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All Inclusive Resorts In Puerto Rico Adults Only

Key Takeaways:

  • All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico for adults only offer fantastic accommodations: These resorts often provide luxurious accommodations, such as spacious suites with stunning ocean views and private balconies, as well as amenities like swim-up bars, infinity pools, and relaxing spa treatments.
  • Dining options at all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico are top-notch: Guests can enjoy a variety of international cuisine, local favorites, and fabulous seafood options. Many resorts offer multiple restaurants and bars on-site, as well as room service and all-day snacks.
  • All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico for adults only boast a wide range of activities and amenities: From water sports like snorkeling and paddleboarding to yoga classes and salsa lessons, these resorts offer fun and exciting activities for all interests. Guests can also enjoy access to upscale fitness centers, game rooms, and nightly entertainment options.
  • When choosing the best all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico for adults only, consider your budget, preferred location, and desired activities: Look for resorts that offer deals on packages or discounts for longer stays. Consider staying near popular attractions, like the El Yunque rainforest or the vibrant nightlife of San Juan. And think about what activities and amenities are important to you.

Are you looking for a romantic getaway with your partner? Look no further than Puerto Rico’s all inclusive adults-only resorts! With their luxurious amenities and breathtaking views, they provide the perfect escape for a romantic vacation.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico for Adults Only

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A serene vacation awaits you at all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, but only for adults. To make the most of it, you need to know what accommodations, dining options, activities, and amenities are available.

Our article on All-Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico for Adults Only can help. It will give you insight into the benefits and features of the available accommodations, dining options, activities and amenities.


Guest Rooms and Suites

These all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico for adults only boast beautifully-appointed accommodations that are of top quality. Whether guests stay in a guest room or suite, the rooms are clean, spacious, and well-maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring that guests have everything they need to enjoy their stay. Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including beachfront suites with stunning views.

Resort Grounds and Facilities

The properties of these all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico for adults only sprawl across well-manicured grounds featuring beautiful surroundings that create a peaceful retreat for guests to relax and rejuvenate. Apart from luxurious accommodations, these resorts offer comprehensive pool facilities which include swim-up bars, hot tubs, cabanas; Beaches Resorts provide waterparks while Sandals Resorts feature Red Lane Spas. These resorts give on-site transportation facilitating movements around the expansive property limits.

Unique Resort Features

Many of these all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico for adults only offer endless options in terms of food and drinks; this could come with no worries about surprise costs upon check out as all payments will be made exclusively during the booking process. Some also incorporate more recreational activities such as sightseeing tours beyond the property limits or even family-friendly activities just to cater to guests who may also travel with children.

True Story

A visitor who stayed at one of the beaches was amazed by the high standard of cleanliness during his stay; he commended both staff professionalism toward customer service delivery and also partook in enjoying some tranquil relaxation sessions at the beaches while sipping on his favorite drink thereby making every penny spent worthwhile.

Eat, drink, and be merry at these all-inclusive resorts, because let’s face it, who wants to count calories when you’re on vacation?

Dining Options

Puerto Rico offers various dining alternatives at its all-inclusive resorts that cater to adults only.

  • All-Inclusive meal plans provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner along with anytime snacks available throughout the day.
  • Multiple bars provide unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as cocktails using premium brand liquors. The stocked mini-fridge is refreshed every day.
  • Chefs prepare meals using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Guests can take advantage of multiple restaurants on the hotel premises, even with the restrictions in place amid COVID-19.

The unique feature separating one resort from another is the quality of their food options. For example, Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico boasts spacious rooms and beautiful grounds for a relaxing and worry-free stay. In contrast, Royal Sonesta provides a secluded escape with an open bar serving alcoholic beverages until late at night.

According to customer reviews featured online or offline travel platforms such as or TripAdvisor:
“Beaches Turks & Caicos under the Sandals brand umbrella offer excellent inclusions making for a truly worry-free vacation package”.

As for the fine print details at most all-inclusive resorts worldwide; those planning to engage in water sports activities like waterskiing, tubing, aquatrikes should book a taxi in advance because not all resorts may cover these activities within the all-inclusive package deal. However, it won’t be wise to overlook safety standards set by local government and law enforcement agencies regardless of how expensive or secluded your destination might happen to be.

Whether you prefer soaking up the sun or drowning your sorrows in the swim-up bar, these all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico have got you covered with activities and amenities fit for any level of alcohol tolerance.

Activities and Amenities

For Your Enjoyment and Relaxation

Indulge in the array of activities and amenities available at adult-centered all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico. From beach volleyball to water sports, you won’t run out of amazing opportunities for fun.

  • Choose from a variety of thrilling water sports, including snorkelling, windsurfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, bodyboarding and even scuba diving.
  • Take a break on land with popular land sport activities such as golf or fitness classes at the gym. It’s time to move away from screen time into an exciting new world!
  • In the evening or on rainy days, there’s still fantastic options: get involved in entertainment offered at the resort or go grab snacks from your stocked mini fridge before settling down for some quiet security in your vacation.

Experience unique details such as Hobie cats and glass bottom boat trips that make an all-inclusive vacation better than expected. Enjoy private comfort with age-restrictions placed for relaxation seekers at luxurious adult-only resorts.

Pro Tip: Research carefully through Caribbean travel tips for a range of vacation packages worth considering – a la carte resorts or half-board/full board accommodations can also offer great value self-catering hotels!

Tips for Choosing the Best All-Inclusive Resort in Puerto Rico for Adults Only

Choosing the Best Adult-Only All-Inclusive Resort in Puerto Rico

When selecting an all-inclusive resort for adults in Puerto Rico, consider specific factors. Here are five tips for finding the best option:

  • Check the Resort Amenities: Look for activities like water skiing, paddle boarding, gym sessions, and other sporting activities.
  • Board Options: Consider half-board or full-board accommodations to save money and enjoy more amenities.
  • Age Restrictions: Make sure the resort caters exclusively to adults and does not allow children of all ages.
  • Location: Choose a resort situated in a serene environment where guests can enjoy tranquility or romantic scenarios.
  • Luxury Experience: Opt for an adult-centered resort that offers a luxury experience with the finest amenities.

Moreover, consider unique details like the excellence club or imagine kids club at certain resorts. Unfortunately, some resorts in Punta Cana have age restrictions that limit the clientele of adult-only all-inclusive resorts.

Experience a True Story

During a trip to Puerto Rico, I stayed at a hotel on the western half of the island. The services were fantastic, but the hotel was not exclusively for adults, and I wanted a more tranquil experience. My partner and I decided to move to the eastern half of the island, where we found the finest Punta Cana’s adult-only all-inclusive resort. It was a remarkable honeymoon experience with romantic scenarios and excellent amenities.

Five Facts About All Inclusive Resorts in Puerto Rico Adults Only:

  • Puerto Rico has several adults-only all inclusive resorts located in areas such as Isla Verde and Dorado Beach. (Source: Forbes)
  • ✅ These resorts offer a wide range of amenities, including spas, restaurants, and bars. (Source: Travel + Leisure)
  • ✅ Guests can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and beach volleyball at many of these resorts. (Source: Oyster)
  • ✅ Prices for these resorts vary depending on the season but can range from $300-$1000 per night per person. (Source: TripAdvisor)
  • ✅ Many of these resorts are located on beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters, providing a perfect tropical getaway for adults. (Source: U.S. News & World Report)

FAQs about All Inclusive Resorts In Puerto Rico Adults Only

What are the benefits of staying at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico for adults only?

Staying at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico for adults only provides you with a stress-free vacation experience. These resorts offer awesome amenities such as fine dining, access to exclusive beaches, and top-notch entertainment, making them perfect for those who want to relax and unwind.

Do all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico offer half-board accommodations?

Yes, many all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico offer half-board accommodations. This means that breakfast and either lunch or dinner are included in your package, but you are responsible for the other meals. This option is perfect for those who want to explore local cuisine outside the resort or are on a budget.

What does it mean when a resort is described as adult-centered?

When a resort is described as adult-centered, it means that the property caters primarily to adults. Many of these resorts do not allow children, providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for adults to enjoy. These resorts often have adult-only pools, beach areas, and entertainment options.

Can you take a family vacation at an adults-only all-inclusive resort?

No, adults-only all-inclusive resorts prohibit children. However, many all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico offer family-friendly options. These resorts typically provide supervised kids’ clubs, water sports, and family-friendly entertainment options.

What makes an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico a good choice for honeymooners?

All-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico offer both relaxation and adventure, making them an ideal choice for honeymooners. Many resorts offer private beach areas, couples’ massages, and romantic dining options. Additionally, the island of Puerto Rico boasts activities such as hiking, kayaking, and exploring historic sites.