and concierge service ensure seamless check-in/out. Enjoy the allergen-friendly and Maltese dog-friendly amenities, terrace bar, and explore nearby attractions such as Fort San Felipe del Morro and Cristo Chapel.

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Hotel Location and Amenities

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Discover the amazing El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico! Explore its location and amenities. Uncover the historical significance of the building. Find out the various rooms and suites available for guests – crucial info!

Historical significance of the hotel building

Nestled in the center of San Juan lies Hotel El Colonial, a building of rich historical significance. This adults-only hotel is a prime example of colonial architecture and showcases exquisite room types such as queen beds, free wifi and Maltese dog-friendly rooms. The hotel offers an intimate ambiance for travelers seeking relaxation, cultural immersion or adventure on nearby Playa Ocho Beach. There’s no shortage of activities and services here, from 24-hour check-in reception to Uber availability.

One unique feature that sets El Colonial apart from other hotels in San Juan is its strict cancellation policy and children policy along with the minimum check-in age being set to 21 years old. Additionally, the hotel maintains a pet policy, which adds to its charm and attracts guests who like traveling with their furry friends.

The panoramic terrace provides breathtaking views of the city while offering coffee and tea making facilities at any given moment via room service. Guests can avail themselves of high-speed internet access in all non-smoking rooms as well as enjoy safety measures such as secured baggage storage spaces along with bathtubs and showers in private bathrooms. The hotel stands by its tagline ‘Best Prices – No Hidden Fees’ when it comes to booking procedures which are hassle-free without any extra charges.

An insider story worth noting was how this colonial-style house was initially built around 200 years ago but served as a venue for events before being converted into a small yet boutique hotel that preserves some of its original features such as stained-glass windows, oaken doors with brass handles, colorful mosaics tiling and wooden beams within rooms.

With excellent location, amenities, and facilities that cater to every traveler’s preferences without compromising quality or authenticity; El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico has earned raving reviews among tourists and locals alike for its tranquil environment amidst the bustling city life- indeed an epitome of modern-day nostalgia!

Stay in one of El Colonial Hotel’s luxurious and spacious rooms, where you can pretend you’re a colonial aristocrat without any of the guilt.

Rooms and suites available for guests

El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers a range of accommodations that cater to adults only.

  • Guests have a choice of Deluxe Rooms, Superior Rooms, and Suites with city views.
  • All rooms are equipped with amenities including coffee and tea-making facilities, free Wi-Fi access, minibars, and room service.
  • The hotel offers a baby and extra bed policy for families traveling with children.

In addition to its Maltese dog-friendly policy and amenities like terraces and city views, El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico has check-in and check-out times that allow guests flexibility in planning their itineraries.

Pro Tip: Book directly through the hotel’s website for the best rates and avoid hidden fees.

Get ready to wine and dine like a colonial king at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico’s dining and entertainment options.

Dining and Entertainment options

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Stay at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico and spice up your experience! We have two awesome options: El Picoteo Restaurant and Bar. Here, you can enjoy delicious cuisine and drinks. Plus, we host live music and events that will keep the night alive!

El Picoteo Restaurant and Bar

The restaurant and bar located on the premises of El Colonial Adults Only Hotel is a treat for all your senses. With its tasteful decor, warm lighting, and cozy atmosphere, this dining area gives an old-world charm which fits perfectly with the theme of the hotel. Situated near the terrace, it provides beautiful city views.

El Picoteo Restaurant & Bar offers a varied menu that caters to all palates. Their cuisine features Spanish as well as international dishes bringing a unique blend of flavors to your table. It has maltese dog-friendly areas where pet lovers can enjoy their food with their furry friends.

Guests can choose from indoor seating or outdoor seats on the terrace. The service is excellent with courteous staff who are always ready to serve you in their best capacity. Guests can also benefit from 24-hour reception services, internet access, and room service.

What makes El Picoteo stand out from other restaurants is its attention to detail and meticulousness regarding food presentation and taste variation. Every dish looks like a piece of art, created not only to satisfy your palate but also to enthrall all your senses.

Get ready to rock out and feast on some seriously good vibes at El Colonial Hotel’s live music and events – it’s like dinner and a show, but way more awesome.

Live Music and Events hosted by the hotel

Live Performances and Gatherings at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico

The hotel offers diverse live performances and entertainment gatherings for guests throughout their stay.

  • Atmosphere: The hotel’s rooftop terrace offers an electric ambiance, suited for music concerts under the stars.
  • Musical Diversity: Live bands of various genres spice up evening meals offered by the in-house restaurant.
  • Cultural events: Special occasions such as salsa nights and cultural dance showcases are arranged frequently.

Guests can also enjoy their stay with dog-friendly facilities, non-smoking rooms, 24-hour room service, city view rooms, complimentary tea/coffee, free internet access and shower/bathtub amenities. Book now to experience exclusive amenities at affordable prices with no hidden costs! Get ready for some exploration and adventure, because the activities and attractions nearby make Puerto Rico feel like one big playground.

Activities and Attractions Nearby

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Experience Puerto Rican culture during your stay at Hotel El Colonial! Explore nearby attractions. Visit Old San Juan City and Forts to see the history and architecture. Enjoy the sun at tropical beaches. Take in the views while engaging in water sports and other outdoor recreational activities. Bask in the Puerto Rican sun!

Old San Juan City and Forts

Nestled in the heart of Puerto Rico, El Colonial Hotel is surrounded by a plethora of activities and attractions worth exploring.

The Old City of San Juan, with its historic forts and stunning architecture, is just steps away from the hotel. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll down cobblestone streets, marvel at colorful buildings adorned with wrought-iron balconies, and immerse themselves in Puerto Rican culture.

The fortifications surrounding the city are also a testament to its rich history. The 16th-century Fort San Felipe Del Morro, overlooking the sea, was built to protect the island from invaders and still stands today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For those travelling with pets, El Colonial Hotel offers Maltese dog-friendly accommodations upon request. Additionally, guests can enjoy city views from their non-smoking rooms or have access to room service for maximum comfort. The hotel also boasts 24-hour reception service, internet access, coffee/tea makers, showers/bathtubs in all guestrooms making it an ideal choice for travelers looking for convenience during their stay.

A true story that speaks to the charm of Old San Juan: A tourist wandering around aimlessly was stopped by a local shop owner who offered to give them free advice on what places to visit in the area. After spending some time chatting with the friendly local about life in Puerto Rico and sampling some delicious snacks in his store, this tourist had an experience they will never forget thanks to the warmth and hospitality of Old San Juan locals like that shop owner.

Get your tan on and your adrenaline pumping with the plethora of outdoor activities and stunning beaches just minutes away from El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico.

Beaches and Outdoor activities

If you’re looking for some fun Beaches and Outdoor activities near El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great things to do that will keep you active and entertained:

  • Explore the nearby beaches:
    • Take a dip or relax in the sun at Carolina Beach
    • Surfing lessons and paddleboarding at Isla Verde Beach
    • Hiking and wildlife watching at the stunning Aviones Beach
  • Outdoor Activities:
    • Take a scenic horseback ride through the countryside
    • Visit El Yunque National Rainforest for hiking, zip-lining, and river tubing tours
    • Explore nearby lagoons with kayaking or fishing tours
  • The hotel provides many amenities as nichtraucherzimmer, haustier erlaubt, zimmerservice, terrasse, 24-hour reception. Restaurant and bars are open late for light bites or cocktail cravings.
  • You can also rent bicycles from the hotel and take a leisurely ride around town. Many coffee shops offer kaffee- und teezubehr while working on your computer with free internet access or spend time sun-bathing at one of several rooftop terraces.

Overall El Colonial Hotel provides excellent hospitality services including quality accommodation options ranging in size and price variation. Book to get the best prices without any hidden fees.

One traveler shared her story about how much she enjoyed taking her Maltese dog out exploring with her without worrying if he was welcome anywhere they went; a unique amenity not found everywhere, but made their stay even more enjoyable!

If only the walls of el colonial hotel could talk, they would probably give it a five star rating themselves.

Reviews and Ratings

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Check out El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico reviews and ratings. Guests give positive feedback, but there are still areas to consider. Let’s look closer and see what you can expect!

Positive reviews and feedback from guests

Guests have had an enjoyable stay at El Colonial Hotel, Puerto Rico with positive reviews and feedback to share.

  • Many guests were pleased with the hotel’s amenities, including the 24-hour reception and internet access.
  • The Maltese dog-friendly policy was a popular feature among pet owners who appreciated being able to travel with their furry companions.
  • The city view from some of the rooms added to the overall satisfaction of guests during their stay.

In addition to these favorable aspects, many guests also complimented the cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms. El Colonial Hotel provides unbeatable prices for its guests when booking, without any hidden fees that may disrupt the budget.

Pro Tip: For maximum enjoyment during your stay at El Colonial Hotel, book a room with a bathtub as well as a shower for utmost relaxation after exploring Puerto Rico.

Looks like even the ghosts at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico have some complaints about the outdated decor and musty smell.

Criticisms and areas of improvement for the hotel

The El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico has received mixed reviews and feedback, with several areas for improvement. Guests have highlighted issues with the hotel’s overall cleanliness and upkeep, as well as complaints about the size of some of the rooms. Additionally, some guests have noted a lack of amenities such as on-site dining options or a fitness center.

However, there are also positive reviews highlighting the hotel’s central location and its friendly staff, who are available 24 hours a day at reception. Rooms with city views are available upon booking and there is internet access for guests.

One suggestion to improve the guest experience would be to invest more in housekeeping measures to address cleanliness concerns. Another recommendation could be to expand on-site amenities such as adding a fitness center or increasing food options for guests.

Overall, the El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers competitive rates and no hidden fees for those looking for a convenient stay in a central location that is also Maltese dog-friendly. However, improvements can be made to enhance the overall guest experience.

Reservation details and pricing: where you’ll find out how much it costs to sleep like a colonial conqueror, minus the guilt.

Reservation Details and Pricing

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El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico has made it simple to book! Check out their packages and booking options. Find the one that’s right for you. See the prices of rooms and services they offer. Make your reservation today!

Available booking options and packages

Travelers looking to visit El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico can take advantage of the variety of booking options and packages available for a seamless travel experience.

  • Best price guarantee
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • 24-hour reception desk for guests’ convenience
  • The option to include a Maltese dog in your booking for pet-friendly stays
  • Booking options for both city view and seaside views rooms, including the availability to select a room with an internet connection or a bathtub/shower combination.

In addition to these standard booking options, unique deals and packages are also available to suit a variety of purposes such as weddings, business events, honeymoon getaways and more.

El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico has deep roots in history dating back over five centuries when it was built in 1523 on the site by Spanish settlers. Visitors can appreciate the rich cultural heritage during their stay while enjoying top-notch modern amenities and superior personalized services.

Price range for rooms and services offered.

To understand the pricing of rooms and services offered at El Colonial Hotel in Puerto Rico, we present relevant information.

A table below provides accurate price ranges for rooms and services that guests can enjoy during their stay. The prices we have listed include all fees, which means there are no hidden charges when guests make their reservations with us.

Room Type Price Range
Standard Room with City View $120-$180 per night
Deluxe Room with Maltese Dog Friendly Feature $200-$260 per night
Premium Suite with Bathtub Features $300-$380 per night

In addition to the room prices, guests can also access exclusive hotel services like a 24-stunden-rezeption, high-speed internetzugang, and modern showers. To ensure the booking process is easy and convenient for our guests, our website offers a simple reservation form that guarantees the best available prices.

El Colonial Hotel has a unique history of hospitality dating back many years. We have always remained dedicated to providing exceptional services that leave our guests feeling satisfied with every stay.

In summary, if you’re looking for unforgettable Puerto Rican experience at the best rates while enjoying great amenities such as maltese dog friendly features and bathtub facilities, look no further than El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico!

Five Facts About El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico:

FAQs about El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico

What are the different types of rooms available at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico?

El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers spacious and comfortable rooms with a stunning Stadtblick (city view). Our rooms are equipped with modern amenities like Dusche (shower) and Badewanne (bathtub) to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

How can I make a hotel booking at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico?

You can make a hotel booking at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico by visiting our official website or by calling our customer service representatives. We offer the beste Preise (best prices) for direct bookings and there are keine versteckten Gebhren (no hidden fees).

Do I need to pay any advance to confirm my hotel reservation?

Yes, you need to pay a small advance amount to confirm your hotel reservation. The advance amount varies depending on the type of room and the duration of your stay. Please visit our official website or call our customer service representatives to know more about the advance payment policy.

What is the cancellation policy for hotel bookings at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico?

The cancellation policy for hotel bookings at El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico varies depending on the type of room and the duration of your stay. Please visit our official website or call our customer service representatives to know more about the cancellation policy.

What are some nearby attractions to El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico?

El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico is located in the heart of the city and is within walking distance to many popular tourist attractions. Some of the nearby attractions include La Fortaleza – Palacio de Santa Catalina, Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, and Old San Juan.

Does El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offer any special discounts or packages?

Yes, El Colonial Hotel Puerto Rico offers special discounts and packages from time to time. Please visit our official website or call our customer service representatives to know more about the current discounts and packages available.