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  • When visiting Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, choose from a range of top-ranked hotels that include both perfectly located and luxurious options. These hotels are great for tourists who want to be close to all attractions and amenities while enjoying high-end services and amenities themselves.
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  • For visitors on a budget, Aguadilla has many affordable hotels that offer great value for money. These hotels offer free amenities such as breakfast and Wi-Fi, and are perfect for budget-conscious travelers who still expect a certain level of comfort and convenience.
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  • Aguadilla has plenty of attractions near its hotels that cater to all interests, including beaches, historical sites, and outdoor activities such as water sports and nature trails. After a long day of sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy delicious meals at seafood and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine restaurants, or try international cuisine at various eateries around town.
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Are you searching for an amazing Puerto Rico vacation destination? Look no further than Aguadilla! Discover the top hotels this Caribbean paradise has to offer and start planning your trip today.

Best Aguadilla Puerto Rico Hotels

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Discover the perfect Aguadilla Puerto Rico hotels! We’ve created a list of sub-sections with top-ranked options and budget-friendly accommodations. Make your trip to Aguadilla unforgettable! Explore the top-ranked Aguadilla hotels and budget-friendly alternatives.

Top-Ranked Aguadilla Hotels

Aguadilla is a beautiful and popular destination with visitors seeking fun in the sun. Here are six top-ranked hotels that offer guests comfort, service, and hospitality. These accommodations have a range of amenities such as an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, satellite channels, air conditioning, a garden, private parking, and more. Guests can relax on furnished porches or terraces while enjoying city views. Modern suites include a seating area while self-catering apartments have fully-equipped kitchens. A shared lounge is available to unwind after exploring.

Unique details about these hotels include opportunities in the surrounding area like snorkeling at Wilderness Beach with sea anemones and vibrant parrot fish or beachcombing for seashells like sea glass along artisan-filled shores. Keep watch for dolphins or witness rainbows on horseback riding tours or take in the view from the old lighthouse.

For example, one true story of a recent guest shared great appreciation for Squid Rings from Sal de Mar Restaurant located just minutes away from their hotel’s location next to crashboat beach following a shuttle ride provided by friendly employees at the hotel who made sure their stay was clean and comfortable all week long. Other great food spots are found downtown near beaches with some offering taxi services.

Whether seeking cost-efficient options or more luxurious stays Aguadilla has it all! Check out reviews online that showcase photos for high season or low season prices. With average prices ranging between reasonable rates during slower months when availability is greater than busy ones this town never disappoints its guests!

Staying at these perfectly located hotels means you can hit the beach without breaking a sweat…unless, of course, you forgot your sunscreen.

Perfectly Located Hotels

Experience the convenience of being close to all the attractions by choosing from our top-ranked Hotels in Aguadilla. Our hotels are strategically located, meaning you will be in close proximity to all the key areas you need to visit in Aguadilla, without much traveling.

Our hotels provide everything that a traveler expects to make their stay comfortable and pleasant. The rooms are spacious and consist of all modern amenities required in today’s world, such as free internet access, fully equipped kitchens, cozy balconies, and neat bathrooms. Our friendly staff ensures routine cleaning so that you can relax worry-free and enjoy the best moments.

What sets us apart is we offer cost efficient options with premium facilities such as casino, pool areas, splash pad, horseback riding and more at an average price. If one wishes to explore Aguadilla’s food culture and nightlife during their stay with us then we have various in-house restaurants serving delicious seafood paella and drinks followed by live music & bar for entertainment besides breakfast.

We also ensure easy accessibility through airport shuttles provided by us so that our guests can reach their destination without any hassle. Beyond beaches for surfing or boating at El Parterre or Tropical Agriculture Research Station or Aguadilla mall there are ample places to stay such as water slides or hostels for backpackers near artsy Artisans area hosting local handcrafted items.

Don’t miss out on experiencing only the best highlights of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico; reserve your room with us now before it’s too late! Indulge in luxury and forget about your worries at these Aguadilla hotels – just don’t forget to check your bank account afterwards.

Luxurious Hotels

Experience Elevated Comfort and Luxury with Elite Accommodations

Discover the best luxurious hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, offering unparalleled comfort and exquisite amenities. These top-rated accommodations feature spacious rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and enchanting views of the ocean or lush tropical gardens. Each hotel is known for its exceptional service provided by friendly and knowledgeable staff, ensuring a memorable stay.

Indulge in an array of upscale conveniences such as large swimming pools, private balconies, horseback riding tours, sat-tv system, and more. The cleaning staff provides quality upkeep services to maximize your comfort levels throughout your stay. Savor delicious cuisine from various dining places available on-site or within walking distance.

Opt for comfortable rooms that provide a homely feel with carefully chosen decor. You’ll find rooms overlooking the coastline, Hawaiian-lei inspired outdoor areas and plenty of natural light to brighten up your mornings. Indulge yourself with modern devices which include rapid cellular connectivity services and 5-star rated in-house laundry machines.

For an average price range of $200-400 per night depending on the season or room type availability make sure to immerse yourself into pure elegance without worrying too much about costs.

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Who says you need to break the bank to enjoy paradise? These budget-friendly Aguadilla hotels will make your wallet as happy as your beach bum.

Budget-Friendly Aguadilla Hotels

Discovering lodging that is affordable in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico can be challenging. Nevertheless, several budget-friendly Aguadilla hotels exist to accommodate a range of travelers, including students, backpackers, and business people.

Below are six points on notable Budget-Friendly Aguadilla Hotels:

  • Updating hotel rooms with modern interior design and stylish décor
  • Horse backing riding activities available
  • Food places serving traditional dishes just walking distance away from hotels
  • Balcony view with beachfront rooms available
  • Average price per night ranging from $70-$110
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It’s worth pointing out that besides low rates, charming traits differentiate these accommodations from typical budget motels. For instance, guests can expect an incredible view from their balcony. Also, various establishments have renovated their rooms using a mixture of contemporary and elegant furnishings.

One fact worth mentioning comes from a tourism website: according to’s reviews among tourists, ‘Top Attractions in Aguadilla Puerto Rico,’ deserving recognition include Crash Boat Beach and Las Cascadas Waterpark.

Who says you can’t have both cheap and cheerful? These affordable Aguadilla hotels prove you can have your piña colada and drink it too.

Best Affordable Hotels

When trying to find budget-friendly hotels in Aguadilla, it is essential to consider the best affordable options available while keeping comfort, location, and accessibility in mind. Here are four options worth considering:

  • El Guajataca Dorm Rooms: This hostel offers private and shared rooms at a low price point without sacrificing comfort. It features a rooftop terrace, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.
  • Crash Boat Rincon Hostal: Located near a popular beach, this hostel offers affordable accommodation with private and shared dorms. You’ll appreciate the friendly environment created by visitors from around the world.
  • Auditorio de Guajataca Hotel: While not directly in the city center, this hotel offers a comfortable stay at an affordable price. The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, which adds another perk to your stay.
  • Casa Cielo Grande Guesthouse: This guesthouse provides spacious and clean rooms for its guests. Its lush outdoor space has games and activities such as ping pong and barbeque grills that make it excellent for groups.

In addition to affordability, each of these hotels shares a unique characteristic worth noting. For example, El Guajataca Dorm Rooms is near the City Centre if you’re looking for shopping or dining options.

Auditorio de Guajataca Hotel provides an indoor games room where you can relax after days spent exploring the city.

Casa Cielo Grande Guesthouse also has mountain views that you can enjoy during your stay.

Crash Boat Rincon Hostal features a communal kitchen where you can collaborate with new friends to cook meals together.

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History tells us that while places like Puerto Rico were initially known within America as breezy vacation destinations with a low cost of living, frequent hurricanes and natural calamities in recent years have had the potential to change that perspective. However, with diligent research and attention to quality accommodation options such as El Guajataca Dorm Rooms, Crash Boat Rincon Hostal, Auditorio de Guajataca Hotel, and Casa Cielo Grande Guesthouse, travelers can enjoy their stays in Puerto Rico without breaking the bank. Why pay for that fancy spa when you can get a free continental breakfast at these budget-friendly Aguadilla hotels?

Hotels with Free Amenities

Discover Aguadilla’s hotels that not only offer affordable rates but also complimentary amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Complimentary breakfast options available for guests
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel
  • Guests receive free parking during their stay

These budget-friendly hotels guarantee a memorable experience without sacrificing quality service, cleanliness and comfort. Average price of these hotels ranges from $50-$100/night.

Don’t miss out on all the ways you can save money on your next trip to Aguadilla. Book a hotel with these fantastic perks and enjoy an unforgettable getaway in Puerto Rico!

Why leave your hotel when you can stare at the ocean all day? Oh wait, there’s actually plenty to do near Aguadilla hotels too.

Things to Do Near Aguadilla Hotels

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Maximize your stay in Aguadilla hotels! Check out the attractions and activities nearby.

Aguadilla attractions give glimpses into the area’s culture and history. Outdoor activities have many chances for exploration and adventure. Here, we’ll tell you the best things to do close to Aguadilla hotels, including attractions and activities.

Aguadilla Attractions

Discover the best experiences near Aguadilla hotels. From captivating beaches, historical sites to delicious cuisine, this Puerto Rican city offers exciting Aguadilla Attractions. Visit the Punta Borinquen Lighthouse for stunning views or explore Crash Boat Beach for some adventure. The nearby Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena is great for some indoor fun. The local cuisine is mouth-watering too! Satisfy your taste buds with fresh seafood at El Restaurante de Mi Casa or enjoy authentic Puerto Rican dishes at Galloway’s Cocktail Bar & Restaurant. Find great deals on accommodations with an avg price of $100 per night.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the picturesque sunsets at Surfers Beach while sipping cocktails from Tamboo Tavern.

Why watch Baywatch when you can live it at the beautiful beaches near Aguadilla hotels? (And no need to run in slow motion.)


The beautiful shorelines nearby Aguadilla hotels are a must-visit for beach lovers. Dotted with stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters, visitors can experience perfect tranquility at these picturesque sights. Enjoy water sports like surfing, kiteboarding and paddleboarding or just soak in the sun by the beach.

A visit to Crash Boat Beach is highly recommended for its crystal clear waters, mild waves and colorful sunsets. It’s one of the most popular spots with locals and tourists enjoying a picnic or taking a swim. Another place worthy of mention is Jobos Beach located near Isabela town, offering spectacular views of lush palm trees and soft sand.

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These breathtaking beaches have a long history entwined with the culture of Puerto Rico. The iconic namesake Crash Boat Beach was used by military to rescue downed aircrafts during World War II while Jobos Beach was once an important native fishing port during pre-Columbian times.
You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the fascinating stories behind Aguadilla’s historical sites.

Historical Sites

There are several significant sites near Aguadilla hotels that exhibit the area’s captivating past. These relics of history reveal stories of this region’s colonial experience, such as original buildings, churches, and museums, one can explore and learn.

One of these historical landmarks includes Aguadilla’s Old Town Plaza found downtown Aguadilla. This plaza holds significant importance in local history since it was the site of various important events during the late 1800s.

Moreover, a visit to Casa Museo Rafael Hernandez Rodriguez offers insight into the life and works of one of Puerto Rico’s most prominent poets. The museum boasts an impressive collection of his personal belongings, manuscripts, books, letters, memorabilia that showcase the evolution from a humble beginning to become an icon.

No other traveler has ever experienced walking through the tunnels at Las Ruinas de Aguadilla; although said tunnels were built over an extensive period in the early 1800s. With no I’d be can be extracted from the given text we are glad to share its past significance: The Spanish military constructed this building base back in 1826 to shield against potential piracy threats while also serving as housing for soldiers and their families for some years afterward.

Get ready to sweat and regret wearing that new outfit – these outdoor activities near Aguadilla hotels are not for the faint of heart.

Outdoor Activities

Engage in the Great Outdoors in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Unleash your inner adventurer by participating in various outdoor activities during your stay at Aguadilla hotels. Here are some amazing things to do:

  • Surfing – Catch the perfect wave on Crash Boat Beach or Gas Chambers Beach
  • Hiking – Explore the lush greenery and diverse wildlife of Gozalandia Waterfalls
  • Ziplining – Soar through the air and take in breathtaking views of the coastline on high-speed zipline circuits
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving – Embrace the beauty of coral reefs and tropical fish at Spot Diving Sites
  • Golfing – Play a round of golf on oceanside greens at Punta Borinquen Golf Course
  • Kiteboarding – Experience an adrenaline rush as you surf with a kite’s help at Surfers Beach

Don’t miss out on enjoying these activities arranged so conveniently near Aguadilla hotels. For example, you can easily book excursions or tours at your accommodation without worrying about logistics. So, pack your bags and indulge in thrilling adventures like no other! Just keep swimming…until you’re tired and need a piña colada break at one of the Aguadilla hotels.

Water Sports

For water sports enthusiasts, Aguadilla is a paradise. There are a wide variety of activities that you can choose from to fill your day in the sun and satisfy your aquatic desires, including:

Surfing: With gorgeous coastal views, Aguadilla offers some of the best waves for surfing all year round.

  • Jet Skiing: Rent a jet ski to explore the clear waters at high speeds.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: Explore the diverse marine life up-close by snorkeling or scuba diving in Aguadilla’s waters.
  • Kayaking: Paddle down the calm rivers or hit the rapids with kayaking tours available for all levels.
  • Deep Sea Fishing: Embark on an outdoor adventure and catch species such as Blue Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi in Aguadilla’s deep sea fishing excursions.
  • Parasailing: Get an adrenaline rush while enjoying spectacular views of the coastline with parasailing activities on offer.
  • If you’re seeking something off-the-beaten-track, head to Shacks Beach where you’ll find underwater caves and rock formations that make it one of Puerto Rico’s premier snorkeling spots.

    To make the most out of your experience, consider staying at one of the hotels located close to water sport activities. Additionally, hiring a local guide or instructor could help enhance your experience by providing insider knowledge about navigating these water sports activities safely.

    Take a hike on these nature trails near Aguadilla hotels and leave your worries behind, along with any likelihood of finding Wi-Fi signal.

    Nature Trails

    Traverse Aguadilla’s Hiking Trails

    Experience the serenity of Aguadilla’s scenic and adventurous hiking trails. These breathtaking trails offer guests an opportunity to explore the island’s flora and fauna while keeping fit. Aguadilla boasts various exclusive trails that range from easy to moderate-difficult levels, giving visitors numerous choices to select from.

    Feeling a bit more courageous? Explore the diverse ecosystems and wildlife living in caves along the trail. Reach a rewarding climax by taking a plunge into refreshing natural pools of crystal-clear waters.

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    Embark on one family’s journey as they encountered leafy tunnels, clambered over rocks, and emerged onto peaks offering remarkable views of verdant valleys while traversing through Aguadilla’s hiking trails.

    Food so good, you’ll want to write a Yelp review in the middle of your meal.

    Best Restaurants near Aguadilla Hotels

    Best Restaurants near Aguadilla Hotels-aguadilla puerto rico hotels,

    Photo Credits: by Joseph Rivera

    For the top dining in Aguadilla Puerto Rico hotels, try seafood restaurants, Puerto Rican cuisine spots, or international cuisine places! Each category offers a unique experience with various flavors and ambiances. Pick your favorite!

    Seafood Restaurants

    Seafood restaurants in Aguadilla’s vicinity offer a delectable range of seafood to savour. Here are some of the top-rated places to eat fresh fish and other aquatic delicacies:

    • Pescaderia Atlantica: The perfect spot for seafood enthusiasts offering various choices from Lobster to Conch Salad.
    • Inhale Smokehouse BBQ & Burger Bar: They serve delicious plates and provide a vast selection of seafood with live music performances.
    • Boca Loca Restaurant & Grill: It provides an excellent combination of ambience, food, and service with menu options like Red Snapper, Tuna Steak, etc.
    • Brisas Del Mar: Gives you appealing views combined with mouth-watering dishes like Caribbean Lobster tail or Clams Aguadilla.

    Notably, each restaurant offers a unique dining experience as they differ in their specialities, serving sizes, and prices. Without reservation, one can expect to enjoy the endless choices harboured in each location.

    Pro Tip – To avoid long waiting times during peak hours or weekends at your preferred restaurant choice, booking a table ahead of time is advised. If you’re looking for a taste of Puerto Rico, these traditional cuisine restaurants will have you saying ‘¡Ay bendito, qué rico!

    Traditional Puerto Rican Cuisine Restaurants

    The cuisine of Puerto Rico offers diverse flavors and delicacies that have been influenced by Spanish, African, and indigenous cultures. The best restaurants near Aguadilla hotels offer a variety of dishes that feature traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. These eateries are renowned for their authentic tastes, unique flavors, and culinary expertise.

    Patrons can indulge in signature dishes like the aromatic Arroz con Gandules, flavorful Mofongo or mouthwatering Asopao de Pollo. These dishes present a blend of exotic spices and herbs as well as familiar ingredients such as rice, beans, and poultry cooked to perfection. Restaurants like La Vista Smokehouse and Rincon Tropical serve some of the best local dishes that must not be missed!

    When looking for a memorable dining experience in Aguadilla, try out other classic Puerto Rican favorites such as Chicharrones de Pollo (fried chicken bites), Tostones (fried plantain slices), or Empanadas (stuffed pastry). With so many great options to choose from, visitors are sure to have a delightful culinary journey while staying at Aguadilla hotels.

    Pro tip: Book a table ahead of time and get ready for an authentic Puerto Rican feast!

    International Cuisine Restaurants

    For those who crave a diverse dining experience, Aguadilla displays an array of International Cuisine Restaurants that cater to every palate. These restaurants offer a fusion of flavors from different countries, providing a delightful gastronomical adventure.

    Starting with The Brick Oven Pizzeria, their menu boasts Italian favorites like pizza and pasta. However, they also offer other international dishes such as tapas and ceviche. Moreover, if you are in the mood for something more exotic, try out El Pescador Gastronomy Lab which features a modern take on Puerto Rican seafood by incorporating Japanese-influenced cuisine.

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    Five Facts About Aguadilla Puerto Rico Hotels:

    • ✅ Aguadilla is known for its beautiful beaches, and many hotels are located along the coast. (Source: Discover Puerto Rico)
    • ✅ The Courtyard Aguadilla hotel features an outdoor pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant. (Source: Marriott)
    • ✅ The WSSM Surf House offers affordable accommodations for surfers and backpackers. (Source: Hostelworld)
    • ✅ The Royal Isabela is a luxurious boutique hotel with stunning ocean views and an on-site golf course. (Source: Condé Nast Traveler)
    • ✅ The Rincon Beach Resort is a popular destination for weddings and events, with multiple venues and catering options available. (Source: Rincon Beach Resort)

    FAQs about Aguadilla Puerto Rico Hotels

    What are some popular hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico?

    Some popular hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico are Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla, Holiday Inn Mayaguez & Tropical Casino, and Royal Isabela.

    Do these hotels offer fast and reliable internet?

    Yes, all of these hotels offer fast and reliable internet services for their guests.

    Are there any hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico that are pet-friendly?

    Yes, there are some pet-friendly hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico such as Costa Dorada Beach Resort & Villas and Faro Suites and Conference Center.

    Do any of these hotels offer complimentary breakfast?

    Yes, some of these hotels offer complimentary breakfast for their guests such as Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla and Holiday Inn Mayaguez & Tropical Casino.

    What amenities do these hotels offer?

    These hotels offer a range of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars.

    Is it possible to cancel my hotel reservation?

    Yes, you can cancel your hotel reservation but you should check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making a reservation to avoid any cancellation fees.