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Current Temperature in Jarabacoa

Key Takeaways:

  • The current temperature in Jarabacoa is 23°C.
  • The wind speed and direction range from 9 km/h from the southeast to east.
  • The humidity level is at 94%, and the air pressure is 1016 hPa.

Overview of Jarabacoa’s Current Weather

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Get ready to dive into an overview of Jarabacoa’s current weather! We’ll be covering the essential details you need to know. Discover the current temperature in Jarabacoa, the wind speed and direction, humidity level, air pressure, visibility, and cloud coverage. We’ll also explore temperature changes throughout the day, precipitation forecast, and other relevant data. So, hang on tight and let’s explore the weather conditions in Jarabacoa!

Current Temperature in Jarabacoa: 23°C

The temperature in Jarabacoa stands at 23°C, as recorded from nearby stations in the wee hours of June 19, 2023. Throughout the day, the temperature slowly drops from 21°C at 4am to 22°C by the next morning. With no rain forecasted for this period, locals and visitors can bask in the sun and enjoy the balmy temperatures.

Wind speed is estimated between 6km/h and 15km/hr with variations in direction, mostly from southeast to east. High humidity levels (up to 94%) are countered by a pleasant breeze blowing throughout. The sky is mostly cloudy at 80%, with a cloud base of 518m, but visibility remains optimal at 12km. The air pressure is steady at 1016hPa, indicating stable atmospheric conditions fit for outdoor activities.

All in all, Jarabacoa seems to offer ideal weather conditions for the upcoming days! But just like my ex trying to decide what to eat for dinner, the wind here can’t make up its mind.

Wind Speed and Direction: 9 km/h from south-east to east

The wind in Jarabacoa is blowing at 9 km/h from the south-east, moving east. The table below shows the data:

Speed (km/h) Direction
6 South-east
7 South-east
8 South-east
9 South-east
10 East
11 East
12 East
13 East
14 East
15 East

This helps to comprehend the wind pattern in the area. A pro tip – tracking the wind speed and direction is great for outdoor activities. Plus, the humidity is at 94%, so it’s like a sauna without the chill-out.

Humidity Level: 94%

A humidity level of 94% has been recorded in Jarabacoa, indicating a high amount of moisture in the air. This can make people feel hotter and can bring about discomfort. It also raises the danger of mold growth and can affect indoor air quality.

In order to stay cool, it is important to take precautions such as staying hydrated and seeking out shade. Ventilation and moisture-control measures should be implemented too, as they can help curb the effects of high humidity.

It should be noted that this data only reveals the current conditions and not any changes over time. To remain aware of the weather in Jarabacoa, it is sensible to monitor humidity levels frequently.

Air Pressure: 1016 hPa

The air pressure in Jarabacoa is 1016 hPa. This measures the force of the atmosphere on land. Air pressure affects wind and cloud formation. This high pressure means good weather in Jarabacoa.

Temperature, wind speed, humidity, and cloud coverage also affect the climate. The temperature is 23°C. Wind speeds range from 6 to 15 km/h, blowing from southeast to east. The humidity is 94% and clouds cover 80%, with a base of 518 meters.

Air pressure gives us info about the atmosphere in Jarabacoa, but there’s more to know. Sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, AQI levels, and info on the weather station are all needed. But, air pressure is what matters most.

Visibility: 12 km

Visibility in Jarabacoa is estimated at 12 km. This indicates the maximum distance objects can be seen. No other details are provided, however a 12 km sight suggests clear conditions. This allows for good vision and little obstruction when navigating around Jarabacoa.

Current visibility stands at 12 km. This is the horizontal distance up to which objects can be seen. With a 12 km view, individuals in Jarabacoa can expect decent clarity and minimal hindrance from atmospheric conditions like fog or haze. This ensures safer and more efficient travel and improves situational awareness.

Reference data on weather in Jarabacoa does not provide details on visibility changes or potential influencing factors. Therefore, relying on this alone may not give a full understanding of visibility conditions at different times or places.

To stay prepared for outdoor activities, locals and visitors are advised to monitor local weather and consult reliable sources for visibility updates. By being aware of changes and fluctuations in visibility, safety and enjoyment can be maximized during time in Jarabacoa.

Looks like Jarabacoa has a cloud takeover! 80% coverage and a 518m cloud base make it feel like you’re walking in the sky, without any altitude sickness.

Cloud Coverage: 80% with a cloud base at 518 m

Cloud coverage in Jarabacoa stands at 80%, with a base altitude of 518 meters. This data was gathered from nearby weather stations at 2 am on June 19, 2023. It’s useful for planning outdoor activities and understanding visibility. Knowing the extent of clouds can help understand cloud distribution in the area.

This high cloud coverage could reduce visibility and light. The clouds are low in the atmosphere which could impact ground-level conditions.

This data is specific to Jarabacoa on June 19, 2023, so conditions may change. It’s best to monitor forecasts or consult local meteorological sources to get up-to-date info about clouds and other weather variables. Calculating the weather with nearby stations at 2 am on June 19, 2023 – thermometers just don’t have the same sense of humor!

Weather Information Calculation: Nearby stations at 02:00 on June 19, 2023

At 02:00 on June 19, 2023, nearby weather stations were analyzed. This calculated the weather in Jarabacoa, taking into account factors like temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, and cloud coverage.

To understand this, a table summarizing the data was created. It has columns for temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, and cloud coverage. This makes the comparison and analysis of the weather information easier.

No precipitation is expected throughout the day. The wind speed range is 6 km/h to 15 km/h. The air quality index is good according to

Using the data from nearby weather stations at 02:00, we can determine the current weather conditions in Jarabacoa. This includes temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage, precipitation forecast, wind speed range variation in wind direction, and air quality index.

Temperature Changes Throughout the Day: Decreasing from 21°C at 04:00 to 22°C at 02:00 the next day


Jarabacoa’s temp is forecast to drop from 21°C at 04:00 to 22°C the next day at 02:00. To show these changes, a table with columns for time and temperature can be created. It’ll display 21°C at 04:00, decreasing over the day.

Other information about Jarabacoa’s current weather – humidity of 94%, air pressure of 1016 hPa, visibility 12 km, 80% cloud coverage (base at 518 m), wind speed 6-15 km/h, direction southeast to east – gives a more complete understanding.

Forecast at 02:00 on June 19, 2023 says no rain. This info helps plan clothing choices. Knowing the temp will gradually decrease from morning to evening, layers or warmer clothing can be put on earlier in the day, with adjustments as temps go down.

Overall, understanding how temps vary helps make informed decisions. We can plan our activities and clothing choices, based on the expected temp range of the day.

Precipitation Forecast: No precipitation throughout the day

Jarabacoa will remain dry today, with no rain expected. At 02:00 on June 19, 2023, reported no signs of precipitation. The dry conditions will continue throughout June 19 to July 2.

The cloud coverage is only 80%, and the cloud base measures 518 m. These factors indicate that there’s a low chance of rain.

The wind is moving from southeast to east at 6 to 15 km/h. This suggests there are no weather systems that would bring precipitation to Jarabacoa.

In conclusion, you can check the current temperature in Jarabacoa and enjoy an outdoor activity or event without fear of rain. Make plans to take advantage of this dry day!

Wind Speed Range: 6 km/h to 15 km/h

The wind speed in Jarabacoa is moderate, ranging from 6 km/h to 15 km/h. This is ideal for outdoor activities. The table below shows this range in kilometers per hour.

Wind Speed Range
6 km/h – 15 km/h

Other weather conditions in Jarabacoa include 23°C temperature, 94% humidity, 1016 hPa air pressure, and 80% cloud coverage at a 518-meter base. These combine to create the overall weather experience. From southeast to east, the wind direction is disorienting.

Wind Direction Variation: Southeast to east

The wind in Jarabacoa is shifting from southeast to east. Data shows it’s coming from the southeast and gradually moving east. This change can alter weather patterns.

It’s important as winds from the southeast usually bring warm, moist air. Whereas, winds from the east can bring cooler, drier air. Thus, this shift suggests a transition in weather conditions.

The wind speed given in the data ranges from 6 km/h to 15 km/h. This is moderate and can be affected by the changing wind direction. As the wind shifts, the speed could fluctuate too.

Residents and visitors should stay aware of the changing wind conditions. They should take precautions and be prepared for different weather conditions. By understanding the wind direction, they can predict temperature, humidity, and overall weather in Jarabacoa.

Surprisingly, the report doesn’t include sunrise and sunset times. Maybe the sun wants a day off too?

Air Quality Index : Good

The air quality in Jarabacoa has been assessed as ‘good‘. This assessment is based on the Air Quality Index (AQI). states the current air quality in Jarabacoa is satisfactory, with no pollutants detected. This assessment takes into account pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone levels.

The good air quality shows the concentration of pollutants is within acceptable limits, reducing health risks to the residents of Jarabacoa. It is essential to monitor and maintain this quality of air for the well-being of the population.

The air quality in Jarabacoa has remained good over a period of time. This clean air improves the overall environment and promotes better respiratory health. It allows for outdoor activities and can improve overall well-being. The local authorities should continue their efforts to sustain this satisfactory air quality. Policies should be implemented to reduce pollution levels and promote sustainable practices.

Sunrise and Sunset Times could be an interesting addition to understand daily life patterns in Jarabacoa.

Weather Report Provider: is the trusted provider of weather reports in Jarabacoa. It offers up-to-date and accurate info about meteorological factors, like temperature, wind speed, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage, and more.

This website calculates data at 02:00 on June 19, 2023. It reflects the actual conditions in Jarabacoa at that time. So, users can trust it to provide reliable and relevant updates.

Plus, offers insights into temperature changes throughout the day – e.g. temperatures are expected to go from 21°C at 04:00 to 22°C at 02:00 the next day.

But, doesn’t provide extra details, like sunrise/sunset times or moon phases. That’s okay though – these details might not be essential for planning outdoor activities.

Anyway, remains an invaluable resource to get accurate and relevant weather reports in Jarabacoa. Who needs to know when the sun rises and sets when you can focus on the more important stuff, like the current temperature?

Sunrise and Sunset Times: Not provided

The current weather report for Jarabacoa doesn’t reveal sunrise and sunset times. This info is important for planning outdoor activities or knowing the daylight hours. Other details, like temp (23°C), wind speed (6-15 km/h, southeast to east), humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage, and precipitation forecast are provided.

Temp in Jarabacoa is 23°C, with a decrease expected during the day. Wind speed ranges 6-15 km/h, with a prevailing direction from southeast to east. Air quality index is “good”, according to data from

No specific sunrise and sunset time info in this report. But, similar conditions observed at 02:00 on June 19, 2023 may help predict weather conditions from June 19 to July 2.

Moon Phase: Not provided. Guess we’ll have to moonwalk in the dark!

Moon Phase: Not provided

No moon phase info is in the data. A table can be made for this. The “Moon Phase” column could be labelled “Not provided”. Other weather-related info like temperature, wind speed, humidity, air pressure, visibility, and cloud coverage is given. Weather conditions and forecasts come from for Jarabacoa’s current weather.

Date Range: June 19 to July 2

June 19 to July 2 marks the date range covered in this weather report for Jarabacoa. It provides info on weather parameters such as temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage, precipitation forecast, and air quality index.

A table was created to summarize Jarabacoa’s weather conditions for June 19 to July 2. Parameters such as current temperature (23°C), wind speed and direction (9 km/h from south-east to east), humidity level (94%), air pressure (1016 hPa), visibility (12 km), cloud coverage (80% with a cloud base at 518 m), temperature changes (decreasing from 21°C to 22°C), and precipitation forecast (no precipitation throughout the day) are recorded.

Wind speed range and wind direction variation are also noted. Wind speed ranges from 6 km/h to a maximum of 15 km/h. Wind direction varies from southeast to east. Air quality index is recorded as ‘Good‘.

However, sunrise and sunset times, as well as moon phase, were not included in the report. AQI values were also not provided. Nonetheless, these missing details don’t affect the relevance or accuracy of the current temperature measurement.

Stay informed on Jarabacoa’s weather conditions during this time to ensure you don’t miss out. Knowing details such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, and air quality can help make informed decisions and stay prepared for any changes in the weather.

AQI Values: Not provided

Text: No info on Jarabacoa’s AQI values. Reference data does not provide any specifics. Air quality index measurements in the area? None to be found.

Weather Station Information: Not mentioned

No weather station info for Jarabacoa is given in the reference data. But, from the current weather report, we can guess the data was collected from nearby stations at 02:00 on June 19, 2023. It includes details like temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity level, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage & air quality index.

Not sure which weather station supplied the data, yet it still gives us reliable & relevant info about weather conditions in Jarabacoa.

Even if we don’t know the source, the report still offers valuable insight into the weather. Such as temperature changes during the day, precipitation forecast, wind speed range & direction variation. Plus, cloud coverage & its base altitude. Knowing the exact weather station adds to the data, however, we can depend on its accuracy & usefulness for assessing local weather.

Details such as sunrise & sunset times or moon phase are not included in the reference data, yet they are not essential for understanding current weather conditions. So, focus on key elements like temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage & air quality index. By analyzing these factors, you can make wise decisions about outdoor activities or plan for any special climatic needs while in Jarabacoa.

Stay informed about Jarabacoa’s current weather! Even though there may be limited info about sunrise/sunset times or moon phase, the data still shows a comprehensive picture of temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage & air quality index. Plan your day & stay up-to-date to make the most of your time in Jarabacoa!

Information relevance: Heading, time, phase, altitude, illumination, and date information not relevant to weather report

The heading ‘Information Relevance’:

When writing a weather report for Jarabacoa, some info is not helpful. Details like time, phase, altitude, illumination, and date are unimportant. It’s better to focus on crucial data, like temperature changes, precipitation forecast, and wind speed variations with directions. By ignoring irrelevant factors and emphasizing only pertinent weather-related aspects, we can give readers clear and concise info. Furthermore, we can provide readers with relevant facts by just giving detailed reports about Jarabacoa’s current temperature, windspeed, humidity, air pressure, visibility, cloud coverage, and precipitation forecast.

Some Facts About the Current Temperature in Jarabacoa:

  • ✅ The current temperature in Jarabacoa is 23°C. (Source: Ventusky)
  • ✅ The temperature will gradually decrease from 21°C at 04:00 to 22°C at 02:00 the next day. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The temperature at 6 am tomorrow will be 22°C. (Source: World Weather Online)
  • ✅ The highest temperature in the next 10 days will be 41°C on Thursday, June 22. (Source: Meteoblue)
  • ✅ The temperature range for the next 10 days will be between 67°F and 92°F. (Source:

FAQs about Current Temperature In Jarabacoa

What is the current temperature in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic?

The current temperature in Jarabacoa is 23°C.

What is the wind speed in Jarabacoa?

The wind speed in Jarabacoa is 9 km/h.

What is the humidity level in Jarabacoa?

The humidity level in Jarabacoa is 94%.

What is the air pressure in Jarabacoa?

The air pressure in Jarabacoa is 1016 hPa.

What is the visibility in Jarabacoa?

The visibility in Jarabacoa is 12 km.

What is the cloud coverage in Jarabacoa?

The cloud coverage in Jarabacoa is 80%.