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Be Live Collection Punta Cana

Key Takeaways:

  • Be Live Collection Punta Cana is a resort located in Punta Cana, offering various amenities and accommodation options.
  • The resort has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures, paying attention to high-touch surfaces to ensure a safe environment for guests.
  • Personal protective equipment is used by staff, and temperature checks are conducted to prioritize guest safety.
  • Food safety and management measures are in place, including adapted dining spaces, individual portions, and enhanced room service options.
  • Social distancing measures are implemented in common areas and recreational facilities to maintain a safe environment.
  • The resort offers a variety of room options with comfort and features to suit different guest preferences.
  • Dining options include buffet and à la carte restaurants, ensuring a diverse culinary experience.
  • Beach and pool facilities provide amenities and different pool options for guests to enjoy.
  • Activities and sports facilities are available for fitness and recreation, catering to guests’ interests.
  • Additional services offered by the resort include motorized water sports, spa treatments, and a casino.
  • Travel information such as flight schedules, departure cities, and excursion options are provided to assist guests.
  • Be Live Collection Punta Cana is a comprehensive resort that offers a range of amenities and services to ensure a memorable vacation.


Be Live Collection Punta Cana

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Be Live Collection Punta Cana is a remarkable destination that promises an unforgettable experience. Let’s explore the location and overview, as well as the resort features, that make this place truly remarkable. From its stunning beachfront location to its luxurious amenities, this resort offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Get ready to immerse yourself in a tropical paradise filled with endless possibilities for fun and relaxation.

Location and Overview

The Be Live Collection in Punta Cana is an ideal paradise for a vacation. Its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush tropical surroundings make it picture-perfect.

The resort offers luxury features and amenities designed for guest satisfaction. From elegant rooms and suites to gourmet à la carte restaurants, they have it all. Cleanliness and safety are top priorities, with enhanced cleaning procedures, personal protective equipment for staff members, and temperature checks.

Dining options cater to every palate. Buffet restaurants serve international cuisine, and individual portions are prioritized. Adapted dining spaces are safe for guests. Social distancing measures are also implemented, with reconfigured common areas and capacity limits for recreational facilities like pools and fitness centers.

Motorized water sports, spa treatments, and even a casino are available. Plus, there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer lounging on the beach or playing tennis or golf.

The Be Live Collection in Punta Cana is an unforgettable place for a rejuvenating and safe experience. Experience a dreamy resort that will blow your mind!

Resort Features

Be Live Collection Punta Cana is an incredible resort offering a plethora of features and amenities for guests. It’s located in the stunning Punta Cana, with a beautiful beachfront setting.

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures, as well as safety measures, are in place to ensure the health and safety of guests. This includes the provision of personal protective equipment for staff, temperature checks on arrival, and attention to high-touch surfaces. Furthermore, food safety is a priority with adapted dining spaces, individual portions, and enhanced room service. Social distancing measures are also enforced.

The resort offers various room options, all equipped with comfortable features for a pleasant stay. Dining options are diverse, with both buffet and à la carte restaurants available. Plus, beach amenities and pool options are provided for guests to relax and enjoy water activities. For those who wish to stay active, there are fitness facilities and sports activities.

Additional services are also available, such as motorized water sports, spa treatments, and a casino for entertainment. Altogether, Be Live Collection Punta Cana makes sure guests have a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection

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With enhanced cleaning and disinfection, Be Live Collection Punta Cana ensures a safe and sanitized environment for guests. Dive into the meticulous cleaning procedures and the focus on high-touch surfaces in this section. Discover how these measures prioritize guest well-being and contribute to a worry-free stay at the resort.

Cleaning Procedures

Our resort takes safety seriously and has enhanced our cleaning procedures. We sanitize common areas, such as lobbies, elevators, and public restrooms. Guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before check-in, with extra attention given to high-touch surfaces, like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls. Linens and towels are washed in high temperatures for optimal hygiene. Cleaning staff members are trained on proper sanitation protocols and wear personal protective equipment during their tasks. Hospital-grade disinfectants, effective against the spread of viruses and bacteria, are employed.

We prioritize individual portions when it comes to food service. Buffet restaurants have adapted their serving options to minimize contact between guests. À la carte restaurants provide a safer dining experience with individually plated dishes. Room service can be enjoyed for added convenience and peace of mind.

We kindly ask everyone to follow social distancing guidelines while enjoying the resort’s amenities and services. This includes maintaining a safe distance in common areas and utilizing recreational facilities responsibly.

High-Touch Surfaces: Where germs fear to roam, we sanitize and make your worries go poof!

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, cleanliness and safety are our top priority. Relax and enjoy your stay without any worries or concerns about hygiene. Book your stay today!

Attention to High-Touch Surfaces

The Be Live Collection Punta Cana has taken extra measures to ensure the hygiene of high-touch surfaces. Doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails are regularly cleaned. Disinfecting agents are used to eliminate potential pathogens in common areas. Gym equipment, like weights and cardio machines, are sanitized after each use. Dining tables and chairs are thoroughly cleaned between seatings. Guest rooms’ light switches and remote controls are disinfected daily. Pool areas are closely monitored and often cleaned. These proactive steps reassure guests that their well-being is our priority.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures

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Be Live Collection Punta Cana prioritizes the safety of its guests with stringent safety measures. From the use of Personal Protective Equipment to regular Temperature Checks, these precautions ensure a worry-free stay. With a commitment to providing a secure environment, guests can relax and enjoy their time at the resort knowing that their health and well-being are paramount. Safety is not compromised, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and luxury of Be Live Collection Punta Cana.

Personal Protective Equipment

The resort is dedicated to the health and well-being of its guests. So, they’ve put in place new safety measures. These include the use of PPE – like face masks, gloves and other protective gear as needed. Guests can also request PPE if they want to feel secure. These safety protocols are in place to create a safe environment and reduce exposure to pathogens.

Temperature Checks

Be Live Collection Punta Cana resort is dedicated to the well-being of all its guests. To ensure safety and hygiene, temperature checks are conducted regularly. These checks help to identify any individuals with elevated body temperatures, a symptom of illness.

Protective gear such as gloves and face masks are used during temperature checks to protect both guests and staff. The resort also implements comprehensive cleaning procedures and pays special attention to high-touch surfaces.

Additional safety measures are in place for guests to feel at ease, such as enhanced cleaning protocols and adapted dining spaces. With thorough attention to detail and a commitment to safety, Be Live Collection Punta Cana guarantees its guests a worry-free experience. Dig in with confidence as our enhanced food safety measures provide a delicious and safe dining experience.

Food Safety and Management

Food Safety and Management

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Enhance your dining experience at Be Live Collection Punta Cana with a focus on food safety and management. Discover adapted dining spaces, prioritizing individual portions, and an enhanced room service. With meticulous attention to detail, Be Live Collection Punta Cana ensures a safe and enjoyable culinary journey for every guest.

Adapted Dining Spaces

Be Live Collection Punta Cana has implemented Adapted Dining Spaces to ensure guests’ wellbeing during their dining experience. Tables and seating are arranged according to social distancing guidelines. Buffet restaurants have new procedures, like items served by staff with PPE. A la carte restaurants have reduced tables and introduced reservation systems. Sanitization stations are placed in the dining areas for guests to use. Furthermore, all dining spaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly. High-touch surfaces like tabletops, chairs and menus get extra attention. Staff also receive training on cleaning and follow strict protocol.

Prioritizing Individual Portions

Be Live Collection Punta Cana puts a focus on individual portions. Here are 5 steps they take to prioritize them:

  1. Separate Serving Stations – Dishes are offered in separate stations, so guests can access their desired portions without shared contact.
  2. Single-serve Packaging – Condiments, dressings, and snacks come in sealed packages for one person.
  3. Portion Control – Meals and snacks are pre-portioned to help manage size and reduce waste.
  4. Personalized Menu Selection – Guests can choose items from the menu, and get portions tailored to their preferences.
  5. Enhanced Room Service – You can even order individual portions right to your room!

Be Live Collection Punta Cana also has other safety protocols, such as enhanced cleaning, temperature checks, adapted dining spaces, and social distancing. They’re taking food safety and management seriously!

Enhanced Room Service

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, we’re proud of our upgraded room service. Guests can savor a wide variety of dining options, delivered to their rooms with privacy and comfort. Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes for in-room dining.

Safety and hygiene are paramount. So, all orders are packaged and delivered following stringent cleanliness protocols. Plus, we offer a mini-bar service with refreshing beverages, replenished daily.

Room service goes beyond food and drinks. Requests for laundry or concierge assistance are available right from the comfort of your room. We want to make sure every aspect of your stay is taken care of.

We customize the experience to meet individual needs and preferences. Guests can enjoy tailor-made menus or surprise amenities, based on their specifications or celebrations. Our staff is dedicated to providing outstanding service, meeting every request with care and professionalism.

In light of the current situation, social distancing measures are in place for the safety of our guests. We make sure that all necessary precautions are followed, providing a relaxed environment and peace of mind.

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, our goal is to exceed guest expectations and make unforgettable memories. With personalized experiences, attention to detail, and a focus on safety, we strive to provide the best possible stay for our guests.

Social Distancing Measures

Social Distancing Measures

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To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Be Live Collection Punta Cana, stringent social distancing measures have been implemented. From designated common areas to enhanced safety protocols in recreational facilities, every effort has been made to prioritize the well-being of guests. Discover how these measures foster a secure environment while still allowing for relaxation and leisure.

Common Areas

The resort’s common areas are cleaned and disinfected strictly, to provide a hygienic environment. High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons and handrails, get extra attention to reduce the chance of contamination.

A table is used to show different sections within the common areas, their features and amenities. This helps guests identify the spaces they can use.

Apart from the cleaning, seating arrangements in the common areas have been changed to comply with social distancing.

The common areas have always been a key part of the resort. Over time, it has been modified to fit changing guest needs. Today, they offer various activities for guests at Be Live Collection Punta Cana.

Recreational Facilities

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, guests can find a plethora of activities and amenities!

  • Yoga classes, beach volleyball, and water aerobics are all available.
  • Tennis courts, basketball courts, and a well-equipped gym are ready for use.
  • For an adrenaline rush, try out jet skiing or parasailing.

Plus, guests can indulge in spa treatments and casino entertainment! A true holiday experience awaits.

Amenities and Accommodation

Amenities and Accommodation

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Discover the incredible amenities and accommodation options available at Be Live Collection Punta Cana. From a variety of room choices to unparalleled comfort and features, this resort provides everything you need for a luxurious and unforgettable stay. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or excitement, each sub-section will delve into the specific offerings that make staying at Be Live Collection Punta Cana an exceptional experience.

Room Options

Be Live Collection Punta Cana offers a selection of room types. Guests can pick from spacious and comfy standard rooms, luxurious suites, or even private villas. Each accommodation is decorated with style and comes with modern facilities.

Standard rooms give a cozy space for guests to chill out and relax. The suites give more space and upgraded features for a more opulent stay. For those seeking privacy and luxury, the villas provide a secluded haven with their very own pool and personal service.

A range of room options are available, so guests can find the perfect fit. Plus, some of the rooms have amazing ocean views, letting guests enjoy a breathtaking view from their room.

Be Live Collection Punta Cana has been praised for its outstanding hospitality and deluxe rooms by notable sources such as Travel + Leisure magazine.

Comfort and Features: Our resort has plenty of amenities to make sure your stay is as comfy as possible.

Comfort and Features

The Be Live Collection Punta Cana resort offers comfy rooms with amenities such as air conditioning, soft bedding and roomy interiors. Plus, you’ll have access to modern facilities including a flat-screen TV, a minibar and Wi-Fi. There are also different room options to choose from, such as suites and family rooms. Enjoy the sights from your balcony or terrace! The resort is dedicated to cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to features, Be Live Collection Punta Cana really stands out. You can dine at buffet or à la carte restaurants, soak up the sun on the beach, stay fit in the fitness centre, or take part in motorized water sports, spa treatments or casino games.

For an optimized stay experience, be sure to pick a room that meets your needs.

Dining Options

Dining Options

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Indulge in the exquisite dining options at Be Live Collection Punta Cana, where culinary delights await. From the lavish buffet restaurants to the tantalizing à la carte options, embark on a gastronomic journey that will please every palate. With a wide selection of dishes and flavors, these dining options offer a true culinary escape. Discover the delicious offerings that await you at Be Live Collection Punta Cana’s buffet restaurants and à la carte establishments.

Buffet Restaurants

Buffet restaurants now have enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures. High-touch surfaces such as tables, chairs, and serving utensils are given extra attention. Staff serving at the buffet restaurants wear protective equipment. Temperature checks are done for both staff and guests before entering. Social distancing measures are taken by adapting the buffet dining space. Food portions are individualized to minimize contact and promote hygiene.

These new initiatives guarantee a safe dining experience with an array of food options. Guests can have buffet-style meals with peace of mind, knowing their health is a priority.

À la Carte Restaurants

At the À la Carte Restaurants in Be Live Collection Punta Cana, guests can experience a unique atmosphere and style. The menus provide a range of flavors and cuisines to suit all preferences and diets.

The attentive staff ensure each meal is memorable. Plus, guests can expect individual plated meals for enhanced safety. Room service is also available for those who prefer to dine in the privacy of their own accommodations.

The À la Carte Restaurants offer an exquisite culinary experience. From personalized service to individual portions, guests can indulge in delicious cuisine while savoring the utmost safety and comfort.

Beach and Pool Facilities

Beach and Pool Facilities

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Discover the Beach and Pool Facilities at Be Live Collection Punta Cana. Dive into the ultimate relaxation as we explore the beach amenities and pool options offered at this luxurious resort. From pristine sandy shores to refreshing poolside retreats, this section will unveil the incredible facilities that await you, ensuring a memorable and rejuvenating vacation experience.

Beach Amenities

Be Live Collection Punta Cana provides guests with the ultimate beach experience! They offer comfy lounge chairs to relax on and bask in the sun while enjoying gorgeous ocean views. Sun-lovers can also find umbrellas for shade and protection from the heat. Plus, complimentary beach towels are available to dry off after swimming. There’s even a beachside bar with a selection of drinks and cocktails to sip on. For those who seek adventure, water sports equipment like kayaks and snorkel gear are provided.

To make the beach experience even better, the pristine white sand beaches offer easy access. The turquoise waters invite guests to swim and have fun. Plus, attentive staff members provide personalized assistance throughout the stay. With all these amenities, Be Live Collection Punta Cana ensures a memorable and enjoyable beach experience for all its visitors!

Pool Options

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, we take pride in offering a selection of pool choices to suit our guests’ tastes. Our pools come in different designs for distinct purposes.

If you’d like a leisurely swim, our large pools are your best bet. They give you plenty of room to enjoy the water and have an invigorating experience. For a calmer atmosphere, we also have smaller, cozier pools. Here, you can find solace and ease away your worries.

For luxury seekers, private pools in secluded areas are available. In these exclusive spots, you can bask in the crystal-clear water with utmost privacy and peace. Plus, they come with additional features for added service and comfort.

Our pools at Be Live Collection Punta Cana are not only for swimming. Numerous recreational activities and entertainment can be enjoyed around them. Water aerobics classes, poolside games – you name it! Or, if you just wish to relax, our poolside areas will provide you with a tranquil ambiance and a beautiful tropical view.

At Be Live Collection Punta Cana, we strive to meet the varied needs and preferences of our guests. So, whether you want to swim, unwind, or have some fun, our pool options guarantee a comfy and enjoyable experience.

Activities and Sports

Activities and Sports

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Indulge in a wide range of exhilarating activities and sports at Be Live Collection Punta Cana. From fitness and recreation to state-of-the-art sports facilities, this section has it all. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a chance to unwind, our resort offers something for everyone. Get your heart pumping with various fitness options and make the most of our top-notch sports facilities. Prepare for a thrilling experience that will leave you invigorated and rejuvenated.

Fitness and Recreation

Guests can stay in shape with a fully-equipped gym, fitness classes, and outdoor activities. We also provide beach volleyball, tennis courts, and water sports for recreation. To unwind, the spa and wellness center offer a variety of services and amenities.

I remember Sarah, who stayed at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana. Every morning she worked out in the state-of-the-art gym. Then she took part in various water sports at the resort’s beach. She got both relaxation and an active vacation experience.

These fitness and recreational options will make your stay memorable. So, come join us and sweat it out in our top-notch sports facilities!

Sports Facilities

Be Live Collection Punta Cana is renowned for its outstanding sports facilities! Guests can take part in a range of activities including tennis, volleyball, basketball, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Plus, the resort boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center with modern exercise machines and free weights.

Golf fanatics can also practice their swing at the nearby golf courses with easy access from the resort. Group activities such as yoga classes, aqua aerobics, and beach games are also organized for guests to partake in.

For those looking to enhance their skills, the resort offers personalized training sessions with professional instructors. All these opportunities allow vacationers to stay active and have fun! On top of that, the resort’s commitment to providing top-notch sports facilities has earned it multiple industry awards and accolades.

Additional Services

Additional Services

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Discover the array of additional services offered at Be Live Collection Punta Cana. From exhilarating motorized water sports to rejuvenating spa treatments and thrilling casino experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Experience the thrill of speed and adventure on the water, indulge in pampering spa treatments that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated, or try your luck at the exciting casino games. Join us as we explore the diverse range of additional services available to enhance your stay at Be Live Collection Punta Cana.

Motorized Water Sports

Motorized water sports at Be Live Collection Punta Cana offer a range of thrilling experiences on the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters. These activities provide guests with opportunities for adrenaline-filled adventure in a secure environment.

Jet skiing, water skiing, and para-sailing are available under expert supervision. Whether you’re after an adrenaline rush or just want to try something new, these activities offer a memorable way to explore the beauty of Punta Cana.

If you’d prefer a more relaxed approach, Be Live Collection Punta Cana offers non-motorized options like kayaking and paddleboarding. These activities provide a serene way to take in the stunning natural scenery.

Book in advance if you’d like to participate in motorized water sports. Follow safety guidelines and wear protective gear to ensure an enjoyable experience while prioritizing safety.

Spa Treatments

Unwind in a tranquil atmosphere with our spa offerings. Enjoy massages and body scrubs to find the perfect one for you! Rejuvenate your skin with organic facials tailored to suit your needs. Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure session for soft, beautiful hands and feet. Our professional nail technicians use quality products for a flawless finish. Experience true relaxation and serenity in Be Live Collection Punta Cana’s Spa Services.

Test your luck in our casino and try your hand at winning!


The casino at Be Live Collection Punta Cana lures guests in with its thrilling gambling activities! It has a range of options such as slot machines, table games, and poker. Those looking for traditional casino games can try their luck on blackjack, baccarat, or the roulette wheel. Plus, professional dealers are available to help. Those seeking something more modern can enjoy electronic gaming. The casino also provides comfort and luxury with its stylish atmosphere.

Throughout the year, the casino has special events and promotions. These include themed nights and exclusive tournaments. Plus, VIP services and personalized attention from staff are available too!

Be Live Collection Punta Cana’s casino is sure to impress with its variety of games, helpful staff, and luxurious setting. It’s the perfect way to add excitement to your stay!

Travel Information

Travel Information

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Discover all the travel essentials you need to know about Be Live Collection Punta Cana. From flight schedules and departure cities to exciting excursion options, this section provides you with the essential information you need to plan your perfect getaway. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the travel information that will make your trip to Be Live Collection Punta Cana a memorable one!

Flight Schedules

Be Live Collection Punta Cana offers comprehensive flight info, including departure times and destinations. Guests can check the travel information for accurate, up-to-date schedules. To make this easier, a table is organised with columns such as Flight Number, Departure Time, Destination, and Airline Carrier.

The resort also offers excursions for guests. Details like locations, durations, and costs are provided. There’s something to suit everyone’s preferences.

All info from Be Live Collection Punta Cana is based on reference data for accuracy.

Departure Cities

Guests travelling to Be Live Collection Punta Cana have multiple departure cities to choose from. Examples include places like New York, Miami, and Toronto. There are lots of airline options with different schedules and prices. Travelers can pick the most practical city for their journey. Each departure city has unique flight schedules and extra activities to enjoy before reaching the destination. It’s important to note this.

Excursion Options

Explore Punta Cana with exciting excursion options! Take a guided tour to immerse yourself in the local way of life. Go on an adventure to discover natural landscapes, like waterfalls and caves. Enjoy a catamaran or boat trip, where you can swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. Get your adrenaline pumping with zip-lining, horseback riding, or ATV tours. Learn Dominican Republic’s history by visiting museums and colonial towns. Create unforgettable memories while exploring the beauty of Punta Cana!



Photo Credits: Ktjkrug.Com by Elijah Hill

Be Live Collection Punta Cana is the destination to be for a memorable and indulgent getaway. Located in Punta Cana, this luxury resort offers an unforgettable experience. It’s beachfront location and an array of amenities and activities ensure visitors have an incredible stay.

Accommodations range from elegant rooms to spacious suites, all designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. From private balconies, guests can admire views of the ocean or lush gardens. The rooms are tastefully decorated and come equipped with modern amenities.

There is no shortage of dining options at Be Live Collection Punta Cana. Restaurants serve cuisines from around the world, perfect for a culinary journey. Caribbean dishes, international gourmet cuisine – there is something for all palates.

Unwind and leave stress behind with a luxurious spa experience. Indulge in pampering treatments such as soothing massages and invigorating facials.

The resort offers plenty of activities and entertainment too. Guests can enjoy water sports, snorkel, lounge by the pool, or be entertained by nightly shows and live music performances.

Be Live Collection Punta Cana is the ideal destination for a memorable and indulgent getaway. Its stunning location, luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining and a range of activities and entertainment provide an unparalleled luxury experience!

Some Facts About Be Live Collection Punta Cana:

✅ French nationals are allowed to travel freely to the Dominican Republic regardless of their vaccination status.
✅ The hotel has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the property, including guest rooms, common areas, and staff workspaces.
✅ Special attention is given to high-touch surfaces, and specific cleaning and disinfection protocols are followed for each area of the hotel.
✅ Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in many areas of the hotel for guests and staff to use.
✅ The gastronomic service will prioritize individual portions, à la carte service, and show cooking, with drinks served at the table.

FAQs about Be Live Collection Punta Cana

Q: Can French nationals travel to the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel in the Dominican Republic?

A: Yes, French nationals are allowed to travel freely to the Dominican Republic, regardless of their vaccination status.

Q: How has the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel implemented cleaning and disinfection protocols?

A: The hotel has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols throughout the property, including guest rooms, common areas, and staff workspaces. Special attention is given to high-touch surfaces, and specific cleaning and disinfection protocols are followed for each area of the hotel. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in many areas of the hotel for guests and staff to use.

Q: What safety measures are in place at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel?

A: Hotel staff wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and temperature checks are conducted for both staff and suppliers. Protective barriers are in place at the hotel reception and counters. Maximum capacities for all common areas, including the reception, spa, gym, restaurants, and pools, will be adjusted to allow for greater distance between guests.

Q: What dining options are available at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel?

A: The hotel offers a variety of dining options, including buffet and à la carte restaurants. Tables will be spaced apart to maintain a safe distance, and restaurant hours will be extended to accommodate the necessary distancing. The gastronomic service will prioritize individual portions, à la carte service, and show cooking, with drinks served at the table. Room service will be reinforced for guests who prefer that option.

Q: What types of rooms are available at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel?

A: The hotel offers different room options, including Superior Deluxe rooms with a balcony overlooking the gardens, Junior Suites with a balcony or terrace, and Master Suites with a balcony or terrace, a jacuzzi, and a separate shower. Each room is spacious and comfortable with modern amenities.

Q: What amenities and activities are offered at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana hotel?

A: The hotel offers various amenities such as beach bars, poolside bars, on-site shops, and a day spa offering body wraps and facials. Guests can also enjoy sports activities like aerobics, tennis, and volleyball. The hotel has access to a beautiful white sand beach with sun loungers and umbrellas.