Best Places to Visit in Mexico East Coast

Best Places to Visit in Mexico East Coast

Key Takeaways:

  • Cancún is a top destination on the Mexico East Coast, offering unique experiences like exploring the Underwater Museum and visiting beautiful islands like Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres.
  • Riviera Maya is another must-visit area, with attractions such as the stunning Tulum ruins, the eco-archeological park Xcaret, and the opportunity to dive into natural sinkholes called cenotes.
  • Cozumel is an ideal destination for nature lovers, featuring attractions like the Punta Sur Ecological Park, world-class diving spots like Santa Rosa Wall and Palancar Gardens Reef, and beautiful beaches like El Cielo Beach.
  • Eastern Mexico is home to several top-rated resorts, recognized by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. These resorts offer stunning beachfront locations, a range of amenities and activities, and exceptional personalized service.
  • Mexico’s East Coast beaches provide a unique contrast to the Pacific coast, with secluded options like Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca. Highlights of the region include Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, Xel-Há, and Tulum beaches.
  • It’s important to note that the East Coast beaches may face seaweed invasions at times, but cleanup efforts are in place to maintain their beauty and cleanliness.


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Mexico’s East Coast is a captivating destination that offers visitors lots of experiences. Its beautiful beaches, vivacious cities, and abundant cultural heritage make it a real gem. Want to relax, have an adventure, or explore? The East Coast of Mexico has something for everyone!

Popular hotspots like Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen are here. They have white sandy beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, and a lively atmosphere. Cancun is especially known for its grand resorts, nightlife, and water sports activities.

The East Coast also has historical sites and cultural attractions. Tulum is home to old Mayan ruins. Visitors can view the architecture and preserved artifacts from the past.

Nature lovers will love the natural wonders here, such as the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and the Cenotes. These provide chances to snorkel, dive, and explore unique ecosystems. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with diverse wildlife and incredible scenery.

To get to know the culture, sample the tasty regional food. From fresh seafood to Mexican dishes, the East Coast has a unique cuisine. Try specialties like cochinita pibil, ceviche, and churros.

The East Coast of Mexico has a mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re sunbathing, checking out historical sites, or having a bite to eat, this region will make your trip special. So, get packing and explore the wonders of Mexico’s East Coast!



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Cancún, a vibrant destination on Mexico’s East Coast, offers a plethora of attractions. From the awe-inspiring Underwater Museum, where submerged statues bring culture to the depths, to the captivating island escapes of Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres. Indulge in regional cuisine and experience the legendary nightlife that Cancún has to offer. And don’t miss the chance to explore the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, immersing yourself in the rich history of this remarkable place.

Underwater Museum: Unique cultural experience with submerged statues

The Underwater Museum in Cancún offers a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Submerged statues, created by renowned artists, provide a captivating view into the region’s history and culture. Divers and snorkelers can explore the artworks, gaining a deeper appreciation of the local heritage. This unique underwater setting adds an element of awe, making the experience unforgettable.

For a change of pace, head to Isla Contoy or Isla Mujeres for some island fever. Enjoy pristine beaches and diverse wildlife with day trips to these untouched paradises. Alternatively, explore the vibrant streets of Isla Mujeres with its colorful shops and restaurants.

Cancún’s culinary scene is just as much a highlight as its nightlife. Indulge in regional dishes with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Then, party away the night in one of the legendary clubs and bars.

Finally, don’t forget to visit Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan site. Here, you can explore towering pyramids and intricate carvings, taking a captivating journey back in time.

Island Escapes: Day trips to Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres

Island escapes in Eastern Mexico await! Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres offer captivating day trips that make for perfect diversions from Cancún.

Isla Contoy, home to the Underwater Museum complex, presents a unique cultural experience with its submerged statues. On the other hand, Isla Mujeres glimmers with pristine beaches and a vibrant atmosphere.

Discover the unique details of each island! Isla Contoy’s underwater museum displays statues brimming with history, while Isla Mujeres is renowned for its stunning beaches and lively energy. Visiting both islands offers an enriching experience of Mexico’s rich past and beautiful wonders.

Dine & Dance: Regional cuisine and legendary nightlife

Dining and nightlife in Cancun? Yes, please! Indulge in the flavors of Mexico, from tacos al pastor to modern fusion creations. Or, get your groove on at beach bars and nightclubs, with beats that will make you dance the night away.

But there’s more! Explore Riviera Maya and its cliffside ruins in Tulum. Or, visit Xcaret, an eco-archeological park full of natural beauty and local flavor. Plus, Cozumel offers up fresh seafood and stunning ocean views.

Finally, don’t miss your chance to explore the wonders of the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones and uncover the secrets of history.

Chichen Itza: Explore Mayan ruins and learn about history

Chichen Itza is a renowned archaeological site in Mexico, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Mayan culture. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one can marvel at iconic structures such as the Pyramid of Kukulcan, also known as El Castillo. Other significant structures are the Temple of Warriors, Observatory, and Ball Court.

In addition, visitors can learn about Mayan history through guided tours or informative signage throughout the site. These tours and signs provide insights into ancient rituals, celestial observations, and the significance of astrology. Exploring Chichen Itza allows one to appreciate the depth and complexity of this ancient civilization.

Chichen Itza was an important cultural center from roughly 600 AD to 1200 AD. It thrived economically, politically, and intellectually, before eventually being abandoned for unknown reasons. Today, it stands as a reminder of the ingenuity and achievements of this remarkable civilization. Therefore, if you want to explore Mayan ruins and learn about history, Chichen Itza is definitely a must-visit destination.

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

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Discover the allure of Riviera Maya, a captivating region along Mexico’s East Coast. From the breathtaking seaside ruins of Tulum to the captivating underground rivers of Xcaret, this section will guide you through the must-visit destinations in Riviera Maya. Dive into the enchanting cenotes like Ik Kil and Dos Ojos, or soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Playa del Carmen’s cultural scene and bustling shopping streets. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Riviera Maya’s rich natural beauty and cultural wonders.

Tulum: Seaside town with cliffside ruins and Xel Há for snorkeling

Tulum, a stunning seaside town in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is renowned for its cliffside ruins and Xel Há’s snorkeling attractions. The ruins provide panoramic views of the turquoise waters and offer a unique glimpse into the ancient Mayan civilization. At Xel Há, visitors can explore a natural inlet and discover colorful fish and underwater caves.

In addition to its historical sites, Tulum also offers plenty of natural wonders. Cenotes – natural sinkholes filled with fresh water – provide excellent diving and swimming opportunities. And the town itself has a relaxed vibe with local eateries and shops.

For an unforgettable experience in Tulum, explore both its historical and natural sites. Start with the cliffside ruins, then head to Xel Há for snorkeling. Don’t miss out on the cenotes and local cuisine, either. By combining these activities, you can create a well-rounded visit to Tulum.

Xcaret: Eco-archeological park with underground rivers and butterfly pavilion

Xcaret, an eco-archeological park in Eastern Mexico, is more than just a destination. It encapsulates the essence of its keywords. It boasts magnificent underground rivers and a captivating butterfly pavilion.

The underground rivers are a major attraction. These crystal-clear waterways provide an invigorating swim amongst stunning rock formations. Visitors can snorkel or just float along and take in the diverse aquatic life.

The butterfly pavilion is another highlight. Here, visitors can witness the vibrant colors of various butterfly species in a lush tropical environment. The sight is mesmerizing.

Xcaret provides something for everyone. Explore Mayan ruins, discover Mexican folklore through live performances, and indulge in regional cuisine. It is an immersive experience where nature meets history and culture.

For an even more exciting adventure, dive into the sinkholes of Ik Kil and Dos Ojos. It’s a journey to the heart of Eastern Mexico’s ecological wonders.

Cenotes: Dive into natural sinkholes like Ik Kil and Dos Ojos

Cenotes, like Ik Kil and Dos Ojos, are natural sinkholes in the Riviera Maya region of Eastern Mexico. Diving into these unique geological formations provides an exciting experience! Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters to marvel at the stunning rock formations.

These cenotes have become popular attractions for locals and tourists alike. Dive into the depths to discover a hidden world beneath the surface. Admire the fascinating stalactites and stalagmites decorating the cave walls. The water clarity also offers excellent visibility, making it great for underwater photography.

Cenotes have cultural significance too! Ancient Mayans considered them sacred. Exploring these cenotes is not only thrilling but also provides insights into the geological and cultural heritage of the region.

Dive deeper to encounter unique cave-dwelling species! Blind catfish, tiny crustaceans, and other creatures make exploring these natural wonders even more alluring.

Pro-Tip: Remember to bring your own snorkeling or diving gear when visiting cenotes. Go with a certified guide who can ensure your safety and provide interesting insights.

Playa Del Carmen: Trendy destination with cultural scene and shopping streets

Playa Del Carmen is the place to be! Located on Mexico’s east coast, it has a fashionable and vibrant atmosphere. It’s a unique and cosmopolitan city, with lots to do. Enjoy regional cuisine and live music performances! Plus, explore the shopping streets full of boutiques, galleries, and artisan shops. Buy local crafts and souvenirs. Immerse yourself in the cultural scene or just enjoy the trendiness and dynamism. Playa Del Carmen is the perfect choice!



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Cozumel, a paradise on Mexico’s East Coast, offers an array of captivating experiences. From the Punta Sur Ecological Park, where you can immerse yourself in the island’s diverse wildlife while basking on secluded beaches, to diving into the breathtaking reefs like Santa Rosa Wall and Palancar Gardens Reef, Cozumel is a haven for adventure seekers. Embark on a journey through Mayan history, exploring ancient sites and joining purification ceremonies, or discover the hidden gem of El Cielo Beach, where friendly marine life and stunning turquoise waves await. Cozumel is the ultimate destination for unforgettable memories.

Punta Sur Ecological Park: Discover island’s biodiversity and enjoy secluded beach

Text: Punta Sur Ecological Park, located in Cancún on Mexico’s eastern coast, is an amazing destination. It offers the chance to explore the island’s biodiversity and enjoy a secluded beach. This park is recognized for its conservation efforts and its commitment to preserving the natural environment.

Visitors can experience the beauty of the island’s biodiversity and the tranquility of a secluded beach. The park also features a pristine coastline and lush vegetation.

Punta Sur is devoted to protecting the island’s natural resources. Conservation initiatives, such as protecting endangered species and implementing sustainable practices, are in place. Visitors can gain an understanding of local ecosystems through educational exhibits and guided tours.

Dive into the wonders of Santa Rosa Wall and Palancar Gardens Reef.

Dive In: Explore spectacular reefs like Santa Rosa Wall and Palancar Gardens Reef

Discover Mexico’s underwater world! Diving enthusiasts can explore its captivating reefs, like Santa Rosa Wall and Palancar Gardens Reef. These amazing sites boast vibrant coral, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters.

Santa Rosa Wall has stunning vertical drops with colorful corals and sponges. See sea turtles, nurse sharks, and eagle rays in its depths! Enjoy the different depths as you swim through canyons and swim-throughs.

Palancar Gardens Reef has a maze of coral formations. Divers can spot parrotfish, angelfish, moray eels, and other species. Visibility is great; you can see the colorful marine life in detail.

Explore these iconic reefs! Immerse yourself in Mexico’s natural wonders and witness the incredible biodiversity beneath the surface. Book guided tours with experienced professionals for a safe and enjoyable dive. And don’t miss the Mayan purification ceremony at ancient sites!

Mayan Mania: Explore Mayan sites and participate in purification ceremony

Indulge in a thrilling adventure of the ancient Mayan civilization! Explore sites of archaeological grandeur and partake in a traditional purification ceremony. Appreciate their unique architectural designs and intricate carvings that demonstrate their advanced knowledge and culture. During this excursion, visit Chichen Itza and other historic ruins to witness the magnificence of Mayan engineering.

Discover the secrets of daily life during the reign of this ancient civilization. Plus, take part in a special purification ceremony! Cleanse your body and mind, using age-old traditions. Let experienced instructors guide you through this transformational process to connect with the profound spirituality of the Mayans.

Mayan Mania offers a unique encounter with the history, architecture, and spirituality of the Mayans. Whether you’re an archaeology enthusiast or just looking for a cultural experience, this journey promises to be an enriching and enlightening experience!

El Cielo Beach: Hidden gem with friendly marine life and stunning turquoise waves

El Cielo Beach is a secret paradise in Mexico’s East Coast. Its waves are turquoise and the sea life is abundant. The beach offers a tranquil and beautiful experience. Snorkelers and swimmers delight in the vibrant aquatic ecosystem.

The marine life here is friendly and captivating. Stingrays and tropical fish inhabit the inviting waters. The beach’s turquoise waves create a postcard-perfect scene.

El Cielo Beach is special. Its remote location brings seclusion and exclusivity. The staff offer personalized attention and service. They arrange snorkeling tours and give advice on local attractions.

El Cielo Beach is an unparalleled destination. Its marine life, turquoise waves, and service make it a must-visit. Enjoy underwater exploration or simply relax on its pristine shores. Experience tranquility and natural beauty like never before! Ready for Eastern Mexico’s top resorts?

Top Resorts in Eastern Mexico

Top Resorts in Eastern Mexico

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Discover the top resorts in Eastern Mexico, where luxury meets breathtaking natural beauty and impeccable hospitality. From the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022 to pristine coastlines and a plethora of amenities, including world-class restaurants and invigorating spa facilities, these resorts offer an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be enchanted by personalized service and the attention to detail provided by dedicated staff members. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate beachfront paradise.

Description of Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022

The Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022 honor the top resorts in Eastern Mexico. These awards recognize the outstanding quality and experiences at these resorts.

Guests can soak up the sun or relax in the spa. Plus, enjoy personalized service with a dedicated staff.

Discover hidden gems like Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca. Or explore well-known tourist spots like Cancún, Riviera Maya, and Cozumel.

Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, Xel-Há, and Tulum beaches are even worth visiting. But, some beaches have faced seaweed invasion. Cleanup efforts are underway to address this challenge.

What’s the verdict? Mexico’s east coast is still a desirable destination. Enjoy its breathtaking scenery, plus luxurious resorts that are recognized by the Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022. Beachfront bliss awaits!

Beachfront paradise: Pristine coast and luxurious resorts

A beachfront paradise awaits on Mexico’s East Coast! Luxurious resorts here offer a truly exceptional experience, with stunning views of the coastline. Guests have direct access to the crystal-clear waters and soft sandy shores. Plus, these resorts boast world-class amenities and facilities. The staff are dedicated to providing personalized service.

For a unique cultural experience, try Cancún’s Underwater Museum with its submerged statues. Or visit Chichen Itza’s Mayan ruins. And while staying at the beach resorts, take advantage of the excursions to explore nearby attractions like Tulum’s cliffside ruins or the natural sinkholes of Riviera Maya. Enjoy this beachfront paradise and experience Eastern Mexico’s beauty and culture!

Range of amenities and activities, including restaurants and spa facilities

Stay at one of Eastern Mexico’s top resorts for complete relaxation or a thrilling adventure. Enjoy delicious cuisine from talented chefs and restaurants. Rejuvenate at the spa with a range of treatments. Participate in water sports, fitness classes, and yoga sessions. Explore the area on guided tours. Get entertained with live performances and nightlife options. Swim in pools, work out at the fitness center, and shop at boutiques. Indulge in gourmet experiences, pamper yourself with spa treatments, or take part in thrilling water sports. The staff will make sure each guest receives personalized service. Remember to inquire about amenities and activities when booking! Have the best vacation experience possible.

Personalized service and dedicated staff

In Eastern Mexico, resorts are known for their personalized service and dedicated staff. Visitors can expect attentive care from the moment they arrive. Staff members are trained to provide excellent customer service and are always ready to help. The resorts create a warm atmosphere, making guests feel valued.

The personalized service extends beyond staff members. Guests can enjoy amenities and activities tailored to their preferences. From fine dining experiences to spa treatments, the resorts have something for everyone. The dedicated staff can help plan and arrange these experiences. They are willing to go the extra mile for unforgettable memories.

Many of the resorts in Eastern Mexico have received awards for their service and staff. Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards have recognized them for exceptional hospitality. This recognition shows the quality of service guests can expect. With highly trained staff, visitors can relax knowing they are in good hands.

When planning a trip to Eastern Mexico, it is best to choose a resort that focuses on personalized service and dedicated staff. These qualities ensure that guests receive individualized attention, making them feel like VIPs. The friendly staff genuinely cares about creating memories.

To make the most of the personalized service offered by the resorts, guests can communicate their preferences and needs before arrival. This could include dietary restrictions, special occasions, or activities they are interested in. By sharing this information in advance, the staff can make arrangements to tailor the stay to individual preferences. Whether it’s a surprise birthday celebration or transportation for a day trip, the resorts are committed to making every guest feel special.

Mexico’s East Coast Beaches


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Mexico’s East Coast Beaches offer a stunning transition from the popular Pacific coast resorts. From the secluded shores of Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca to the vibrant beaches of Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, Xel-Há, and Tulum, there is something for every beach enthusiast. However, it’s important to note the ongoing challenges posed by seaweed invasion and the consistent cleanup efforts. Get ready to explore the diverse and breathtaking beauty of Mexico’s East Coast Beaches.

Transition from popularity of Pacific coast to the east coast resorts

Mexico’s east coast has seen a surge in visitors. It’s due to the unique cultural experiences and stunning beaches that places like Cancún, Riviera Maya, and Cozumel offer.

Cancún is a tourist heaven, with attractions like the Underwater Museum. There, submerged statues give a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Plus, day trips to Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres let tourists relax on secluded beaches and appreciate nature.

Riviera Maya is equally captivating. Tulum has cliffside ruins, revealing the Mayan civilization. Xel Há, an eco-archeological park, has underground rivers and a butterfly pavilion for snorkeling lovers. And cenotes like Ik Kil and Dos Ojos give thrilling diving experiences for the brave.

Further south lies Playa Del Carmen, a trendy spot with a cultural scene and lively shopping streets. It’s ideal for those seeking a mix of relaxation and entertainment.

For those who want to get away from the crowds, Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca are must-visit spots on the east coast.

Secluded beaches on the east coast, such as Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca

The east coast of Mexico harbours some stunning, secluded beaches. Two such gems are Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca. Here, visitors can enjoy ultimate peace and relaxation, immersed in the area’s natural beauty.

Isla Holbox is famed for its pure white sands and crystal-clear waters. Nature-lovers will love bird watching, snorkeling and even swimming with whale sharks. It’s an idyllic spot for unwinding and connecting with nature.

On the other hand, Isla Blanca is a narrow peninsula near Cancun. Its tranquil beaches and turquoise waters entice guests to relax and forget their worries. Whether sunbathing or engaging in activities like kiteboarding and paddleboarding, Isla Blanca provides the perfect backdrop.

The east coast’s secluded beaches offer solitude and tranquility. Isla Holbox and Isla Blanca have natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for anyone wanting to escape the crowds and spend time at a serene beach.

Highlights of Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, Xel-Há, and Tulum beaches

Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, Xel-Há and Tulum – they are the gems of Mexico’s East Coast! These beaches are a true paradise – with crystal-clear waters and magnificent surroundings. Enjoy an unforgettable experience here!

Note about seaweed invasion and cleanup efforts

Seaweed has invaded Mexico’s eastern coast, causing beachgoers and businesses trouble. Popular beaches like Tulum, Xpu Ha, Akumal, Xcacel, and Xel-Há need regular cleanups. To tackle this issue, authorities are removing seaweed and stopping it from washing ashore. Research is also being carried out for better management of seaweed.

Those planning a trip to the coast should stay up-to-date with seaweed conditions. Don’t be put off visiting! Support conservation efforts and be eco-friendly to safeguard these beautiful beaches for future generations.



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Mexico’s East Coast has stunning beaches, a rich history, and vibrant culture. Cancun offers luxurious resorts and lively nightlife. Tulum reveals ancient Mayan ruins with a beautiful view of the coast. Chichen Itza has El Castillo, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Plus, Playa del Carmen is a charming coastal town with Quinta Avenida shopping, cenotes, and Mamitas beach.

Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy provide seclusion and tranquility. There are pristine beaches and swimming with marine life. The East Coast is perfect for relaxation and adventure. It’s a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable experience!

Some Facts About Best Places to Visit in Mexico East Coast:

  • ✅ Cancún is a popular destination known for its turquoise waters, bustling streets, and legendary nightlife. (Source: The Best Places to Visit in Eastern Mexico)
  • ✅ Tulum is famous for its Mayan ruins, beautiful beaches, and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. (Source: The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico)
  • ✅ Playa del Carmen is a trendy destination with a captivating cultural scene and bustling shopping streets. (Source: The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico)
  • ✅ Cozumel is known for its spectacular reefs, offering excellent diving opportunities. (Source: The Best Places to Visit in Eastern Mexico)
  • ✅ The Eastern Coast of Mexico offers secluded beaches with clear Caribbean waters, such as Isla Holbox, Isla Blanca, and Xpu Ha. (Source: Mexico’s East Coast Beaches and Destinations)

FAQs about Best Places To Visit In Mexico East Coast

What are the best places to visit on Mexico’s East Coast?

– The best places to visit on Mexico’s East Coast include Cancún, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya. These destinations offer beautiful beaches, Mayan ruins, and a range of accommodation options.

What are the popular attractions in Cancún?

– Cancún is known for its turquoise waters and bustling streets. Popular attractions in Cancún include the Cancún Underwater Museum, where you can explore over 470 submerged statues, and nearby islands like Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres, which offer bird-watching and beautiful beaches.

What are the must-visit attractions in Tulum?

– Tulum is a bohemian seaside town known for its cliffside ruins and beautiful beaches. Must-visit attractions in Tulum include the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which offers tours and activities, and the Xel Há natural aquarium.

What can I do in Cozumel?

– In Cozumel, you can visit the Punta Sur Ecological Park, which features white sands, wetlands, a historic lighthouse, and a beach. Cozumel is also known for its spectacular reefs, which are perfect for diving. Additionally, you can explore Mayan sites like San Gervasio and enjoy the secluded beauty of El Cielo Beach.

What are the top resorts on Mexico’s East Coast?

– The Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards for 2022 have revealed the top 20 resorts in Eastern Mexico. These resorts offer unparalleled luxury, comfort, and a wide range of amenities. The complete list of winners can be found on the Condé Nast Traveler website.

What are some secluded beaches on Mexico’s east coast?

– Despite the popularity of resorts like Cancún and Playa del Carmen, there are still secluded beaches on Mexico’s east coast. Isla Holbox, Isla Blanca, and Xpu Ha are some examples of beaches that offer tranquility and clear Caribbean waters. Akumal and Xcacel are also worth mentioning, as they are known for their natural beauty and sea turtle populations.